The World of Deities Chapter 767


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Sacred Mountain: The ladder of order.

It’s similar to the previous ocean steps. They are all 5-Layer steps. There is water flowing on the ocean steps. The texture of the order steps is like jade, and the texture on the surface looks like a city wall, which is very simple.

“Greece God has sea Pantheon, night Pantheon, sky Pantheon, and a large number of small Pantheon, but there has never been an order Pantheon. And the mountain is the basis of Pantheon, that is to say, I actually got a brand new small Pantheon , Interesting…”

Suye pondered for a long time, and collected the order ladder.

Back to the Magic Tower, I found that the country divine throne and the city divine throne appeared on the ladder of order.


Back to the volcano plane again, Suye gave the Demi-God Bone Cudgel to Di Aotian to use, and then took out the seven snake whips, the divine spear, the new ghost palace, the king’s Trident, the spirit trap, and the net of imprisonment There are six Divine Items in total, let Medea choose.

Little Medea caught the divine spear first, then hesitated for a moment, and pointed to the net of imprisonment.

“Dad, I feel this net is suitable for void battle.” Little Medea said.

“Okay, let’s put it here together, anyway, I can come in and get it when I need it.” Suye handed the Net of Imprisonment to Little Medea.

“Good dad!” The shrunken Medea jumped into Suye’s arms again, rubbing Suye with the faucet happily.

Suye gently patted Medea on the back and looked at the sky on the volcanic plane.

“Cyrus is very strong, but after all, he has just been conferred as God. Soon, there will not be too many Divine Items in his hands, and he is absolutely impossible to give to believers. Even more how, giving Divine Items to believers costs a lot of money Divine power and divine might. In this way, even if he sends Demi-God again, it’s not a big deal in front of Medea who has two Low God tools.”

Suye thought for a while, just in case, went to Giants’ Hills again and gave the broken Low God seven-headed snake whip to Wang Sledgehammer.

Wang Sledgehammer didn’t expect that he could obtain the right to use the Divine Item. I was very moved and cried.

Afterwards, I found the true André again and continued to torture him with the painful headband.

After everything is busy, head to the volcano plane, find a place where no one is left, and start testing my Legendary magic flow. After releasing my Legendary magic, I will pour out my Legendary magic Suye shook his head slightly.

For Legendary Archmagician, Medea’s Legendary magic can only be considered average, and the amount of Legendary magic he has is far inferior to Medea.

Suye thought for a while, called out the Legendary doppelgänger, and tried to use the doppelgänger to fight.

Looking at the fact that exactly the same self emerges in the Magic Formation, Suye slightly smiled, and my Legendary doppelgänger is much more real than what the books say.

Other people’s Legendary doppelgänger looks exactly the same as the main body at first glance, but if you look closely, you will find that doppelgänger’s eyes are a little dull.

However, this Legendary doppelgänger has a vivid look in his eyes, which is just another self.

Controlling the Legendary doppelgänger is very smooth. Unlike the books, controlling the Legendary doppelgänger is equivalent to doing two things at the same time. It is very difficult at first.

Suye thought for a while, and suspected that it might be related to his usual battle habit or the habit of controlling servants, and he has adapted to this type of battle.

The test went well. Legendary doppelgänger is equivalent to a weakened self. Doppelgänger’s casting formidable power is between 50% and 80%. Because it can use all its magic, its strength is far better than Magic Incarnation or Legendary Divine Lantern.

Suye kept testing the power of Legendary doppelgänger, and suddenly, lightning flashed across his mind.

Suye looks at the Legendary doppelgänger, thoughts move.

Legendary doppelgänger motionless.

Suye sighed slightly.

I originally wanted Legendary doppelgänger to use Strength of Domain to open the Heavenly Fortress, but failed.

Sure enough, as stated in the book, Legendary doppelgänger’s ability is ultimately limited.

Even if this Legendary doppelgänger is actually improved by Legendary Grandmasters, it is based on three-dimensional formation and is far more powerful than before, but it still can’t achieve the strength of domain.

However, the inspirational lightning in Suye’s mind is still throbbing.

Suye entered the Magic Tower and placed a deified gem on the Magic Formation Chart group of Legendary doppelgänger.

The deified gemstone is motionless.

Added another one.

The two deified gemstones immediately turned into colorful rays of light and blended into this magic.

The deification is completed, Suye returns to the volcano plane, then takes a deep breath, and slowly exhales.

I hope my efforts are not wasteful.

“Legendary doppelgänger!”

Exactly the same self emerges from the Magic Formation. Compared with the previous one, this new doppelgänger not only has more agile eyes, but also the details of the whole body are more lifelike, so lifelike…

Suye’s face is filled with joy.

Because this level of fidelity is like a real transformation technique!

The true transformation is a bloodline ability, and the original Legendary doppelgänger cannot be used.

“Use the Heavenly Fortress!” Suye gave an order.


The torrent of pure white rays of light spread, and countless rays of light intertwined and superimposed, and soon formed a holy light fortress.

Outside the city, surrounded by the city wall, huge crossbows and puppets stand on the city wall.

In the center of the city, a giant tower of light surrounds the Legendary doppelgänger.

The books clearly say that no one can do it!


Suye watched this scene in surprise.

doppelgänger can even use Bloodlines Strength!

It is worthy of being a deified gem, completely beyond imagination.

Suye tried to make doppelgänger cast again, and the result was amazing.

exactly the same!

Whether it is Casting Time, formidable power, duration, flying distance, etc., all the details are exactly the same!

The previous doppelgänger casting formidable power will be reduced.

“Too powerful…”

Suye really didn’t expect, the legendary incarnation after deification is so powerful.

Looking at the fortress of heaven in doppelgänger, Suye tried to inspire the fortress of heaven with the main body.

White light surges, Condensation is the city.

Two white heavenly fortresses are intertwined on the volcano plane.

Suye stared at this scene blankly.

The deified gemstone, the Legendary doppelgänger, the Legendary magic, was added to the Divine-Level power.

It’s completely beyond imagination.

Although I have Magic Incarnation, Legendary Divine Lantern, and even servant, only this Legendary doppelgänger really has the same power as myself.

Even if it is a servant, the power gained is limited.

For example, Di Aotian can use True Transfiguration, but Wang Sledgehammer cannot, because Di Aotian’s Fire Attribute bloodline fits well with Devil bloodline, and Wang Sledgehammer’s Earth Attribute and metal system have nothing to do with Devil bloodline.

Moreover, although servant can inspire innate skill aura, it cannot inspire Strength of Domain.

Think of real transformation…

Suye slowly looks at his Legendary doppelgänger.

In the eyes full of expectation, Legendary doppelgänger slowly changed its appearance and turned into André!

“Praise magic!”

Suye could hardly believe it, and hurried forward to check it carefully.

As a result, it really is exactly the same as myself!

Subsequently, Suye re-naming this magic to deify doppelgänger, and then conduct various tests.

In the end, he was no different from himself.

Include the Divine Right field!

The only regret is that the bloodline field can open two at the same time, but the Divine Right field ultimately involves the power of God, and only one can be opened at a time.

After the test, Suye suddenly opened up another brain hole and issued an order.

Then Suye was stunned and watched as the deified doppelgänger summon produced a new Legendary doppelgänger.

“No way…”

Watching doppelgänger’s doppelgänger emerge from Magic Formation, Suye feels that the world view has been subverted.

“It’s not magic…”

When the doppelgänger of doppelgänger stopped, Suye took a closer look and suddenly relaxed.

The doppelgänger of this doppelgänger is completely incomparable with the deified doppelgänger, and only the equivalent to summon is the “undeified Legendary doppelgänger”.

The doppelgänger of this doppelgänger can only retain 50% of its strength, cannot use Strength of Domain, and can no longer use the magic of “Legendary doppelgänger”.

“It’s okay, this one is pretty magical.”

Looking at the deified doppelgänger and doppelgänger of doppelgänger, Suye smiled.

Very strong!

This means that I appear a myself more than other Legendary Magician.

This increase is too strong.

If you finish drinking a box of wine, you dare to challenge Plato!

Looking at his doppelgänger, Suye became more aware of the significance of the deified gemstone to him, and he improved again.

In the future, maybe deified gems can deify some weird magic.

“It seems that some only have legendary magic Sect, I can try it!”

“Where do I start? My magic formidable power is already strong enough. I am afraid that there will be a powerful magic resisting creature or God. I need to master a powerful attack of non-magic nature. Then, multiple Hand of Magic Sect, Need to be on the agenda.”

“The remains of the eight-armed Naga are the core of this Sect. As long as the Hand of Magic is strengthened and created and integrated into the remains of the complete eight-armed Naga, my Hand of Magic can be used eight at a time, and then through various innate skills and Other magic enhancements, even if they are not as strong as my strongest magic, will have the power to fight against people who are not afraid of magic.”

“However, for the ultimate growth, I must look for the remains of the Demi-God eight-armed Naga. Only in this way can the formidable power of the multiple Hand of Magic be maximized. As for the god of Naga, forget it, I just haven’t heard of it. I don’t know if it was in ancient times.”

“I have three doppelgängers. If they can use multiple Hand of Magic, and cooperate with those Magic Incarnations, even if you encounter a powerhouse that is temporarily immune to magic, you will have the power to fight!”

“This is the charm of magic, which can always create transcendent miraculous power.”

“Perhaps, the reason God did not directly kill Magician is that Magician can only use magic. For God, especially high-level God, they are immune to magic. Therefore, they are not afraid of Magician.”

“We Magician also know this, so in addition to improving magic’s formidable power, we are also constantly studying the use of magic to use non-magic power. Along which is included force field attacks, such as force field fist, force field Impact , They are all non-magic attacks, but their power is limited.”

“Multiple Hand of Magic Sects are the hopes of Magicians, and they have been fulfilled, but because there is no remains of Demi-God Naga, only the remains of Saint Domain Naga, with average formidable power. This has led to many Magicians. Give up this Sect.”

“I still have a chance! As long as I find the remains of Demi-God Naga, my multiple Hand of Magic, like Hydra Legion, will become a powerful Sect!”

Suye thought for a while, decided the next magic, and learned the core of multiple Hand of Magic Sect, Legendary magic, the fist of force field.

The Fist of the Force Field is not a separate magic, but can be integrated into the “Hand of Magic” to give Hand of Magic a powerful attack ability.