The World of Deities Chapter 768


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The formidable power of a single force field type of attack is small. After all, there is one more process of transforming the force field than the ordinary magic, which consumes a lot of mana.

However, there is a peculiar property of force field magic, that is, force field superposition.

The more magical force fields exist at the same time, the stronger the final formidable power.

This is also the reason why multiple Hand of Magic is expected.

The strengthening of the remains of Demi-God also needs to be put on the agenda.

However, there is currently no successful precedent for using True God remains. Apart from the difficulty, the main reason is that there are too few True God remains and there is no massive True God remains for practice. Magician impossible creates true Divine-Level and other enhancements. create.

“It seems that I have to find a way to collect some True God remains. However, before then, I will mainly practice Demi-God remains level reinforcement creation…”

The formidable power of the force field is small, but it is a rare type. It takes at least one or two months to master and characterize the ordinary Legendary Magician.

However, Suye only took five days to learn and complete the characterization.

Looking at the ten leaves that make up the Fist of the Force Field, Suye realized that the Divine Formation of the Great Teleportation and the three complete altar formation marks of Cyrus had greatly helped him.

Divine Formation, let yourself directly appreciate the power of God level, then, looking back at the Legendary Magic Formation Chart, it is naturally different.

Although Magic Formation Chart is far more subtle than Divine Formation, these are basically the learning points of every Magician, and Suye has already mastered it.

If you can learn more about Divine Formation, you will be able to create new magic like every senior Legendary in two years at most.

To create a new magic is the only way for every Legendary Magician.

In the process of continuing to learn Legendary magic, the whale country and the ghost ship opened again, and Suye dropped the second altar of faith into the ghost ship.

Four legendary undead led many undead sacrifices.

Unfortunately, these undead have not yet developed, and the total amount of sacrifices is pitifully small, but even so, many undead believers have been obtained.

The white light on the undead Xinmin’s body is 1% of the normal sea clan’s credibility, which is pitifully small.

Leave the ghost ship and enter the whale country.

The surging power is pouring into the body, this feeling is even ten times more refreshing than meditation.

Suye is very happy. It seems that the sacrifice had a great influence on the whale country.

Even if there is no clear calculation, I can feel that my total number of pan-trust citizens is over 100 million!

The total number of creatures in the whale kingdom wisdom and semi-wisdom exceeds 10,000,000,000.

This means that there is more room for improvement in the future.

Absorbed the power of the whale country, and its own strength is increasing.

The speed is so fast that Suye himself panicks.

According to this trend, you can be promoted to Hero in less than six months.

Any Magician who is promoted to the rank of Hero will become a thorn in the eyes of Gods. God’s Temple will definitely hurt the killer and will never show mercy.

“It seems that we have to learn the Socrates master of the year.”

“Socrates of the year created a Legendary magic called’Rank Reserve’. At the expense of five branches and 50 Mana Tree leaves, a Magic Formation Chart group was formed, allowing the Rank Reserve to store a whole Hero rank of power. “

“With this magic, Socrates has been suppressing his own strength, and finally was forced to a desperate situation by God, and had to release this magic, promoted from Legendary to Hero, and then break through the Hero rank and directly promoted to Demi-God realm. This magic It’s not difficult. It’s just a lot. After I reach Legendary Peak, I can portray this magic and accumulate strength.”

“The reason why Ai and Magician are both old Yin… In fact, they are all persecuted by Gods, and they can’t survive if they are not Yin.”

Suye secretly observes the whale country after completing the meditation in the whale country.

Not bad. Now whether it is Fishman Race or Sea Demon Race, they are not thinking about fighting internally, but are fully developing the faith.

There are even a lot of Sea Demon Beast who are also working hard to develop their faith.

The group of Sea Demon Beasts in the Sea of ​​Mountains unexpectedly accommodated Sea Clan vassals everywhere, established a new Sea Clan nation on the edge of the Sea of ​​Mountains Sea, and spread the credibility in the name of the warrior of the god of Su.

The efficiency is a bit low. After all, these sea Demon Beasts can only violently persuade, unlike the murloc, Water Element or sea monster, which have a variety of methods.

at first Suye also suspected that the sea Demon Beast in the sea of ​​mountains is a hypocrisy, but didn’t expect that many of them were promoted to true believers.

Suye was puzzled, and then secretly listened to their chat, only to know the reason, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Suye secretly teleported various sea clan cities, transformed into murlocs, and asked the believers about their true feelings.

70% of the believers are very grateful to Su Shen, allowing them to experience an unprecedented peaceful life.

Now, the pirates or looters in the whole whale country can’t survive. As long as the robbed people shout that they are followers of the Su god, the pirates can only leave without help.

After all, pirates also believe in the god Su.

There are also 30% of the belligerents who are a little dissatisfied, because they have not had a battle for a long time, and they feel uncomfortable. They even hope that Su Shen will start the war quickly and have a good time.

There are also some careful sea people who have found that in the area where there is the god Idol, the growth of various foods such as fish and water plants is very gratifying.

There is also the Sea Clan who believes in Su Queen of Gods, his Water Attribute Magic has improved significantly, and even the strength of Water Attribute Protection Magic has suddenly improved these days.

Suye realized that his Divine Right played a role.

Although I am not God, there is no God Star God City, etc., but Divine Right is a real existence, and the credibility of believers is also a real existence.

Perhaps Divine Right does not play as good as the genuine God, but it is useful after all.

This means that in the future, your subordinates and believers will become stronger and stronger.

Following this trend, you may have a little more Divine Right, much more than ordinary God.

Suye is quite satisfied with the current situation of the Sea Clan, so he asked the Silver River Sovo to publish the oracle. In the next three months, he will be conferred by gods again, but this time he will only be conferred by gods once.

Finally, Suye hides in the sky, looking at the southern side of the black coral Holy City.

There, a library is being built.

The whole library has been completed by magic, and the craftsmen of Fishman Race are doing the final carving.

In front of the main hall of the library, lying on a stone tablet, the name of the library is engraved on the tablet.

Euclid Great Library.

After a long time, Suye left the whale country and became an idle Magician in deep prison.

Half a month later, Suye is working on a new Legendary Magic Formation, and Baines Patriarch hurried in.

“André, you have to be prepared!”

Looking at Baines’s worried look, Suye asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I learned from Harmon’s Lord, and I don’t know why, the first Lord Bazel, who has rarely been in charge, said that taking advantage of the fact that there is no Devil attack in these two days, send a few more reconnaissance teams into the deep plains, and I selected multiple Legendary, among which is included you.”

“Can’t avoid it?” Suye asked.

Bains shook his head and said: “His Royal Highness Bazel is the Priest of the Godking Temple, and even the Chief High Priest. Regardless of status or strength, he is the undoubted Number One Person of the fortress of Hell, and he has There is a Divine Item, a real Divine Item.”

“Then I understand. Since I am destined to enter the Plains of Hell, then I can’t defy the order. However, I hope you will go out and help me find a friendly team, preferably away from the Magicians.”

“I know, if you have a lowly civilian Magician in your team, they will definitely not let you go. Hmm… I heard that you have a good relationship with Cromwell?”

“Huh? He’s also in deep prison?” Suye asked.

“Just a few days after coming in. Lord Bazel also has him on his list. I arranged for you to be with him. But… he is from the Witch Hunt.” Bains said.

“André” looks calm and nodded.

Although Cromwell had long been suspected of colluding with the witch hunt, he didn’t expect that he was a member of the witch hunt.

Saint Domain Magician, a pivotal cabinet member of Magic Parliament, participated in the hunt for Magician.

André has no relevant memories.

There are very few memories about the witch hunt.

I only know that the entire family is a member of the witch hunt. After all, all Demi-God and Hero families in Greece are considered members of the witch hunt.

As for whether to participate in prey operations, it is another matter.

There are few memories about the witch hunt. I don’t know if André deliberately concealed it or was affected by the power of the witch hunt.

Suye can only respond in an ambiguous way, nodded.

Baines glanced at Suye, changed the subject, and then asked Saint Domain warrior, who had arrived in the Hell Plains and successfully returned, to explain the situation in the Hell Plains and teach survival methods.

Suye listened carefully, and often recorded it on the Magic Book.

Baines was nodded with a smile, very satisfied with the humility of “André”.

As soon as Baines and the others left, Suye looked at the command book.

Different from the Magic Book, it is a small Palm-size Magic Book with a brown cover and half an inch thick. It is used in the military to convey messages.

Opening the command book, Suye saw that the messenger was Cromwell.

“I’m right outside your residence, can we talk about it?”

Suye had a red egg sprinkled with sugar in his mind, opened the door, and let Cromwell in. The two of them sat down, and Suye poured tea for him.

“Baines has been here, presumably you already know that you and I are about to enter the plains of hell.” Cromwell held the teacup and drank hot tea.

“He is going to let you and me together.” Suye stared at Cromwell quietly.

“Are you willing to participate in the witch hunt?” Cromwell smiled, his eyes gloomy.

“You are acquainted with my father, you should know what I think.” Suye said.

Cromwell nodded, said: “At that time you were still young and did not want to participate. Later, in order to deal with Suye, you made suggestions, but were not willing to do it yourself. So, what about now?”

Suye sighed softly and said, “Do I have another choice?”

“Very good! The next reconnaissance team will be divided into three teams. One team is Magician and Aristocrat who sympathizes with Magician, one team is from our witch hunt, and the third team is another team from God’s Temple. The team formed with Aristocrat. The three teams left in turn. What we have to do is very simple, find and follow the Magician team, and then kill them!” Cromwell said.