The World of Deities Chapter 769


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Suye frowned and asked, “Why don’t you keep those Aristocrats.”

“Do you know who the Magician is leading the team?”

“Suye shook his head.”

“Larens.” Cromwell’s eyes were full of smiles.

“Dean of Academic Affairs from Plato Academy?” “André” remained appropriately surprised, but there was a clear touch of joy.

Cromwell smiled triumphantly, and said: “It seems that you also want to kill the people from Plato Academy. Your hatred for the people from the Academy, as everyone knows. Yes, it is him. This time, God’s Temple calls for a roll call He comes, he can’t help but come.”

“God’s Temple is ready to do something with Plato Academy?”

“I heard the meaning of God’s Temple. It’s a bit like. It is said that Goddess of Vengeance’s sleep was caused by the Magician, so God’s Temple is going to attack Plato Academy.”

“A full blow?” Suye asked.

Cromwell hesitated for a moment, nodded lightly, and said: “God’s Temple did not say clearly, but some details indicate that God’s Temple wants to completely eradicate Plato Academy.”

“There is a contradiction in my heart.” “André” sighed.

“Yes, as a Magician, my heart is full of contradictions. On the one hand, I am grateful to Plato Academy for its contribution to Greece. On the other hand, I don’t want to see too many Magicians appearing among civilians. These days, They are all at home, and I don’t know what happened. Do you know how much magic apprentice is increasing in Greece as a whole?” Cromwell asked.

“I’ve heard that in Greece, only about three thousand magic apprentices are added every year, including Magician of Aristocrat and God’s Temple.” Suye said.

“So, do you know how much magic apprentice has been added to Greece in the past six months?”

“Five thousand?” Suye pretended not to know.

Cromwell said solemnly: “70,000!”

“So much?” “André” widened his eyes in disbelief.

“This news must not be spread! Once this news spreads, the forces opposed to God’s Temple and Aristocrat will inevitably make waves.”

“But…impossible. If this continues, doesn’t it mean that Magician will increase by more than 40 times in the next year? Absolutely impossible, you must be kidding.”

“The actual number can only be more, but less impossible! Because Qiming’s medicine is sold to the whole world, the number of Magicians in Persia, Northern Europe and Egypt has also suddenly increased! The Magic Academy in Greece will inevitably hide the number of people.”

“This news, too terrifying. If this continues, in less than ten years, Greece will be the world of those lowly civilian Magicians!”

“André” looked panicked.

“You can also see that there are too many Magicians, which is a devastating blow to Aristocrat and God’s Temple! Once Magician can fight against Aristocrat, Greece will inevitably fall apart. Therefore, we are preparing for a large-scale witch hunt. , That is,’slaughter the devil’, killing all non-civilian Magicians. However, we can’t move on Plato Undead in Greece. We are waiting for God’s Temple to kill Plato. Once Plato is dead, we will unite God’s Temple in the whole of Greece Announcing a ban on magic! It is forbidden for anyone to learn magic, except Aristocrat.”

Cromwell gave a faint smile.

“What about other places? If the other three countries cultivate Magician power in a large amount, wouldn’t our Greece be dangerous?” Suye asked.

Cromwell’s complexion sank and said: “With God in, we are not afraid of the other three countries. No matter how many Magicians they have, in front of Gods, it is impossible to withstand a single blow. Even more how, Persia and Egypt will restrict The number of Magicians.”

“But Northern Europe, except Ruimo, allows the Magician to develop freely. The God of Northern Europe, they don’t stop it.” Suye said.

“It doesn’t matter, Northern Europe is about to face the dusk. No matter how much magic they have, they won’t be able to swallow the wolf of Judgement Day.” Cromwell.

Since a long time, Suye asked: “If, I mean, if, if the Magician power of the other three countries increases and finally defeats our Greece by an overwhelming advantage, we are forced to shrink the territory, what should we do?”

Cromwell said with a sneer: “Even if you give Greece to the Persian King, to the Egyptian King, to the pirate kings of Northern Europe, it is also to the descendants of God, and that is also to Aristocrat! It is always better than letting the untouchable stand on Areopagus , Tell us Aristocrat!”

Suye suddenly realized, “I would rather be with friends than family slaves.”

“Yes! That’s it! Very good, very good! No wonder we are all optimistic about you. Even if you are conferred by gods Legendary, your future growth is limited, so what? If you can become conferred by gods Legendary, you can become confered by gods Hero, even Demi-God! The premise is that you give to God and kill the untouchables!”

Cromwell stared into Suye’s eyes.

“I see! I agree to this hunt! However, we must be fully prepared. You know, my strength depends on Magic Tool.”

“André” reluctantly raised both hands.

There are 20 rings in two rows.

Cromwell said with a slight smile: “The most powerful team of Magician is Larens. Without Legendary, it is not certain whether you can survive your 20 rings. Moreover, there is a Legendary in our team. The warrior and a Legendary Priest both hold Hero divine power weapons and kill them with no difficulty. The reason why I am looking for you is not really letting you shoot, but helping you!”

“Thank you Cromwell master, I understand.”

Suye is full of emotions, whether it is Baynes or Cromwell, they are very good to himself.

This is the result of accumulating virtue and doing good. It seems that we must continue to accumulate virtue and do good.

“You said, Larens’ old fox can’t escape, right?” Suye asked.

Cromwell said with a slight smile: “You know too little about the Plains of Hell. It is very special, and the power and will of many planes, even God, cannot be seen directly, only with the help of Priest and A divine object can see a limited range. As for the Magician, there is a way to teleport away, not to mention that we will confine the space, even if we do not have the confinement space, with the strength of Larens, we cannot escape.”


“On the plains of deep hell, only divine beings can teleport unrestrictedly over long distances. Ordinary people, even Hero Magician, can only use short distance teleportation. Of course, senior Legendary always has unique means. “Cromwell said.

“In other words, at least Demi-God is required to teleport?” Suye asked.

“Yes. Or hold a powerful Divine Item, and at least a Low God device. Do you think Larens might have it? So, this time for you, it’s just an outing.”

“so that’s how it is. Then, let’s start preparing!”

“André” was in high spirits.


Three days later, a team led by Magician left the deep fortress quietly.

Another day later, the second scout team disappeared on the Transmission Array.

In the endless darkness, Suye held his breath.

After an instant, the body seemed to be hit by a huge force.

The darkness dissipated, the body was suspended, and he looked down, one meter off the ground, thoughts move, and the invisible Legendary Saint Domain’s strength spread out and let the body slowly fall to the ground.

At the same time, Suye very carefully raised André’s Legendary Magic Staff and looked around.

Above sky, gray clouds are like lead.

Among the billowing gray clouds, the thunderbolt flickered and the blood light appeared.

The crimson Earth is endless, occasionally blocked by the same crimson mountains.

The pungent sulphur and burnt smell mixed with heat waves toss in the nasal cavity, and the poison qi is like a poisonous snake burrowing straight into the lungs.

Suye felt that the surface temperature exceeded 50 degrees Celsius.

It’s like being in a boiling pot of poison.

In an instant, all the discomfort disappeared, the powerful Hero body and various innate skills shielded all negative forces, and even the body temperature was maintained at a normal temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

The other seven teammates are scattered in a radius of 100 metres.

“Assemble!” said Legendary Priest Xavier, the leader.

Suye immediately walked towards Xavier.

Between the lead cloud and the red earth, eight people gathered together.

When Cromwell raised the Evergreen Scepter and performed the “Scope Invisibility Technique”, the entire group immediately disappeared between Heaven and Earth.

In everyone’s eyes, the opponent is translucent.

Cromwell took out a round-mouth bronze flat bottle, and when he touched it with his right hand, he saw water rippling inside and a red dot appeared.

Cromwell pointed in one direction and said: “They are about a hundred kilometers away in that direction, catch up and kill them all!”


Everyone did not speak, and moved forward quickly.

Suye looked at seven people. Except for Dennis and Xavier Legendary, the other five were Saint Domain, one Saint Domain Priest, one Saint Domain Magician, and three Saint Domain warriors.

Except for Cromwell, everyone seems to be covered with thick blood, exuding the same stench as the city wall.

Cromwell whispered: “Don’t cry, this is the plains of Hell, Legendary many as dogs, Hero walks all over the floor, and even Demi-God is commonplace. Especially we are outsiders, we must not fly in the sky, let alone Walk around in a wild swing. You can be free in the mountains, but in the open plains, must be invisible.”

Suye nodded.

Afterwards, Cromwell glanced enviously at a pure white ring in Suye’s hand.

Among all the people, only Suye owns this ring, which can be teleported back to the deep fortress at a critical moment. If other people want to return to the deep fortress, they can only enter the black rock hills and wait for a response.

On the empty red land, eight people walked quickly in invisibility.

Suye keeps looking around.

The team headed to a red mountain range in the Southwest direction, and a hundred kilometers behind, there was a black rock hill.

Those black hills are undulating, the shortest is only 20-30 meters, and the highest is only three-four hundred meters, and occasionally space cracks can be seen passing above.

Like a dark giant beast lying on the red plain.

There is the entrance of the Hell Plains to the Hell Fortress.

After walking for ten minutes, the effect of the Invisibility Technique has not yet ended. Legendary warrior Xavier suddenly bent down and said in a low voice: “Stop, release the hidden power!”

Cromwell immediately used the magic ring, and instantly cast “concealed aura”, “elemental concealment” and “quietly” three magic, covering everyone, and the Priest scepter in Priest’s hand flashed and the invisible rays of light were released. Passing everyone.

Everyone held their breath, motionless.

Suye followed the Legendary warrior’s sight curiously.

On this look, I discovered that two or three kilometers ahead, Earth seems to have abnormally small bumps, which are less than three millimeters above the surrounding ground.

After a while, Legendary warrior relaxed and said: “The Insect Devil group of underground earthworms did not find us, we detoured.”