The World of Deities Chapter 772


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The Demon King in purgatory once again exploded a pillar of fire.

Everyone glanced around in horror.


A pillar of fire emerged from the side of a Saint Domain warrior. He was far more agile than Saint Domain Priest and wanted to avoid it. However, he suddenly fell to the ground and instinctively looked down at his left leg.

Why do you lose consciousness in your left leg?

“Poor insect.”

The lava Demon Sword fell, killing the Saint Domain warrior in two.

Suddenly, a golden Battle Spear flew up.

The figure of the Demon King of Purgatory suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Legendary warrior Xavier, swinging his sword violently.

Legendary warrior bent over and avoided.

“Run!” As he roared, he reached out and grabbed the flying back Battle Spear, and attacked the Demon King.

The other four ran away desperately.

André grabbed Cromwell and whispered: “Master, let’s return together!”

Cromwell froze for a moment, glanced at his wrist, and then at the terrifying Demon King, his complexion nodded.

The ring in André’s hand flashed, and the white light surrounded them.

“Sorry, partner of the witch hunt, my ring can only be teleported back to two people. I will avenge you!” André’s guilt-filled voice floated over the plains of hell.

People go and leave.

“The escaped insect.”

The Demon King of Purgatory carried out flame teleportation suddenly and continuously, killing Saint Domain warrior, and then turned back to fight Legendary warrior Xavier.

Next, the Demon King of Purgatory didn’t use magic, and only used lava Demon Sword to fight against Xavier.

With the powerful combination of innate skills, the Demon King at first also defeated the Legendary warrior.

However, keeping the Queen of Gods in Xavier, the tall purgatory Demon King kept retreating.

“You…” Legendary warrior furiously said, “You are just promoted to Legendary, take me to practice!”

“The answer is correct.”

Legendary warrior is furious and attacks with all strength.

The Demon King quickly couldn’t stand it, and finally had to use magic.

Under the dual effects of magic and lava Demon Sword, the legendary warrior finally couldn’t resist the huge gap in strength, and soon showed signs of decline, and his body continued to hurt.

“you are too weak.”

Finally, the Demon King of Purgatory pierced the chest of the Legendary warrior with a sword, lifted it upwards, and cut his neck and head.

The Demon King of Purgatory leaned on lava Demon Sword, glanced all around, with a sneer on his face.

“Someone hit my idea, it’s funny.”

After speaking, recite the Legendary magic “summon Saint Domain servant”.

A Netherworld dragon and a champion Netherworld Knight emerge.

The moment the two servants saw the Demon King of Purgatory, they were both stunned, then bowed their heads slightly.

“Go, kill all the monsters nearby.”


The Netherworld dragon flies high in excitement, opens the call of the heroic spirit, ranks breakthrough Saint Domain, and is promoted to Legendary.

The champion Netherworld Knight also held up the giant sword and opened the call of the heroic spirit. Behind him, four smaller Netherworld Knights emerged from the ground.

“For my lord!” Five Netherworld Knights charged.

The Netherworld dragon roared and rushed towards the fattest Legendary monster, the Giant Monster.

The ten meters high rotten meat piled up by the flesh and blood of various monsters exudes evil, rot and foul smell. In the spiritual eyes of Netherworld, it is Supreme delicious.

The champion Netherworld Knight at first aimed at the most threatening enemy, the six-armed snake demon with two broken arms. After the six-armed snake demon moved away, it rushed to the ancient hidden snake best at sneak attack ambush.

The moment they saw the Netherworld dragon, many Legendary monsters trembled.

The Demon King of Purgatory is already the giant group of Netherworld, how come they appear a Netherworld Demon Dragon.

The number of dragons in Netherworld is far less than that of Demon King, but as a high-level Dragon Race, individual battle power is equal to that of Demon King.

Those Ancient Dragons with a long lifespan even have the ability to crush the Demon King.

And those Netherworld Knights.

The status of Netherworld Knight is lower than that of Demon King and Netherworld Dragon, and can only be counted as an upper-level monster.

However, the champion Netherworld Knight is a real giant.

A champion Netherworld Knight plus four Netherworld Knights can beat any single rank Demon King or Netherworld dragon to the north.

Three of the ten great big shots in Netherworld have appeared.

Legendary The monsters are a little panicked.

Although their respective ethnic groups are very strong, even high-level monsters, they are still inferior in front of the giants.

In all the current monsters, except for the Legendary Six-armed Snake Demon, which is among the giants of the abyss, no creature can face these three races.

The Legendary six-armed snake demon with two broken arms showed provocative eyes when he saw the Demon King of Purgatory, but after seeing the Netherworld Dragon and the champion Netherworld Knight, he quickly backed away.

The monsters glanced around, panicking in their hearts. Three of the Netherworld ten great big shots races have arrived. What about the other giant races?

Netherworld Giant is here or not? What about the three Netherworld dogs? What about Crimson Priest…

If more tycoons arrive, will they be the pioneer of Demon God?

When I thought of Demon God, all the monsters shook slightly.

Different from ordinary God, Demon God always represents fear, destruction, death…

Many Legendary monsters also don’t care about dignity and run away.

There are only a few monsters who are reluctant to leave, spinning around not far away.

Some people are very devilish and want to take a bet on these Netherworld giants. If they can hunt the giant creatures and swallow the corpses, it will be enough to make their own strength further.

Some wandered far away, preparing to wait for the end of the battle to pick up some leftovers.

A group of vulture monsters hovered in the distant sky, and groups of scavenger monsters were watching on the red soil.

Suye originally wanted to leave quickly, but didn’t expect that this plain of deep hell is different. Monsters and Humans are completely two creatures.

Human standards and rational cannot be used to judge monsters, otherwise they will not be able to survive in the Hell Plains.

If you turn around and leave, you will even be considered weak by the monster and will inevitably follow.

In this case, let’s join the monster world!


A flaming banner appeared behind Suye, flying high.

There is nothing on the flame banner, only blazing flames, but every monster knows what it is.

Blood battle banner!

The crazy Purgatory Demon King is going to start a bloody battle on the spot!

This is provoking all monsters!

“ao ……”

The tyranny rooted in the depth of one’s soul is aroused, and many monsters flock to Suye.

However, all the monsters belonging to Netherworld not only did not pounce on Suye, but instead pounced on other monsters.

The melee broke out.

“Come on, little bastards!”

Suye yelled in Netherworld, holding the lava Demon Sword and attacking.

Soon, Suye was surrounded by monsters that followed.

The banner of blood war is too eye-catching.

More and more monsters are coming in. Suye can’t cope with all kinds of instant magic unless it uses a wide range of Legendary magic.

However, Suye seemed to be really scared of being beaten, and retreated from the battle, and finally arrived at the foot of Hongwu Mountain, far from the original battlefield.

The more Suye ran away, the more monsters he chased.

After a while, the Netherworld dragon and champion Netherworld Knight were torn apart by the surging monsters, and Suye had to summon again.

Standing on the edge of the mountain, Suye looked at the dark monster ahead.

The banner of bloody war has attracted thousands of monsters!

All the monsters of the Netherworld forces have been strangled by the demons.

“Come out, my little Medea!”

“Come out, my servants!”

After reaching the peak, Suye immediately started summon.

Di Aotian, King Sledgehammer, nether shadow hive and small Medea appeared one after another.

Suye does not have a summon World Tree.

Too bully.

Little Medea froze for a moment, then showed ecstasy, full of fierce anger, but quickly receded after a moment, glanced at his father, found that his father didn’t care about him at all, and immediately laughed happily.

The smile of Giant Dragon is terrifying.

The 30-meter-long Little Medea flew high into the sky like a crimson glow, and then swooped down while spitting Netherworld dragon flames.

The Netherworld dragon was taken aback and avoided far away.

This big sister, seems a bit too fierce.

Suye incarnation, Demon King, rushed and fought, hoping to take this opportunity to refine more battle memories of this Demi-God giant.

However, there are too many monsters and too strong.

After a series of injuries, Suye gave up and rushed to the front line, and stepped back a little later, with the Demi-God device and Black Dragon bone stick in his hand.

Start to release Legendary magic.

“Earth funeral song!”

Suye stretched his fingers forward.

The strange Earth rhythm sounded, like a drum beating, and like a long horn.

boom~ boom~ ……

Then many monsters were covered.

Earth funeral song was originally a powerful Earth Attribute Legendary magic, turning Earth into a powerful corundum, but Suye has Magic Evolution.

All corundum is advanced.

Promoted to diamond stone, that is, diamond.

The hardest magic substance that Human Magician can release.

Earth instantly turned into a sparkling magic diamond in an area of ​​exactly one kilometer in diameter ahead.

Then, the densely packed diamond Sharp Thorn protruded from the ground.

Even the lesser dragon, a rock with terrifying protective power, was pierced through the body.

The ghost giant is obviously not afraid of ordinary rock attacks, but is still penetrated by the additional power, and howl in pain.

The monster under the overwhelming majority Legendary died instantly.

In an instant, all the diamond Sharp Thorn burst, and hundreds of millions of sharp diamond flying needles splashed wildly on Earth.

Amid the screams of the monsters, the entire area suddenly collapsed.

Even monsters that can float in the air are dragged by invisible forces into the huge pits of several hundred meters below.

Those monsters with several dozen meters in length are so small in this huge pit.

On the plain of deep hell, there seems to be an extra small deep hell.

Next, the Rapid Speed ​​Condensation in the sky has sparkling stone mountain peaks, each 20-30 meters high, endless and increasing.

When you have accumulated ten thousand stone mountain, ten thousand mountains will come down!

boom~ boom~ Bang…

The mountains are like rain.

The sky of the night, the sparkling diamond waterfall pouring down.

Intensive screams churned in the big pit.

Ordinary monsters are all dead, but those Legendary monsters with powerful life force are still injured and Undead when they are attacked by such a powerful force.

In just a few seconds, the entire huge pit was filled with densely packed Diamond Mountain.

Suddenly, a clear and clear sound like the cracking of jade stone went straight to the sky.

The funeral song rang.


The stone mountain is filled with holes, which exploded simultaneously.

The bright rays of light lit up, like the little sun on the ground.

Berserk’s strong wind swept all directions.

Earth funeral song, the end.