The World of Deities Chapter 773


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The monster in the distance shuddered slightly, a trifling Legendary magic, which could kill so many monsters.

They looked at the big diamond pit in horror, watching the densely packed diamond fragments gradually change color, and eventually become ordinary redstone in the Hell Plains.

In the fragments full of big pits, powerful Legendary monsters rushed out one after another, some turned and fled, and some were aroused wildly and rushed towards Suye angrily.

Suye frowned slightly.

Legendary monsters trapped in the funeral song of the Earth have at least fifty heads, but most of them crawled out with severe injuries and eventually killed only five.

I still need to discipline myself.

But those monsters are going crazy.

The bodies of the monsters are far stronger than the human and ordinary creatures. Even the legendary purgatory Demon King’s most famous signature magic, the purgatory blasting fire art, requires a dozen consecutive hits to kill a Legendary creature.

The only magic that can kill Legendary monsters is the powerful single magic, such as the flame coffin, burst heart, soul yoke or Extreme Cold freezing, and it is only possible, not necessarily killing, after all Legendary monsters have various means of escape.

This purgatory Demon King, is it the legendary Demon King wizard?

Dignified Demon King to become a wizard, warlock or Priest, it must be the most terrifying existence.

Otherwise, how can one magic slay five Legendary monsters and hit that many badly?

Blood battle is cruel, but that is for the monsters under Legendary. The death rate of monsters above Legendary is not high.

Suye thought for a while, try Fire Attribute’s signature magic.

“Great Meteorite Art!”

The huge, pitch-black meteorite fell with a harsh squeal.


The rubble was splashing, flames erupted, and the dark Fire of Netherworld covered Earth.

The meteorite is where all deaths are under Legendary.

But, Legendary is not dead.

Suye is a little embarrassed.

Is Legendary magic so weak?

But after thinking about it, it seems quite reasonable. Before a single Saint Domain magic, not to mention Saint Domain monsters, even Saint Domain warrior killed Undead.

Suye suddenly remembered that flame is the most common force in the deep plains. The monsters have very high flame resistance, almost equivalent to wearing anti-Fire Elemental Legendary equipment.

The monsters watching from a distance are tremble with fear. Yes, the great meteorite technique did not kill the Legendary monsters, but what happened to those Legendary monsters?

The crotch is gone!

In the Plains of Hell, in the Battle of Legendary, the great meteorite technique is obviously just a common magic.


Suye was about to use the blasphemous magic disaster fire, and found that the formidable power is large or large, but the range is too small, probably only covering a radius of more than ten meters.

“Try the power of Divine Right. This is the plain of hell. Don’t be afraid to explore.”

So, Suye once again released the Great Meteorite.

The difference from last time is that at this time, a divine might was consumed to allow the angry fire of Divine Right to attach to the Great Meteorite Art.

After the release, Suye looked up expectantly.

I saw a space crack 300 metres long appeared in sky.


A huge meteorite with a diameter of more than two hundred meters, carrying a scarlet rage flame, fell from the sky and hit the densest Legendary monster.

The nearby Legendary monster looked up to the sky, and at the first moment it saw the meteorite, it was expressionless.

However, the monsters panicked when they felt the Supreme breath and strong divine might contained in the meteorite.

This purgatory Demon King, even if it is not Demon God incarnation, is also the son of Demon God!

Legendary bloody battle, even using magic divine power!


Legendary monsters hurriedly used the short-distance teleport ability, but all the monsters failed to teleport.

Heavenly Might is not to be profaned.

“It’s over…”

The monsters below the meteorite took only a few steps, the terrifying angry meteorite Impact Earth.


The impact was ten times more violent than the previous meteorite.

The monster between Earth and the meteorite turned red and melted at an incredible speed at the moment of being hit.

90% of the monsters were melted by the terrifying heat, and then torn to pieces by the powerful Impact.

Even so, many Legendary monsters are not dead yet.

Finally, the meteorite collided with Earth, and the flames of anger burned throughout the audience.

Countless monsters turned into ashes.

Meteorites penetrated Earth, and the dust, flames, and rubble spread to all directions like circular waves.

The sky is full of angry rage, rain is splashing everywhere.

The sound of mournful scream is all over the battlefield, and those invincible monsters flee in all directions like a ripped army.

The coalition of tens of thousands of infernal monsters completely collapsed.

The shouts of “Son of Demon God” flooded the battlefield.

The dust dispersed, and a huge pit appeared on the battlefield.

Under the deep pit, there are a total of 27 Legendary monsters skeleton doesn’t exist.

Because of the high condensation of monster power, some magic gems appeared.

Suye’s frowning brow stretched slightly.

“It’s okay, I didn’t drop the chain this time.”

“It means that the formidable power is too large, and the remains are burned. A Legendary monster corpse is less than a dozen or 200,000, which can not be wasted.”

Suye thought to herself, lifts the head, looking around.

The monster is fleeing.

Some monsters looked back. The Demon King of Purgatory was suspended in the air. The huge dark red wings flickered lightly, and strong flames rolled around him.

Overlooking the world, it looks like a Demon God.

Suye hasn’t enjoyed it yet, so how many Legendary magic have been tested?

“Continue to hunt down!”

Suye waved his hand, entered the Transmission Gate, continued to use Legendary magic, and began to strike indiscriminately on a large scale.

Earth funeral song, great meteorite, hellfire skyfall, destruction storm, acid river, Extreme Cold storm, tree man Lord, lightning storm, summon angel, Banshee’s wrath, etc. large-scale magic blooms in the battlefield. .

Suye released, while observing and remembering the whole process, accumulating experience.

The time, angle, and timing of the release, magic formed the Early Stage, the changes in the middle and end stages, the reaction of different ethnic groups…

A legendary magic flash show was staged in the dim plain of deep hell.

Little Medea sprayed the dragon flame for a long time, spraying sore throat, flew back, turned into a two-meter height, and followed the Demon King of Purgatory, like a kitten, rubbing Suye with her head from time to time.

Suye lightly patted the dragon horn of Little Medea. The dragon flame of Little Brat is too strong. She burned more than half of the monsters under Legendary.

Even if the monsters in the deep plains are far stronger than the species of Divine Power Plane, they are still no match for the power of Hero Giant Dragon.

Suye looked around.

Di Aotian was originally not an opponent of monsters at all, because the life level is different by several levels. Here, the overwhelming majority monsters are at least the Golden race.

However, with Demi-God Bone Cudgel, Di Aotian hits Saint Domain up to Legendary, and no one is afraid.

Wang Sledgehammer has long been promoted to Legendary, he incarnation Hill Giant, leading the black sheep cavalry tribe, like the small Netherworld cavalry regiment.

The nether shadow hive exerts a powerful force in such a large-scale battle. The well-trained nether shadow poisonous bee man is simply a nightmare for the monsters of chaos.

The current lethality of the Queens of Ice and Wind is not strong enough, but they can greatly limit all monsters, especially the innate skill of Wind Attribute magic, which is an eternal magical skill.

Suddenly, Suye raised his head, and the soul imprint on the head of the six-armed snake demon with two broken arms escaped.

Behind the six-armed snake monster, the Netherworld dragon chased after him.

The Netherworld dragon belongs to the Devil camp of Netherworld, and the six-armed snake demon belongs to the evil Magic Formation camp of the abyss. These two groups are life-long enemies. Since their birth, they have attacked and killed each other. I don’t know how many thousands of years, there is no end. .


Little Medea rushed to Suye like a guard dog, and snarled at the six-armed snake demon, showing his teeth.

The six-armed snake devil yelled in bad Devil language: “The great Demon King, I am willing to acknowledge allegiance to you sincerely! I can foresee your greatness, and I can be sure that you are not in the deep plain. Understand, I, an experienced old demon, is the most suitable to be your servant.”

If in normal times, any Devil is impossible to accept the demon’s acknowledge allegiance, except for the Plains of Hell.

Here, everyone is an enemy, and all may be friends.

Suye saw that it was a six-armed snake demon, and an elderly disabled demon, so he reserved his heart and accepted his soul imprint.