The World of Deities Chapter 952


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After screaming loudly, the Herb God fell into confusion.

Everything that I was proud of was defeated.

Even if it is the medicine and soil technology, it takes only a while to be improved by Magician, who is not specialized in magic medicine.

“What are you making for medicine and magic medicine?” Suye asked.

Herb God walked around, and slowly replied: “Of course for myself, of course for me conferred as God!”

“Then you know, the Magicians who published these articles, are they willing to share this knowledge for what?”

The herbal god shook his head.

“It is true that they also have selfish motives, they also want to make some money, they also want some honor, and they want some status, but they have similar voices in the deepest and most unshakable places in their hearts. Some are in Said, in order to explore the ultimate principle of this World; some are saying, to move forward together for Human; some are saying, in order to let everyone live a little bit better; some are saying, for pure interest; some are saying, I just want to share my joy. Do you understand?”

The herbal god shook his head.

“So, you can’t be a Magician.”

Suye sighed and waved his right hand, as if to drive away mosquitoes.


The invisible pure mana gushes out, and the pale white space ripples and spreads.

The god of herbs exploded and turned into countless dust.

Suye teleported suddenly to the destroyed ancient tree in Divine City city center.

In the dark pit, there is still a faint black smoke.

Little Medea, who stood by, looked at the black pit, with a slight sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Suye raised his hand, the pit and the surrounding Earth exploded, a huge tree roots rose from the ground, and the Rapid Speed ​​rose.

all around, one tree roots after another overturned the land and revealed.

The Earth of the whole drug Divine City is split, and the huge attribute root is suspended high in the sky.

The tree roots are like countless spider webs gathered together, intertwined to form a giant umbrella over the medicine Divine City.

The attribute root of ash grey trembled lightly, and the black soil fell rustlingly.

There are over a hundred tap roots, and on each tap root, millions of roots slowly wriggle.

Roots are entwined one after another.

The root of ten thousand bones.

Everyone watched this scene in horror.

The voice of the herbal god came from the huge tree roots: “Suye Your Majesty, I surrender! I was wrong! This kind of medicinal soil has one of the biggest shortcomings, that is, mana! It takes mana to cultivate this kind of medicinal soil. Endless mana! I have a way to save you at least half of the mana! Half!”

“Will I be missing mana?”

Behind Suye, thousands of Legendary incarnations stepped out of the void, all wearing neat tuxedos, simultaneously pointing to the tree roots.

“Soul Impact.”

More than 40,000 blue light spots instantly fall into the attribute root.


mournful scream resounded through the sky.

In an instant, all the roots hang weakly.

Suye shook off a large number of corpses, put away the tree roots of the herbal god, and then threw a Ring of Space into the void, straight into the Mage Tower.

The whole supernova was a sensation, the magic bell rang, and the Magicians gathered from all around to study the attribute root, in a frenzy.

There are also a few Magician remain unmoved, because it won’t be long before Suye will use the real transformation technique to swallow the pseudo-god’s remains, and then transcribe some magic-related memories.

Watching the transcribed memories of Demi-God and pseudo-gods has become a daily essential task for supernova Magicians.

Over Divine City, Suye put away all Legendary incarnation and teleported back to the pirate ship.

Arthur rubbed his sour chin lightly, vaguely feeling that his path to magic Swordsman was not even a fart in front of the teacher.

Arthur secretly looked towards the yellow-bearded tyrant Gayo, this lifelong enemy, with a dull face, no better than himself.

Suye suddenly patted his forehead and said: “I forgot to let him confess, but the corpse on the ground is hard evidence. I think that the Herbal God not only has accomplices in the Primordial Alliance, but may even collude with the Dark Wizard! Don’t let any murderer kill the Magician. Let’s go to the headquarters of the primordial alliance of gods and catch the murderer!”

Guyyo wiped the sweat from his forehead. Would you like to be so cruel? Be this tyrant, I can’t be anymore.

The Remnant Arm Giant, the Rotten Tiger, and the Holy Lake Goddess stood on the spot in a daze. This one does not regard the gods of the British mainland too much!

The Holy Lake Goddess and the Rotten Tiger looked at each other, a look of worry flashed in their eyes.

Goddess, the holy lake, is shining slightly, full of charm, with lotus steps, near Suye.

“Your Majesty, the magic king, don’t worry, we will do our best to help you catch the murderer of Magician. However, I think the Primordial Alliance of Gods may be your greatest help in catching the murderer.”

“How to say?”

“It is the Dark Witch God who supports the Herb God the most. He can’t tolerate any outside world forces to intervene in the British mainland. If you don’t believe me, ask the Giant and Gayo, they are both secretly targeted by the Dark Witch God. . Two people, right?”

The Remnant Arm Giant hesitated for a moment, and said: “Goddess of the Holy Lake is right. Although the Primordial Alliance of Gods is also hostile to us, it seldom attacks us actively. Unlike the Black Witch God, he was born in England and not only invaded the kingdom of Suge. They also swallowed Northern Patriotic and Wales. Not to mention us Northern Europe pirates.”

Suye was stunned for a moment, as if he was recalling something, then his face sank, and said, “This black wizard god is too much! The British mainland is clearly a four-nation alliance composed of Britain, Suge, Northern Patriotic, and Wales. , Why does the Black Witch invade the other three kingdoms? I have to support the independence of Suge, Northern Patriotic and Weir! Arthur, don’t bully those three small countries in the future. You will always be the king of England, you can’t be England. The king of the mainland.”

“Oh.” Arthur wondered what it had to do with me, I couldn’t even draw the sword in the stone.

Guyyo said: “Our Rome empire is not expanding aggressively at the moment. It was supposed to be done slowly, but the dark wizard God’s Temple’s methods are very fierce. It irritated me, so I attacked the British capital.”

“Stop talking nonsense, you just want to expand.” Suye said.

Everyone nearby is simultaneously nodded.

Gai Yue’s face is calm.

Holy Lake Goddess took the opportunity to say: “Shen God, you have also seen that our primordial alliance of gods is actually a loose organization, not at all targeting Magician. In our eyes, the entire British continent should be a loose A united alliance should not allow anyone to be the only master. The Black Witch God is different. He treats the entire British continent as his own territory and does not allow anyone to intervene, whether it is Rome Empire, Northern Europe pirates, other primordial gods, or you. “

“You make a lot of sense.”

“Also, the Primordial God Alliance has a basic rule. As long as you reach the Demi-God, you can join the Primordial God Alliance, whether it is an outside world God or an internal God. I think you might as well pretend to enter our primordial first. God alliance, gain trust, slowly expand Great Influence. In the end, whether it is the primordial God alliance or the British mainland, are not all things in your palm?”

Everyone gently nodded, this is indeed the best way at present.

“This path is good. However, I don’t know much about the British mainland, so I’m not in a hurry.” Suye said.

“I suggest that you stay for a few days and send enough goodwill signals to the Primordial Alliance of Gods to give them time to prepare. Then we will go to the Stonehenge Valley and participate in the Alliance meeting to see how they react. Specific response, make a plan.”

Suye said nothing.

The Holy Lake Goddess said again: “In the past few days, I happened to contact the primordial god whom we had made. When that day comes, we can better help you. We not only support you in unifying the British mainland, but also Support you to lead the entire primordial alliance of gods and defeat the black wizard god.”

“I will think about it again. However, I want to know the internal rules of the Primordial Alliance of Gods, for example, you that many God, how to make decisions, how to implement…”

“This is the case, we use the most primordial stone vote…”

Suye listened quietly, learning more and more about the interior of the Primordial Alliance of Gods.

It wasn’t until the evening that Suye slowly rose up and looked at the broken medicine Divine City.

In the medicine Divine City, the subordinates of the herbal gods and the believers flee, die to death, and some loyal attempts to counterattack are solved by the little Medea with the claws, and finally a batch of frightened people have been Kneel there.

Suye stretched his fingers forward.

“The gate of the big plane.”

A deep blue vertical ring suddenly appeared, and then the ring Rapid Speed ​​expanded.

Inside the ring, dark blue Mana Surge and white lightning zi zi sounded.

Finally, the circle expanded into a super large plane gate five kilometers high and ten kilometers long.

The primordial gods near and far saw this scene and were stunned. They couldn’t imagine how there would be such a huge Transmission Gate, which completely subverted their understanding of magic spell.

The gate of this magnitude of the plane consumes at least tens of thousands of times the mana of the ordinary Demi-God magic spell.


A strange voice sounded, and a huge Floating Void City came out slowly.

Floating Void City trembles slightly.

The primordial gods opened their mouths again. The diameter of this Floating Void City is more than three kilometers. The power required for this scale of teleportation and the space gravitation induced are enough to shred any Demi-God. This Floating Void City can support live?

In a short while, Floating Void City flew out of the gate of the big plane and hovered above the medicine Divine City.

“The stalwart land, the magic capital…” Goddess muttered to himself, his eyes shining.

Floating Void City, a team of twenty Magicians flew out and hovered in front of Suye.

“All members of the Floating Void City City Guard, report to Lord Chairman!” All Magicians saluted simultaneously.

At the same time, a large number of Demon Beasts, monsters and puppets on Floating Void City simultaneously salute Suye.

“What? The fifth Floating Void City? In other words, there are at least four in the front, and there may be more in the back?” Arthur looked blank.

“Xenophon master, how many Floating Void City does Your Majesty control?” Goddess asked very carefully.

Xenophon thought for a while, and said: “Although Floating Void City is owned by supernova in theory, the actual ownership is owned by Mr. Chairman, who also paid for it. The Floating Void City in Magic Prison City is completed with six seats. We will build twelve seats. After that, we will not buy, but will make Floating Void City ourselves. Our objective is Hundred Cities Floating, and Lord Chairman… As you know, his objective is Floating Void City.”

There is a blank in the minds of the hillbillies in the British mainland.