The World of Deities Chapter 953

A large number of Magicians, monsters and puppets have fallen from the Floating Void City, and some of them have fallen in the medicine Divine City to rebuild the city.

Part of them flew to the medicine field for magic analysis and herbal classification.

The last part goes to the edge of the territory to build a guard tower to protect the outermost layer.

Suye flew back to the pirate ship, looked at everyone in amazement, and asked, “What’s wrong with you? It seems like I just finished analyzing a Divine-Level Magic Formation Chart, with unspeakable fatigue in his eyes.”

“Our brains can’t keep up with your bragging.” Guyyo said.

The British people are nodded hard.

Xenophon spreads his hands.

Suye looked at Goddess, the holy lake, and said: “Your suggestion is good. I decided to work steadily first, protect this primordial medicine field, and then slowly transplant it to my two Divine Power Planes. Then…”

“Wait, Your Majesty, do you have two Divine Power Planes?”

“Ten seats.” Suye said.

Holy Lake Goddess clutched his chest, as if his heart was aching, and a group of British people all had similar expressions.

Holy Lake Goddess said weakly: “I mean, you have not only two Divine Power Planes, but also a complete Lord of Plane, you can send these herbs into the Divine Power Plane at any time?”


“What seven?” asked Goddess of the holy lake.

“I’m just a complete Lord of Plane of seven Divine Power Planes, but still three short, alas.” Suye shook his head regretfully.

All British people simultaneously hold their hearts.

Xenophon looked towards Magician next to him, saying: “Today’s “Suye Biography” has good material. Just remember, don’t forget when the time comes Your Majesty.”

Magicians are slightly nodded with a smile.

Not long after, Magicians uploaded the analysis results and statistical results to the supernova council. Suye opened the Magic Book and watched it carefully.

“Not bad, not bad, really good. This herbal god does have two brushes. Those ordinary herbs are that’s all, and those Divine-Level herbs are simply blinded here.” Suye said, flying to the medicine field. Place all Divine-Level herbs into the World Tree plane, and then plant them into the soil of the planet dug and improved by the giant beast.

Suye looked at the growing Divine-Level herb with satisfaction, and when he turned the soil of the god star into the soil, the effect could increase dozens of times.

With the powerful power of World Tree, the planting effect is no less than that of Main God.

Suye returned to the Fifth Floating Island, connected to the headquarters of the Magic Prison City, opened a remote meeting to discuss the development of medicinal soil and the planting of medicinal herbs.

To clarify the principle of medicine and soil, Magicians build a more complete principle of medicine and soil refining in just one day, but the specific production process still needs a long time to slowly improve.

All Magicians are very excited, which means that from now on, supernova will open up the same volume of magic medicine trade in addition to weapon equipment and novel daily necessities.

2nd day, Suye flew back to the ghost ship, holding the shabby tree roots crown, and threw it on top of the rotting tiger.

The Rotten Tiger looked dumbfounded.

“From today, you are the new herbal god.” Suye’s eyes were full of approval.

“But I am not.”

“I said you are, you are. But you can’t enter most of the medicine field, but you can live in the Necromancy Herb Center, nourish them with your Dead Spirit breath, and guard it by the way.”

“But I don’t live here.”

“I will live later.” Suye said.

The stump giant hurriedly said: “Cherish this opportunity!”

The rotten tiger’s moldy eyes were filled with yellow and green pus, and slowly said: “From now on, I am the god of herbs. I will support you in the Primordial God Alliance, Su Shen.”

“It’s so enviable.” The stumped arm Giant said.

“Bite you nonsense again!” The rotting tiger bared his black teeth.

The stump Giant lowered his head to play with the rusty anchor.

“Depart for the Stonehenge Valley.” Suye said.

“As you bid!” The stumped Giant starts the flying pirate ship, turns around and heads east.

The Holy Lake Goddess hurriedly said: “Your Majesty, we have successfully united many kind and peaceful primordial gods.”

Guy said with a smile: “Your Majesty doesn’t need your support. Whoever dares to object, just kill it.”

Goddess fiercely, the holy lake, glared at Gaiyo and turned to say with a slight smile: “Your Majesty, our kind primordial god, looks forward to your coming. Only you can lead us out of the threat of the black wizard god. In order to make the entire British continent alive. You are the hope of the British continent and you are the sun of the British continent.”

“Okay, don’t play this game with me. It’s your prediction for divination of the crystal ball?” Suye wondered whether these sacred land Goddess are true or false. Will they bury a big hole and wait for themselves? .

“Yes. Just yesterday, the rest of the sacred land Goddess performed a new divination. The results show that we can only usher in the light if we choose to support you. If we turn away from you, we will fall into darkness.”

“Darkness is nothing bad…” The Rotten Tiger whispered.

The Holy Lake Lady God machine moved and said: “Of course, in the near future, both light and darkness will be gathered in you.”

Suye looked at the Magician, and the Magicians looked around. You can’t tell what’s wrong with this kind of unmagic thing, so let the Holy Lake Goddess continue to blow it.

Suye shook his head, and had to ignore the Goddess of the holy lake, completely unaware of their true intentions, but at least so far, he has not felt malicious.

After a long time, Arthur whispered suddenly.


Everyone looked.

Under the grey and blue dusk, the huge azure valley lies in front, and the magnificent Stonehenge stands in the evening breeze.

Suye didn’t expect this Stonehenge was more spectacular than before.

The Stonehenge here is divided into inner and outer layers.

The white stone pillar on the outer layer is thirty meters high, and each one is surrounded by more than twenty people.

The white stone pillars form a huge ring. The strong wind blows and the stone slabs on the top sway gently.

The black stone pillar on the inner layer is fifty meters high, two circles thicker than the stone pillar on the outer layer, forming a smaller ring, and the top is also covered with stone slabs.

In the center of Stonehenge, there is a fifty-meter-high stone pillar erected, which is much thicker than other stone pillars, and a huge copper pot with a diameter of ten meters is held on the top. The flames blaze inside and illuminate the valley.

On the two layers of stone pillar, there are grotesquely shaped creatures standing

The creatures on the outer stone pillar exude a strong Demi-God breath, and the creatures on the inner stone pillar imposing manner are even better. The whole body exudes a faint light of false gods, and the breath of Demi-God is completely eliminated. open.

Besides Stonehenge, many followers of the Primordial god are scattered everywhere, eating he he.

Suddenly, some of the primordial god’s entourage pointed to sky’s flying pirate ship.

Many primordial gods simultaneously turned their heads and looked at sky.

Each eye is shining like a searchlight, one after another breath rushes, bursts of mana churning.

The little valley is full of weather.

Suye smiled, looking down at hundreds of primordial gods.

Arthur looked at the terrifying Gods and instinctively stepped back.

Eckert bowed his head deeply and saluted.

Guyyo and Giant hold their weapons tightly.

Holy Lake Goddess holds both hands in front of the lower abdomen, took a deep breath.

The Magicians are whispering and excited.