The World of Deities Chapter 954


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The British looked curiously at the strange-looking Magicians.

“Their mana breath, Interesting, is different from God of the other four countries, and different from Demon God.”

“However, there are some similarities.”

“I can’t wait to Dissection them.”

“Thanks to the Chairman who let us Dissection Demon God, since then, there are no secrets under Divine-Level.”

“Stonehenge is a little bit scarce, so save it a bit.”

“I hope they will reject the Chairman, so that our laboratory can get more corpses.”

British hairs on the pirate ship burst and their hearts beat wildly.

Guyyo and Giant looked at each other, and sure enough, the legend is true, supernova really Dissection of Demon God!

Goddess, the holy lake, is like the surface of a lake blown by a strong wind.

Arthur grabbed the arm of his adoptive father Eckert. He was used to the collapse of the world. Why did he start to faint again?

Can the two words, Demon God and Dissection, be linked together?

More than a hundred Demi-Gods and false gods, do you need to save some? How to use it?

Not only Suye does not regard the British primordial gods as human beings, but also these Magicians!

Looking at the joy that was about to overflow in the eyes of the Magicians, the British began to think about whether to run away.

In a short while, the pirate ship landed at Taniguchi, and Goddess, the holy lake, made a gesture of asking, Suye nodded, leading everyone off the boat and walked towards the mountain within the valley.

The entourage of the primordial god hurriedly stood up, or held weapons in hand, or sharp claw.

Yellow-bearded tyrant Gaiyu and Giant’s silhouette are like two blunt knives, cutting back and forth on their blood vessels.

The look they looked at Suye was different, some were more frightened, some didn’t care, and some were dubious.

More than twenty primordial gods flew down from the stonehenge, smiling, and hurried to Suye.

Many beautiful Goddess are like a full moon in the evening, bringing the moonlight closer.

The rest of the primordial gods all looked kind, and one of the kobolds in the wizard’s magic robe was even more glorious.

Before a Holy Mountain Goddess was waiting to speak, the kobold Demi-God wizard jumped in front of Suye, bent down and bowed ninety degrees, then stood up, lifted his hat, and spread his arms.

“woof!” The huge dog barking resounded through the valley.

Little Arthur trembled and almost fainted.

Suye almost kicked it, so he could see the joy that the kobold couldn’t hide.

“The great king of magic, Suye Sushen, didn’t expect to meet you in this humble place! I am Corgi, your devout student and loyal supporter. In front of you, I don’t deserve to be called a dog head god, I can count as a dog head at best. Please forgive me for not being the first to go to Niudukou City to greet you, because I have been obsessed with crimson eye sockets, and today I got the summon of the alliance. Everyone can’t understand me. In the mood, it is the honor of my life to see you!”

Little Corgi’s yellow and white dog hair all exploded, swaying lightly in the night wind.

The bright red tongue sticks out of the corner of his mouth, and the saliva is overflowing.

Bright and intelligent dogs’ eyes are filled with flame-like ecstasy.

Suye stared at Little Corgi for a long time, and didn’t know what to say, so she had to say: “You’re welcome, it’s all my family.”

“Are you here to quell the primordial alliance of gods? I will help you!” Little Corgi smiled.

The Englishman behind Suye simultaneously rolled his eyes, and now even the Primordial God himself does not regard the Primordial God as human.

Suye said with a slight smile: “I came with kindness and peace. I believe that the primordial alliance of gods will also be greeted with kindness and peace.”

“I am kind and peaceful.” Little Corgi hurriedly said.

The sacred land Goddess behind Xiao Keji looked anxious, and they have been waiting for a long time. Why did your dog jump over to seize the opportunity, and where to put our sacred land Goddess?

The headed Holy Mountain Goddess said: “God head god…”

“Don’t call me a god in front of God Su!” Little Corgi turned his face and stared at Holy Mountain Goddess fiercely, revealing flashy white Demi-God teeth.

“Dog…Little Corgi, Suye was invited by us.” Holy Mountain Goddess helplessly said.

Little Corgi ignores Holy Mountain Goddess, smiling all over his face, making a please gesture.

“Su Shen, please go to Stonehenge. If you feel that the inner circle is not good, I will kick off the copper Divine Lantern and stand on the big stone pillar in the middle.”

“I just stand inside the circle.” Suye said and walked forward.

Holy Mountain Goddess immediately gave up the road and looked at the holy lake Goddess, who looked helpless.

“Woo…woof! Get out and get out!”

The Kobold Demi-God wizard was more than two meters high, and his Corgi dog head suddenly swelled and turned into a huge dog head 20 meters high, glaring at the primordial god entourage ahead.

The fierce Demi-God aura swept like a violent wind, scaring the followers to flee to the sides.

In an instant, the dog’s head shrinks and faces Suye with a squinting smile, with a cute face.

At Stonehenge, the primordial gods have weird eyes, and the attitude of this kughead is too strange.

The kobold race is very general, but all the kobold wizards within the body are flowing with Dragon Race bloodline, the real sub-Dragon Race descendants.

Even if the black witch god is here, the kobold god is not so respected, how can he be so good to this Suye?

Walking to the bottom of Stonehenge, Suye was about to step, and a trembling voice sounded.

“Everyone, let an outside god directly board Stonehenge, isn’t it good.”

Suye follows the reputation, it is a giant Demi-God rock made of black and white granite.

The rock Giant Demi-God dodges his eyes, not daring to look at Suye, and constantly looks at a gray dark cloud in the inner circle.

The dark cloud is three or four meters in diameter and about two meters high. The internal thunder is flashing, and a Human face appears on the side.

Suye sensed the familiar breath and turned to look at the rotting tiger.

The Rotten Tiger whispered immediately: “Yes, he is the Cloud God.”

Suye nodded, it is about to happen, Goddess said with a slight smile: “As long as you are willing to join the British mainland, you are not an outside god. You may not know that Suye has bought the territory of Niudukou City. The true British Lord can naturally join the Primordial God Alliance. Even more how, our Primordial God Alliance has rules, no matter inside or outside, as long as it is God, you can join, God of Flower and Stone, right?”

“Well, Goddess of the Holy Lake makes sense.” Goddess of Flower and Stone lowered his head after speaking.

Many primordial gods looked at the flower and stone god in surprise. He has always been honest, being bullied by the cloud god and never dared to disobey the cloud god.

Yun Shen’s body is dyed from light gray to dark gray, clouds and mist are intertwined with thunder on his face, zi zi sounds.

Hua Shi Shen continued to lower his head and said nothing.

Some primordial gods looked around and found that several Demi-Gods and even a pseudo-god looked disturbed, terrified and over-cautious, fear of displaying hard to describe, and a trace of doubt.

All of them belong to the Giant family, including a Dwarf Demi-God.

Some of them are grumpy, some hate Magician, and some even collude with the Dark Witch God, so they shouldn’t be afraid of a Demi-God Magician.

The Cloud God looked around, then winked at another Demi-God.

A twenty-meter-high silverback giant ape lightly coughed, said: “The Goddess of the holy lake is right, but he came with Guyo and the stumped Giant, obviously for revenge! Our primordial alliance of gods , Pirates and Rome people are not welcome.”

Holy Lake Goddess complexion slightly changed, broken, and forgot these two hostile races.

Little Corgi glanced at Gayo and Giant, blinked, and was speechless, unable to scream.

Gai Yue froze for a moment, only to feel a chill in his chest, and looked at Suye. He had done something wrong with God Suye.

I saw Giant smile honestly and rubbed the tip of the iron anchor against the tickle of his scalp, and the rust was floating.

“From today, I will give up my identity as a pirate, abandon the dark, and join the primordial gods alliance, guarantee and protect the British mainland, and be a kind and honest British primordial god.”

Everyone was shocked.

Suye and Magician are looking at the stump Giant, their faces are full of joy, talent!

Guy Yue couldn’t wait to slap himself, but the gift was overwhelmed by Giant, and he was a big step behind at the critical moment.

Guyyo immediately loudly said: “Yes! I decided to lead the Glory City to join the Primordial Alliance of Gods. From then on, the Rome Empire’s British Province and the Primordial Alliance of Gods are all allies to fight against the enemy.”

Little Corgi stretched out the dog’s paw thumbs: “woof! Cow!”

The silverback giant ape swallowed and closed his mouth silently.

Holy Lake Goddess said with a slight smile: “Congratulations to our primordial alliance of gods, there are three more Gods. According to the ancient ceremony, please release the welcome fireworks together.”

Speaking, Goddess flicked his finger at the holy lake, and a little light of water flew up to the sky, exploding at a height of one thousand meters, and the water-colored fireworks spread all over the sky, magnificent.

Finally, the fireworks spread to dozens of kilometers away.

The primordial gods have no choice but to consume mana, and slices of mana fireworks explode in the sky, illuminating the night, extremely bright.

All spread to dozens of kilometers away.

All primordial gods put three flowers in a row.

A few gods joined and set off a few mana fireworks. This is an alliance ceremony that cannot be changed.

It looks like a small firework, but in fact it consumes 1% of the mana, showing respect for the new members.

Even the opposing Yunshen released three with a dark face.

Arthur and Kai Gao happily looked at sky, what a beautiful firework.

Seeing that Suye was about to climb again, Yunshen suddenly said: “Since Suye is a member of our alliance, then, according to the rules, the alliance members are not allowed to kill wantonly. If you kill the herbal god, you must accept Gods Judgment! If it is serious, you must be tried!”

“Why, I am not allowed to avenge my subordinates?” Suye asked back.

Yun Shen mysteriously said with a smile: “He only killed your subordinates, not God, just pay you a little. You are not qualified to kill him! As a primordial god, even such simple rules Don’t know?”

Gods glare like a tiger watching his prey, staring at Suye.

Little Corgi and the Goddess of the Holy Lake looked worried.

Suye spread his hands and said: “I didn’t know that the Primordial God Alliance had this rule. I promise you that I will never kill the Primordial God casually in the future.”

The God of Yun said angrily: “You don’t want to talk smartly here, no matter what, you killed the god of herbs.”

“The problem is, he didn’t want to compensate me, so he did something to me first. Yunshen, you were there at the time, did you hear him say he wanted to compensate me?” Suye said.

“I heard! He finally said to beg for mercy, I hope you let him go!”

“He doesn’t make compensation, just beg for mercy? How can there be such a cheap thing!” Suye said.