The World of Deities Chapter 955


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The cloud god flustered and exasperated said: “You are arguing! He is willing to give you Law of Planting as compensation in exchange for his life!”

“But I didn’t agree.” Suye said as it should be by rights.

“You…” Yun Shen flustered and exasperated.

The primordial gods are also speechless, always feel that something is wrong, but they can’t refute it.

Magicians look at Yunshen like fools, arguing with Magician from Plato Academy. It’s a long life and I don’t want to think about who is the founder of logic.

“But in any case, you kill the herbal god, you must accept punishment!”

Suye nodded, said: “Okay, I accept the punishment, Yun Shen, you come and kill me.”

Yun Shen froze in place, his face wriggling, and he did not answer for a long time.

“Or…” Suye scanned all the Gods on Stonehenge, “Go together?”

The primordial gods are full of cold.

Arthur looked at Suye’s back blankly.

“Too rampant!” Yun Shen roared loudly.

Suye’s eyes are slightly squinted, mana rippling around her body, Earth trembling, and mountains shaking.

The primordial gods faded.

The cloud god suddenly furiously said: “You stop! You are a lunatic, but we are all primordial gods who obey the rules and hobby peace! In our primordial alliance of gods, it must be resolved by peace and justice! If you want to kill, just kill Kill me, but I will never do it here!”

Everyone was stunned, when did Yun Shen become so upright?

Is this still the cloud god who bullies Demi-God and other weak false gods from time to time?

Suye looked at the holy lake Goddess and other primordial gods suspiciously. Why is this cloud god different from what you said? Is there a misunderstanding?

Little Corgi whispered whispered: “The magic king Your Majesty, if you think too much, he is afraid of death.”

The primordial god behind Yunshen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, the devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence on the surface of Yunshen, but the cloud behind it keeps shaking.

“It’s also a little fairy ghost.” After Suye finished speaking, he took a step, flew over the outer circle of Stonehenge, and stepped onto the inner circle.

Giant and Guyuo flew to Suye’s side together.

Yun Shen said unhappily: “The three of you are Demi-God, you can only stand on the outer circle. This rule cannot be changed!”

Giant said with a smile: “I have a pirate fleet, I can beat half of the God here, and I can stand in the inner circle.”

“Behind me is the Rome Empire, why can’t I stand here?” Guyu folded his arms and stood upright.

Suye looked at the false gods in the inner circle and said: “I have killed more false gods and God incarnation than all primordial gods.”


The primordial gods look embarrassed, they hate this title, but now they are more concerned about whether this Suye really killed that many false gods.

The other false gods and Demi-Gods stood on Stonehenge one after another, while Arthur, the others and Magician stood below and looked up.

Suye glanced at Goddess, the holy lake.

Goddess of the holy lake immediately glanced at the audience, said with a slight smile: “My primordial gods, I initiated this alliance meeting, and I have two proposals. One is how to cooperate with the great World of Magic , The second is how to punish the murderer of Magician. If there is no objection, set the theme of the meeting.”

Yun Shendao: “I have objections, we have other issues.”

“Then please propose now.” Goddess, the holy lake, smiled sweetly, elegant and demeanor.

“I want to wait for the proposal later.” Yun Shendao.

“Okay. I am the proposer and cannot preside over the meeting. Therefore, I suggest that we choose the respected Laoshan God to preside over the meeting.”

The primordial gods look at a mountain-shaped white light located in the inner circle. At first glance, it looks like a white pyramid, which is fifty meters high. Just one glance, the majestic breath assaults the senses.

Suye squinted slightly, and now he deliberately observes that the mana unimaginable of this old mountain god within the body is not weaker than the lower Demon God in total, but the essence is much worse.

Cloud God suddenly said: “I suggest choosing the Giant Tree God.”

Everyone was surprised.

Generally speaking, after the proponent chooses the moderator, he rarely opposes it.

Soon, everyone suddenly realized.

The qualification of the Giant Tree God is not weaker than that of the Laoshan God, and is closely related to the Herb God.

Suye looks at the tree-shaped white light that is 100 meters high. Like the old mountain god, it is a doppelgänger.

Holy Lake Goddess took a deep breath, calmed the emotions, and asked: “Dear giant tree god, would you like to host this meeting?”

An old face appeared on the white light trunk, and he opened his mouth and said: “I…I wish…I…” The words of the giant tree god make people feel very slow, almost every word, but the actual time consumed is different from ordinary People speak the same, extremely weird.

Goddess, the holy lake, turned dark again, looking at the old mountain god, helplessly said: “Old mountain god grandfather, how about you?”

On the surface of Yamagata’s white light, an old face also appeared, saying: “Since the giant tree god is willing to host the meeting, I won’t fight.”

After Laoshan God finished speaking, his face disappeared, and his recovery was Yamagata white light.

The atmosphere in the valley suddenly became serious.

Laoshan God said “no contention”, but in fact, he is accusing the giant tree god of fighting.

“Many thanks to the generosity of the Laoshan God, I remember it in my heart.”

After the giant tree god said, the tree crown shook and the leaves rustled.

“This meeting has officially begun! The first topic is how we cooperate with World of Magic. Goddess, Holy Lake, you first say your opinion.”

Holy Lake Goddess bowed his head slightly and said: “Dear host, primordial gods, my idea is very simple, the development of magic is unstoppable, and the future of magic has come. It will not take a hundred years, World of Magic It will become a Super Great Influence of the infinite plane, comparable to some small Pantheon. And we primordial gods are the thorns of the Pantheon. Our only way out is to serve as a god who cannot get the Divine Right, and then become a god warrior Cannon fodder. So, for the future of the primordial god, for the future of the British continent, we should unite with World of Magic.”

The giant tree god nodded, said: “Who has other opinions?”

“I also support World of Magic! If possible, I will switch to Magician from a wizard! Woo…woof!” Little Corgi loudly said.

“Don’t bark twice!” Yunshen said with a sneer.

“Then you call twice.” Little Corgi smiled at Mimi.

Cloud God coldly snorted, said: “There is nothing wrong with uniting with World of Magic. I support the Holy Lake Goddess very much. But I want to clarify two important things to you. First, World of Magic World of Magic, Suye is Suye, Suye does not represent Magician, but can only represent the most insignificant force in World of Magic, supernova, which is far from the crimson eye socket of World of Magic First Great Influence. If we really want to unite, we might as well be with deep Red eye socket joint.”

“As for the second…” Yunshen glanced at Gayo, “Suye is the enemy of Greece Pantheon. He and Zeus have a two-hundred-year agreement. Once two hundred years have passed, Zeus will definitely kill him. At that time, what if Zeus’s surplus anger is not gone, and it hurts us? I know that a god will say that two hundred years are later. Yes, two hundred years is a long time for mortal, but for God, it’s just equivalent to More than ten years of mortal. In order to unite Suye, is it worth angering Zeus?”

Many primordial gods show fear on their faces.

Giant said with a slight smile: “Yes, that’s right. Goddess Su is against Zeus, but you don’t know that Athena Goddess supports Goddess Su, likes Goddess Su, and has a lot of spirit.”

“But Zeus Pantheon’s rule is Zeus.”

“I heard that God of Ye Pantheon and Old Sea Pantheon has always praised God of Su. In addition, in addition to Greece Pantheon, we, Northern Europe Pantheon, are very supportive of God of Su. We have developed various parts of Northern Europe and World of Magic. Cooperation, this news, you will not know.”

Guyyo said: “The Stump-arm Giant is right. Not only Northern Europe supports God Su, but Egypt and Persia also support God Su. It is said that Egypt queen wants to marry God Su, and Persia’s Princess wants to marry God Su. Su Shen.”

Some female primordial gods’ eyes lit up.

Suye gave a blank look, who would marry whom?

Little Arthur and Kay looked at Suye, showing the most envious eyes of their lives.

Little Keji said: “Cloud God, do you understand now? Yes, when we accept Suye, we will be enemies with Zeus Pantheon, but we will also fight Northern Europe Pantheon, Persia Pantheon, Egypt Pantheon, part of Greece God, Crimson Priest and Netherworld have formed a closer relationship. I’m afraid you don’t know yet, Su God Your Majesty, has a very unusual status in Netherworld. A Demon God personally proved that his status in Netherworld is equivalent to Low God! God admitted it himself!”

“talk nonsense! What do you believe in Suye?” Yun Shendao.

“Would you like me to show you magic images of crimson eye sockets?”

“Magic images can be faked! Unless you really invite Demon God in front of you!” Yun Shen said.

Little Corgi was speechless, and many primordial smiles looked at the embarrassed little Corgi.

“This can be there.” Suye murmured.

Guyyo and Giant are shocked, this one can really invite Demon God, right? Even the incarnation of Demon God has too much influence on the entire British continent.

Holy Lake Goddess added: “The cooperation with World of Magic, I believe, is the general trend, and everyone knows it well. Even more how, everything now means that the new Gods battle is about to break out. Once Northern Europe Pantheon fell into the twilight, God Realm’s power was out of balance, Zeus will inevitably initiate a battle of Gods, stepping on the bones of Gods and Human world, and climbing to the top of paramount.

Yun Shen said unhappily: “Don’t talk nonsense. Those are just legends and unreliable prophecies. No matter how gods fight, they will not destroy the Human world.”

“It’s not that it hasn’t been ruined.” Goddess of the holy lake is slightly smiled, but all the primordial gods are cold.

Little Corgi couldn’t help asking: “Suye Your Majesty, you have Divine-Level permission in the crimson eye socket, has the Human world been destroyed?”

Suye’s eyes are drooping, and there is no immediate response.

The Magicians looked at Suye, secretly sighed in their hearts.

After a while, Suye said: “According to various data, the Human world was originally very, very large, at least tens of thousands of times larger than it is now. At that time, there was only a Human plane surrounding the sun. In each Pantheon battle, one continent after another collapsed, flying out of the Human world, forming major stars and asteroids surrounding the sun.”

“Greece world alone has experienced four major destructions. The first time was that the second generation of Godking challenged the first generation of Godking. The world collapsed, and it was also the cruelest battle, causing the area of ​​Greece to shrink to one tenth. The second time was the third-generation Godking Zeus challenged the second-generation Godking Kronos, and the third time was a series of Godking Zeus battles against Pantheon, Pantheon and Titan. The three battles ended, and the mainland of Greece was not as good as the original one. One of them.”