This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 414

The fire in the fireplace is warm, but Kitty Lan was not warm enough, so he pushed the switch to increase the fire.

The light of the fire reflected its glowing blue hair. At this moment, Little Brat looked really cute to the extreme, and people couldn’t help but want to slap it.

On the side, Lin Chuan was sitting at the table, looking at the monitor in the Light Screen, searching for information, and seeing the actions of little kitty, he hooked the head, this little thing would really enjoy.


Kitty Lan took out a side of the food from her small backpack. The food inside was very plentiful, including dried fish, cat food and so on.

It took out another Light Screen and turned on the soap operas played on the Foca Tower local station. While eating supper, while watching the drama, this kind of cat was really moisturizing, Lin Chuan looked a little jealous.

creak ……

The food in the small mouth was crunchy, Kitty Lan’s ears flicked and the cat’s face showed a humane expression from time to time, and was quickly The content in the play attracted.


With a meow, Little Brat couldn’t help expressing his opinion, it was Pingju.

For a moment, it lifted its paws and crossed it in the upper right corner. It looked like (艹艹艹) and was thundered by the content of the play.

“Meow…, sigh…, these junk dramas are getting more and more junk…”

Kitty Lan yelled for a while, expressing his indignation. It was still the drama before. interesting.

Close the Light Screen, Little Brat rushed to the window, squatted there, watching the rainy night of Foca Tower, his small eyes brightened, and he could see the scene within a radius of several kilometers. Chu.

“Meow…, there is a gang stealing…”

“Meow…, there are two groups of guys fighting in the east, several dead…”


“Meow…, the car on the corner is moving, and there are two people mating inside, ah yeah, it turned out to be two men…”

Kitty Lan calls out from time to time, calling out the surrounding situation one after another. To outsiders, this is just a meow barking.

However, Lin Chuan can understand the meaning of Kitty Lan. After the tempering of [Redbud Pond], the connection between one person and one cat is even closer. Often only a glance is needed. Understand the meaning.

Little Brat used his amazing observation ability to report the situation around him, his little tail shook, and sighed with emotion: Foca Tower is indeed chaotic! It is several times more chaotic than Dava Golden City.

At night in Dava Golden City, wherever it is like this, going out alone is likely to be dangerous.

Especially on such rainy nights, the crime rate has increased sharply.

Of course, the permanent residents of Foca Tower are very cautious. On such a night, they will not go out.

Those who dare to wander at night are all with two brushes under their hands…

“If Foca Tower were not so chaotic, they would not be called the most dangerous of Eastern Continent. One of the cities…” Lin Chuan whispered to himself, actually talking to Tai Gu.

The Light Screen in front of me flashed, and an image was transmitted over the outskirts of the city. A section of the road there was destroyed, and the wreckage of a motorcade could be vaguely seen.

Retrospect this video, the previous brief fighting…

“Isn’t there anything in the box in this train? It’s really cautious…” Lin Chuan Murmured.

Lin Chuan was very interested in the formidable power of the things in the box, and wanted to track it all the way to see what happened.

Didn’t expect, this convoy is just a decoy, and the box has moved to nowhere now.

“This woman seems to care more about that thing than us…” Tai Gu said.

“Of course, this should involve the struggle of the top Mysterious Star Empire…”

Lin Chuan responded disapprovingly. Although Fei Yu’s true identity is not clear, but, It must be the top of the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture. The formidable power of the box is amazing, enough to cause great damage, of course it will arouse her vigilance.

However, Lin Chuan is not interested in the infighting of Mysterious Star Empire, and since he lost it, he doesn’t care.

Press the button to switch the monitoring screen, and another video is transmitted. This is the Eastern Hospital of Foca Tower and the best medical center in the city.

The scene in the picture surprised Lin Chuan. The VIP ward of the East District Hospital was in chaos. Viscount Lowe was wrapped up like a mummy, roaring in the ward continuously, it looked like something had been experienced. Frightening things.

In this situation, Lin Chuan was really surprised. He played back the monitoring quickly and quickly found out the reason.

Half an hour ago, there was a sudden power failure in the VIP ward, and it only stopped for five minutes. In this short period of time, Viscount Lowe was attacked. Although others were fine, he protected his two third boundary expert bodyguards. , But the head is different.

The death of these two bodyguards was extremely miserable. To be precise, it was not a different part of their heads, but their heads were squeezed and turned into two headless bodies.

If it weren’t for Viscount Lowe to be very cautious, he would change the bed every few hours, and it would be him who had his head squeezed.

“Ice Wolf’s enemies seem to be many…, I can’t even be hospitalized…”

Lin Chuan’s mouth is slightly tilted, and he feels a little bit happy. For this Viscount Lowe , If it wasn’t for other purposes, he wouldn’t keep his hands on the suspended train, and would simply eradicate it.

In the Light Screen, there are segments of images coming from time to time. From time to time, you can see the outbreak of fighting…

“This city is really messy.” Lin Chuan shook the head.

“It’s really messy, how do you plan to start?” Tai Gu muttered and asked like this.

Although the approximate location of [Blood Spirit Eye] has been determined, there is no clue as to how to open the secret passage in the Level 2 warehouse area.

As for Fei Yu, this woman is very dangerous to touch. From the fighting video just now, it can be seen that her strength has definitely reached Peak on the sixth boundary.

Behind Fei Yu, it represents a powerful force, and it is not appropriate to negotiate with it.

“If you can control the symptoms of Fei Yu, you may be able to exchange it.” Tai Gu made such a suggestion.

“It’s hard to say what this woman’s position is. Besides, why should I expose oneself’s trump card and negotiate with her.”

Lin Chuan checked the information and opened the relevant Foca A quick look at the many classics of Tower, “I have already arranged the opening of the passage, so don’t worry.”

“You have arranged it? Why don’t I know…”

Tai Gu was taken aback and felt inexplicable. He was in contact with Lin Chuan the whole time. Why did he not know what the youngster had arranged.

Lin Chuan lips slightly moving, just about to say something, when Kitty Lan called out, Little Brat jumped out of the window, rushed into the cat’s nest, closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm fire.

Outside the window, in howling wind and torrential rain, Lin Chuan heard a faint sound of footsteps, and quickly went upstairs to the door.

dong dong dong ……

A knock on the door sounded, Lin Chuan groaned for a moment, pressed the remote control, and opened the door.

At the door, there are three figures standing, behind the slender figure headed, two big men stand, even if it is such a cold rainy night, the big man is very thinly dressed, his muscles swell like a horned dragon, like two giants The bear is stuck at the door.

Just a glance, Lin Chuan judged that these two big guys have the blood of Bear Race, which is different from Lu Xiong’s Beast Race.

The Beast Race pedigree of these two big guys is very thin. This kind of body shape is the result of acquired exercise and taking potion.

The leader was a young man, wearing a simple brown robe, holding a golden cane, walking slowly, took off the hat on his head, smiled and saluted: “Mister Lin Chuan, visiting late at night, more Offense. This is our Western Peace Group’s meeting ceremony. Please accept it and welcome you to Foca Tower by the way.”

Speaking like this, two big guys stepped forward and carried a small box up. Put it in the corner of the hall.

Lin Chuan looked at the box, then at the three people, their faces as usual, “Should I introduce myself to someone else’s house first?”

“I am Wozz, a general manager of the Western Peace Group. I came here this time to discuss a cooperation with Mister Chuan.” Wozz leaned against the wall, but did not come forward.

He has inquired about Lin Chuan’s origins and knows the background of this young Mechanic. Such a Mechanic should be protected by an expert.

So, Wozz did not dare to approach Lin Chuan, worried about being ambushed by an expert hidden in the dark, and then charged with trespassing into Mechanic’s residence, that death would be in vain.

Lin Chuan was slightly nodded, raising his hand to signal, “Please sit down. As we talk about cooperation, just sit down and talk slowly. It just so happens that I also have a lot of things I want to know about. You Western Peace Group should have been with Gu Teng before. Let’s get in touch.”

hearing this, Wozz narrowed his eyes. This youngster is not as simple as it seems on the surface. He already understands Gu Teng’s affairs very clearly.

In other words, this young Mechanic came from behind because someone instructed and was dissatisfied with Gu Teng’s transaction with their Western Peace Group.

With his thoughts turning, Wozz laughed with an extremely sincere expression, “Mister Chuan. About Gu Teng, you may have heard some rumors from others. Let me tell you the truth. Right.”

While talking, Wozz motioned, asking the two big men to bring the small box over and open it.

In the box, half are rare mechanical materials and half are sparkling crystal coins. This kind of meeting ceremony is really quite rich.

Lin Chuan took a look, eyes flashed, nodded, and seemed to be very satisfied with the meeting ceremony.

Wozz also smiled upon seeing this. As long as this youngster is moved by money and materials, it will be much easier.

Accepting the gift from their Western Peace Group, what happened after that was uncontrollable.

Lin Chuan is thinking about it. It seems that this Western Peace Group is a fat sheep. Only when I arrive at Foca Tower, there are woollens. This night is really wonderful. As for the idea of ​​receiving gifts and doing things, it has always been wrong. In his dictionary…

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