This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 415

Foca Tower, North District.

Except for the central Mechanical Warehouse, the North District is considered to be the oldest area in the city, and it is also the most chaotic place in Foca Tower.

In the North District, the various mercenaries, killer organizations, and thieves organizations to Foca Tower are flooded with, as well as the original influence of the North District, which can be described as real dragons and snakes jumbled together.

In such a place, almost no place is safe. Even if it’s sleeping at night, the residents here have weapons under their pillows, ready to wake up in the middle of the night and fight with the intruder. .

Foca Tower’s fighting incidents in one year, one of the third are all from the western city.

In such a place, the one who has the right to speak, apart from the official influence of Foca Tower, is the Chamber of Commerce organization that maintains the North District.

Of course, the so-called Chamber of Commerce is only on the surface. A hundred years ago, the North Area Chambre of Commerce was the largest gang organization in Foca Tower.

In the middle of the night, white bull Harpoon was carrying a lamp and walking forward in the heavy rain. His leather boots were treading on the bumpy street. He paid no attention to the semi-soaked boots.

Along the way, greeted the shopkeepers on the street, Harpoon held the food in one hand and gobbled it down, without stopping.

Different from working at the Mechanical Warehouse, Harpoon changed his clothes, a Heart-Origin Equipment of Two Stars Level, plus the words North Area Chambre of Commerce on the armband, and the burly body of Minotaur. Shape, and a white skin, between walking, there is a sense of sturdyness.

Along the way, the hair on Harpoon’s head has been standing upright, and his mouth is foul-mouthed: “Tonight is the same as before. It’s not peaceful! What the hell, the night in the North District When can I stop for one night…”

The pedestrian on the side grinned, thinking that the North District could stop for one night unless the people of Foca Tower died, or the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench was filled. , Those Sea Beast Regiment were beaten back, and the official organization can free up its hands to clean up the public order in the North District.

However, no matter what the situation is, it is not what people in the North District want to see.

“It’s also…, it’s good like this, chaos has the benefit of chaos, anyway, after so many years, LZ has grown so big…”

Harpoon took a bite of his legs. I stroked the erected hair with some oily hoofs, but found it was useless, and the hair was erected again after a while.


white bull sighed, it’s okay to mess up, but this hair stands up at every turn, especially when encountering those big dangers, the hair looks like It was the same as the electricity, and his scalp was a little numb, which was really uncomfortable.

Inexplicably, Harpoon thinks of the youngster and the lady he met when he was working at Mechanical Warehouse today. It is very fortunate.

The scalp feels like an earthquake, and the hairs are erected like steel wires. But this is the first time I have encountered them. What two dangerous characters they must be! Encountered in one day…

In contrast, the dangers Harpoon experienced in the North District seemed a bit pediatric.

“Also…, how dangerous the world outside is! A little white bull like us, a Little White flower, still stays in a greenhouse like the North District, don’t always think about going out… “

Hearing Harpoon’s muttering, the bakery Boss at the end of the street almost squirted the cream out of his mouth, spraying white bull’s face. This guy was ashamed to say that oneself is a small flower in the greenhouse.

If the North District can be called a greenhouse, wouldn’t the rest of the continent exist like heaven?

“Is Harpoon not innocent?”

Ignoring the contempt of the bakery Boss, Harpoon put up a big finger, smiled at the end of the street and walked around into the building. In the big yard, a very big yard is also the headquarters of the North Area Chambre of Commerce.

In the yard, there are dozens of tall and magnificent figures, not all of them are Minotaur, but there are other races, mixed-blood Beast Race, Human Race, and all of them.

As long as the race is not blacklisted by Eastern Continent, the North Area Chambre of Commerce is willing to recruit as a member.

The big guys in this yard are all the guards of the headquarters, just pull them out. They are like the same door god, they are very famous.

“Harpoon little brother is back!”

“Young Master Harpoon is off work?”


A group of big guys Originally he looked fierce and evil, as if anyone in front of him could be scared to roll out of the yard. After seeing Harpoon, one by one all smiled and stepped forward, either handing towels or handing tea, with affection. Extremely.

This is not a deliberate affection. The big guys looked at the white bull with sincere gaze, but they looked at the Chamber of Commerce Young Master who grew up.

“The president seems to be in a bad mood at night, Young Master Harpoon, be careful, don’t provoke the president and be deducted pocket money.” A big man whispered and confided.

Harpoon hearing this, eyelids fiercely beating, nodded cautiously, his monthly allowance is not much, if it is deducted again, with the salary of the Mechanical Warehouse, it really has to drink northwest wind Up.

Walking into the hall, there is a big chair in the first place. According to Human Race standards, it is not a chair, but a big bed.

Whitemane, the president of North Area Chambre of Commerce, sat there, holding a large metal pipe, and his bull-eyes scanned all around sharply. The sturdy imposing manner was like the tide, almost Fill up the entire hall.

Whitemane’s body shape, in Minotaur, is originally very tall, and he usually laughs at him, but it doesn’t make people feel that there is much oppression force.

Now, the straight-faced Whitemane sits on a chair like a bed, like a huge bull statue, exuding a violent blood-reeking qi.

This is the president of North Area Chambre of Commerce. On the surface, it is Chamber of Commerce, but in fact, it is one of the biggest gangs in Foca Tower.

In such a city, the gangs that can survive are actually not much different from the army.

“The boys of the Western Peace Group are playing tricks again in this President in front of one’s eyes. It seems that the lessons taught to the Western Peace President last time are not enough…”

The mane roared in a low voice, and the sound shook the roof trembling, covering the sound of the rainstorm outside.

Below, the executives of Chamber of Commerce who were present also cursed, one by one was fragrant, and fiercely had to greet Western Peace Group. From top to bottom, one by one greeted more than a dozen times.

Harpoon stood at the door, feeling a little flustered, not daring to go in.

He is familiar with this situation. The last time in the lobby, I heard that the old man Whitemane and the uncles of Chamber of Commerce were so lively, and then the Foca Tower’s biggest fire merger in the past ten years broke out.

The fire match, for Harpoon, the impression was too deep. The hair on his head stood up for two months before smoothing it out.

Almost every day, he can feel the killing intent and maliciousness around him, and the fire of the two major organizations has almost engulfed all other areas of the city except for the Eastern District.

“What’s the matter? Father, is this going to start another war…” Harpoon had a headache.

As a successor of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, he doesn’t feel that there is anything wrong with such gang struggles.

However, the temper of the old man Whitemane is too far away from his superficial kindness, and it will provoke disputes at every turn. In Harpoon’s view, some fights are unnecessary.

Of course, the cubs of the Western Peace Group are not good things. Many things are provoked by those bastards. The North Area Chambre of Commerce is often passively accepted, then provoked, and then jumped. There was a large-scale fighting.

In the past ten years, such struggles are not uncommon. Even if the North Area Chambre of Commerce has not suffered much, Harpoon still feels that it is not worth it.

In the opinion of little white bull Harpoon, if some things are done properly at first, the North Area Chambre of Commerce will have the upper hand in the end.

However, after each battle, North Area Chambre of Commerce and Western Peace Group have their own damages. It seems that they are evenly matched. This should not be the case. The strength of North Area Chambre of Commerce is from all aspects. In general, they are all higher than the Western Peace Group.

“It’s a pity…, my head is not enough, otherwise, the Western Peace Group gangsters would have been trampled under our feet by our North Area Chambre of Commerce…”

Harpoon had some illusions in his mind. Just like other youngsters, he imagined that he would lead the North Area Chambre of Commerce, overwhelm the Western Peace Group in one fell swoop, and become the largest controller in the two major cities.

Of course, this is just to think about it. Little white bull is very self-aware. His head is not much better than his father. In the future, if he sits as the president of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, he Can only go the usual way.

While thinking about it, Whitemane suddenly raised his eyes, looked at the little white bull at the door, grinned, and raised his hand to signal his son to come in.

“Harpoon, I heard that there was something wrong with Mechanical Warehouse today?” Whitemane asked.

Harpoon was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t understand how his father suddenly cared about his job. The position of Mechanical Warehouse was just a cover. It was a job that he paid for to get a relationship with the Mechanical organization.

In the position of Mechanical Warehouse, Harpoon has been working for three years, and he is tired of doing things.

This job has no future. Mechanics that I usually see are not a few. However, these very bright-headed Mechanics are not interested in setting up a warehouse manager.

Besides, Harpoon feels dizzy whenever he hears what Mechanic says.

He knew very well that if he wanted to build a good relationship with the Mechanic organization by oneself, that would be lower than the probability of making his offspring a black bull.

You must know that the whitemane clan, the offspring born are white bulls, regardless of whether the partner is a black bull or other colors of leather, at best, it is a flower bull.

Harpoon asked himself, they, the descendants of clan, still have a chance of giving birth to a black bull, but if he wants to make his head bright and talk and laugh with Mechanics, it’s impossible.

“Father, what are you asking for? The situation at Mechanical Warehouse, should you know better than me?”

Response from Harpoon in a low, muffled voice, he I believe that ten minutes after the accident of Mechanical Warehouse happened, the old man has detailed information here.

Whitemane grinned and said, “Of course I know that I want to get more news from you? Do you know the Mechanical Lin Chuan who went to Mechanical Warehouse today? A newcomer who just arrived at Foca Tower was responsible for the Mechanical Workshop where the Mechanical Honeycomb was destroyed. Huh? Do you have an impression of this person…”

hearing this, Harpoon’s eyes widened, his head was on Her hair was out of control and stood up all at once.

Whitemane couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this. He knew very well about oneself’s son that Harpoon could just listen to the name, but it was rare.

“That Mister Chuan, of course I have an impression? Daddy, don’t we North Area Chambre of Commerce, don’t deal with this Mechanic?” Harpoon stammered.

Whitemane’s face changed, and he solemnly said: “Do you think this person is dangerous? Is this just a 20-year-old Mechanic, or a new Mechanic……”

Harpoon swallowed saliva, secretly thought is broken, this fucking is too bad……

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