This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 416

Is the North Area Chambre of Commerce going to be the enemy of the youngster?

How should this be done? !

Harpoon’s face at the moment, looks as white as paper, pale and pale, completely different from the usual white skin.

There was a buzz in his head, and many pictures emerged, the inheritance of the millennia of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, and the collapse of the Western Peace Group gang of cubs show off one’s military strength, at the grave of his father Whitemane The scene of Bengdi…

These pictures are too real, making Harpoon cold all over, and he feels that this rainy night is inexplicably cold.

Looking at his son’s expression, Whitemane complexion sank waved his hand to let the subordinates of Chamber of Commerce go down first. He stared at Harpoon and solemnly asked: “Lin Chuan, this youngster, do you think it is dangerous? “

“It’s not as simple as feeling dangerous…, it’s a really bad feeling…” Harpoon swallowed saliva said dryly.

hearing this, Whitemane’s expression has changed a little. He is very clear about the innate talent that this son was born with.

When I was a child, Whitemane often worried about this son. Harpoon’s thinking is simpler than his old son. He is not so strong and not ruthless enough. Will he really inherit the North Area Chambre of Commerce in the future? ?

You must know that the North Area Chambre of Commerce has been in vain in the past 100 years, and it has been doing serious business.

However, in a place like Foca Tower, where can you really clean up, and how much serious business can be done, even if it is the official officialdom of each Kingdom, there are some gray transactions.

These subordinates of North Area Chambre of Commerce, one by one are all outlaws. How can a little white bull like Harpoon be able to restrain them?

Even if many people watched Harpoon grow up and regard him as a nephew, when it comes to fighting for power, I am afraid that few people will be soft.

Before Harpoon was seven years old, Whitemane had been worried about the future of his son.

Until one trip, the little white bull seemed to have a foreboding danger and pulled Whitemane to leave first, avoiding an assassination.

After all these things, Whitemane realized that his son has a unique innate talent, able to distinguish those dangerous people, and sometimes he can foresee those dangers.

Such an innate talent is a life-saving thing for people who hang around in Foca Tower.

However, through childhood, I haven’t seen Harpoon have such a ghostly look on that person. Even if he was in a fight with the Western Peace Group last time, his son was just a little worried.

“Daddy, you don’t know, the hair on my head hasn’t been smoothed yet…”

Harpoon touched his head with a look of horror, in the Mechanical Warehouse Here, when he first saw Lin Chuan, the hair on his head almost flew his hat on top, something that had never happened before.

Before, Harpoon had seen the expert on the sixth boundary from afar, that is, the hair was upside down and the scalp was numb, but there was no such exaggerated feeling of overcharge.

Seeing Lin Chuan, the youngster’s first reaction, Harpoon felt that he must not be an enemy of this person, otherwise, he would end up miserably.

Whitemane listened silently, his face getting more and more solemn, said solemnly: “It seems that this youngster is very not simple, but I am afraid that things can’t be undone. For the information just received, the Western Peace Group sent a Manager to the door. I had a secret conversation with this youngster, and that Lin Chuan also accepted their generous gift. This youngster has already fallen to the Western Peace Group. Our North Area Chambre of Commerce and this youngster are probably hostile.”

Harpoon opened his mouth wide, not knowing what to say.

“There is no way.”

Whitemane squeezed his fists, “Since it is hostile, let’s start to be strong. Regardless of the youngster’s background, let him go first. “

“But…” Harpoon wanted to stop Dad’s thoughts, but he didn’t know what to say. In the current situation, it is indeed the best choice to start first.

At this moment–

On the table in front of me, suddenly there was a sign with a Redbud pattern engraved on it.

The appearance of this brand was so abrupt, even if Whitemane’s strength reached the fifth boundary Peak, I didn’t see clearly how this brand came from.


Whitemane’s face changed suddenly when he saw this brand, raised his hand and took it over, looked at it carefully, and then suddenly stood up, his expression was strange, not How many surprised and angry, more of a surprise, “Is it Uncle Lowden?”

Harpoon jumped up, like a cat with its tail trampled on, he didn’t know how this brand came from , But felt a kind of extreme danger.

This danger is almost the same as the feeling of seeing Lin Chuan and Fei Yu during the day…

At this time, Lin Chuan suddenly appeared on the chair in the corner of the hall. He looked at the white bull Harpoon, looking thoughtful. He didn’t expect this white bull to have such an innate talent, and he could instinctively perceive the strength of others.

“You…, Mister Chuan…”

Harpoon complexion greatly changed, scared the whole hair upside down, as if it was electric.

Lin Chuan was slightly nodded, and looked towards Whitemane instead, and asked in a low voice: “It seems that President Whitemane still remembers Lowden and his life-saving feelings back then?”

“You ……, Lin Chuan ……, what is the relationship with Uncle Lowden?”

Whitemane squinted his eyes and looked at this youngster carefully. He saw Lin Chuan’s profile, but found the photos on the profile. It is exactly the same as me, but has a completely different feeling.

The Lin Chuan in the profile photo is a young Mechanic. I can’t see anything. Because of his resume, people even doubt his Mechanic qualifications, and have a kind of contempt. It is judged that this is a Mechanic from a wealthy family. Fortunately, there is not much ability.

However, at the moment Lin Chuan is sitting in front of him, Whitemane feels a kind of oppression. As a fifth boundary Peak expert, and as the North Area Chambre of Commerce, he is a leading figure in Foca Tower, but feels from A kind of oppression of terrifying opponents.

Whitemane does not have the kind of innate talent of Harpoon, but at this time he has to admit that the premonition of oneself’s son is not wrong, this is a terrifying enemy, if they are on opposite sides.

However, Whitemane looked at the sign in his hand. The owner of this Redbud pattern sign had saved his life and saved him from the Western Peace Group.

According to this relationship, the cooperation between Lin Chuan and Western Peace Group should be impossible.

Because, many years ago, Lowden, the owner of this brand, fought fiercely with the Western Peace Group.

Lin Chuan is also observing Whitemane’s reaction. The relationship between Minotaur and Lowden is recorded in the [Redbud Great Book of Records].

Lowden spent a period of time in Foca Tower more than 30 years ago, during which time he rescued Whitemane. On the one hand, he could not understand what the Western Peace Group did, on the other hand, he also developed the descendants of Redbud. Network of relationships.

It seems that Whitemane still remembers the kindness of the year to Lowden.

“Your Excellency is Mister Chuan, what is your relationship with Lowden?” Whitemane stared at Lin Chuan and solemnly asked.

“President Whitemane, I am not here at Lowden’s instruction. I am here to discuss a cooperation with you North Area Chambre of Commerce. As for my relationship with Lowden, it is their leader’s friend…”

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan picked out two secrets between Lowden and Whitemane in order to win the trust.

Whitemane’s face suddenly eased, Lin Chuan said that the past is the top secret between him and Uncle Lowden. It is not someone who the latter absolutely trusts. Impossible knows such details.

Immediately, Whitemane put his guard down and asked Lin Chuan what he was coming for.

Lin Chuan explained the purpose of this trip quickly and simply.

Before he came to Foca Tower, he considered the goal of cooperation, first of all, North Area Chambre of Commerce.

“Mister Chuan, what do you mean, is to cooperate with our North Area Chambre of Commerce to deal with the Western Peace Group together?”

Whitemane finished listening, solemnly asked, “But, I heard that you received a huge gift from the Western Peace Group.”

Lin Chuan took a look at the pair of white bull father and son, “If you receive the gift, you can’t deal with them anymore. Huh? Western Peace Group has used the relationship over the years to gain much benefit from our Mechanic organization. The gift I received was originally from the Mechanic organization.”

Western Peace Group and Gu Teng’s Trading is actually the way it has been used for so many years.

Bribery representatives of the Mechanic organization to make huge profits from it. Because of the chaos in Foca Tower, even if many people know about such a tricky transaction, they can’t get in.

Lin Chuan is too lazy to deal with this. He is not a high-level member of the Mechanic organization, and he is too lazy to stretch his hand to manage this.

However, after checking Gu Teng’s old bottom overnight, Lin Chuan discovered that over the years, Western Peace Group has quietly transported a large number of machinery from the Level 2 warehouse area of ​​Mechanical Warehouse through Gu Teng’s relationship. wreckage.

Some mechanical wrecks are out-of-print models and have extremely high research value.

This made Lin Chuan a little unbearable. It happened that the Western Peace Group came to the door and he was moved.

“President Whitemane and the Western Peace Group’s grievances, I have heard some from Lowden, is President Whitemane interested in cooperating?” Lin Chuan said softly.

President Whitemane was stunned, said solemnly: “Mister Chuan, what kind of cooperation do you mean?”

Lin Chuan approached, lowered his voice, and talked with Whitemane in a whisper. .

For a moment, Whitemane stretched his brows, frequently nodded, and grinned, “Okay. No problem. Mister Chuan, I will send you these things you need at dawn.”

Lin Chuan nodded, looked at Harpoon again, and said, “I will talk to Mr. Harpoon directly…”

After discussing it again, Lin Chuan quietly left.

Aside, Harpoon was sitting there, his forehead hair was straight, and it was a little dizzy from start to finish.

“Father, I’m a contact person, I’m afraid I can’t do this job!”

When Lin Chuan’s figure disappeared, the little white bull suddenly woke up, crying with a sad face, and This young Mechanic is too close, and his legs become weak. How can I contact him?

“Idiot. Climb this line, and then you can sit firmly in my position.”

Whitemane’s bull’s eyes glared, no doubt, “This is You must take your chance, this youngster is really amazing. You have to learn more.”

From the short conversation, Whitemane was shocked by a great deal. Master the North Area Chambre. of Commerce For the first time in so many years, he has met such a person, so young gives people a deep and unmeasurable feeling.

Thinking of Harpoon’s dangerous feeling, Whitemane sighed, the son’s innate talent is indeed too accurate, and this youngster is indeed very dangerous.

Let’s not mention Lin Chuan’s background. No one wants to offend the information alone. It’s not compelled by circumstances, and Whitemane doesn’t want to be an enemy at all.

This is only on the surface, the origin of Uncle Lowden, Whitemane knows a little bit, this is a powerful and ancient influence.

And the information revealed in this youngster’s words does not seem to be a descendant of Uncle Lowden…

Of course, let’s not talk about these daunting backgrounds. Whitemane was truly shocked. This youngster gave him the feeling that he has the power to notice and shock people.

This kind of aura is certainly exposed by Lin Chuan deliberately, but it can’t be disguised by disguising it.

“The youngster now…” Whitemane murmured.

Harpoon woke up from the sluggishness, hesitated a little, and whispered to his father that in the Mechanical Warehouse, there was another woman who gave him the same dangerous feeling.


Whitemane was startled, and asked repeatedly. When he understood clearly, his huge body couldn’t help shaking.

Touching the corners of his head, the intuition he has developed over the years made Whitemane inexplicably feel that Foca Tower is likely to have another storm in the near future.

It is true that in such a chaotic city, all kinds of storms are happening all the time.

However, once some disturbances are triggered, they will endanger the entire city. This is something that all major influences must be cautious about.

Whitemane frowns, then got up, aroused his confidant, and whispered to tell the spies of North Area Chambre of Commerce to investigate with all their strength these days, and report any disturbances immediately.

At the same time.

Outside the Foca Tower, the front line of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, there is a muddy wetland with dead bodies and suspended war chariot wreckage…

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