This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 418

hua hua wa…

Two consecutive days of heavy rain almost obliterated the Foca Tower. The entire city was shrouded in rain, and the dark clouds pressed against the tower city, as if it would fall at any time. Same down.

In this scenario, if you are a newcomer to this city, you will be very worried, if you live in the lower southern district, will it be directly flooded.

This kind of worry is not rare. In fact, in the history of Foca Tower, there has really been a flood of Foca.

When the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench was just taking shape, sea water poured in. Sea Beasts and the continent’s army were in a stalemate. Once, due to the tide, several Nightmare Level (equivalent to continent eighth expert) Sea Beast launched a tsunami.

The coastline of the White Nightmare Sea, several hundred li away from the Foca Tower, suddenly encountered such a tsunami, which was a terrifying disaster at the time.

In that tsunami, most of the Foca Tower was flooded, and the continent’s army fought desperately before repelling the violent offensive of Sea Beasts.

After that, the construction of Foca Tower has continued to pile up, and the city’s underground drainage function can be described as the most advanced of the continent.

Today’s Foca Tower, even if it is flooded by the White Nightmare Sea, it can stand tall without falling, equivalent to an island on the sea.

However, on such a rainy day, looking at the watered city outside the window is still a little disturbing.

In rainy days, Sea Beasts’ fighting power can be improved by several percentage points.

Foca Tower.

East District, a restaurant.

Fei Yu wears a professional attire with waterproof boots on his feet, listening to the cry of a beautiful and alluring woman across the table.

“Your company is to blame?! If it weren’t for the transaction you provided, where would Fowler have spare money, and go outside to hook up.”

“Fowler’s transaction with your company , Stop it immediately, otherwise, I will report your company to Magistrate, illegal transactions…”

The beautiful and alluring woman’s eyes flashed with crazy colors, gnashing teeth said.

Listening to Foca Tower Law Clerk’s assistant Fowler’s wife, Madame Fowler’s threat, Fei Yu smiled and didn’t say anything. Open the Light Screen, call up a file, and open it to the beautiful and alluring woman. before.

“Madame Fowler, I sympathize with your experience, but your husband’s transaction with our company is completely legal. Even if there is a problem, it is his problem. If you report it, Your husband’s end may not be bad…”

“After all, such a transaction is not illegal in all aspects. At most, Mister Fowler has used some power. If he operates properly, it can still Sit firmly in the position of Law Clerk’s assistant.”

“But, Madame Fowler, you are different. Your marriage with your husband will probably end here. And your family should pay There are many places to rely on your husband, is it really good to report?”


Listening to Fei Yu at a moderate pace, Madame Fowler’s look pale, The latter blinked, the mist filled, and then sobbed silently.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, you are the representative of Eastern Gold Company, can you think of a way…” Madame Fowler said that afterwards, she couldn’t talk any more, crying so hard.

“Madame Fowler, you should know that a company like ours cannot intervene in the internal affairs of Foca Tower. This is a truly illegal operation.” Fei Yu said.

“You are someone who is trespassing outside, you have ability, you give me an idea…”

Madame Fowler begged and begged for a long time, Fei Yu was helpless, Said softly, Madame, your makeup is out of order.

Immediately, Madame Fowler’s tears were immediately received, as if he was changing his face, he picked up the makeup box and patched up some powder, and then softly apologized, saying that he would go to the bathroom to patch up his makeup, and the belt would come back for advice. .

Don’t come back…

The door of the box was closed and Fei Yu clenched his fists. What is it all about…

In earphone, Bai The woman in the lab coat had already laughed and gasped. Listening to Madame Fowler talking about her husband’s love affairs, she even took a snack at the other end, listening and hearing the wonderful things, she cheered.

“You’re still laughing! Look at the identity that was arranged for me, and encounter this kind of mess…” Fei Yu’s white teeth bite slightly, and said softly.

“What’s wrong with the identity of Eastern Gold Company? It’s safe, and able to plan. You can also observe the official movements of Foca Tower. You can count on it. You are still here to pick things up for me.”

When the woman in the white coat heard this, she was reluctant and counted on the other end, “…, you count it, it’s only two or three days to Foca Tower. Not only has the plan progressed, but it has also been discovered. Sweet, Lowe, these bastards are doing sneaky things again, don’t you thank me?”

“You call this the plan is progressing? Has the combination lock been deciphered?” Fei Yu has no face. Said with an expression.

The woman in the white coat stood up and paused for a while before saying: “How can it be so easy to decipher? This combination lock was set by Cromwell. After the Hundred Years’ War, the continent madman is well deserved to be the first in this regard. “

“The complexity of this combination lock, I can say, is Cromwell’s masterpiece…”

Listening to so many friends nagging, Fei Yu asked directly : “Just tell me, where is the deciphering process?”

Immediately, the woman in the white coat lost her voice and said, “There is no progress at even one percent. According to this progress, there is no In half a year, it is difficult to have a result. The mechanical team really tried their best…”

“I know…, time is not and the others…”

Fei Yu sighed, looking at the pouring rain outside the window, his eyes drifted a little, “Since ten years ago, I was racing against time, and originally thought I was able to break the game. Unexpectedly, this group of bastards arranged this move. It is no wonder that I have suffered over the years. The resistance is not that big, these bastards are waiting for this day…”

It is rare to hear such low words as Fei Yu, the woman in the white coat anxiously said: “Don’t worry, there will be a way. I will let the machine The team will work overtime to see if you can get a clue.”

“Also, a small part of the combination lock, I mixed in those documents last night, and sent it to you together. You will Take a look at Lin Chuan…” said the woman in the white coat.

Fei Yu frowned slightly, “Even if Lin Chuan is a Mechanical Talent, but he is less than 20 years old after all, can he still decipher the combination lock? You woman, do you have other ideas?”

“Where is there any thought…”

The woman in the white coat immediately defended, “What is the level of this youngster’s own mechanics, not to mention, his background in the Mechanic organization is deep and unmeasurable, maybe you can find a way…”

“You put this thing in those mechanical data, and give it to him together, first see his reaction.”

Fei Yu slightly nodded, sighed, “Grandmaster Noblin’s whereabouts, is there any whereabouts? If he can be invited, this combination lock may be easy to handle.”

“hmph…, who doesn’t want to find Grandmaster The question is whether to find Noblin’s whereabouts? The Nanluo City mechanical conference in the summer, if it wasn’t for our side, really should go there and invite him…” The woman in the white coat sighed.

Fei Yu shook the head, no longer entangled with these if assumptions, her face moved, and her professional expression resumed, listening to the footsteps of Madame Fowler outside the box gradually approaching.

The box door opened, and Madame Fowler came in, her calm lady’s posture changed, and her eyes were foggy, and she was indescribably miserable.

Seeing this, Fei Yu grind the teeth/argue secretly. She would rather face a Legion than entangle with such a thing.

The door hasn’t been closed yet, one hand pressed the door, Lin Chuan in casual clothes walked in. The thick frame reflects one after another brilliance under the light.

Behind the frame, Lin Chuan seemed to be looking at Madame Fowler. After only one glance, he turned his head and looked towards Fei Yu and said, “The time we agreed upon should be now, right? You Still have an appointment?”

The faint voice of words sounds nothing to Fei Yu. It fell in Madame Fowler’s ears, but the loving body trembled inexplicably. This faint deterrence is hers. What her husband Fowler admired the most was that he wanted to learn but couldn’t learn it.

When Fei Yu saw this, it was like seeing a savior. He quickly got up, leaned in Madame Fowler’s ear, and picked up a few of Lin Chuan’s origins and talked about it. The latter immediately complexion changed and tears on his face As soon as he collected it, the smile of the beautiful and alluring lady was revealed, Lin Chuan fluttered a few glances, apologized, and left like a delicate flower.

Huh…, this woman is not a good thing…

Madame Fowler? Is Foca Tower a famous social flower…

Fei Yu and Lin Chuan had such thoughts at the same time, and then sat down as if nothing had happened.

“Mister Chuan. These are some mechanical documents of our company. If you are interested, you can give pointers to the mechanical department of our company…”

Fei Yu will hold Part of the documentation of the combination lock design drawing was pushed to Lin Chuan, lightly said with a smile.

“I’m just a new Mechanic, so I don’t have the qualifications to instruct your mechanical department. Learning from seniors like them is almost the same.” Lin Chuan quickly flipped through the literature and said, does not raise the head.

hearing this, Fei Yu was a little stunned. From this youngster’s tone, she didn’t hear a little self-humility or pride, but a later generation as it should be by rights.

If you are replaced by someone else, at this age, there is such an achievement, how can the pride in the bones be a little bit.

But, in this youngster, she didn’t see…

Even she was very proud of achieving those amazing achievements around the age of 20. If It’s not that those things didn’t happen. Her temperament nowadays, I’m afraid she won’t lose much…

While thinking–

The face of Lin Chuan on the other side has slightly changed. This is Fei. Yu saw this youngster for the first time since he was moved.

Later, she saw that Lin Chuan had taken out a piece of information from the literature, which was part of the combination lock.

“This is…”

Lin Chuan stared at the blueprint in front of him. He just glanced at it and judged that it was a combination lock designed by Cromwell.

After all, Lin Chuan is very familiar with some of Cromwell’s styles after solving the doll’s stone Rubik’s Cube.

Then, he thought about it again. This is the combination lock of the secret channel. Fei Yu couldn’t decipher it. He thought of trying one’s luck here.

The thoughts in her mind turned, Lin Chuan quickly figured out what Fei Yu was doing in the Level 2 warehouse that day, she should have something in her hand to be able to locate the secret passage.

However, she couldn’t decipher the combination lock, that is to say, she never went in.

Fei Yu has made more progress on that secret passage than him, except that he has something like a locator in his hand.

In an instant, Lin Chuan figured this out, and his brows were still frowning, and he stretched out slightly.

“Mister Chuan, is there any problem with this document?” Fei Yu asked softly. She was actually very nervous in her heart, and hoped that she could hear a clear answer from this youngster and be able to decipher it. combination lock.

Although, this hope is a little bleak, but for her, this is the most desired surprise now…

Lin Chuan took a look at this copy and said separately: “No problem. Didn’t expect the research of your company’s mechanical department is so profound, even Cromwell’s blueprint in his later years, this is precious information…”

“This is the blueprint of Grandmaster Cromwell’s design It’s not the circulated ones…”

Fei Yu’s eyes widened. Her reaction is normal. If the blueprint of Cromwell’s design is a manuscript, whether it’s a scrap or not, it can be on the market. Stir at sky-high prices.

What’s more, it’s the blueprint design of the continent madman in his later years, as everyone knows, Cromwell is missing soon after the shocking World War, and no one knows whereabouts…

And his later years The blueprint of the design is regarded as a treasure, especially those that have not been circulated outside, and the value of all aspects is extremely high…

“You don’t need to be so nervous, it’s just a small part. This is a scrap ……”

Lin Chuan took a look at this blueprint, and suddenly seemed interested, took out the Light Screen, and calculated it on the spot.

Looking at the dazzling data and graphics on the Light Screen, Fei Yu couldn’t see anything, but the woman in the white coat in the earphone screamed.


The woman in the white coat exploded with a swear word and whispered: “He has so little time to calculate the part, hurry up to catch up with the mechanical team to work overtime these two days The sum of these codes.”

“The speed of this youngster’s calculation of these codes is ten times faster than those of the mechanical group. Do you know what this means?”

You Women don’t talk to me, I can’t contact you now…

Fei Yu ground the teeth, she sometimes really hates this stubborn friend…

“This… …, this youngster, Lin Chuan…”

After a long time of frustration, the woman in the white coat lowered her voice and exclaimed, “This is a genius!? Peerless genius in Mechanic, do you understand? Wow? ……, such an excellent head, if combined with me, the offspring are so excellent……”

Fei Yu ignored the nympho woman who began to dream of genius offspring again, she looked at Lin calmly on the surface Chuan, after a while, when the youngster paused, he asked softly: “Mister Chuan, can you decipher this blueprint?”

Lin Chuan did not speak, and calculated for a while before stopping. Coming down, he let out a sigh of relief and said: “No.”

hearing this, Fei Yu, the woman in the white coat on the other side of the earphone, some surprises that had just sprouted in my heart suddenly solidified…

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