This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 419

“Mister Chuan, you are too humble. I see your calculation just now, it seems to be quite sure to decipher…”

Fei Yu looked in front of him, the calculation process on the Light Screen She’s not good at this, but the woman in the white coat on the other end of the earphone is an expert. Lin Chuan’s calculations in a short period of time just caught up with the mechanical team’s two days of overtime work, which suffices to explain. In the mechanical group, Lin Chuan is more confident in deciphering this damn combination lock.

Lin Chuan glanced at the woman, her soft hair covered her ears, and Fei Yu’s disguise was excellent in every aspect.

However, he can be certain/affirm. This woman, like him, has a film-type earphone in her ears, which is difficult to detect. Otherwise, she is impossible to have such an evaluation of this calculation process.

After spreading out his hands, Lin Chuan showed a hint of helplessness, “Decoding the combination lock created by Cromwell is the hobby of many Mechanics, and I am no exception. However, hobby is one aspect, and deciphering is another aspect. Now, I don’t have that time, at most I can spend a long time deciphering it. It’s really interesting!”

I raised my hand and clicked on this combination lock composition, Lin Chuan shook the head, “It’s just this A combination lock, if I specifically decipher it, will take at least a week. If I take all of it, it will not be possible to decipher it without more than a year. A year’s time will be used to decipher this. Even if I am willing, I Teachers of the university won’t agree…”

“Does it take a year…, that’s true…” Fei Yu smiled, trying not to make his smile look stiff, but in my heart, it takes a year to hear Such a long time is really disappointing.

Don’t talk about a year, for her, one month is not enough…

“Does it really take a year?” Tai Gu also asked in earphone.

Lin Chuan is calm, one year is set according to his identity, and his familiarity with Cromwell setting the Heart Origin password, if there is a complete blueprint, certain/affirm is not required Such a long time.

Judging from Fei Yu’s subtle expression just now, she can’t wait so long.

“Young Lady Fei. Did you show me this incomplete blueprint on purpose? I want to see if there is any way to decipher it. Indeed, once the combination lock blueprint is deciphered, The value of is amazing, enough to make your company earn a lot of money.”

Seeing Fei Yu’s silence, Lin Chuan’s thoughts turned and he threw a bait.

hearing this, Fei Yu’s eyes were bright, and she immediately understood what Lin Chuan meant. This youngster thought she was using this incomplete blueprint to test whether it could be deciphered, so that it could be used for commercial purposes by Eastern Gold Company. .

Listen to the meaning in the words, clearly don’t mean something…

She moved slightly in pupil light, and soon got a rhetoric, lowered her voice, and softly fabricated a story, saying It is a struggle between two groups of people within the company. This blueprint is very important to her. If she can decipher and produce a new combination lock in a short period of time, the influence of the company to which she belongs will have a great say. .

“Oh? How long do you expect?” Lin Chuan asked.

Fei Yu pondered for a moment, and said: “If it can be deciphered within ten days, that would be the most ideal.”

When the voice fell, she saw Lin Chuan look over. The look in your eyes is like looking at a fool, as if you are saying that you are a layman after a long time.

I am a layman, I can’t! ?

Fei Yu cursed secretly in her heart. Of course, she knew that deciphering the combination lock within ten days was almost impossible. Any combination lock with a Heart Origin password exceeding 36 Layers, without the original image, would be extremely difficult to decipher within a month.

Ten days is her expectation. If possible, she even wants to decipher the combination lock within three days.

The physical symptoms have been stable for the past two days, but she knows very well that the Flame Sword pattern on her shoulders will be onset, and I am afraid that it will not last a week.

“Ten days is my expectation, Mister Chuan. As you know, after deciphering the combination lock, it will take a long time for the company to initiate the project and then to the new product manufacturing…”

Fei Yu suppressed the irritability in his heart and asked softly: “According to Mister Chuan’s expectation, it will take a few months?”

“Ten days are too short, impossible to decipher it, I There is a way, probably half a month, it should be possible to decipher all, at the latest it will be a month…”

“Of course, it depends on what price your company is willing to pay.”

Lin Chuan helped his glasses, said in a tranquil voice.

Fei Yu’s eyes widened slightly, how did this change from within a year to within a month?

On the other end of the earphone, the woman in the white coat was silent for a while, and then exclaimed: “This impossible? Even if this guy is genius, he can decipher it in a month? Even if he invites his teachers to join him, it is impossible. Hurry…”

For this combination lock blueprint, the mechanical team has worked overtime for a few days and gave a rough estimate of time. Even if the calculations are all correct, a mechanical team needs a 24-hour wheel and axle. At least six months.

And the so-called calculation process is all correct, is this possible? Of course it is impossible.

The mechanical team on her side worked overtime the past few days. The reason why it made little progress was that the calculation process often made mistakes.

The reason Lin Chuan’s calculation just now surprised her is that there was nothing wrong with it.

However, reducing the deciphering time to less than one month is simply nonsense.

It’s like a section of the road. It takes half a year to walk in a straight line and maintain full speed with the fastest means of transportation. Suddenly someone tells you that it’s actually much faster. It only takes one month. Do you want to travel through space…

“Mister Chuan. Can you really decipher it in a month?”

After hearing his friends’ rant, Fei Yu gave a skeptical look .

“I said, my own deciphering, certain/affirm takes about a year, but things in this world, like mechanical research, often have more than one solution.”

“Now, we are talking about a business. If the price your company gives me can move my heart, I will naturally contribute.”

“Within a month, I can guarantee that It can be deciphered.”

Lin Chuan certain/affirm said.

In earphone, the woman in the white coat fiercely said: “Promise him! If he can do it, this Young Lady will go to Foca Tower to meet him immediately!”

You can shut up ……

Fei Yu’s face was straightened, and he made a negotiating gesture to discuss the details of this business with Lin Chuan.

The two discussed for half an hour and finally reached an agreement.

Looking at the content of the agreement, Lin Chuan took a pen circle and was satisfied with nodded, “Pay one third deposit first. Give me these things first…”

“Okay, I immediately contacted the head office.”

Fei Yu agreed with a smile, but his heart was bleeding, this time he was bleeding heavily.

The remuneration requested by Lin Chuan is not Gold Coin, but mechanical literature, rare materials, and mechanical blueprints with extremely high collection value.

Mechanical literature and mechanical blueprint are okay. With the power of Fei Yu’s grasp, it is not difficult to get these.

However, rare materials can be different. They are not comparable to Gold Coin. Some rare materials in the agreement can be described as money cannot buy. The difficulty of buying can be imagined.

However, Fei Yu promised simply. If Lin Chuan can really decipher the combination lock blueprint within a month, this reward is nothing.

“Mister Chuan. This is the complete combination lock blueprint.”

Pass the blueprint sent directly to Lin Chuan, and Fei Yu looks curious, “I Can I ask a question privately? Is there any way Mister Chuan can decipher this combination lock blueprint within a month? And you have to keep it confidential.”

Lin Chuan did not say anything , Press the meal bell on the table to let the waiter add local special meals and tea.

Fei Yu is a little curious, why Lin Chuan ordered three.

“I’m used to drinking something before work…”

Lin Chuan patted his pocket while talking. Kitty Lan poked out his head and stretched out Long neck sniffed, jumped onto the table immediately, and ate in front of a dinner plate.

While eating, Little Blue Cat meows twice from time to time, expressing his satisfaction with Foca Tower’s special meals.

“Eat less. Don’t eat bad stomach…” Lin Chuan said.


Kitty Lan called out, but it was let out to breathe. It really didn’t want to come out on this rainy day.

In the two days of coming to Foca Tower, it has fallen in love with the warm fireplace in the high-end apartment. If possible, Little Blue Cat considers spending a winter like this.

Unfortunately, the owner certain/affirm won’t let it do what it wants. There is a task to bring it out today.

“Mister Chuan raises a cat, so cute…”

Fei Yu said with a smile, his slender fingers moved, and finally he resisted the act of licking the cat.

Meow……, ┑( ̄Д ̄)┍, is this kitty not attractive enough?

Kitty Lan is very dissatisfied. This is the first time that a beautiful elder sister can resist its charm. How can this be tolerated.

So, Little Blue Cat whispered while eating, rubbing his head with his paws from time to time, or looking at Fei Yu with his cute face…

for a moment , Fei Yu turned her head and tried her best to look at the blueprint data on the Light Screen, she barely moved, suppressing the urge to lick the cat in her heart.

Master, this Young Lady is not simple…

Kitty Lan exclaimed in secret, casting such a look at Lin Chuan.

Lin Chuan didn’t care, and signaled Little Brat to do the task of this trip, don’t make any mistakes.

Immediately, Lin Chuan performed calculations on the Light Screen. The data fell on the screen like a waterfall. Within 5 minutes, he divided the combination lock blueprint into 10,000 copies.

It took another 5 minutes, and he divided the 1/10,000 blueprint data into 10,000 copies.

In another 15 minutes, he divided this combination lock blueprint into 100 million copies.

Select one hundred millionth of it, Lin Chuan opened a forum of Western Continent, Sacred Temple Hall branch, logged in to a small account, and posted this data to the help post “Three stars Mechanic for help, for help Big guys calculate the correct solution to this piece of data, thanks to everyone, big guys! 》

Then, Lin Chuan set up a program for this question, and suddenly derived 50 million similar questions, shuffled the divided blueprint data, and sent them to Western Continent’s one by one. Forum help area.

After another 15 minutes, Lin Chuan designed a program to screen and receive answers to these questions.

After doing this, open the first help post. In a short time, this post has become a hot post. From time to time, forum leaders leave messages and give various answers.

After sifting through the program, Lin Chuan came up with this one-billionth data solution.

“Look…, this method is very time-saving, and the Mechanic circle on the Western Continent has always been incompatible as fire and water with our Eastern Continent, half of which is answered by Western Continent, and half It’s answered by Eastern Continent, so don’t worry about getting noticed.”

“At this rate, within 20 days, it should be completely deciphered.”

” Young Lady Fei, now you can rest assured.”

Lin Chuan turned off the Light Screen. He demonstrated this way to give Fei Yu confidence.

Fei Yu has red lips slightly. In terms of mechanics, apart from being familiar with Heart-Origin Equipment, she is half a layman in other aspects, but she is still unaware of this operation.

On the other end, the woman in the white coat was silent, and she didn’t know what she was doing.

“Mister Chuan, I hope to maintain long-term cooperation with you in the future.” Fei Yu said sincerely.

Lin Chuan nodded, put things away, Fei Yu, whose mood fluctuates when he picked up Kitty Lan, still couldn’t help it, and slapped Kitty Lan’s head. The fluffy and soft hand feels really good.

Heh…, this woman still can’t help but make a move…

Kitty Lan was stunned in secret.

Lin Chuan got up and left the restaurant.

Fei Yu walked out of the restaurant and sat on the Floating Vehicle. Suddenly a woman in a white coat screamed from the earphone: “Where is my Mister Chuan…”

Leaning on the car seat, Fei Yu closed the window and activated the encryption device before exhaling, “What did you do just now? Why didn’t you say anything? When you need your professional opinion, you passed away instead.”

“I fainted.” The woman in the white coat said.

Fei Yu: “…”

On the other side of earphone, the woman in the white coat exclaimed again and again: “Heavens! My Mister Chuan came up with this method, really What a genius! You deserve to be the man I like…”

“Now let’s talk about business, can you talk to me normally.”

Fei Yu sighed slightly. “Lin Chuan’s operation just now can be replicated by the mechanical team? Will it be faster if you do it together?”

The woman in the white coat lightly said, “Are you a fool? If you dare to do this in front of you, you are not afraid of copying. In fact, there may not be a few Mechanic that can replicate this operation.”

“My Mister Chuan can do this. First of all, he is an apex genius in mechanics, and secondly, he is very knowledgeable in combination lock. In my opinion, he is one of the few that can match his Mechanical in this respect. In the Heart Origin password, it really depends on the innate talent. Ah! Some people can surpass the Machinery Grandmaster at a young age…”

“Third, he has a deep research on Cromwell’s combination lock. Only by satisfying these three points can he be like him in a short period of time. Split the blueprint data in time.”

“Furthermore, even if we can split the blueprint data, how to filter the answers to those feedbacks depends on the ability of my Mister Chuan oneself, the rubbish of the mechanical group Where can I do it…”

“Don’t think about other things, this time you can have such a harvest, it is your good luck, and then wait for the result of my Mister Chuan…”

Listening to my Mister Chuan on the left and my Mister Chuan on the right, Fei Yu really has a headache. This friend is impeccable in other aspects, but he can’t bear the choice of a partner.

“Don’t be idiots there, focus on our plan.” Fei Yu said.

“Relax. I have always kept public and private. By the way, you remember to follow up in time and contact my Mister Chuan. Especially to prevent those enchanting women in Foca Tower…”

Fei Yu didn’t bother to talk to his friend, started the engine, the Floating Vehicle started in the heavy rain, moved towards the City Hall in the eastern district and flew away.

On the other side, Lin Chuan did not go far. He sat on a Floating Vehicle and moved forward slowly. He looked out the window as if he was admiring the Foca Tower under the rain.

In fact, his Mental Energy expanded, spreading silently like water ripples, covering one of the buildings.

It was a villa belonging to Captain Vogut, an officer who commanded the headquarters army and won 100 victories this year.

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