This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 420

As the front line against the White Nightmare Sea, the city of Foca Tower naturally admires military merit.

The status of the army here is also much higher than that of other continents. Therefore, the treatment of soldiers here is beyond imagination.

This villa of Captain Vogut is located in a place like the Eastern District. Its price is so high that it can sell for 6 million Gold Coin in the market.

And the headquarters of the city army gave Vogut almost for nothing at the price of one thousandth.

Of course, with the rank of a captain, this certain/affirm cannot enjoy such treatment. The main reason is that Vogut is brave and good at fighting. Since joining the army, the headquarters of the Foca Tower is considered a general .

In this City Hall dance party, Vogut is likely to be awarded the rank of school. The speed of promotion is quite amazing.


Sitting in the Floating Vehicle, Lin Chuan flashed Vogut’s resume. For an officer, such a resume is quite brilliant.

What’s more, during Vogut’s participation in the army, his evaluation has always been high. He has a beloved wife, in public or in private, and the evaluation is impeccable in all aspects.

As Mental Energy spread, Lin Chuan explored the villa. It was clean and tidy. No one was at home, and there was no strange place.


Lin Chuan is looking thoughtful. In fact, he doesn’t need to go to the neighborhood to investigate. Around this villa, there are dozens of Mechanical Little White Mouse monitoring. Tai Gu is responsible for analyzing the monitoring here, but this day there is no discovery.

Such a result made him a little strange. The omen of that day was that sudden. Although the sense of threat was not great, it was a sense of danger that he had never had before.

In today’s strength, Lin Chuan is very clear about his own ability, this kind of omen is impossible to go wrong.

“Who is going to be the problem? In addition to Vogut on that Floating Vehicle, there are also some of his soldiers. Could it be those few people…”

Lin Chuan Slightly frowned, he asked softly: “What do you think? Your Excellency Tai Gu?”

After asking twice, Tai Gu did not respond, and Lin Chuan was a little strange. This Smartbrain might also be disconnected time?

zhi zhi ……

There was a sound of electric current in the earphone. After Lin Chuan was surprised, Tai Gu said, “Is the method you just used really feasible?” Splitting the blueprint is no problem, but what program did you design in such a short time that can receive such a large response?”

Lin Chuan was a bit speechless. It turned out that Tai Gu was thinking about it.

“Of course it’s not feasible with me alone? The job of receiving screening depends on you, Tai Gu! I thought Tai Gu understood it at the time.” Lin Chuan sighed lightly.


Tai Gu speechless, as a Smartbrain, after learning about Lin Chuan’s method, he immediately simulated it again, and found that the first half is okay to say, but what about the second half? There are some problems.

After a long time of trouble, this youngster is lying again…

“You lie to a powerful lady like this, don’t you worry about her becoming an enemy in the future?” Tai Gu disagrees a bit. Said.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, I think your use of the word’cheat’ is very questionable in itself.”

Lin Chuan shook his hand and switched the Floating Vehicle to automatic driving. Said, “Is there a problem with the method I proposed? Naturally, there is no problem at all. Since it is a business, it is natural to consider the maximization of benefits. I do that to get enough rewards. Look at this agreement, [Void The repair of Bone Shadow, and my [Cracked Scale Arm] upgrade, are all settled…”

The reward for this agreement, Lin Chuan actually some lions open their mouths, but they didn’t. t expect, Fei Yu signed the agreement directly without saying anything.

This was really beyond Lin Chuan’s expectation, and it also made him understand that there was something very amazing in that secret passage that was worth the price she paid.

As for the things in the secret passage, Lin Chuan is ready to wait for the combination lock to be deciphered, and then go first to have a look…

Anyway, don’t hit Fei Yu here, then Will not be the enemy.

“You are too bad…” Tai Gu murmured.

Lin Chuan shook his head without saying anything.


On the side, Kitty Lan called out: Master, the Young Lady has the breath of this kitty on her hand, and within a kilometer, there is nothing Retreat.

As soon as you get out of the restaurant and sit on the Floating Vehicle, Kitty Lan invites you to do something. This is when it awakens and gains an ability to leave its breath on other targets for several days, unless it If you are willing, you can’t get rid of it.

Lin Chuan patted Little Brat’s head, very satisfied, and said that he would go back and give it a meal.

The harvest of this day made him very satisfied.

“Next, prepare to attend the banquet in City Hall, hope these troubles are not big troubles…” Lin Chuan murmured.

Today’s harvest allows him to complete his original plan ahead of schedule. Decipher the combination lock blueprint within a week, enter it in advance, and complete the agreement with Fei Yu in another week, and the purpose of his trip will be completed. Up.

As for the murderer who attacked the neighborhood and destroyed the Mechanical Workshop before, this is actually nothing. Lin Chuan was responsible for investigating the murderer at most, and then dumped the matter to the Mechanical Association and the headquarters armed force of Foca Tower. .

His identity, as long as he does what Mechanic should do.

There are also Western Peace Group, North Area Chambre of Commerce, wait until the [Void Bone Shadow] repair is completed, let Tai Gu control, lead Lowden and them, just come here for a while.

A batch of sixth boundary experts pressure the environment, let alone the Western Peace Group, even any influence of Foca Tower can shake the foundation.

“After half a month, our days will be easier, when the time comes, where do you Little Brat want to go, let’s play for a few days…”

Lin Chuan patted Little Brat’s head and decided to arrange a vacation itinerary in advance.

Kitty Lan was lying on the soft cushion, saying that he would stay in the apartment, grill the fireplace, eat some delicious food, and brush up on the drama. This is a good day.

“If you continue like this, you will really become a shut-in kitty. If this is not possible, you have to go out and take a look…” Lin Chuan began to educate Little Blue Cat.


Kitty Lan is innocent, staying at home usually, obediently, and waiting for the owner to come, is the normal life of a cat Well, this kitty just wants to be a normal cat.

“But you are not normal…” Lin Chuan revealed the facts ruthlessly.

“Meow……o(╥﹏╥)o” Kitty Lan pulled her ears and lowered her eyes.

The Floating Vehicle gradually drove away and stopped at the end of the street. Lin Chuan got off the car, went to the dessert shop on the street to buy a dessert, took a cup of hot drink, and then returned to the car. Drink a hot drink in the driver’s seat while cutting the dessert for Kitty Lan.

On a bell tower not far from this street, the bell sounded slowly, and the violent rain could not cover the bell, and it faintly echoed in the ears of the people in the vicinity.

“What’s that…”

Lin Chuan frowned. Under his Mental Energy probe, he saw a misty shadow at the top of the bell tower, as the bell sounded When it sounded, the haze continued to expand, filled with a sharp breath.

Even with his Mental Energy, he can still feel offensive.

“Very powerful, so strange Mental Energy, this is a Mental Energy expert? Not right, why is the power so disordered…” Lin Chuan frowned.

If it hadn’t been for the sound of the bell just now, he would not have been able to discover the existence of this haze. It seemed that the bell had touched this existence, causing its Mental Energy to emerge like a fountain.

Lin Chuan encountered this situation for the first time.

To be precise, Lin Chuan encountered such a powerful Mental Energy for the first time.

In Mechanical Honeycomb, Lin Chuan has also seen some experts who use Mental Energy. Among them, the strongest distance to materialize Mental Energy is too far away.

It can also be seen how rare are the creatures who have made Mental Energy. Until now, it is the first time Lin Chuan has encountered a Mental Energy expert in the true sense.

This group of Mental Energy has reached the level of materialization…

“The materialized Mental Energy expert, according to what you said, maybe…”

Tai Gu was a little surprised when he heard Lin Chuan’s account. He seemed to remember something.

zi zi ……

In Induction Goggles, an image is transmitted from the inside of the clock tower. The insight of Mechanical Little White Mouse did not find any abnormality. The inside of the clock tower is empty. No one.

Such a scene is also normal, and it is impossible to detect the expert that achieves the actualization of Mental Energy.

Suddenly, Lin Chuan’s face moved. He saw in the alley near the clock tower, one after another figure flew out quickly, like a light smoke, rushing into the clock tower, moved towards the top of the building quickly.

This group of fourth boundary experts!

And the action is orderly, has experienced rigorous training, is a team.

Lin Chuan was a little surprised. This group of experts appeared to have been in the vicinity a long time ago. When the haze showed up, they immediately hunted down.


next moment, the haze on the top of the clock tower suddenly became restless, like a volcanic eruption. Mental Energy filled the sky like a torrent, flooding down towards this Group expert.

Such a Mental Energy offensive is too violent. According to Lin Chuan’s estimation, even the fourth boundary expert can only temporarily avoid the edge. Otherwise, the brain feels like being twisted into a paste, not ordinary people. It’s normal for those who can bear it, those who are a little weaker, and go crazy on the spot.

“Such an unruly Mental Energy offensive…”

Lin Chuan also frowned. If he were to use so many Mental Energy, he would have at least thirty kinds of skills. It can increase the formidable power ten times.

This group of experts did not retreat. They took out a piece of film and stood in front of them. It is strange to say that after touching the fluctuation of Mental Energy, these films changed immediately, forming one after another one-person-high shield. , Resisting and weakening these Mental Energy by 70%.


The sharp cry sounded, full of bone-to-heart hatred, the cloud of fog flashed, and it shot out from the window, Mental around the body Energy quickly converged, and when it landed, it had disappeared into the rain like a transparent person.

Even if Lin Chuan is so far away, only relying on the exploration of Mental Energy to find the trace of this fog, let alone those fourth boundary experts.

“The team chasing the Mental Energy Experts, the equipment they have is quite interesting…” Lin Chuan became interested.

Whether it is the Mental Energy expert or the expert team that hunts him down, he is very curious, especially the membrane shield that can withstand the impact of Mental Energy. What material is it made of?

At this time, Tai Gu opened his mouth and said, “I remember, this person’s Mental Energy situation should be on the edge of berserk, so there was just a release. I have encountered I’ve been to such a guy… Under this situation, this person is very dangerous, do you want to take care of it…”

“Am I the kind of person who asks for trouble? Ours Isn’t it enough?” Lin Chuan asked.

Tai Gu is speechless.

Lin Chuan shook his head helplessly. Fortunately, Tai Gu, the Smartbrain, has no body and no strength in the past. Otherwise, I really don’t know how much trouble it will cause.


Another image was transmitted. Lin Chuan took a look and couldn’t help but sighed. In the image were the group of pursuers. He shouldn’t have said those words just now.

In one of the hunters, Lin Chuan found some clues. This was an expert from Mysterious Star Empire, or an official one.


On the street, three large Floating Vehicles galloped past. The people in the carriages took off the enclosed Induction Helmet and looked at each other. The atmosphere was quite stagnant.

At this time, the communicator sounded, and a voice came from the other end, which was processed, as cold as the synthesized sound, “How is it?”

“Sorry. The target escaped. Now.” The headed bald man apologized respectfully.

The other end paused for a while, and then an angry roar came, “Escaped? Don’t you guarantee that it is foolproof? Since at first is not sure, it will not mobilize twice the manpower? You trash! ……”

Listening to the other end of the communicator, the voice was hysterical and vicious words appeared endlessly. A group of experts forehead in the carriage jumped straight. If it weren’t for this person, it would have been impossible to afford to offend. They want to kill now and smash this guy into meatloaf.

The bald man said nothing, his clenched fists swelled continuously, like a ball, which seemed to burst at any time.

The blue veins on his face bulged like earthworms, tú tú beating. If the guy at the other end of the communicator was in front of him, the bald man would have already punched him, and he was a royal descendant in rage. Also dare to beat.

However, he also knows that there is no need to oneself to somebody’s level with the mad dog on the other end of the communicator. This kind of harming others without benefiting oneself is not worth doing. He used to do too much harming. The things of others without benefiting oneself have ended up in the fields as they are today.

“Your Excellency, you should understand how difficult it is to capture the target, even if you double the number of manpower, it will not help. Unless you ask those Consecrates to come over, it will be very easy…”

speech paused, and the bald guy said again: “However, if those Consecrates come over, you should have a reasonable explanation for the attack you encountered on the floating train.”

I heard “Consecrate” “With these two words, the voice on the other end of the communicator suddenly became weaker, seeming to be afraid of something, and then foul-mouthed a few words, then said: “Then mobilize manpower to protect my safety. You are here. The main task is to protect me from returning to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture safely. Damn Foca Tower, I simply shouldn’t be here…”

Speaking, the communicator hung up.

The bald guy put down the communicator, took out a metal ball, fiercely pinched it, and squeezed it out one after another crack, then put it down and let out a long breath.

“hmph…, this mad dog, relied on smooth toady, betrayed friends, and sold buttocks, before sitting in this position. Now he dares to threaten me…” The bald man bit his teeth with creak. ring.

“Boss, this time chasing lost the target, this mad dog will go back this time, certain/affirm will throw the pot to us. Shall we?”

The eyes of other people in the car Fiercely, with a cold killing intent, he only waited for the bald man to give an order to kill the mad dog fiercely.

The bald man waved his hand, glared at his teammates, and pointed to his head, “Is there a hole in your head? With this crazy dog’s cunning, he will only be protected by us. If we move rashly, The bad luck will only be us, have you forgotten their fate…”

When they heard “them”, the faces of all the people present were gloomy, and their expressions were full of grief and dread.

“Their end” is really chilling…

There was a heavy gasp in the carriage. These experts did not speak, and sat silently…

For a moment, three Floating Vehicles drove into the City Hall in the Eastern District. A group of big guys got out of the vehicles and had already changed their outfits, with the golden emblem of Mysterious Star Empire on them.

People around saw this emblem and immediately understood that in Mysterious Star Empire, only one Legion is qualified to use this emblem.

Mysterious Star Guarding Army! ?

The armed force directly under the Mysterious Star Empire royal family, and only the royal family can call this army.

Different from the Imperial Knight Regiment of Mysterious Star Empire, Special Guard Squad, and the role of the army, the mission of the Mysterious Star Guarding Army is to protect the safety of the royal family and the safety of the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture.

Mysterious Star Guarding Army will appear here, representing the important figure of City Hall, even if it is not the royal family, it is also a messenger representing the royal family.

“I heard that it was Viscount Lowe of Mysterious Star Empire, representing the royal family to Foca Tower and visiting headquarters commander Lieutenant General Phillon. But on the way, he was attacked on the suspended train…”

“Really? The floating train coming to Foca Tower, the security force is not weak, this will also be attacked? Is Viscount Lowe injured?”

“More than just being injured, just lie down What’s even more bizarre about the suspension train is that, let alone the murderer was not caught, who doesn’t even know who the murderer is?”

“This is not the most bizarre. I heard that Viscount Lowe met again when he was hospitalized. I have attacked and still haven’t caught the killer. Who is this offending? Send such a powerful killer over.”

“Anyway, this fault cannot be missed on our Foca Tower City Hall, this certain/affirm It is the enemy that Viscount Lowe provoked in Empire…”

A group of people discuss spiritedly, and all kinds of news are flying all over the sky.

All these discussions were monitored by Mechanical Little White Mice.

“The Mental Energy expert from Berserk just now is enemies with Viscount Lowe. We can’t just sit idly by!” Tai Gu cried.

This Smartbrain is very happy, and finally I can find a reason to help the Mental Energy expert of Berserk, just take Lin Chuan’s words, the enemy of the enemy, then it is a friend.

“You have this kind of preference because you used to be a soulmate, a peerless genius of Mental Energy.” Lin Chuan reluctantly shook his head and pointed out the key.

Tai Gu was speechless for a while. He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t tell what the feelings of the feelings from a long time ago are now.

Lin Chuan sighed, murmured: “The news from City Hall is different from other places. The news from other places is nine false one true. The news from City Hall is nine true one false. , Really fidelity!”

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, you said to monitor here for a week, is it possible to get the Foca Tower political and business forces, black and white black materials out, and then another one The guys pulled off their horses and the entire city was in chaos. Taking advantage of this gap, Sea Beast Regiment launched a surprise attack. If I were the Commander of Sea Beast Regiment, I would assassinate and seduce a rebellion, and then add surprise attacks. I don’t know how sure it is. Break through this city…”

“It is rumored that Lieutenant General Phillon, the headquarters of Foca Tower, is one of Eastern Continent’s four Generals. I don’t know how to face such internal trouble and outside aggression. What kind of coping method…”

Tai Gu: “…”

This youngster’s brain circuit, how can he always a little bit unable to keep up.

After pondering what Lin Chuan said, Tai Gu was suddenly unconscious and did not make any comments. The longer he spends with this youngster, the more Tai Gu feels that it is safer to be friends with this youngster.

hua la la ……

Floating Vehicle was driving on the road and gradually arrived at Lin Chuan’s residence. Before the evening arrived, the sky had completely dimmed.

A message popped out. Lin Chuan opened it and read it. It was an invitation letter sent by Fei Yu. The location is City Hall. An auction will be held tonight, which is considered to be the upcoming City Hall. Preheat the banquet.

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