This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 421

At half past six in the evening.

The dark sky has long enveloped Foca Tower. Under the violent rain, it seems that there is only one city in the world, standing by the White Nightmare Sea, full of a sense of loneliness.

City Hall, a VIP lounge on the top floor.

In front of the window, Lieutenant General Phillon, commander of the army at Foca headquarters, stood there, his cigar on his mouth lit up, smoke gushing from his nose and his face was faintly discernible in the smoke.

With a height of nearly three meters, Lieutenant General Phillon gives people a mountain-like oppression by relying solely on their height advantage.

Now, as the highest commander of the Foca Tower army, Phillon can make a recruit kneel on the spot with just one look.

In the lounge, Viscount Lowe stood at the table, his face twitched slightly. As he came here on this trip, he represented the Mysterious Star Empire royal family. He didn’t need to be so respectful.

However, Viscount Lowe never dared to sit down in front of Lieutenant General Phillon. If this fierce god really found an excuse and raised his hand to slap oneself to death, the Mysterious Star Empire royal family would condemn it at most. What to pursue.

The entire Eastern Continent countries have a very friendly attitude towards Lieutenant General Phillon.

After all, without this star, Foca Tower would not have been able to gain an advantage in the battle against Sea Beast Regiment in the past 30 years.

“Lieutenant General Phillon…, is his strength really about to break through to the seventh boundary…”

Viscount Lowe raised his eyes slightly, looking at the mountain-like back in front of the window , Heartbeat can’t help speeding up.

Originally thought After ten years, I saw Lieutenant General Phillon again, and I will no longer have the cramps and fears of my youth. I can’t think of this feeling worse.

“Time flies! It’s been ten years in a flash. Remember the last time you saw Viscount Lowe. You were still a recruit from Mysterious Star Empire. At that time, you were not far away from the rank of lieutenant… …”

“Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen you in ten years, Lowe, you are already Viscount, and on behalf of the Mysterious Star Empire imperial family to our Foca Tower. In that batch of recruits ten years ago, I really didn’t notice Viscount Lowe. , It seems that I was a bit miserable back then…”

The voice of Lieutenant General Phillon sounded, echoing in the room like a drum of war, hitting Viscount Lowe’s heart word by word.

The batch of recruits ten years ago? !

Viscount Lowe’s heart beats, and a group of people’s faces appeared in his mind. He wakes up immediately, suppresses his emotions, and says with his usual respect: “I just took a bit of luck. Of those recruits, I really don’t look at them enough, there are many who are better than me.”

Speech paused, his expression changed, showing a respectful smile, “There were a lot of recruits back then. He became the Mysterious Star Guarding Army. Among the people who protected me this time, there are many recruits from that year. Is Lieutenant General Phillon impressed? Do I need to call in and tell you about the past.”

“No need. Let’s talk about business.”

Lieutenant General Phillon waved his hand without looking back, “Mysterious Star Empire sent you this time, what can I do?”

“It’s like this…, within the body, you should know in advance that I am only responsible for the payment of the agreement. By the way, we, Mysterious Star Emperor, wish you a smooth breakthrough this time and enter the seventh boundary. That will be The blessing of the entire Eastern Continent…”

Viscount Lowe bowed, and said the words he had prepared, one after another.

His lips are very slippery, and his congratulatory speech is like an impromptu, and he speaks very well. If it is replaced by someone else, I am afraid it will be moved.

On the glass in front of the window, the face of Lieutenant General Phillon was reflected, in the smoke, he seemed to smile, and seemed very satisfied.

“Thank you Emperor of your country for me. Next time Mysterious Star Emperor visits, I will entertain him with a collection of fine wine…” Lieutenant General Phillon said.

Viscount Lowe smiled and saluted again. As a representative of the royal family, a series of etiquette must be in place, regardless of whether Lieutenant General Phillon can see it.

“Then, Lieutenant General Phillon, don’t bother you. See you later at the auction.”

Speaking like this, Viscount Lowe bowed back.

“wait a minute”

Suddenly, Lieutenant General Phillon raised his hand, and an inexplicable breath came over, making Viscount Lowe unable to move.

Suddenly, Viscount Lowe was shocked. In fact, he knew very well that Lieutenant General Phillon would not wait to see oneself. This fierce star is really going to be here to kill him?

At this moment, Lieutenant General Phillon turned around, his face under his short brown hair, as cold as a knife cut, staring at the young Viscount in front of him, suddenly laughed, “Viscount Lowe, don’t be so nervous, I just remembered I’ll ask you a little bit.”

“Commander Phillon, just ask!” Viscount Lowe continued.

“I remember ten years ago, among those recruits who came to Foca Tower special training, one of the recruits was very innate talent. I forgot what it was called. I heard that among those recruits from the Military Department He is called Future General. Why haven’t heard from him in recent years…”

Lieutenant General Phillon pinched a thick and long cigar with his thumb and index finger, and asked casually.

Future General! ?

That guy…

Viscount Lowe quickly lowered his head, a frenzied fierce flashing across his eyes, calmly said, “This…, I am not quite clear, that batch Among the recruits, I returned to the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture and transferred to the administrative office. It is said that someone went on a secret mission and many people were missing.”

“If Lieutenant General Phillon wants to know, I will wait Investigate it, and I will give you an answer at the auction.”

“en. Really, then forget it. I just remembered it suddenly and asked casually. After all, the’Future General’ I encountered over the years There are too many, and I haven’t seen a few Little Brat come up to take our burden…” Lieutenant General Phillon waved his hand.

Viscount Lowe’s complexion is full, “Lieutenant General Phillon is in its prime of life. If it enters the seventh boundary, lifespan can be extended for more than a hundred years, and it will not be a problem to fight for another 30 years. We younger generations, how dare you say Your class.”


Lieutenant General Phillon laughed, very happy, and after a few greetings, he left the Expulsion Order.


The door of the VIP lounge was closed, Viscount Lowe went downstairs and came to the lounge belonging to oneself. After turning on the shielding device, he slumped on a chair. After his body relaxed, cold sweat suddenly penetrated the clothes. Even though the heating in the lounge is sufficient, cold sweat still keeps coming out.

breathes deeply, Viscount Lowe touched his pale face, his complexion instantly changed, his face savage like a ghost.

“It’s the rubbish again, the rubbish that even his wife and comrades-in-arms cannot keep. It has been ten years, and people still talk about him from time to time. Even characters like Lieutenant General Phillon still remember him, why…”

“Where am I worse than him, this damn guy is dead, and there is still a scourge…”

“Wait, ho ho ho…”

Viscount Lowe laughed frantically, and immediately got up, washed the sweat from his body, and waited for the auction, but there was nothing wrong with it.


On the other side.

In the lounge on the top floor, Lieutenant General Phillon sits on a special large chair. On the sofa sits a new guest, Whitemane, the president of North Area Chambre of Commerce.

Compared with the huge Phillon, Whitemane has no advantage at all, and is even weaker in the imposing manner.

“It seems that the recruit egg of that year really had an accident, it’s a pity…”

Lieutenant General Phillon sighed, lighted a cigar again, and spit out the clouds. On the table in front of him, the list of gifts from the Mysterious Star Empire royal family was thrown aside at will.

In the center of the table, there is a document rightly placed. It was just sent by Whitemane. Turning to the first page, it is a soldier’s information.

“hmph…, it seems that you, Phillon Old Brother, are very optimistic about this junior! I still remember the recruits I saw ten years ago.”

Whitemane grinned , Took a cigar, put it on the nose and smelled it. This is a special cigar, and you can’t smoke it outside.

Immediately, he took out a box, took half of the cigar box in front of him, put it in his pocket, and then took another one…

Looking at the old friend’s marketer As a pie, Lieutenant General Phillon shook the head, and Whitemane became more and more like a small businessman.

“I have been in the army for so many years, that child is the most talented I have ever seen, really Future General! At that time I wanted to keep him in Foca Tower, but unfortunately…shit…”

Lieutenant General Phillon suddenly patted the table and exploded with a swear word, “The old bastard of Mysterious Star Empire Military Department also have vision and will not let them go. Now people don’t know where they are going. This group of old bastard is really not a thing! Really shit…”

“You can do it lightly, this table is very expensive!”

Whitemane exclaimed distressedly, “You and me I can’t find specific clues if I add up to the intelligence network, it should be bode ill rather than well. Don’t talk about it, you should be fortunate that you didn’t have much contact with that Little Brat, otherwise the people will be gone now, and it will be even more uncomfortable. “

Lieutenant General Phillon sighed, helplessly said: “Forget it. Don’t talk about this, what’s the matter with you North Area Chambre of Commerce and Western Peace Group? It’s a bit fierce lately, do you want to help? I sent a secret force to bring the Western Peace Group……”

Raising his hand, Lieutenant General Phillon made an obliteration gesture.

In Foca Tower, no outsider knows that Lieutenant General Phillon and Whitemane are Life and Death Friends of several decades. When they debuted, they came out of the North District together.

Later, when Phillon joined the army, Whitemane has been secretly supporting him, and for the sake of the Lieutenant General Phillon’s innocence, all news related to the relationship between the two were erased.

Now, the two are in control of the military, and the other is the leader of the influence of the North District. They secretly cooperate with each other, which can be described as the giant power of the entire Foca Tower.

“No need. Someone happened to come to Foca Tower and would like to help, get the Western Peace Group safe and secure…” Whitemane chuckled said, very proud.

Don’t look at the two people who are like hills. It is easy to be misunderstood as a figure with well-developed limbs and simple brains. In fact, it is not. Whitemane is indeed the same.

Lieutenant General Phillon is different. Not only does it have the sixth boundary Peak military force to crown the third army, but also has excellent commanding ability. Those who know him will understand that the latter is the most terrifying place of Lieutenant General Phillon.

Therefore, every time Whitemane encounters a problem, he always consults Phillon, which makes white bull uncle a little bit faceless.

This time, without Phillon’s advice, there is a plan to get the Western Peace Group, and Whitemane is naturally very proud.

“Oh? Tell me…” Lieutenant General Phillon became interested.

Whitemane didn’t conceal anything. He told the general plan, except that Lin Chuan was not mentioned, only the organization to which Uncle Lowden who rescued him belonged.

“Oh, Uncle Lowden…”

Lieutenant General Phillon was moved. The distress that Whitemane encountered back then was far more dangerous than it is now. Fortunately, Uncle Lowden took action to protect it. He killed his friend and saved the North Area Chambre of Commerce.

Furthermore, Phillon witnessed the strength of the sixth boundary with his own eyes back then. Later, after desperately cultivation, he had a powerful military force.

“This plan is very detailed. The mysterious organization to which Uncle Lowden belongs is really talented…”

Lieutenant General Phillon took another cigar fiercely, and the irritability in his chest became even worse. Over the years, Eastern Continent’s Martial Way, Mechanical Domain, and major influences have all been talented people. However, the Military Departments of all countries are still elderly people, and there is a tendency for them to be out of touch.

“The Little Brat who were called Future General ten years ago… none of them have grown up…”

“Don’t complain here, like a A woman is nagging, what’s the point, the auction is about to start, I’m leaving…”

With that, Whitemane got up and shouted, wishing Lieutenant General Phillon a smooth entry into the seventh boundary, Then he pushed the door and walked out.

Outside the door, pairs of eyes glared over and looked at the expressions of the white bull. They were all unfriendly. They seemed to blame this guy for taking up too much time in Lieutenant General Phillon. So many people are still waiting to visit. It’s a gift.


Whitemane smiled at hehe, went downstairs, and sent a message by the way, asking his son Harpoon when he would be there.

At the same time.

Lin Chuan’s residence, the temperature of the fireplace makes the whole hall warm, like warm spring.

Kitty Lan was lying in the den, looking at the big Light Screen on the wall, while eating snacks, she didn’t mean to go to the City Hall with Lin Chuan.

“Kitty, don’t you really go together? The auction will be very interesting…” Lin Chuan tried to seduce Kitty.


Kitty Lan tilted his head slightly and gave a →_→ look, thinking it was when he first arrived at this World, auction It couldn’t be clearer what it was like.

There is nothing to eat in this kind of auction. It is nothing more than bidding for something that is useless to meows. Where can I stay in the nest comfortably…

Lin Chuan supported the frame, also Very helpless, this cat is big, it’s really not easy to lie.

“Kitty, are you really not leaving? Maybe there is a surprise?” Lin Chuan worked hard again.

Kitty Lan raised his paw and pointed to the calendar. Today is Sunday. As a cat, he also needs a rest day. Then, he pointed to the window. The dark night could not stop it. Live the pouring trend of heavy rain.

On such a night, what auctions should I go to? This kind of cluster gathering is full of various dark purposes. It is a pure Kitty that will not be mixed.


Lin Chuan had no choice but to go alone. He went downstairs and got in the white bull Harpoon’s car. The Floating Vehicle started and moved towards City. Hall away.


Kitty Lan shouted in cheers, rolling on the floor, this room belongs to it tonight, this warm nest is most suitable for a dance party .

Immediately, it took out one after another Little Whites, and after starting it, let them walk around the house, making strange sounds from time to time, like music, full of cheerful atmosphere.

These voices passed through the wall and caused many animals all around to respond. It was not a short while, one after another night bird and little wild cat all rushed out of the window, moved towards and looked inside, but did not dare to try to break through Go in.

The Little Blue Cat in the hall looks very small, with only a big palm, but it makes these animals full of fear.

In the distance, in a cabinet on the roof of a building, a haze suddenly felt, and heard this strange sound. This joyful and melody-like cry, the energy that made it restless was actually Soothed a lot.

“This is…, whose…song…”

In the cabinet, intermittent hoarse voices sounded, and the fog flashed and disappeared.

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