This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 422

Under the night, City Hall brightly lit, one after another Floating Vehicle drives in.

At the entrance, Lin Chuan saw Fei Yu who had been waiting for a long time. The two stood together, causing the white bull Harpoon who followed behind to numb the scalp.

“Fortunately, we applied a lot of hair spray today, otherwise it really hurts…”

Harpoon touched his straight hair because he was going to be Lin Chuan’s driver tonight. I used a full bottle of hairspray for my hair and got an explosive hairstyle.

As long as the hair explodes, even if it is exploding, others can’t see it…

Lin Chuan is a little funny about it. After two days of acquaintance with this white bull, he’s got to know Harpoon’s He is also quite curious about this singularity.

Understanding that this kind of ability is innate, Lin Chuan can’t help feeling that this kind of natural seek luck and avoid calamity ability, if Harpoon’s Martial Way innate talent is stronger, it is easy to grow into A hero.

“Mister Chuan, this is the list of auction items. Check if there are any other items of interest. We Eastern Gold Company will take them together.”

Fei Yu Pass After going through a list, some of the lots were the rewards in the agreement. She was going to take the pictures and give them directly to Lin Chuan.

By the way, if Lin Chuan is still interested, she will also take photos of it, showing the sincerity of Eastern Gold Company.

Lin Chuan flipped through the list and said, “That’s not necessary. I have a lot of interest and I will bid for it oneself. However, if there are too many people bidding for these items, they may not be able to achieve the expected price. Take it.”

Pointing to a few rare materials on the list, because it is too rare, once it comes to the auction, the bid price exceeds 30% to 50%, that is often the case.

“Since Mister Chuan has been promised, our company will definitely take it.” Fei Yu said with a smile.

She was in a very good mood. Not long after reaching an agreement with Lin Chuan, the latter sent a deciphered part of the blueprint. According to this progress, if it goes well, it will take up to 20 days. The deciphering is complete.

With such credibility and efficiency, Fei Yu will naturally not be stingy.

“Go in and talk about it.”

Lin Chuan said this, and walked side by side with Fei Yu into the auction venue of City Hall.

Harpoon followed behind, like the bodyguards of the two, the white bull stroked the trembling straight hair, and muttered in his heart, these two dangerous people got together, the gel on his hair , Almost shattered by trembling hair.

At the same time, Harpoon is also wondering whether to remind Mister Chuan, the Young Lady Fei Yu feels the same danger.

At this time, the auction hall was almost full. The arrival of the three Lin Chuan did not arouse much attention, but the white bull Harpoon made the surrounding guests look more.

On the other side, in the box on the second floor of the conference hall, Lieutenant General Phillon was sitting in it. He was surprised to see Harpoon walking into the conference hall with a pair of young men and women behind him.

For the nephew of Harpoon, Lieutenant General Phillon is very fond of him. In recent years, he deliberately keeps his distance from Whitemane, and there are only a handful of opportunities to meet this little white bull. This makes Lieutenant General Phillon a pity.

“Who are these two youngsters?”

Lieutenant General Phillon asked the adjutant, who immediately took out the list, investigated the guest’s information, and gave a quick reply.

A young Mechanic, a business elite, Harpoon works in Mechanical Warehouse, it is not surprising that he will follow.

Looking at the information of Lin Chuan and Fei Yu, Lieutenant General Phillon waved his hand. He has never liked dealing with Mechanic and business people. The former can’t be discussed together, and the latter always wants to get it from him. The order is boring.

“Are the two Little Brats not here yet? I’m still waiting for tonight’s good show…” Lieutenant General Phillon asked.

The adjutant on the side took the communicator and contacted it. After getting a reply, said with a smile: “Mister Zhuang and Mister Youya are coming soon. Before the auction begins, you should be able to go to the City Hall. Commander, you Don’t worry, the great show tonight must be on the scene as scheduled.”

“Hehe…, the two Old Guys are in front of me, bragging about how outstanding their students are. I want to see, today Which one of these two Little Brats will be better at night. Remember to record the entire video. If the strength is too bad, I will be able to make fun of those two old bastards when I go back at night…”

Lieutenant General Phillon said, chuckled up.

“According to the information three months ago, the heart origin power of Mister Zhuang Chen and Mister Youya reached the fourth boundary, and both of them also comprehended their teacher’s absolute art, which led to today’s arranged fight. .” The adjutant continued to report.

“Did you reach the fourth boundary three months ago? These two guys are only in their early twenties, and they are terrifying…”

“I don’t know if it will be another five years, this In the batch of Youngster King, who can reach those levels?”

“The youngsters of this generation are under a lot of pressure…”

Lieutenant General Phillon muttered.

At this time, there was a commotion in the auction hall, the door opened, and three youngsters walked in one after another, attracting the attention of the guests.

These three young people, one is a three stars Mechanic, the other two are martial artists, their manners are extraordinary, walking together one after another, as if gathering the rays of light in the entire venue.

“Yejad of the Mechanic Association, he would come to this auction? Isn’t he looking at any lot?”

“Zhuang Chen, wow, it’s really Zhuang Chen, Heavens! He himself is more handsome than the picture.”

“Dragon Sealing Spear ·Youya! Are they going to arrange a fight in the City Hall tonight? This will not be the finale tonight, right?”

For a while, the guests present discussed spiritedly, and many women couldn’t help screaming, whispering the names of the three young people.

“Mechanic, the genius of the Mechanic Association, two Youngster Kings……, hey……”

Harpoon stroked his hair, curl one’s lip, he didn’t care, and his scalp was tight. There is no feeling of, these three young people are not threatening.

Lin Chuan raised his head and glanced, paying attention to Yejad for two more seconds, then retracted his gaze.

He has an impression of Yejad. In the Eastern Continent Mechanic Association, Yejad and Gong Guanyang became a double star, and he is considered to be the future leader of the Mechanic Association.

From Gong Guanyang’s mouth, Lin Chuan has also heard the name of Yejad many times. Strictly speaking, Yejad is one year younger than Gong Guanyang. The two are good at different mechanical domains. The former is good at Heart-Origin. The research and development of Equipment, the latter, is focused on improving the formidable power of Heart Origin weapons.

“Is Yejad all three stars Mechanic? It seems that Group Leader Gong is under a lot of pressure…” Lin Chuan muttered secretly.

As for Zhuang Chen and Youya, Lin Chuan doesn’t pay much attention. For this generation of Youngster King, he is most optimistic about Little Lion King. This is not because of friends, but because of Little Lion King’s [ Lion King Heart] fully awakened.

The king innate talent of Lion Heart Race, whether in cultivation or fighting, is too cheap. Zhuang Chen and Youya do not have such terrifying innate talent.

Martial Way is sometimes so helpless. Although hard cultivation is essential, innate talent occupies a huge part.

With the same effort, the same encounter, and the same resources, it is their respective innate talents that finally decide which one is better.

“Mister Chuan, it looks like a good show tonight, Zhuang Chen and Youya, two Youngster King’s arranged fight, but heavy news…”

Fei Yu said with A smile, with expectation on his face, seems to be very interested in these two Youngster Kings.

Such a reaction is normal. Since the Little Lion King awakened [Lion King Heart] last year, the topic of Youngster King has been hot, and Eastern Continent’s digital Youngster King have been picked up.

Among them, the most popular, except for Little Lion King of White Dwarf Kingdom and Northern Land Royal Daughter of Mysterious Star Empire, Zhuang Chen is the most popular, ranking third.

This ranking is not a ranking of strength, but a comprehensive consideration.

Of course, the standard of comprehensive consideration, strength and record are only part of it, background and family history are also part of it, and the most important thing is the appearance!

Zhuang Chen is the most handsome and sunny among this group of Youngster Kings, and is naturally sought after by countless women.

Amidst the whispers of the crowd, three young people walked to the first row and sat down, and the host on the stage announced the official start of the auction.

One by one, lots of auctions were exhibited one after another, and there was constant bidding, and there was a host to set off the atmosphere, and the atmosphere of the whole auction venue quickly rose.

“Uninteresting auction…”

Sitting in the first row, Yejad frowned impatiently. If it weren’t for this auction, there are rare materials [Glittering Core]. He didn’t want to come over. With this time, isn’t it good to stay in the laboratory?


There was a slight vibration from the communicator, Yejad immediately picked it up, took a look, and immediately couldn’t look away.

The interface link of the communicator is a high-end Mechanic forum. A post in it has a reply, which is a calculation assumption he gave two hours ago.

This post is a help post, the content is a broken formula, the Heart Origin code arrangement, and the ideas are really novel, which aroused the interest of the forum one by one advanced account.

In less than a few hours after posting, the reply to this post has built Wanlou. Yejad is very interested in this incomplete calculation and published oneself’s calculation hypothesis.

Now, the host of the post suddenly replied to him and pointed out some flaws in the assumptions of Yejad’s formula, which made him suddenly attracted.

“The mechanical level of the poster is really high! Indeed, this is a fatal flaw in my calculation assumptions, how to make changes…”

In Yejad’s mind, click The child is occupied by countless codes and calculations, and can no longer take care of the others, so I immerse myself in the calculation.

I don’t know how long it took, he finished the calculation, and posted a new calculation hypothesis. It was praised by the poster, and immediately felt very satisfied. This is the fun thing!

Compared with this boring auction, mechanical research and calculations are much more interesting…

Sorry! auctions? !

【Glittering Core 】! ?

Yejad reacted abruptly, and when he came back to his senses, he realized that the auction had already reached its finale. [Glittering Core] had already been auctioned off.


Yejad was stunned. He obviously felt that he only calculated for a while, but how could [Glittering Core] be shot.

“Why did you shoot it? Zhuang Chen, why didn’t you remind me!” Yejad looked towards Zhuang Chen, complaining.

The two are friends and they have a good personal relationship, so they came together.

“You are ashamed to say, I reminded you several times just now, you said it was okay, you shot it off.” Zhuang Chen said helplessly.

Youya, who is a seat away, also agrees with nodded. He and Zhuang Chen are rivals of the same generation, but they are still very good to Yejad.

As long as all martial artists are willing to make friends with Mechanic geniuses, besides, Yejad is still the Mechanic Association.

Not only Zhuang Chen reminded Yejad just now, but Youya also reminded him several times. Seeing Yejad indulging in calculations, it’s hard to say anything.

After all, Mechanics is so focused, it may be a sudden emergence, perhaps an important technical difficulty is about to be overcome.

Such a situation, like the sudden enlightenment of a martial artist, is very precious. It is an offense to others who dare to disturb too much.


Yejad looked dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. The incomplete formula was interesting, but the real purpose of his trip was [Glittering Core 】what!

It’s a pity to miss this rare material like this…

“Who took the photo?” Yejad asked.

“This person…”

Zhuang Chen gave a list and pointed to the name of one of the guests. He considered carefully, he was worried that Yejad would regret it, so he paid special attention to it. People who follow 【Glittering Core 】.

“Mechanical Honeycomb, Lin Chuan…”

Yejad brows, a figure flashes in his mind, follow the seats on the list, turn his head and look, and see the back row In one seat, there is a youngster sitting on top of the one from the Nanluo City Mechanic tournament.

Mechanic tournament in Nanluo City, he went to watch a few games, especially the victory of Mechanical Honeycomb. The outsider may not see much, but the insider can see clearly. That is Sideline Coach enough. Awesome.

At that time, many Mechanic inquired about the Sideline Coach and were shocked when they learned of Lin Chuan’s identity and the age of this person.

Yejad’s teacher and Vice President of the Mechanical Association sighed that the White Dwarf Kingdom Mechanic circle has really changed a lot over the years. The change in concept has allowed this ancient Kingdom to take off in the mechanical domain. The trend.

Furthermore, his teacher Fu Lin was born in Mysterious Star Empire. He learned that Lin Chuan is also a member of Mysterious Star Empire. He made a special investigation of his origins. Then he lamented the mechanism of Mysterious Star Empire’s Mechanic organization to cultivate newcomers. It’s too bad, such a genius can be put in White Dwarf Kingdom.

“Mechanic, who is less than 20 years old, look at how tightly Takks is hiding, and Bassi, Old Guy, who asks nothing. They think they don’t respond, so I can’t find out. ?”

“Look at this information. It has been less than two years since Little Brat to White Dwarf Kingdom. This resume is really gorgeous!”

In my mind, Yejad remembered the content of the document. The Mechanic assessment was locked. It was suspected to be Professor Takks, and his teacher was initially blocked with permission. The latter was Mount Tai Big Dipper of White Dwarf Kingdom Mechanic.

The First Chapter paper after Mechanic’s assessment was chosen by Legendary Machinery Grandmaster Noblin and participated in White Dwarf Kingdom’s [Cracked Scale Canyon] purification plan. In the future, if the cracked Scale Canyon purification is completed, the conclusion will be made. , Its name is likely to be included in the history of White Dwarf Kingdom…

After that, it seems that the innate talent in the academic school is too high, and worried that it will attract the attention of Western Continent, and it will be disadvantageous. The two teachers Exercise this youngster and send it to the Fire Blade Mechanical Workshop of Mechanical Honeycomb in advance.

At the Nanluo City Mechanic tournament, it was only half a year since the youngster arrived at the Fire Blade Mechanical Workshop…

“Yejad, your future pressure is not small…”


Thinking of teacher Fu Lin, Yejad didn’t feel anything at the time, but now seeing Lin Chuan himself and seeing the face that is obviously more than four years old than oneself young, he suddenly felt a lot of pressure.

“What’s wrong? How can you be regarded as Lin Chuan’s Senior. If you need [Glittering Core], if the price is right, he might change hands.”

Notice Yejad Zhuang Chen asked, thinking that this rare material was very important to him. .

“Yes! If we don’t have enough money, we still have a little bit.” Youya also seized the opportunity to show her favor.

Yejad shook the head, [Glittering Core] is rare, and he really wants it, but if someone shoots it first, forget it, he passes the Mechanic Association channel, after a while, he should be able to Contact the seller.

“Mister Yejad, if you are inconvenient to come forward, I can ask someone to negotiate with this Mechanic.” Youya said with a smile, and continued to show good.

“No need.”

Yejad raised his hand to refuse, looked at Zhuang Chen and Youya, and said softly: “Take advantage of the past few days in Foca Tower, you have a chance You can get to know Lin Chuan.”

Zhuang Chen and Youya were taken aback, and then their hearts jumped. They immediately understood what Yejad meant.

Especially Zhuang Chen, who has known Yejad for several years. The latter’s temperament seems to be much more cordial than the other double star Gong Guanyang of the Mechanic Association. However, the pride in his bones is It’s on par.

Even for Gong Guanyang, Yejad will not say so, let Zhuang Chen take the initiative to get acquainted.

For Yejad to say such a thing, Zhuang Chen knows very well what the meaning behind this means.

The two young people were taken aback for a moment, and they didn’t know what to say, but secretly thought about them. After the arranged fight with each other, they would find a chance to get acquainted with each other.

In the back row, Lin Chuan didn’t pay attention to these. He was counting the gains from this time. On the forum just now, it was him who attracted Yejad’s distraction, and he took a picture of [Glittering Core] in one fell swoop.

This is an unexpected gain, but it is an important material for improving the quality of [Void Bone Shadow].

“Fortunately, Young Lady Fei Yu, you invited me. This time I was really rewarded.” Lin Chuan smiled and thanked Fei Yu.

“Mister Chuan is too polite.”

Fei Yu chuckled lightly, but looked at this youngster, Lin Chuan’s behavior just now, she naturally saw it. , While using a trumpet on the forum to attract Yejad’s attention, while taking a picture of [Glittering Core], this hand is really cunning.

The two talked softly, and they were not very interested in the next auction.

Lin Chuan’s attention fell on the corner of the auction hall. A woman with a hot figure was sitting next to her. An army officer was sitting next to her. It was Vogut. The name of the City Hall banquet. protagonist.

“He is Vogut, and his wife Makki…”

Lin Chuan frowned secretly, and under his influence, he could clearly hear the conversation between the two.

Vogut and Makki are cuddling together, talking about the love between the husband and wife, flirting and cursing, and they all feel tired and crooked.

This reaction is in line with the rumors. The couple has always been very affectionate.

From Vogut, Lin Chuan did not find anything unusual, but the slight reaction of the forehead eyeball pattern reminded him that not only the officer is threatening, but his wife Makki seems to be a bit more threatening than her husband.

This is intriguing…

For a moment, Lin Chuan turned his attention to a VIP box on the second floor, where the old acquaintance Viscount Lowe was sitting.

As for Baron Sweet and his wife, they left Foca Tower in the early morning. It seems that Baron Sweet’s purpose here is to take out the box from the Mechanical Warehouse.

It is the second time Lin Chuan has seen Viscount Lowe since he was on the levitation train. Mental Energy swept over the latter and quickly discovered his anomaly.

That night, the injury caused by Kitty Lan has been completely recovered. Viscount Lowe has a little more on his body. It is a mark of Mental Energy. It is very weak, but firmly attached to the carotid artery. There is a scar there.

For this Mental Energy mark, Lin Chuan is quite familiar with the haze.

“It was the Mental Energy expert who attacked Lowe in the hospital. It seems that Lowe also knows him, um…”

Lin Chuan’s thoughts turned and he thought of an idea.

Since Viscount Lowe has been impacted by Mental Energy before, there is still Mental Energy remaining in the wound. It is very convenient to perform a short [Mental Manipulation] on it.

Thinking about this, the auction ended soon, and the guests left one after another. Lin Chuan was mixed in the crowd, thinking about it, looking for an excuse to urinate, and give Viscount Lowe to a place where no one is. Here is a note of Mental Manipulation.

At this time, a man and a woman greeted him. The woman among them was Madame Fowler. The middle-aged man beside her was slender and slender. Elegance, with an inherent aristocratic temperament.

The most eye-catching feature is the man’s face. His facial features are actually quite ordinary. However, the narrow tails of the eyes are three-pointed intellectual and three-pointed elegant, which makes people unable to help but feel good.

This is the first time Lin Chuan has met such an elegant middle-aged man. In the past two years, he has experienced many things and met many people, as well as many outstanding characters. .

However, it is rarely comparable to this middle-aged man in demeanor.

“Lady Fei Yu, Mister Lin Chuan, I brought my wife here to make amends to the two. I am Fowler, the assistant of City Hall Law Clerk.” middle-aged man Fowler introduced himself.

“You two, I’m so sorry that day!”

Madame Fowler bowed, apologetic, and whispered: “I was in a mess that day. I blamed Fowler. After I went back, I thought about it. , I am very worried. I am here to make amends for both of you. Please also Lady Fei Yu, forgot what I said that day…”


Lin Chuan, Fei Yu Exchanging eyes, they all saw surprise from each other’s faces, especially Lin Chuan, who could only say fuck.

Before Lin Chuan came to Foca Tower, he carefully reviewed some of the official important figure information.

About Fowler, Assistant to Law Clerk of Foca Tower, this person is a typical bureaucrat. He has the ability to profit from his power and manage relationships. There are at least five mistresses…

Such a character can mix well in City Hall, because he has long sleeves help one dance beautifully, his mouth is neat, and he has the ability to do things. Lin Chuan has some impression of this.

However, the face in the photo is very reluctant to be linked to delicate and pretty. When I arrived in front of me, it was such an extraordinary middle-aged man.

As for Madame Fowler’s change of words, Lin Chuan could see that this woman was not forced at all, but was thinking of her husband.

Don’t she know her husband’s behavior?

The certain/affirm is impossible, and you can find Fei Yu. In this way, I want to kill my husband’s source of income…

Now, the attitude has come so big Looking at Madame Fowler’s eyes, Lin Chuan thought about the transformation of her husband. As a man, he could only give Fowler a thumbs up.

“There is still some time at the beginning of the banquet. I wonder if the two of you can appreciate your face. Let me invite them to have a cup of tea as a plea.”

Fowler bowed and looked at Lin. Chuan and Fei Yu, at the same time, set their eyes on the little white bull, nodded and said: “And Mr. Harpoon, let’s be together.”

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