This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 424

When entering the room, Lieutenant General Phillon’s attention was on Harpoon and Fowler.

As for Lin Chuan and Fei Yu, he didn’t take seriously. The first two also greeted him. Lieutenant General Phillon was just nodded, and even a serious expressions all owe it.

This is not a deliberate contempt, but Lieutenant General Phillon has never caught a cold for Mechanic, business people, and the like.

In front of Mechanic, Lieutenant General Phillon always felt that IQ was not enough. He was dizzy when he heard the mechanical data.

What’s more, Foca Tower and Mechanical Honeycomb have not been closely related. A new Mechanical Honeycomb, even if it has a background, Lieutenant General Phillon doesn’t bother to take care of it.

As the highest commander of the army at Foca Tower headquarters, he has such confidence.

As for the Eastern Gold Company, as far as this type of company is concerned, it has always been for him.

At this moment, seeing the actions of Zhuang Chen and Youya, Lieutenant General Phillon understands that it is very unusual for two Youngster Kings to treat them like this.

“Mister Chuan. I am Zhuang Chen.”

“I am Youya. How long will Mister Chuan stay in Foca Tower? If you don’t mind, please find a time to gather together “

Zhuang Chen and Youya introduced themselves, but they didn’t mention the teacher behind them, and they talked with Lin Chuan in their own capacity.

Lin Chuan responded calmly, probably understanding the purpose of the two of them, and did not show much coldness.

These two Youngster Kings will also be great people in the future, and getting to know them is a good network.

“The bombing?”

Listening to Fowler’s explanation, Lieutenant General Phillon nodded, “I’m sorry for the loss of Mechanical Honeycomb. If you need to investigate anything, you can directly contact The headquarters army brought it up.”

Looking at the actions of Zhuang Chen and Youya, Lieutenant General Phillon also sold a good one.

“many thanks Commander Phillon. I have always admired Lieutenant General for your battle honor. See you today, name is not in vain.”

Lin Chuan bowed slightly, for fighting against Sea The Legendary general of Beast, he respects him very much.

Picking up the teapot, Lin Chuan makes tea by himself. His movements are full of pleasing to the eye, and his proficiency is actually Fowler.

For a moment, a cup of [Sea Flame Tea] was placed in front of Lieutenant General Phillon, Lin Chuan raised his hand and made a please gesture.

Lieutenant General Phillon toasted, drank it, refused the taste of tea, showing a little surprised look, this youngster’s tea-making skill is not much better than Fowler’s.

“Wonderful…” Fowler stroked his palms in admiration, looking at Lin Chuan’s gaze like a close friend.

At this time, there was a sound of music outside, followed by a knock on the door, and the adjutant told the outside that the banquet was about to begin. Lieutenant General Phillon, Zhuang Chen, and Youya were invited to sit in.

“Is it started so soon…”

Lieutenant General Phillon held the teapot, under the horrified gaze of everyone, drank it in one drink, patted Zhuang Chen and Youya on the shoulders , Said with a smile: “Let’s go! In the second half of tonight, it will be your stage.”

The expressions of Zhuang Chen and Youya have changed a little, they look at each other, and they are faint giving tit for tat.

In this arranged fight, even if there is no element of grievance, but the reputation of each other’s teachers is involved, we still have to go all out.

Immediately, the three of Lieutenant General Phillon left first, and Fowler made a condemnation and went to the banquet hall.

Lin Chuan and the others walked out and looked at the brightly lit area in the City Hall. The shining lights enveloped the building with brilliance.

“I thought of an idea. I need someone to be quiet. After the meeting, I will see you in the parking lot.”

Lin Chuan said, turned and moved towards the other direction. .

“Mister Chuan didn’t even attend the banquet? Where is there a lot of food and wine…” Harpoon muttered.

“Let’s be with Mr. Harpoon. I happened to get to know the important figure at the banquet. I heard that your father is the chairman of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, Mr. Whitemane?” Fei Yu said with a faint smile .

“Uh…old fogey is the president of the North Area Chambre of Commerce…”

Harpoon was a little hesitant. To be honest, he was alone with Fei Yu, and the little white bull was so embarrassed. More powerful.

Lin Chuan feels dangerous to him, but the former is a cooperative relationship with North Area Chambre of Commerce, but Fei Yu is different.


Led by City Hall personnel, Lin Chuan entered a lounge, sat down, took out the Light Screen, and checked the results of the half night.

The deciphering of the combination lock blueprint has been completed one-tenth. At this rate, it may be completely deciphered in less than a week.

“It seems that the plan can be advanced, it is a surprise, but…”

Lin Chuan was browsing the Light Screen, and suddenly shook the head, showing an unexplained smile .

In the earphone, Tai Gu’s voice came, “The banquet in City Hall is very lively! Why don’t you go in and find such a place? Did you find anything?”

Pass Little Whites’ monitoring, Tai Gu’s understanding of City Hall’s movement is quite clear.

He didn’t understand why Lin Chuan suddenly went to the lounge. The plan originally discussed was to try Captain Vogut again at the banquet, and look at Viscount Lowe’s actions by the way.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, didn’t you pay attention to Lieutenant General Phillon, and Fowler?” Lin Chuan asked.

“It is worthy of being one of the four Generals of Eastern Continent. It is amazing! The strength of the sixth boundary peak is just the most superficial strength.”

Tai Gu praised repeatedly, Lieutenant General Phillon is not stingy with words of beauty. His vision in Martial Way is rare in the world. Even without data analysis, he can judge the true strength of Lieutenant General Phillon.

The sixth boundary Peak? !

This is just the heart origin power cultivation base of Lieutenant General Phillon. Tai Gu analyzed the cultivation method Battle Skill of Phillon cultivation. It should be a killing intent. The whole person is sitting there Motionless As Mountains, but in fact it is within the The body contains endless killing intents.

“This kind of killing intent Battle Skill! The most advantage on the battlefield, where murderous aura, corpses everywhere across the field, is the best place for tempering Battle Skill. And, this kind of killing intent Battle Skill, usually can continue to kill intent within the body, break out at a critical moment, and be able to exert terrifying lethality beyond its own boundary…”

“The Battle Skill of Lieutenant General Phillon cultivation should be this. First, you should feel it. Even with your Mental Energy, you can’t detect the slightest breath. This is the most terrifying.”

“This kind of killing intent burst, its formidable power is so great. Not to mention the experts in the same realm, the seventh boundary expert can’t stop it either…”

Tai Gu talked freely and asked Lin Chuan to be cautious when dealing with this type of enemy.

The expert who is good at killing intent Battle Skill. To a certain extent, the lethality is not weaker than Mental Energy. If you use Absolute Kill Skill, anyone can gnaw a bite of meat.

Lin Chuan nodded, he has always heard about his own safety.

“What happened to that Fowler?” Tai Gu asked.

“From Mister Fowler, I think of someone…” Lin Chuan murmured.

“Who…” Tai Gu asked again.

Lin Chuan shook the head, he just had this idea, it has yet to be verified.

At this time, on the Induction Goggles, an image came, and the arranged fight of Zhuang Chen and Youya had begun…

In the screen, two figures flew over the City Hall. The sword light and long spear’s edge exploded in the rainy night, piercing the dark night sky.

At the top of City Hall, Zhuang Chen’s body is like a flying hong, a long sword that is full of electric light and cuts continuously, like a thunder lightning, which accurately hits the tip of Youya’s spear.

On the opposite side, Youya did not show any weakness. The three-meter long spear trembled, and a vast spear shadow rolled out, like a wave, covering the thunder sword light.

ding ding ding~ ……

The fire star splashes and the collision of two Three Stars Level Heart Origin weapons is shocking. The night sky of City Hall seems to be torn out one after another crack.

Many people came outside to watch the battle. From time to time, there were screams. It was two youngster King fans who were cheering.

In just a few breaths, Zhuang Chen and Youya fought dozens of times. The fierceness of the battle can be described as a needle-to-earth.


“Zhuang Chen and Youya are very strong!”

Lin Chuan looked at it for a while, a little surprised, the two people’s heart origin power All have just arrived at the fourth boundary. Among the young generation, the cultivation base of heart origin power alone is already a well-known figure.

This is not the key. Zhuang Chen and Youya’s understanding, application, and actual combat ability of Battle Skill are far beyond their age. This is the most rare.

“Eastern Continent’s Youngster King is a temporary choice…” Lin Chuan murmured.

Tai Gu didn’t speak. He guessed that Lin Chuan didn’t even notice oneself. When the youngster said this, he didn’t count himself in.

In many respects, the youngster’s vision has far surpassed his peers. Looking at the younger generation’s vision is more like the previous generation looking at the younger generation…

Suddenly, Tai Gu let out a surprise, and sent another video.

After opening, the picture shows Fowler, coming out of the small door of the banquet hall and moving towards the back of the City Hall.

Not far from him, there is a shadow that also moved towards the same direction. It was Makki, the protagonist of the banquet-Captain Vogut’s wife.

Under the light, reflecting on Makki’s face, her skin can be broken with a bomb, maybe it’s a seductive blush after drinking some wine.

Wearing a luxurious evening dress, Makki is like a blooming flower, stepping lightly, like dancing, turning into an unmanned corridor of City Hall, where there is a lounge .

“fuck…, this is to be at the oneself husband’s celebration banquet, the honor banquet, and the clandestine affair under the nose of the husband? He is really not afraid of death…” Tai Gu Could not help but scolded.

Lin Chuan didn’t care, zoomed in on the image, looked at Makki’s beautiful figure, and looked thoughtful. What was the reason for the slight sense of disobedience on this woman?

Immediately, Fowler and Makki entered the lounge one after the other.

Tai Gu is quite interested in the colorful things that happen inside, but he can’t control Little White to sneak in directly, worrying about disturbing the people inside.

You can only control Little White No. 123 and go to the nearby corner to listen to the wall…

“It’s all because of you, otherwise, I would never do this kind of thing in my life, saying It’s embarrassing to go out!” Tai Gu muttered like this.

“Your reputation is lost in the River of Time, are you still worried about your face? People who want face are often unhappy in life, and only if they have no face and skin can they be stinky for thousands of years…” Lin Chuan Seriously.

Tai Gu disagrees very much, but can’t find a reason to refute it. He keeps manipulating a few Mechanical Little White Mouse and moving towards this side is approaching, to have a full range of 3D sound monitoring (listen to the corner ).

However, in less than half a minute, the door of the lounge opened, and Fowler stepped out of it.


Tai Gu was shocked again, “So fast?! This Fowler won’t be so bad, right…”

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