This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 426

In the lobby, a huge blue cat’s claw occupies one-fifth of the area, and it has a tendency to grow larger.

Kitty Lan breathes deeply, suppressing the violent power within the body, preventing the claws from growing.

It is already quite adept at controlling its own abilities. This is due to Lin Chuan’s constant practice by forcing little kitty to practice when he is fine.

Under the huge cat’s paw, Little Brat can clearly feel that the little girl has fainted, and Mental Energy within the body has also been temporarily blocked.

This method is unique to Kitty Lan. It uses the powerful aura within the body as a medium to block the power of creatures, similar to a substantive murderous aura.

According to Lin Chuan’s words, this is the coercion of high-level creatures, somewhat similar to Dragon’s Might of Dragon Race.

“Meow……, hmph! ╭(╯^╰)╮, little girl, it’s fine to steal the food from this kitty. I want to use my hands and even take this kitty away. You Do you think this kitty is so bully…”

Kitty Lan’s teeth suffocated. It remembered the little girl gobbled up just now, as if she hadn’t had enough food for several days, after all, she didn’t lose weight. Claw, let go of the claw.

On the ground, the little girl was lying on the ground in a big font, her hair covered her face, her face was not clear, but she was very petite, she looked like she was less than ten years old.

In the little girl around the body, one after another the substantial aura lingers around, like a chain, binding it tightly.

Kitty Lan took a look, his little head thought about it, pressing the manipulator, two Little Whites rushed forward, and injected the little girl with a paralysis needle to make sure she would not wake up.

Then Little Blue Cat stretched out the cat’s claws, popped a sharp cat nail, hooked the little girl, and dragged her to a monitor.


Scanning the little girl’s body over and over again, she found a tracking device in her head.

“Put the tracking device in your head, meow…, so vicious!”

Kitty Lan was suddenly angry. It thought of the children who were victimized in the TV series. Thinking of oneself, if it is used as a test cat, is it the same?

Activating the shielding device and enshrouding the little girl, Kitty Lan rushed back to the cat’s nest and sent a message to Lin Chuan, and then looked at the stormy moon outside the window. It was quite sad. This night was just like this. destroyed.

When Lin Chuan came back at midnight, after listening to Kitty Lan’s recount, I couldn’t help being a little surprised. It was a bit coincidental.

The target that Viscount Lowe has been pursuing, just came to his residence and was subdued by Kitty Lan. Sometimes the weirdness of the world is like this.

Immediately, Lin Chuan went to check the little girl’s situation, opened her hair and saw her face clearly, he couldn’t help but stay.

The little girl’s face is very pale, her face is thin and dry, her dark circles are as heavy as panda eyes, she is obviously malnourished for a long time, plus anxiety and insomnia and other symptoms of Mental Energy riots.

Lin Chuan was not shocked by these, but two people flashed in his mind, called up a document, opened the two people’s information, and compared them, and he knew it in his heart.

“Very similar! Is this their child?”

Tai Gu analyzed the characteristics of the three and concluded that the probability of blood relationship is as high as 80%.

Kitty Lan also rushed over, looking at the little girl’s appearance, Little Brat called out in surprise, it thought of the man and woman in Cracked Scale Canyon.

Lin Chuan was silent for a while, and said: “Regardless of blood relationship or not, after she wakes up, don’t mention it.”

Speaking like this, he rubbed Kitty Lan’s Head, you did good performing it, and handled it very well.

“I brought delicious food, to reward your outstanding performance tonight!” Lin Chuan said.

“Meow……╰(*°▽°*)╯ ”

Kitty Lan was overjoyed. Hearing the praise from the main population, it was not easy, so he immediately wagged his tail and followed Behind Lin Chuan, take a look at what the master brought with him.


Early morning.

The raging rainstorm finally stopped. Although the sky in the city is still gloomy, it is better than the heavy rain after all.

The little girl woke up, she opened her eyes, and what caught her eyes was the shallow blue roof, which was as different as heaven and earth from the warehouses, bridges, and sewers that she used to find.

“This…, is…, where…”

Looking at pale gold eyes, the memory of last night flooded up, and the little girl’s eyes suddenly widened. She remembered.

She sneaked into a house last night. She saw a table of delicious food, lit candles, and delicious incense, and the super cute Little Blue Cat sleeping in the corner. …

She remembered stealing the table of food, and then thinking about stealing the Little Blue Cat. There was no way, the cat was so cute, she couldn’t resist the temptation.

But, what happened later, why did she lie here…

The memory keeps circling, the little girl’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger, she remembered, and she was preparing to take Little away. At the time of the Blue Cat, the paws of the mini kitten seemed to be bigger than the table suddenly, and slapped her to the ground.

At that time, the little girl thought that oneself was dead, so the huge cat’s claws could not be resisted at all. Except for Mental Energy, she was very strong, but she was weak in other aspects, and could not even compare to a child of the same age. .

“I…Is this dead…I am still dreaming…”

The little girl sat up, touched her head, and was surprised to find that it was like a weed Hair, I don’t know when it is very soft.

Also, the headache that usually troubled her is gone now, and her head is very lucky, and because she slept, it is very comfortable.

“So…, are you really dreaming…”

Turning over on the bed, the little girl closed her eyes again and muttered in a low voice.

Suddenly, a scent came, and the cry of gu lu sounded in her stomach, and she was hungry again.

It smells so good…

She turned over and sat up, and the little girl was stiff, trying to float up, but found that Mental Energy could not be used.

In a dream, can’t you use Mental Energy?

This dream is a bit strange…

The little girl muttered, but couldn’t resist the smell of food, opened the door carefully, and walked out quietly.

She worries that this dream will change and become a nightmare…

Every time Mental Energy riots, her dreams start to be very good, and then they reverse and become It’s a nightmare, she is too familiar with this experience.

Go out of the room and come to the lobby. It is still the table from last night, with a breakfast on it. The aroma assaults the senses.

Looking at the bread covered with butter, the little girl couldn’t help but swallowed saliva. She couldn’t help but ran over, jumped onto the chair, and gobbled up.

For a moment, this breakfast was wiped out by her. The little girl lay on the table, closed her eyes, and said intoxicated: “That’s great! If everyday all can eat this kind of breakfast, that’s fine. It’s a pity, this kind of dream is not something that everyday all can do…”

At this moment–

The little girl stiffened, and she felt a look, full of In addition to the existence of terrifying, this feeling seems a bit familiar.

I looked up and saw a cat litter in the corner of the wall. A mini Little Blue Cat was lying there, watching her silently with glass-like eyes open.

The eyes of this Little Blue Cat are so special. The little girl can guarantee that this is by no means a pet. The eyes seem to contain extremely high wisdom.


Kitty Lan called out softly and slammed his teeth, a terrifying ominous beast breath emerged, firmly locking the little girl.

“This…, it’s not a dream…”

The little girl’s eyes widened, full of panic. Her body became impossible to move, as if she was in a quagmire.

In an instant, she woke up, this was not a dream at all, everything last night was real.

Immediately, out of an instinct, she wanted to scream, and then she covered her mouth to prevent oneself from screaming.

The escape experience over the past year made her understand that at this time, screaming along instinct will only die faster.

“This is going to eat me…”

The little girl looked pale, and her body trembled. In front of such a terrifying breath, her willpower can support it, but, The body can’t bear it.

At this time, from another room, a voice came: “Okay. Kitty, don’t you frighten this little girl. Didn’t you see her fainting?”


Kitty Lan let go of her breath and called out in dissatisfaction. That was its breakfast, which was eaten by the little girl again.

The little girl saw that a youngster came out from another room, wearing a Mechanic robe, looking very young.

However, from this youngster, the little girl felt a sense of inexplicable trembling.

That is a kind of intuition, it is her natural ability…

For a while, the little girl’s body trembled violently, like a pendulum, puffed, and fell on her knees. Ground.

“I…, you…, who are you?”

In the hoarse voice, there was a wave of despair.

The little girl understands what’s going on. This young Mechanic’s Mental Energy is far stronger than her, and it is not something that oneself can contend with.


Lin Chuan took a few steps and saw the little girl reacted so intensely, he couldn’t help frowned, “Can you detect it?”


The little girl responded timidly, “I can detect all dangerous creatures, especially those who also own Mental Energy, my intuition is the most keen.”

This is really interesting!

In a Foca Tower, I met two people like innate talent, one is white bull Harpoon, the other is this little girl…

Lin Chuan thought secretly and stood there , Did not approach, but chose a farther chair, sat down, and motioned to the little girl to sit down too.

“Then, little girl, let’s talk about it, what should you do with the act of breaking into my house and eating and drinking secretly.”

Two hands hold Together, Lin Chuan looked at the little girl and calculated the loss that came this night, “There are a lot of limited editions in these foods, a total of 120 Gold Coins, you can leave after you pay.”

“Uh…, what…”

The little girl suddenly raised her head, staring at Tanjin’s eyes, some of them couldn’t figure out the situation. Is this asking her to compensate, and then let her go?

“Although your act was stealing, considering that you are a child, I am not going to call the police. You pay for the food and you can leave…” Lin Chuan said.


Kitty Lan is holding the Light Screen and it says: There is also breakfast money, a total of 122 Gold Coins!

“Forget the breakfast money.” Lin Chuan said.

“No, that was this kitty’s breakfast. She stole this kitty’s supper and breakfast. I can’t forget it…” Kitty Lan responded angrily.

The little girl was completely stunned. Looking at the mysterious Mechanic and the mysterious Little Blue Cat, she always felt that when she woke up, it seemed that the world had changed drastically.

“Sorry…, I have no money…” the little girl lowered her head and said.

“No money!? Then work, just clean the house!”

Kitty Lan immediately yelled, it shines on both eyes, this is what it had long thought of, yes With this little girl, she doesn’t need to do those cleaning tasks anymore.

Although cleaning robots can also do it, Lin Chuan always asks it to do some housework in order to make it not difficult or lazy, which makes Little Blue Cat very annoying.

“en. Will it be possible to do housework? If you can, just work to pay.” Lin Chuan asked.

“Uh…, it will be…”

The little girl was a little confused. I can’t turn my mind, so I can only respond passively like this.

Lin Chuan nodded, “Then stay here to do housework, it just happens that Little Brat also needs someone to take care of…”

The little girl originally wanted to say something, but I heard Three meals were included, and when I thought of the breakfast just now, I agreed in a ghostly manner.

“Little Brat will tell you specific things. By the way, what is your name?” Lin Chuan asked again.

“I…, my name is Laknia…” The little girl replied in a low voice.

Lin Chuan nodded, said nothing, got up and walked into the laboratory.


Kitty Lan held up the Light Screen and asked the little girl to change clothes now. Now that she had breakfast, she should work.

Immediately, under the support of Little Blue Cat, Laknia was busy for two hours from the morning. She was so tired that she was lying on the table and didn’t want to move. She felt that doing housework was really exhausting.

However, when it was noon, I saw a table full of lunch, only she and Little Blue Cat, Laknia suddenly felt that this life was too good.

“Sir, don’t you eat with us?” The little girl asked Mister Cat timidly.

Kitty Lan held up the Light Screen and asked the little girl to call Lin Chuan. The latter shook her head repeatedly. She did not dare to go and approach the young gentleman.

Meow…, eat quietly, don’t ask…

Kitty Lan crouched on the table, with a cat face, with a hint of self-righteous majesty, shaking With his tail.

The little girl immersed her head in eating lunch, without asking other questions, she was full of curiosity about this place.

However, compared to her escape career this year, she is unwilling to explore anything. Being able to live a peaceful life for a few days is like a dream, even if it becomes a nightmare later, there will be What does it matter…

On the other side.

In the laboratory, Lin Chuan spent half a day studying the tracking device in the little girl’s head.

This was taken last night when the girl was sleeping, using the instrument to take it out.

“Fortunately, Tai Gu is here, otherwise, this tracking device would not be so easy to take out…” Lin Chuan praised.

“hmph…, such a vicious tracking device, placed in the head of such a little girl, these guys are simply beasts…” Tai Gu said coldly.

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