This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 427

In the evening.

When Lin Chuan walked out of the laboratory, he saw the little girl holding a dry mop, dragging it back and forth in the room, doing the final cleaning.

Different from before, the little girl Laknia tied her hair, simply tied it into two braids, and ran around the room. The two braids swayed and matched her petite body. Finally there are some cute looks of little girls.

On the sofa in the lobby, Kitty Lan was sitting there, watching the drama. This Little Brat didn’t know when, still wearing a pair of glasses, doing two things at the same time, supervising the little girl’s housework, Pick up Light Screen from time to time and point out a few words.

For Little Blue Cat’s orders, Laknia is unconditionally executed, seeming to treat this mysterious Little Brat as a teacher.

This scene is a little weird inexplicably…

“Mister Chuan.”

Seeing Lin Chuan coming out, Laknia immediately stopped and stood far away Now, bow and salute.

Lin Chuan slightly nodded, “Why don’t you use those cleaning instruments and use this mop?”

The mop in the little girl’s hand is not technologically content, it is fully automatic here Cleaning tools are readily available.

Otherwise, with Lin Chuan’s busyness and Kitty Lan’s exhaustion, if it is really hand-cleaned, one person and one kitty would have long been unable to stand it.

The reason why people are not hired is because Lin Chuan’s residence always has to do some secret things. If it is exposed, it will be bad.

“Teacher Kitty said, my body lacks exercise, so I will not be allowed to use those mechanical equipment.” Laknia said timidly.

Speaking of the cleaning machinery, the little girl had some emotions in her eyes inexplicably, as if she thought of some bad memories.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything. Kitty Lan was right. Laknia’s body really needs exercise.

It takes a long time for Mental Energy of Berserk to undergo treatment.

The first step of treatment is that your body must be healthy enough. A weak body will only aggravate the berserk of Mental Energy.

“If you have any questions, just ask Kitty, and put on this to relieve your headache.”

Lin Chuan threw a bracelet over and the little girl took it. The bracelet is very delicate, with gems inlaid on it, which looks like a work of art.

After putting it on, Laknia only felt a cold feeling, which was uploaded from the bracelet, which made her mind clearer.

“This is…”

Laknia touched the bracelet, looked up surprised and asked, “Is it really for me?”

Lin Chuan Nodded, said nothing, and told the little girl to stay here, to be well.

After that, he left.

“This bracelet is so beautiful!”

The little girl muttered to herself that she had never had anything like this before.


Kitty Lan screamed from behind, staring blankly at what he was doing. He didn’t hurry to clean up, he was going to have dinner soon, do you want to leave things until the evening? Things must be done together.


The little girl ran again, gasping for breath in the hall, but she ran very happily.

Downstairs, in the Floating Vehicle, Tai Gu’s voice in the earphone sounded: “This little girl innate talent is very strong! She is born with such a strong Mental Energy, but unfortunately, she has experienced too many ups and downs. Her Mental Energy riot symptoms, it is estimated that it has not been seven or eight years, and it is impossible to recover completely. Missed the best time for cultivation, what will happen in the future, it depends on her.”

Lin Chuan took it. Looking at the Light Screen and looking at the things inside, the data fed back by the bracelet shows the little girl’s current physical and mental condition.

He rushed to make it overnight, which can suppress the Mental Energy riot in Laknia and treat its symptoms.

“The extraordinary innate talent that is born may not be a good thing sometimes. This little girl is an example. In her mind, perhaps this life will not want to cultivate Mental Energy…”

Lin Chuan’s complexion moved slightly, “Foca Tower’s affairs are over, it is time to return to Mysterious Star Empire and pull up the Black Net Organization by the roots. It is better to wipe out this kind of organization in the world.”

“Yes. You finally made up your mind!” Tai Gu hearing this, immediately joyfully said.

“Where did I not make up my mind, it was just that I didn’t have enough power before. By the way, all the materials were delivered. How long will [Void Bone Shadow] be repaired?” Lin Chuan asked.

“Up to four days, I will control [Void Bone Shadow] and bring people over.” Tai Gu counted the time and gave a date.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything, started the Floating Vehicle, moved towards the Western Region of Foca Tower and drove away.


After the City Hall banquet, the entire Foca Tower fell into a year-end carnival for the next four days.

Various media platforms are summarizing the victories that Foca Tower’s army has won during the Sea Beast Regiment over the past year, and the war reports have been posted, making the people of the whole city excited, as if they have already Drive Sea Beast Regiment back to White Nightmare Sea forever.

The atmosphere in the entire city is very warm, and the armed forces of the Kingdom that reside in the city have also begun to move around, writing reports on their own achievements this year.

For each Kingdom, these reports are necessary. This is their face.

For the armed forces residing here, these reports are even more indispensable. They must strive for oneself’s military merits and their own future.

This is the most lively period of the year in Foca Tower. People here have tightened their nerves for almost a year. At this time, they can finally relax.

These four days, for Bapman, the chairman of the Western Peace Group, this is also a proud of one’s success day.

A week ago, the accident at the Mechanical Warehouse caused Western Peace Group to lose the Gu Teng line, but it caught up with another young Mechanic from Mechanical Honeycomb, Lin Chuan with a deep background. Line.

In the past four days, Bapman has learned that although Lin Chuan is very young, it is more than a simple background. It has considerable weight in Mechanical Honeycomb and even Mechanical Association.

At least, on the Foca Tower side, many things about the Mechanic organization, what the youngster said is quite significant.

In just four days, Western Peace Group acquired more mechanical parts from Mechanical Warehouse than in the past six months, which made Bapman very proud.

Fortunately, that day, he made a decisive decision, abandoned Gu Teng, prepared a rebirth gift, and sent it to this young Mechanic’s house. Otherwise, there would be no such good thing.

“This is vision, vision! I can sit in this position because of my sharp eyes…”

Sitting in the huge office, Bapman smoked a cigar. Quite complacent, boasting to the two senior managers.

“President Bapman, the Mechanic organization is making progress, but you still have to be careful of the North Area Chambre of Commerce. I heard that the old bastard of Whitemane seems to be doing something these days.” A senior Manager reports.

hearing this, Bapman’s face immediately sank, Fiercely glanced at this subordinate, and was quite dissatisfied with his uninteresting behavior.

When he was most proud of it, he wanted to mention the North Area Chambre of Commerce. Isn’t this a hindrance to him?

This person’s position in the future will still be lowered…

Bapman took a mouthful of cigarettes and vomited. Looking at this subordinate, he secretly made this decision.

For the North Area Chambre of Commerce, it has always been a pain in Bapman’s heart. It is the local influence of Foca Tower and the overlord of the first area.

However, the outside world’s evaluation of the North Area Chambre of Commerce is always above the Western Peace Group.

Especially in the past three years, the North Area Chambre of Commerce has successfully transformed itself into an influence that can be eaten in both black and white, which makes Bapman very jealous.

“Whitemane, this guy’s proud days have been just a few years…”

Turning his head around, Bapman looked towards the deep night city night scene outside the window, there is always a kind of The terrifying mysterious.

“As long as the Western Peace Group accumulates enough power in two more years, it will pull up the North Area Chambre of Commerce by the roots, this guy Whitemane, and his son, I will kill them by myself ……”

Bapman gnashing teeth, he touched his left rib, there was a scar, which was left by Whitemane during the previous exchange of fire in several decades. It injured his internal organs and almost killed him.

It was also that time that Bapman and Whitemane forged a feud. After that, the two became the presidents of the Western Peace Group and North Area Chambre of Commerce respectively, and they were also incompatible as fire and water.

“Wait, it won’t be too long…”

Mumbling like this, Bapman had a lot of doubts about the past. At that time, he arranged a spy , Betrayed Whitemane and put it into desperation. In the confrontation, Whitemane suffered much more serious injuries than him, and was later hunted down. How did this damn white bull survive?

Could it be that Minotaur’s body is too strong, so the severe injury has not survived, and later recovered better than him…

At this moment–

Bapman suddenly felt something was wrong, all around was too quiet, to be precise, it was too quiet outside the window.

It is true that the sound insulation in the office is very good, but near the windows, you can still hear the slight wind.

But now I can’t hear any sound. It seems that the entire world is silent all at once, and everything is silent.

Something’s wrong! ?

Years of experience of licking blood from the knife edge made Bapman react immediately. He didn’t even think, he had opened the drawer and took out the Four Stars Level weapon inside.

After that, he shook his body, and under the dumbfounded gaze of two subordinates, he opened the window and rushed out.


“President Bapman!”

Two senior Managers cried out in surprise, they reacted immediately and immediately followed.


The window opened, but there was no sound of wind. Instead, a terrifying force surged, directly blasting the three Bapman back, and fell to the office floor.

whiz whiz whiz ……

One after another, one after another, pierced into the three people within the body, moving wildly, causing the three Bapmans to immediately lose their mobility.

“This is the sixth boundary Peak expert?”

“A sixth boundary Peak expert attacked my Western Peace Group…”

Bapman’s eyes widened , His expression was full of horror. With the strength of his fifth boundary, he could be restrained in an instant, but it was not as simple as an ordinary sixth boundary expert, and needed a sixth boundary Peak to do it.

It’s just that there are not many such experts in Foca Tower, and they even took action against the Western Peace Group. Bapman thought about it, but couldn’t figure out which party’s influence was.

Gangs such as the Western Peace Group belong to the quasi-first-class influence in Foca Tower, and they are also local tyrants, and they do everything well.

For each Kingdom’s armed force in the Foca Tower, there are many things that must be done with the help of the Western Peace Group. After all, the more the official force, the greater the restrictions. Many things cannot be done by themselves. of.

In the city’s influence, Western Peace Group is even better than the Black Market branch. The latter is a strong dragon, but the focus is not here. After all, the local tyrant cannot be suppressed.

Who is it, can you sit down and talk…

When I was thinking, there were screams, even across the door, Bapman could tell, yes A few calls are his powerful subordinates, as well as one of his mistresses…

For an instant, cold sweat permeated his whole body, Bapman felt an inexplicable chill. This was for the headquarters of the Western Peace Group pull up by the roots?

The screams kept coming and going one after another. The opponent came from the first floor, all the way up…

Outside the door, there was a sound of footsteps all the way to the door, but There was no movement, there seemed to be a group of people standing outside the door, not coming in.

“Who? Who the hell is, what offends our Western Peace Group, please come out and give me a chance to apologize…”

Bapman shouted hoarsely, he He doesn’t want to die here. He is in his prime of life. He still has a lot of life to enjoy. He has amazing wealth in his hand. Even if the chairman of the Western Peace Group is improper, he can have an inexhaustible wealth for ten lifetimes.

Such a silent death is too awkward! ?


The office door was kicked open. A tall figure stood in front of the door, stepped over and looked down at the Bapman on the ground. It was a white Minotaur.

“President Bapman, you Western Peace Group, you have been fighting with our North Area Chambre of Commerce for so many years, do you think we can reconcile it just as an opportunity to make amends?” Whitemane grinned, coldly said with a sneer.

“How can you…?!”

Bapman’s eyes widened, desperate and unbelievable.

He understands the strength of the North Area Chambre of Commerce very clearly, and Whitemane does not have the support of the sixth boundary Peak expert, otherwise, the Western Peace Group would have been defeated over the years.

Could it be that there is any strong influence support…

As his eyes turned, Bapman saw that there were three people standing behind Whitemane.

The three of them wore cloaks and couldn’t see their true colors. However, the oppression was too suffocating. The breath of one of them was the peerless expert who sealed Bapman.

Three sixth boundary experts!

It is likely to be three sixth boundary Peaks! ?

Bapman’s scalp is numb, and he feels his head is about to explode. The North Area Chambre of Commerce is actually supported by three peerless experts? !

“Three, what price Whitemane will give you, I am willing to double it, no, ten times, the entire Western Peace Group will be sent by you!” Bapman cried.

The headed person laughed and said indifferently: “The entire Western Peace Group will be dispatched? It is not too troublesome. Wouldn’t it be easier to merge the entire Western Region into the North Area Chambre of Commerce? “

This person spoke in a very calm tone, but there was a horrible oppression. Bapman had seen many high-ranking people in his life, but found that no one could compare with this person.

This is a kind of oppression that was born after mastering the power of life and death and winning countless victories…

Bapman’s life, only seen in Lieutenant General Phillon, However, even the Legendary general did not reach this level…

At this time, this person glanced at Whitemane and said, “President Whitemane, you will take care of the next thing yourself. We. Don’t interfere.”

Whitemane even nodded, saying thank you for your help.

Speaking, this man took one of them and walked out.

The door closed, another figure wearing a cloak opened, and an old voice sounded: “Bapman, do you remember me as Old Guy…”

Speaking, this figure lifted He lowered his hood, revealing a wrinkled face, which fell in Bapman’s eyes as if he had seen a ghost.

“Mr. Lowden…” Bapman cried out in horror, his face pale as paper, without a trace of blood.

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