This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 428

Bapman was terrified!

Born in Foca Tower Western Region, Bapman was adopted by outlaw and grew up. Since he was a child, he has been desperately surviving. There has never been the word “fear” in the dictionary of his life.

The chaos in the Western Region has also made Bapman selfish. In his opinion, as long as he can survive, he can obtain greater benefits. All people and everything can be sold, including those around him. His relatives, and he oneself.

Of course, the premise is that he still has relatives alive…

This kind of temperament and very ruthless means enabled Bapman to show himself in the western city when he was just an adult. Become a leader of the Western Peace Group.

At that time, his relationship with Whitemane was not so bad, and the two even went to school together.

Yes, the two are alumni, but they are not a school in the general sense, but a school built by the Foca Tower gang organization for those valued subordinates to learn some necessary skills, such as , Literacy, some foundation knowledge, etc…

This is the case these days, you have to be a little bit brainy about what you do, and a little bit of ink in your stomach, otherwise, you will be eliminated by the society.

During that period of school, Bapman met one of the most feared people in his life, and that was Uncle Lowden.

Bapman still remembers that one day late at night, turmoil broke out in the west block, and a Sea Beast army infiltrated and almost slaughtered the residents of half a street.

The various gang organization forces in the Western Region wanted to wipe out this Sea Beast army, but they suffered heavy losses.

The gang school also organizes missions, letting Bapman and the others work together to assist in sniping the Sea Beast Regiment.

Then in a building, Bapman saw Uncle Lowden and the body of Sea Beast lying on the floor beside him.

According to a later investigation, there are several fifth boundary experts in those Sea Beasts, which is an irresistible force for the Western Region gangs.

These fierce Sea Beasts died in the hands of Uncle Lowden…

The dead bodies were piled up, blood flowing into a river, and an uncle with clean clothes was standing. Only the long knife he is holding is dripping blood…

That scene is deeply imprinted in Bapman’s heart. To this day, he understands that this is an expert that he cannot beat in his lifetime!

Now, Uncle Lowden is standing in front of him, with Whitemane, and Bapman understands in an instant.

At first, Whitemane was in a desperate situation, but got away safely, and his near-death injuries also recovered. Most likely it was Uncle Lowden who came to the rescue.

“Uncle Lowden, I am willing to reconcile, and our Western Peace Group is willing to reconcile with North Area Chambre of Commerce, and work together for you…” Bapman shouted.

He knows that he must persuade Uncle Lowden, otherwise, he is really over today, and Western Peace Group is also really over.

Uncle Lowden raised his hand and pointed, and Bapman was speechless, his mouth closed like a dying fish.

“Okay. Bapman, I have seen you for the first time since several decades ago. My Senior knows what kind of bastard you are. Even if a guy like you does things wisely, our Leader doesn’t like it, so , You’d better save the time…”

Lowden laughed, again pointing his fingers and hitting Bapman to the point.

Suddenly, the president of the Western Peace Group was like a ball, all of a sudden, he shriveled, and his whole person was much older.

In this scene, you can see Whitemane and North Area Chambre of Commerce’s expert eyelids jumping continuously. This technique has never been seen before, but it does not damage the vital heart origin power of the body, such as the heart and other parts. , It directly abolished the heart origin power of the whole body.

This is a first-for-one approach!

After doing all this, Lowden said slowly: “In fact, for a guy like you, Leader is not very attractive, and even less disdainful to take action. But who made you hit this? What? You Western Peace Group have done so many dirty things over the years, so don’t mind more.”


Lowden laughed , I wanted to say something, but found out the specific plan. Mister Redbud didn’t tell oneself, so he waved his hand, “Whitemane kid, you will take care of the rest. Don’t forget what the leader said.”

“Of course, Uncle Lowden, don’t worry, I will take care of everything.” Whitemane bowed quickly and promised.

Uncle Lowden nodded, turned around and left.

The door closed, Whitemane grinned, and said solemnly: “Bapman, you have been trying to swallow our North Area Chambre of Commerce for these years. Instead, we didn’t expect one day to be wiped out by us?”


“Whitemane, you let me go. I have a private vault. I can give you everything in it…” Bapman called.

Whitemane shook the head. At this time, Bapman still wanted to live. It is no wonder that in order to survive these years, in order to climb the position of the chairman of the Western Peace Group, Bapman does not know how many people betrayed.

“It’s over. Bapman…” Whitemane stepped forward.

“Whitemane. You bastard, you are born better than me, luck is better than me, if in terms of ability, I am worse than you, why…”

… …

In the room, there was a stern cry, and then there was no sound.

In another room, three figures stood quietly. Hearing such a movement, the headed Tai Gu nodded said, “Is it over? You stay and hand over with Whitemane. I have something to do. “

Speaking, the body moved, [Void Bone Shadow] disappears in place out of thin air like a ghost.

With the eyes of Lowden and Howya, Rao did not see clearly how the Leader disappeared.

“The strength of the Redbud Leader seems to have broken through again…” Lowden muttered.

“Removing the seem to be certain/affirm breakthrough, I don’t know what level of Leader’s strength is.” Howya murmured.

Two days ago, the Redbud Leader, who had been in retreat, appeared. The aura exuding from his body shocked the descendants of Redbud. The kind of terrifying oppression was actually a little hard to resist for that group of Old Guys. .

After that, the Leader took the two of them and flew to Foca Tower. Even Lowden was surprised that the mission was related to Whitemane.

“This plan seems to be related to Sea Beast Regiment. Leader is going to attack the Sea Beast Regiment of the White Nightmare Sea here…”

“Our descendants of Redbud lived The first thing, isn’t it about fighting with Sea Beast Regiment? If that’s the case, I have to do a good job this time…”

Two Old Guys muttered in low voices.

At this time, the entire western district was in chaos. The stronghold of the Western Peace Group was captured one after another. Before dawn on the 2nd day, the Western Peace Group dominating the Western Region was completely wiped out.


The next day.

The entire Foca Tower was shaken. In just one night, the Western Peace Group was delisted, and there is no Western Peace Group member in the Western District.

The site of the original Western Peace Group is being taken over by North Area Chambre of Commerce one after another……

How can the major gangs of Foca Tower accept such things? They have taken measures to seize the Western Region.

However, the Centaur/troops of these gangs were silently restrained before they entered the Western Region, and they were thrown away in an abandoned building outside the western block, waiting for their gang to claim them.

In this situation, the official Foca Tower officials who looked at it could not sit still. City Hall sent people to intervene, but was persuaded by the team hired by North Area Chambre of Commerce one after another, and took out one after another. Documents, contracts, speechless people from City Hall.

Not only that, many people at the top of Foca Tower also came forward to support the behavior of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, and suppressed all those opposed voices.

Some interested people have noticed that, like an invisible person, pushing behind the scenes, the North Area Chambre of Commerce successfully took over the site of the Western Peace Group and officially became the largest gang organization in Foca Tower.

This change has made many people smell unusual. Could there be any changes in the upper floors of Foca Tower…

At the same time.

In the east of the city, Viscount Lowe’s residence, upon hearing the news that the Western Peace Group was obliterated, the Viscount Master suddenly woke up from the bed and jumped up straight, quickly confirming the authenticity of the incident.

After that, in the study, there was an angry roar from Viscount Lowe, and he almost threw the table through.

“Western Peace Group, it took me that many money, and it disappeared all at once?! What about Bapman? This money must be recovered…” Viscount Lowe snarled with a distorted expression.


Another apartment building.

When Fei Yu knew the news, the pupil light moved slightly, looking thoughtful.

“Western Peace Group collapsed overnight… and so many things were revealed…”

Turn on the Light Screen and watch the news spreading from the outside world, Fei Yu drank the morning tea and suddenly laughed, “I heard that Western Peace Group has done a lot for the Mysterious Star Empire. This time I was pulled up by the roots. It seems that Viscount Lowe is about to jump again.”

In the earphone, a woman in a white coat screamed excitedly: “This is a happy event! This Western Peace Group, I don’t know how much armaments and a lot of information were provided to that person, it is equivalent to Foca One of Tower’s eyes has been dug out now. It hurts so much! The one who competes for position has become less confident…”

Looking at the news, Fei Yu’s slender fingers were light. Knock on the desktop, “Mysterious Star Empire’s contending for the grandfather, I will not participate, you better not get involved, although you have that relationship with the royal family…”

“I know. ! Know it! Don’t worry, I won’t ask for trouble…” The woman in the white coat muttered.

As soon as the conversation turned, she whispered: “By the way, have you seen Chuanchuan these days? What is he doing?”

Fei Yu rubbed the forehead, said ill- humoredly: “People simply don’t know you, why don’t you call it so affectionate? What else can he do? He spends his days in the laboratory and does the things Mechanic should do. This person can achieve such an achievement at this age. In addition to innate talent, hard work is a big reason.”

In the past week, Lin Chuan sent the deciphering results from time to time. The time of sending is variable, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, Sometimes at night, more often in the early hours of the morning.

To do the math, Fei Yu was surprised to find that this youngster might only sleep three hours a day at the end of the day…

Only three hours a day sleeps, the rest of the time is placed in the machine In terms of research, coupled with such innate talent, it is no wonder that it is so outstanding.

“My Chuanchuan is working so hard…” The woman in the white coat became idiot.

Fei Yu shook the head, and suddenly saw a message that the Mechanic organization also came forward to support the North Area Chambre of Commerce to take over some of the businesses of the Western Peace Group.


With a move in my heart, I read these news carefully again, Fei Yu’s calm face gradually changed, she vaguely noticed it, and seemed to have discovered An amazing thing.

“Foca Tower high-level, will there be major changes in the near future…” Fei Yu frowned and muttered softly.

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