This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 429


In the residence of Lin Chuan, an uninvited guest, a middle-aged man, came.

“Mr. Your refreshments.”

Laknia serves refreshments. This is the most high-end food in Foca Tower. Reservations are required for ordering.

However, based on Lin Chuan’s relationship with Foca Tower, these foods will be delivered to the door as soon as they are spoken.

The little girl has no idea about the most high-end food, but the aroma of this tea and this cake is so good, she glanced at the things on the plate, and immediately bowed her head, not dare Look more, worry that I can’t help but swallowed saliva.

In front of this middle-aged man, Laknia did not dare to show too much. This person gave her the same feeling as terrifying Mister Chuan.

Perhaps, Mister Chuan’s friends are like this.

The middle-aged man held the tea, held the pastry, smelled it, ordered a cigar, took a sip, shook the head, “No taste at all, alas…”


Is it tasteless?

Is it true that the most high-end refreshments are like this?

Laknia was a little strange. She looked at the food on the table, her mouth could not help but saliva, and she wanted to have a bite.

On the sofa by the side, Kitty Lan looked up, glanced at the middle-aged man, and gave a meow, seeming to be laughing at something.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man suddenly changed color, pointed at Little Blue Cat, and cursed: “What are you kidding at, little cat? I can’t taste it. Are you happy?”


After this guy had a body, why did he change?

Kitty Lan rolled his eyes and didn’t want to pay attention to the middle-aged man. Anyway, it was delicious to eat these foods. A Smartbrain and an Avatar wanted to taste the taste. Of course, it was impossible.

The loss is still a Smartbrain, how can there be such naive behavior?

Little Blue Cat shook his head secretly.

Laknia looked at the Mister Cat and the middle-aged man again. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t understand the communication between one person and one cat.

At this time, Lin Chuan walked out of the laboratory and saw this scene, and he couldn’t help but curl his lips: “Your Excellency Tai Gu, are you not afraid of smoking because you’re breaking your body?”

“What do you young know, do you know? Cigarette was my favorite thing, and this cake, alas…”

Tai Gu looked at the food on the table with a grimace , Even if you can taste a little taste, this Avatar is really not powerful!

“Are there any devices that can distinguish the sense of taste?” Tai Gu asked Xiyi.

Lin Chuan rubbed the forehead and has the time to study this device. It might as well be more perfect [Void Bone Shadow] and more practical.

Immediately, he handed the Light Screen to Tai Gu, with the updated data of [Void Bone Shadow] on it, as well as the aspects that need attention.

To be honest, when I first saw Tai Gu yesterday, Lin Chuan was also taken aback. Didn’t expect the repaired [Void Bone Shadow] to be upgraded.

This is not an upgrade in a general sense, and it is completely different from the upgrade originally expected by Lin Chuan, but a leap forward in all aspects of abilities.

The strength of [Void Bone Shadow] has reached a level close to the fifth boundary level, and all aspects of its ability are already under the control of Lin Chuan’s Mental Energy buff and Tai Gu’s control to a certain extent. Reached the point of the sixth boundary.

In this situation, it is like an eighth boundary Peak expert who controls the fleshy body of a fifth boundary expert, which far exceeds his own strength in many aspects.

However, Lin Chuan is just puzzled about this, what exactly is the structure of [Void Bone Shadow] that can release a breath of eighth boundary expert.

So, since yesterday, Lin Chuan began to study, constructing [Void Bone Shadow], analyzing various data, and finally came to a conclusion.

Open the Light Screen, above is the structure of [Void Bone Shadow], Lin Chuan points to the core part, which is also the position of the heart, and asks: “Do you know who created the design of this central structure? “

“How do I know this?”

Tai Gu’s answer made Lin Chuan a little speechless. At any rate, he also participated in the Mechanical Throne experimental product plan. I don’t know.

“My understanding of machinery is still in that form, how could I understand machinery knowledge before, knocking on my head with a hammer, I can’t learn it.” Tai Gu said innocently.

As the Regiment Commander of Redbud Regiment, Tai Gu’s previous mission was to fight Sea Beast Regiment, cultivation, and upgrade. He didn’t know anything about mechanics.

As for the production of [Void Bone Shadow], he has only heard of some plans. He really didn’t know who participated in the design.

“However, the designer of this thing, I am somewhat impressed, there are many Elves… she invited them…” Tai Gu whispered.

Is Elf’s skill?

Lin Chuan is slightly frowned. Seeing Laknia standing aside, holding a tray in both hands, he is very well-behaved, but with a hint of timidity.

So, he took the tea on the table to the little girl and asked her to solve it.

“Well me…, don’t you eat it, sir?” The little girl opened her eyes wide, and the two braids on the back of her head dangled, a trace of bloody face with a trace of brilliance.

“I don’t like these. Mister Gu can’t taste it. You and Kitty will share it.” Lin Chuan said.

Laknia even nodded, take these refreshments away, put them on the coffee table in front of the sofa, and enjoy them with Kitty Lan.


Little Blue Cat opened her mouth wide. The little girl immediately took a small piece of cake and fed it to Kitty’s mouth. The latter ate a piece and was satisfied with nodded. I’m not eating anymore, let Laknia oneself solve it.

“Both…, are they all mine…” Laknia whispered.

Kitty Lan glanced at the little girl and told with her eyes that she could only work hard when she was full.

Looking at the laughing girl, Tai Gu smiled. He is very friendly to people who are born with Mental Energy, especially women.

Lin Chuan is thinking, probably understands the change of [Void Bone Shadow], the reason is Elf’s skill.

It’s a pity…

It would be nice if Tai Gu was originally an Elf. You can explore many valuable things…

Lin Chuan shook The head, quite regretful, he always felt that letting Tai Gu be the Smartbrain of the Mechanical Throne experiment was not a qualified experimenter.

“What is your expression, do you think I don’t know what you mean?” Tai Gu was a little annoyed.

He is manipulating [Void Bone Shadow], in which Lin Chuan’s Mental Energy is injected, and he can feel some of this youngster’s thoughts.

“I’m considering the situation of Foca Tower. There may be some discrepancies with our original plan…” Lin Chuan changed the subject in a timely manner.

Tai Gu hearing this, can’t help but froze for a moment, has the original plan changed? why is that?

The original plan was to decipher the combination lock, enter Cromwell’s secret base first, and find the location of [Blood Spirit Eye].

Before, everything went smoothly, and the deciphering of the combination lock has come to an end.

Why Lin Chuan would say that the original plan will be changed…

“City Hall banquet, Tai Gu, you are not there, there are actually many interesting things happening there, only Only by seeing it with your own eyes can you discover some clues…”

Lin Chuan laughed and didn’t sell it off. Click on a file on Light Screen and let Tai Gu take a look.

“This is…”

Browsing this document, Tai Gu couldn’t help but be surprised, “Are you sure?”

“Of course not sure, It’s just a guess, but, anyway, you, Uncle Lowden, and Howya Uncle are here, you need manpower, and the North Area Chambre of Commerce……”

“On my side, I can still use authority. It is convenient to mobilize the armed force of the Mechanic Association. No matter what, Whitemane can negotiate with Lieutenant General Phillon…”

“With such great power, our plan can be changed. Throw the bait out and see how many fish will get the bait…”

Lin Chuan laughed and said.

Tai Gu nodded agreed that he naturally followed Lin Chuan in terms of the layout plan.

“Then do it…”

Lin Chuan said like this, sending the deciphered combination lock to Fei Yu.


At the same time.

Fei Yu’s residence, when she received the deciphered structure map sent, she suddenly stood up from her chair.

“The deciphering is complete?”

“Look now, is there any problem with this structure diagram?”


The deciphering structure map was immediately sent to the woman in the white coat. In less than half an hour, there was a scream from the earphone end: “No problem. This is the opening diagram of the combination lock. The mechanical group is going crazy, those stereotypes The guys didn’t believe it, it was deciphered by one person…”

“The deciphering speed is too fast, it is a week earlier than the earliest expected time!”

Listening to this, Fei Yu relaxes, as long as there is no problem deciphering the structure diagram, everything else is easy to handle.

“I hope there is something I want in Cromwell’s secret base…” Fei Yu breathes deeply, muttering.

“It must be there. Our investigation is very clear. The thing that can treat your symptoms must be there.” The woman in the white coat must be certain/affirm.

Fei Yu didn’t say anything, and got up to prepare.


In the evening.

In the Mechanical Warehouse, it happened to be Harpoon’s turn to work. He looked at Fei Yu unexpectedly and didn’t understand why she came to the Mechanical Warehouse alone.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, are you alone?”

Harpoon is a little strange mumbling, every time Eastern Gold Company comes to Mechanical Warehouse, a group of people come.

“The head office has made a temporary decision. Let me confirm a batch of goods in the Level 2 warehouse area…” Fei Yu said.

Listening to this, Harpoon didn’t say anything. For this woman, the little white bull was very frightened. As soon as the procedures were complete, she was naturally released.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, do you want me to accompany you to the Level 2 warehouse area?”

Harpoon thought for a while and touched his numb scalp. This is such a suggestion .

Inwardly, he didn’t want to have more contact with Fei Yu, but for the past two days, the old man Whitemane kept whispering in his ear that he wanted to deal with people like Lin Chuan more.

Can Harpoon intuitively terrifying characters, can one be simple?

As long as a person like this is not malicious to himself, and make more friends, there is no harm.

The collapse of the Western Peace Group made Harpoon agree with his father’s orders.

As the future successor of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, white bull Harpoon also feels that it is time to work hard and make more friends with more powerful people.

hearing this, Fei Yu’s eyes flashed, he groaned a little, and said: “Alright.”

Harpoon grinned, said hello to his colleagues, and led him Fei Yu, go to Level 2 warehouse area.

On the way, Fei Yu and Harpoon talked about the collapse of the Western Peace Group in the past two days.

“Mr. Harpoon’s father, is the chairman of North Area Chambre of Commerce, right?” Fei Yu asked.

“Yes. If it weren’t for the old man, how could I come to work here.”

Harpoon laughed, and didn’t feel embarrassed about going through the back door.

“There will be opportunities in the future, maybe we will cooperate with North Area Chambre of Commerce.” Fei Yu said with a smile.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, if you have anything, just contact me directly…” Harpoon replied repeatedly.

Unconsciously, the two came down from the transparent pipe, wearing Protective Suits and walking among the piles of mechanical debris.

Harpoon quickly discovered that the route the two were heading was not the place where the boxed goods were placed, but the edge of the Level 2 warehouse area.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, we are…” Harpoon whispered.

“Mr. Harpoon, I ask you to keep it secret this time. I will be paid a lot afterwards.”

Fei Yu said this and looked at the white bull. At a glance.

Suddenly, Harpoon only felt that on his forehead, the Minotaur clan had long bristles, which seemed to be able to pierce all the Protective Suits as if they were erected after an electric glare.

This look really gave the white bull a sense of horror. Fei Yu’s eyes seemed to have lifted the veil, and it seemed to exude a faint brilliance, giving people a sense of cold and biting fear. .

This is a pure coercion. Harpoon has never seen such a person before in his life…

Oh, no, I have seen it. ……

The day before yesterday, Uncle Lowden, father Whitemane’s benefactor, and the leader of the mysterious influence, Harpoon once looked at it from a distance, and he also had the feeling of having one’s hair stand on end.

“Young Lady Fei Yu…” Harpoon chuckled, crying inwardly.

Why should he suddenly feel that oneself should work harder and volunteer to befriend these characters? Isn’t it good to continue to be a salted fish?

“I’m not malicious. Just remember to keep it secret.”

Fei Yu looked back and whispered.

Harpoon even nodded, his thoughts turned, and he whispered: “Then…, Mister Chuan over there? Does he know that Young Lady Fei Yu is here? Actually, you asked Mister Chuan to come over, no Is it better?”

“Mister Chuan…”

Fei Yu was taken aback, what a clever person she is. From the tone of the white bull, she heard some clues.

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