This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 430

“Lin Chuan has important matters over there, so I came here alone. The reason why Mr. Harpoon was asked to lead the way was what he meant…”

Fei Yu said with a move in his heart.

She has an exquisite mind and has been in a high position for many years. She has mastered this kind of speech.

The clues that white bull Harpoon revealed just now made Fei Yu understand that Harpoon probably doesn’t know much about her relationship with Lin Chuan.

As for Lin Chuan, perhaps from Harpoon, she can get some more useful information.

Hearing this, Harpoon was nodded and said: “That’s true, a character like Mister Chuan has too much work every day, alas, my father always said I’m , I have to learn from Mister Chuan. Where is that piece of material I do, I don’t understand, a person is so strong in machinery, why can be so strong in other aspects, alas…”


hearing this, Fei Yu’s heart was shaken, but he kept quiet, saying: “You may not know that he sleeps for no more than four hours every day…”

” It turned out to be like this…”

Harpoon appeared in a daze, “No wonder…, let us sleep only four hours a day and have no fun at other times, certain/affirm will go crazy. Young Lady Fei Yu For Mister Chuan, I seem to know very well, and I am right…, there are always many topics together with powerful characters.”


Fei Yu’s heart is even more shocked, but it is He chuckled and led the conversation, talking with Harpoon as he walked.

For a moment, she learned a lot from Harpoon. This white bull had such an innate talent. No wonder she was so respectful the first time I saw her.

And his feeling for Lin Chuan is the same as her…

There is also Lin Chuan, it seems that the Western Peace Group has been obliterated, and it can’t get rid of it…

This young Mechanic is far more terrifying and terrifying than she thought…

Immediately, Fei Yu always felt a little wrong. If Lin Chuan is such a terrifying character, from Harpoon here , Must also be aware of her wrong.

So, will there be any problem with the deciphered combination lock?


For a time, various thoughts appeared, Fei Yu faintly felt a bit of chill, if Lin Chuan is going to disadvantage her, or plot something in Cromwell’s secret base ,so what should I do now?

Are they going to become hostile between the two?

Being hostile to such a character is not what she wants to see. What’s more, she has a lot of appreciation for this youngster these days, and even has a good impression of it.

Slightly inhale, Fei Yu suppresses these thoughts, and now that he is here, the passage must be opened.

In her current situation, although she is unable to exert her full strength, as long as that thing is obtained, she can leave with confidence and safety.

Make up his mind, Fei Yu recovered his calm, and took Harpoon to the previous place, the edge of the Level 2 warehouse area.

“Where is the level 2 warehouse area…”

Harpoon was stunned. He has been working in Mechanical Warehouse for two years, and he has never visited this place in the future.

In fact, most of the personnel will not come here. The Level 2 warehouse area is not a safe place. Generally, they come and go in transparent channels and will not easily go to other places.

Those wandering Mechanical Puppets are not a joke. The accident that happened a week ago was only an accident in Mechanical Warehouse that was neither too big nor too small…

At the beginning, the battle between Foca Tower and Sea Beast Regiment was at a time when the accident broke out in the Mechanical Warehouse. It was a tragic one.

“You don’t need to ask, wait for things you will see, except Mister Chuan, don’t tell others. Including your father Whitemane, otherwise, and may cause unnecessary trouble…”

Fei Yu glanced at Harpoon and said carefully.

White bull’s heart jumped, and even nodded agreed.

Walking forward, Fei Yu looked all around and saw Foca No. 2 and other members of Annihilator Regiment…

These mechanical warriors lay around, seemingly It’s like sleeping peacefully…

When he came to the wall, Fei Yu took out the thing that activated the portal just like last time. A beam of light shot into the wall, and the metal wall instantly rippled.


The combination lock reappeared again, and the level of complexity is Harpoon dizzy and eyes blurred.

Growing up in North Area Chambre of Commerce, Harpoon is quite familiar with the types of combination locks. After all, North Area Chambre of Commerce is not a serious Chamber of Commerce, it is good at weirdness. Skilled talents, but quite a lot.

Such a combination lock, Harpoon knows very well that it is a hundred times more complicated than the most complicated combination lock ever seen in his life…

Fei Yu stepped forward, According to the woman in the white lab coat in earphone, the unlocking was started.

“I hope there is no problem with the deciphered structure diagram…” Fei Yu murmured.

Soon, according to the deciphered structure diagram, the complicated combination lock was unlocked layer by layer. With a slight noise, the claw marks on the wall lit up, revealing a metal door.

“It’s opened!”

Fei Yu was pleasantly surprised. She threw a detector out. As a result of feedback, this channel had not been entered for a long time.

Seeing this, Fei Yu was inexplicably relaxed, which shows that Lin Chuan did not lie to her.

“hmph…, what are you thinking about…, even if my Chuanchuan is not as simple as it seems on the surface, it won’t lie to you…”

The woman in the white coat She muttered, she was obviously relaxed, “Fortunately, my Chuanchuan is not an enemy, otherwise, I will really break my heart!”

Shut up, you idiot!

Fei Yu whispered secretly and stepped forward.

Behind him, Harpoon did not move. He was stunned by this scene. There is such a Secret Sect in the Level 2 warehouse area. If this is spread out, the major mechanical organizations will definitely flock. to.

This is a major event!

At this time, white bull also understands that this matter is not trivial, so it is better for him not to mix things up.

“Mr. Harpoon, why don’t you go in?” Fei Yu asked.

Harpoon smiled with a guilty heart, “This…, Young Lady Fei Yu, I…, I still won’t go in…”

Fei Yu also laughed, too Don’t say anything, raised hand and beckoned, a suction gushes out, restraining the white bull, two figures fluttering lightly, rushing into the metal door, disappeared.

The metal door was closed. After a while, Foca No. 2 lying on the ground vibrated slightly, and the electronic eyes on his head shimmered slightly, recording all this……



The other side.

In a laboratory, the flashing animation in the Light Screen is the monitoring of the Level 2 warehouse area. The process of Fei Yu opening the secret passage was recorded one after another.

“Is that Foca No. 2 not damaged? It’s still working?”

Tai Gu stared, that day because of the death of the Annihilator Regiment group of mechanical warriors, he I mourned for a while. The soldiers who fought against Sea Beast Regiment should be remembered.

Unexpectedly, Foca No. 2 is still operating and is actually monitoring the secret passage there.

Lin Chuan looked at the monitoring screen, “Of course it is damaged. If it is not damaged, these mechanical warriors are a terrifying force! However, Foca No. 2 is different. Some of his functions are still working. At that time, some programs were temporarily changed, and once someone started the secret channel, there would be feedback.”

These mechanical warriors damaged the core. Without the original mechanical blueprint, Lin Chuan was not confident that he could repair it.

In fact, even with the original mechanical blueprint, Lin Chuan cannot completely repair Foca No. 2. The core of these mechanical warriors has been damaged.

While the two were talking, the metal door opened again in the picture. Fei Yu flew out with Harpoon, and a blue flame sprayed out from behind, which obviously touched the defensive measures inside. Fei Yu broke out by brute force.

“It looks like…she didn’t get what she wanted…”

Lin Chuan looked at the monitoring screen, and through the analysis of the electronic eye, what Fei Yu was carrying, There is no change from the previous entry.

“What’s the situation there?”

Tai Gu is very curious. The time for Fei Yu to enter is too short, and it didn’t add up to half an hour before and after. .

Lin Chuan thought it was normal. He had guessed before that the things in this secret base might have been evacuated. From the situation of Fei Yu, his guess is very likely. pretty close.

Looking at the backs of Fei Yu and the two of them leaving, the monitoring screen is closed…


A message came from Fei Yu, I want to have a good talk with Lin Chuan.

“This woman realizes that something is wrong…” Lin Chuan murmured.

Lin Chuan was ready to see Harpoon and Fei Yu together. The past few days of contact with each other, this woman’s intelligence amazed him.

If it is not related to the mechanical profession, Lin Chuan does not think that Fei Yu can be fooled.

“Just so, I also want to learn something from her…”

Lin Chuan got up and looked towards Tai Gu, “Let’s go, Lord Tai Gu, this time I’m going to trouble you and act as my bodyguard.”

For Fei Yu’s strength, Lin Chuan still knows a little bit. Such a peerless expert should be cautious when revealing his cards. .

Especially, he doesn’t want to expose true strength either.

Tai Gu nodded, “I also want to see what is going on with this girl…”


In Fei Yu’s residence, Lin Chuan saw the woman, and Harpoon was also there.

Seeing Lin Chuan and Tai Gu coming, the mane of the white bull’s forehead suddenly stood up, sitting on pins and needles, and wanted to escape on the spot.

Lin Chuan naturally wouldn’t agree, Cromwell’s secret base, this is a big secret, since Harpoon is involved, naturally he can’t get out of it.

Fei Yu was shocked. She looked at Tai Gu who was accompanying her. The breath of this middle-aged man gave her the feeling of have one’s hair stand on end.

Since the great accomplishment of her ability, she has never felt like this in that expert.

Immediately, some of the rhetoric that was originally prepared, as well as the attitude towards Lin Chuan, have to be changed. The power behind this young Mechanic is stronger than she expected.

Fei Yu looked down and said: “Mister Chuan. Get to know me again. I am Fei Yu, the manager of Eastern Gold Company. I am just one of my identity. My real identity is Mysterious Star Empire. A semi-official organization.”

Lin Chuan nodded and said: “I don’t actually have anything to introduce myself. Apart from studying at Fire Blade Mechanical Workshop, I am also a semi-official organization of Mechanical Honeycomb who serves as the mechanical group. Consultant.”

“As for Young Lady Fei Yu’s plan, I actually understood it when I saw the blueprint of the combination lock. In Foca Tower, there is Cromwell’s secret base, and I actually knew it. , But, didn’t expect that place is in the Mechanical Warehouse…”

Such a mixed truth makes Fei Yu secretly nodded, which is the same as she expected. Lin Chuan is from the blueprint, Aware of this.

“Sorry. Mister Chuan. I have something to hide from you in this matter.” Fei Yu said cautiously.

Lin Chuan shook the head and looked around the hall. The layout is very simple. It should be the original appearance of the apartment building, without any feminine things.

This woman seems to lack a girl’s heart and has no weakness in this area…

Withdraw her gaze, Lin Chuan said: “There is nothing to apologize for, Young Lady Fei Yu paid enough. There are many. Everyone takes what they need. I also speak frankly. Among those materials, there is what Mister Gu urgently needs.”

Pointing to Tai Gu, the latter is slightly nodded, elegant and elegant. A born nobleman.

Harpoon is very confused and confused. From the dialogue between Lin Chuan and Fei Yu, the relationship between the young couple seems to be completely different from what he imagined.

Originally, white bull thought that these two terrifying men and women were attending the City Hall banquet together, and perhaps in addition to business dealings, there was a mixed relationship between men and women.

After all, Mister Chuan is certainly a workaholic, but, as for men, facing such a beautiful woman, he will always be moved.

However, it sounds like this is not the case now…

“Mister Chuan, Young Lady Fei Yu, you guys…” Harpoon stunned.

Lin Chuan waved his hand and said, “Young Lady Fei asked me over. It will probably not be such a polite remark. Just tell me what is the matter.”

Fei Yu’s mouth was flat, and nodded gently, “The things I will say next are of great importance. If they are leaked out, I am afraid that they will not only cause disputes in Eastern Continent, but will also set off wars in Western Continent. Please three The bit must be kept secret.”

Lin Chuan nodded and agreed.

Harpoon couldn’t sit still. The white bull got up and wanted to find an excuse to leave. This sounded too scary. He really didn’t want to hear such a secret.

However, the three people present simultaneously looked over. Harpoon could only shake his legs, and sat down helplessly, crying secretly. He shouldn’t have been involved in this matter before, and now he can’t get out.

Immediately, Fei Yu took out a copy and handed it to Lin Chuan.

Looking at the beginning format of the material, Lin Chuan was a little surprised, “Mysterious Star Empire’s Mechanical Research Institute, where did this material come from?”

“Yes. “

Fei Yu nodded, I am a little admired. This information is a photocopy. Apart from the content, it is not clear who is responsible for it.

However, Lin Chuan only took a look, and just looked at the format at the beginning, and she could see the calendar. No wonder she inferred her purpose from the combination lock blueprint.

Looking at this information, Lin Chuan’s face became slightly solemn, the content inside can be described as appalling.

The data recorded was an experiment secretly developed by Mechanics to counter Sea Beast Regiment when Foca Tower was built, and it was also the predecessor experiment plan of Foca No. 2.

This experiment has been going on for a hundred years, and it is mainly the Mysterious Star Empire and the top secretaries of Foca Tower. The experimenters have changed batch after batch without success.

According to the data, later the Chief-In-Charge of the mechanical group, and Dean of the Mysterious Star Empire Mechanical Research Institute at the time, invited the continent madman Cromwell, and this experiment made breakthrough progress, that is It is the Foca No. 2 mechanical warrior project.

Seeing this, Lin Chuan couldn’t help but sneeered, “Mysterious Star Empire’s Mechanical Research Institute really likes to distort the facts. Did you really invite Cromwell? Although the continent’s mad life parallels are a bit crazy, they are a bit crazy about this He has always disapproved of mechanical research…”

“The previous Dean of the Mechanical Research Institute of Mysterious Star Empire are all clever tongues, the best at playing favor cards, I’m afraid it’s not fooling Mister. Cromwell past…”

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