This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 432

Fei Yu is not a fool. On the contrary, she is very shrewd. She lost everything in the last transaction.

Of course, Lin Chuan, as the counterparty of the transaction, has no problems, but it is an indisputable fact that she fiercely showed a wave of blood.

Thinking about the last remuneration, Fei Yu rubbed the forehead. Although her family property is rich, she is also generous, but such a high-priced remuneration will make you feel heartache.

After all, no one gets the money from a strong wind. If this transaction is fruitless, what should I do?

Looking at Fei Yu, Lin Chuan roughly understood her thoughts, and said: “What does Young Lady Fei Yu want in the secret base?”

Fei Yu froze I was taken aback, and said: “The secret treasure of Blood Spirit Race, how useful is it for me?”

“Are you sure that it was in the secret base before?” Lin Chuan asked again.

For this, Fei Yu is certain/affirm, and the secret treasure of Blood Spirit Race must be in it.

Because, according to the royal secret tome, the time Cromwell went to the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture was to complete the agreement with the Mysterious Star Emperor and choose a royal genius as the descendant.

It’s just that the content of the agreement with the Mysterious Star Emperor is not a promise. If there are outstanding talents in the Mysterious Star royal family, Cromwell can give some pointers.

Unfortunately, after the death of that Mysterious Star Emperor, there were no outstanding Martial Way geniuses or Mechanic Talents in the following three generations of the Mysterious Star royal family.

However, Cromwell also Keeps promises, leaving a puzzle when he left, telling the future Mysterious Star royal family if there is a peerless genius, after deciphering this puzzle, he can unlock what he left behind.

The premise is that this puzzle can be solved…

Three hundred years after the end of the Hundred Years’ War, the Mysterious Star royal family was committed to solving this puzzle, and there was never an answer. .

Later, the Mysterious Star royal family also gave up because it was suspected that Cromwell had stayed on purpose to tease them.

After all, the relationship between Cromwell and the Mysterious Star royal family has long disappeared after the death of the Mysterious Star royal family.

The riddle came to Fei Yu’s hands and was deciphered by someone on her side.

“so that’s how it is, that’s easy, if this Blood Spirit Race artifact is still in Foca Tower, I’m sure to draw it out…” Lin Chuan nodded.

“Mister Chuan, our cooperation this time can be said to be frank and honest, can you elaborate more?” Fei Yu opened the mouth and said.

Without her previous identity, Fei Yu no longer has that many scruples when she speaks. This time, she has to take a good look at the information Lin Chuan has.

“It’s actually not a secret…”

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything, took out the Light Screen, opened a file, and placed it in front of Fei Yu and Harpoon.

In the file, there is a video, including those disguised Sea Beasts, as well as the newly commended Vogut Major, his beautiful and alluring wife, and Viscount Lowe’s scenes…

Watching these videos quickly, Rao took a sigh of relief with Fei Yu’s calm skills.

“This…, Sea Beast Regiment…, is there any collusion with Mysterious Star Empire’s Viscount?” Harpoon has a numb scalp and can’t even sit still.

white bull knows that this information is too strong, and once it goes out, the entire Foca Tower will be in chaos.

Fei Yu calmly watched these videos again to find some of the key points.

In the earphone, the woman in the white coat was constantly shouting. The impact force brought by this intelligence was really a bit big, and the shock made her a little too slow.

The heroes honored by Foca Tower this time are likely to be disguised by Sea Beasts, and its beautiful and alluring wife actually has contacts with Viscount Lowe…, the latter knows of these Sea Beasts Real identity?

Still, Viscount Lowe and Makki were only on the night of the City Hall banquet. They were just indulging in a night without any other contacts.

Fei Yu is very clear about this. Lowe has always been very self-control in terms of female sex. The relationship with Makki is not a lover’s relationship at all.

The remaining possibility is that Lowe knows Makki’s identity and still chooses to cooperate with him.

Human Race cooperates with Sea Beast. This is a capital crime of collaborating with the enemy and traitor in any country in the continent!

breathes deeply, Fei Yu rubbed his shoulders, there was a tingling pain again, it seemed that the ban on the mysterious person’s help had already expired.

“Mister Chuan, you can copy this document to me. I want my people to analyze it carefully.” Fei Yu said.

Lin Chuan glanced at Fei Yu, glanced over his shoulder without a trace, and said, “There is no need to analyze anything. In fact, the conclusion is very clear. Since everyone wants to cooperate, I will be more sincere. You. Know about the attack on the block some time ago. I came here this time. I have a task to investigate this matter.”

Speaking, Lin Chuan looked towards Tai Gu, the latter slightly nodded, and took it out. Light Screen, open a video.

This is an image of the in the vicinity of the block bombing that night. Tai Gu searched it and restored it.

In the screen, near the block where the explosion occurred, four waves of people appeared one after another, conducting transactions in two adjacent buildings.

The restoration of the video is very clear. It can be seen that the identities of these four waves of people are the Western Peace Group and the two groups of Foca Tower City Hall who are trading.

Another transaction was the people of Mysterious Star Empire and a group of people headed by Makki…

The beginning of the bombing was the four waves of Centaur/troops when the transaction was completed. , Happened to meet, and then a fierce battle broke out…

Immediately, the nearby guards were disturbed, and the four waves of people chose the same approach, bombing the block and completely destroying it. Evidence of presence.

For this reason, the investigation progress of this bombing case has been difficult. After all, the influence of City Hall and Western Peace Group is suppressed. Even if someone smells something wrong, it will only Can choose to ignore it.

When the Western Peace Group was erased, Lin Chuan obtained some intelligence there, and then restored the truth of the bombing.

“As for Mysterious Star Empire…”

Lin Chuan opened another file and played a video inside. It was the video recorded by Foca No. 2 on the day of Mechanical Warehouse.

In the video, when being chased by a group of Mechanical Puppets, the box Sweet carried was exactly the thing that Mysterious Star Empire traded with Makki and the others on the night of the bombing.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, I am just a Mechanic. I am not very clear about what these information involves. However, with your ability, I should be able to understand what these information represents… …” Lin Chuan said calmly.

In fact, he originally wanted to transfer this information to the Lieutenant General Phillon. With the ability of the Legendary general, he should be able to handle it.

However, what happened on Fei Yu’s side made Lin Chuan feel that it might be a better choice to give this mysterious and powerful woman this information as a bargaining chip.

Of course, at Lieutenant General Phillon, this information can also be sent directly as a favor.

Lin Chuan thinks it is still very good for one piece of information to be used twice.

Fei Yu watched these videos, her face sinking like water, she didn’t say a word, but she exuded an aura of prestige, like a calm volcano, which may erupt at any time.

Harpoon is also very angry. Anyone who sees collusion with Sea Beast Regiment will gnashing teeth. This is a traitorous behavior.

However, in front of Fei Yu’s terrifying imposing manner, the white bull chose to be in a group and did not dare to say a word.

Lin Chuan was a little surprised, looked at Fei Yu deeply, and didn’t say anything.

At this time, in the Fei Yu earphone, the woman in the white coat screamed angrily: “Asshole! The old Qi beast, for that position, even colluded with Sea Beasts. He can do this! Rubbish! Old Qi, and the bastards from Mysterious Star Royal Family…”

“Wait…, what is the waste box for Sweet? Just ask my Chuanchuan…”

Shut up, you long-winded nympho!

Fei Yu cursed secretly, she closed her eyes and calmed her chaotic thoughts, and said: “Mister Chuan. Inside the box What do you think it will be?”

Lin Chuan was silent for a moment. Apart from this information, he actually didn’t want to reveal too much.

During the period of contact with Fei Yu, he knew that this woman’s intelligence, apart from Mechanical Domain, was easily spotted by her in other aspects.

For a moment, Lin Chuan thought for a while. After all, he grew up in Mysterious Star Empire, and he has some feelings for this country anyway.

sighed, he glanced over Fei Yu’s exquisite porcelain face, and whispered: “Mister Sweet should have returned to the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture now. If there is any plan, it should be done long ago. I want to stop it. I can’t stop it. Young Lady Fei Yu, if you have a close relationship with Mysterious Star Empire, it would be better to make up the hole.”

“As for the things in the box, It was the cause of those Mechanical Puppet riots…”

Fei Yu was silent. She had received information two days ago that the dark tide over the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture was surging and it was very unstable.

This is why she wants to solve her own problems quickly and return to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture to prepare to deal with the stormy sea that is about to erupt in the Mysterious Star Empire.

“Let’s deal with Foca Tower first…”

Fei Yu sighed, looked towards Lin Chuan, sincerely said: “Mister Chuan, this cooperation, I hope to get you I’m doing my best to help. The Foca Tower storm this time may be more terrifying than we thought. I want to hear, what is your method?”

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything, and Open a file. This is his plan. Let Fei Yu and Harpoon take a look.

After reading this plan quickly, Harpoon blinked his eyes. His thinking was relatively simple, and he didn’t realize it for a while.

Fei Yu took a deep breath and looked at Lin Chuan in amazement. She didn’t expect that this young Mechanic would plan like this.

“The secret base was evacuated, and it happened to be used as a bait. The treasure left by the continent madman Cromwell. This news spread, not only the influence of the parties in Foca Tower, but Sea Beasts should also take action. Right…”

“Let these guys jump out oneself and fight each other, wouldn’t it be better for us to watch from behind?”

“Furthermore, I feel like taking the secret away The people of the base, whose descendants certain/affirm are still in the Foca Tower, are likely to show their feet when things go wrong. When the time comes, isn’t the blood spirit race treasure lost?”

“I cannot be paid less. All things left by Cromwell, except for the secret treasure, mechanical blueprints, etc., are mine. As for the fact that there is a cheat sheet for [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], I A copy is required for the cultivation of the subordinates of Mister Gu…”

“Of course, this is only part of the reward, as for the other part of the reward…”

Lin Chuan He took out a list and handed it to Fei Yu, who read it again, and suddenly got a headache.

The things on this list are still some mechanical blueprints, rare materials, not too expensive, but too rare, and it takes a long time to collect.

This Lin Chuan clearly wants her to be a free laborer, collecting these things for a long time…

Is that a profiteer? !

At this time, Fei Yu felt that in addition to the extraordinary mechanical innate talent, this person is also a good hand when doing transactions, and he is a kind of slaughter.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, don’t worry. This transaction, you will definitely achieve your goal.” Lin Chuan said seriously, seemingly a guarantee/affirm.

After that, he took out half of the plan and gave it to Harpoon, and then forwarded it to Lieutenant General Phillon.

“You told Lieutenant General Phillon, if you want the second half, let him pay the bill. This payment is divided between me and North Area Chambre of Commerce…, how?” Lin Chuan said.

Harpoon was crying, he took the half of the plan, and muttered in his heart, this is really not so good! Based on the relationship between Uncle Phillon and North Area Chambre of Commerce, that half of the remuneration, certain/affirm cannot fall to North Area Chambre of Commerce.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything, secretly he was curious about where the things in the secret base were transferred to. Judging from the signs of the photos, there are quite a few large objects, ordinary warehouses. Can’t fit it at all.

“Next, let’s see how these guys make their debut…” Lin Chuan secretly thought.

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