This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 434

South Foca Tower, a manor near the Black Market.

As the Commerce District of Foca Tower, the bustling level of the southern district is even higher than that of the eastern district.

Because here, there is not only the Black Market, but also many other foreign organizations, as well as trade merchants, and tourists who come here for sightseeing.

Yes, even in a chaotic city like Foca Tower, there are tourists who come to visit, and the annual passenger flow is still amazing.

For the City Hall of Foca Tower, tourism revenue is an important part of fiscal revenue.

This manor, on the surface, belongs to a large businessman in the Southern District, but the real owner is Lieutenant General Phillon.

Of course, this can’t be considered any secret, but anyone who is interested knows the situation of this manor, and it also makes the ghosts and snakes of the southern district to keep away from this manor.

“Is that a Lieutenant General Phillon car?”

At a restaurant not far from the street on the second floor, Zhuang Chen watched a military floating vehicle drive into the manor. Surprised.

On the side, Youya looked at the manor, looking through the shade of the trees, and saw the license plate of the Floating Vehicle. It was indeed a Lieutenant General Phillon special car.

Youya nodded, “It is indeed a Lieutenant General Phillon car. How could he come to this manor? Is he also preparing to participate in the Black Market auction?”

“I heard this At this auction, there was a mysterious finale, which was much larger than the City Hall auction. It is not surprising that Lieutenant General Phillon will go there. Should we visit it in advance…” Zhuang Chen pondered then said.

“I won’t go.”

Youya shook the head, “Lieutenant General Phillon is very good to you. I won’t treat you so much anymore. Go alone.” “

hearing this, Zhuang Chen looked at this friend helplessly. The two had known each other before. In the arranged fight in the City Hall that night, they felt a bit cherished each other, and they were considered good friends.

After all, as the Youngster Kings of Eastern Continent, the two can communicate with each other, which will be beneficial to the future.

In the future Eastern and Western Continents, Youngster Kings will definitely collide once. It will be helpful to get familiar now and join forces against the enemy in the future.

In the past few days, Zhuang Chen has some understanding of Youya’s temperament. This person is okay in front of peers, but he is not willing to have more contact with Senior. It is not too much conflict, or in front of Senior. Can’t let go.

When dealing with these seniors, this kind of temperament is naturally unwelcome, but there are not many seniors, and you will find your withdrawn temperament pleasing to the eye. Those are seniors with quirks.

Like the Lieutenant General Phillon, it is a straightforward faction of soldiers. They like to go straight, and only promise in front of them. Of course, they don’t like it very much.

“Youya, you are not allowed to do this, Lieutenant General Phillon still has to contact…”

What else Zhuang Chen wanted to say, suddenly the corner of his eye moved and he turned to look I went, and saw a Floating Vehicle slowly approaching and driving into the manor.

Youya also looked over and saw that Floating Vehicle stopped in the manor, the door slid open, and a figure walked out of the car.

As if feeling the gaze of the two, the figure turned slightly to the side and took a look at moved towards this side.

Suddenly, Zhuang Chen and Youya were like cats with their tails stomped on. They felt that their hairs were all upright and they almost jumped up on the spot.

At this moment, the two felt a heavy pressure swept over them, enough to suffocate them.

Immediately, the figure retracted its gaze, turned and walked into the villa in the manor, the pressure immediately disappeared without a trace.

The two looked at each other, and they both saw shock and jealousy in each other’s eyes. That person just glanced at them and gave them so much pressure.

“Is this a guest of Lieutenant General Phillon?” Zhuang Chen murmured.

“Do you see that person clearly?” Youya asked in a low voice.

Zhuang Chen shook the head. When the figure turned his head, the pressure swept too terrifying, so that he could not see the person’s appearance for a while.

However, even if it is vaguely, Zhuang Chen feels that the person is not too old, as if he is a middle age person.

“At most he is 40 years old, but his strength is likely to be the sixth boundary peak…” Youya whispered.

Zhuang Chen is nodded and sighed. In the future, at this age, whether he can reach the sixth boundary peak is still unknown.

The two exchanged glances, both of them were a little curious. Who is this person? Such a young sixth boundary peak expert is rare in Eastern Continent.

It’s just that, in the memory of the two, it seems that the identity of the no sixth boundary expert is consistent with this person.


At the same time.

In that manor, Lieutenant General Phillon saw the figure, who was also the so-called plan drafter, Mister Gu.

“You are Mister Gu, did you make this plan?”

In the room, Lieutenant General Phillon is sitting at the table, squinting, and looking up and down at this Mister Gu, then, squeezed out the cigar in his hand to show respect.

The middle age person in front of him is filled with a noble aura, as well as that awe-inspiring demeanor.

Just like a born nobleman, commanding and killing enemies on the battlefield, annihilating millions of enemies, possessing the imposing manner of life and death, but still possesses the aristocratic temperament in his bones.

Just this kind of demeanor is too good, and even more surprising, is the breath coming out of Mister Gu, faintly discernable, but Lieutenant General Phillon feels extremely jealous.

This person’s strength is probably not inferior to me. If I really compete, I’m not even as good as him…

This idea, Lieutenant General Phillon has had several times in his life, but They are all facing the old monsters on the breakthrough seventh boundary, and Mister Gu’s strength, which seems to be the sixth boundary, has such a powerful oppression.

Lieutenant General Phillon has seen outstanding people in his life. However, such outstanding people are really rare.

Cooperating with such a person, and the content of the plan is actually something Lieutenant General Phillon is happy to see, so naturally there is no problem.

“I am Mister Gu. Lieutenant General Phillon, sitting in the Foca Tower, and fighting Sea Beast Regiment for so many years, I respect you very much.” Mister Gu sat there, nodding.

On the side, the lieutenant trusted by Lieutenant General Phillon couldn’t help standing upright when Mister Gu said this. It seemed that only this was the way to hold up the Senior Official’s face.

“Hehe…, I’m overwhelmed…”

Lieutenant General Phillon laughed, I don’t know why, I feel a little bit happy, it seems that I heard this from Mister Gu’s mouth, yes A great certain/affirm in life.

This is really a rare character in the world…

In Lieutenant General Phillon’s mind, he immediately gave a new evaluation of Mister Gu, and his complexion was complete, so much so as to talk about this project. .

The two talked to each other, Lieutenant General Phillon read the second half of the plan, but was shocked, but also nodded and agreed to cooperate.

“Mister Gu, someone like you would make such a plan. I was actually a little surprised…”

After talking about the plan, Lieutenant General Phillon stopped talking. , But finally said it, the content of this plan can be described as closely linked with one another, extremely meticulous.

However, in the view of Lieutenant General Phillon, people like Mister Gu have a majestic atmosphere in their speech and demeanor. This plan really does not seem to have been made by him.

hearing this, Tai Gu laughed and said: “This plan is indeed not made by me. I am only responsible for the implementation. The youngster of our organization who drafted this plan. He has a special status, no It’s convenient to come forward, and I’ll be responsible for the appointment with General.”


Lieutenant General Phillon was a little moved, “A youngster? It seems that your organization is dedicated to it. Is it a younger generation to cultivate? Indeed, the development of an organization actually needs such talents…”


Tai Gu laughed and sighed softly. The look was somewhat inexplicable with emotion.

After a while, Lieutenant General Phillon was the only one in the room. He read the plan twice and listened to the report of the adjutant.

“After these people secretly talked, only Viscount Lowe is going to the Black Market auction venue?”

Listening to this information, and comparing this plan, Lieutenant General Phillon points up He took a cigar and took a heavy sip. “As predicted in the plan, the plan is a youngster? Hey… it’s interesting…”

For a moment of contemplation, Lieutenant General Phillon said: “Secret Contact Magicstrate, I want to prepare to attack the seventh boundary. During this period, let him take command of the army. Tell Magicstrate that this is top secret and no information can be leaked.”


The adjutant stood at attention and saluted.

Turning his head and looking out the window, the buildings of the Black Market are not far away. Lieutenant General Phillon squinted and muttered: “I want to see, how can I find out this time? Whose tail…”

Late night.

A bizarre thing happened at the Black Market auction venue. The final auction of the auction that was originally held was suddenly cancelled.

The reason is that the seller and Black Market executives agreed to cancel the final lot.

This made the guests present very dissatisfied. They also clicked one’s tongue in wonder. Such things are really rare.

Be aware that the final lot at the Black Market auction venue is not so easy to cancel.

After all, this touches the rules of the Black Market and will be punished by the entire Black Market, and the entire continent has no influence willing to be targeted by the Black Market in this way.

Of course, as long as the compensation is sufficient, it is not impossible to cancel.

It’s just that the compensation is a staggering figure, sometimes even more than the lot itself.

Since it is an auction item, why pay such an astonishing price to cancel the auction?

Some interested people speculate that the whereabouts of this final lot may have been secretly bought at a sky-high price, and compensation was paid by the way.

What is it that is worth the price?

The guests found Black Market Chief-In-Charge and asked for an explanation, but there was no answer.

At this time, a Floating Vehicle quietly drove away from the Black Market. Viscount Lowe sat in the car, touched a box, and smiled triumphantly.

“The key to 3 billion Gold Coins, this should be the most expensive key in history, but this thing is worth the price…”

Viscount Lowe muttered to himself , Quite proud of it.

Buying this box of 3 billion Gold Coins, his side only paid 500 million, because he has to come forward to negotiate, which is considered to be the party who has paid the least.

If Cromwell’s secret base can be opened smoothly and the treasure inside is found, then his credit this time will be enough to make him prosperous.

“If your Royal Highness can succeed, will my future title be a prince…”

Viscount Lowe suddenly burst into such wild hope, this is him Things that I didn’t even dare to think before.

Immediately, he took the communicator, contacted the royal guards, and ordered them to gather at the designated location.

“Viscount Lowe, please explain the purpose of this operation?” Guard Captain’s voice came from the other end of the communicator.

“This is a royal ban. You have no right to intervene. I will show you the royal secret order when I get to the place.”

Viscount Lowe said, hung up the communication, he Squinting his eyes, his gaze was like a poisonous snake, “If it succeeds, these pesky guards can’t stay…, hum…, let you look down on Viscount in private, then don’t blame me for being ruthless…”

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