This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 435

Late night.

Mechanical Warehouse in the center of Foca Tower.

Even in the middle of the night, the searchlights here are constantly shining, shining here like daylight, and it is difficult for anyone to enter and exit.

The security forces here are jointly arranged by several Mechanic organizations. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most tight area in the entire Foca Tower.

One after another Floating Vehicle drove slowly, and after verifying the identity, they drove into the parking lot.

In the carriage, sitting one after another figure, with a deep breath, all of them are terrifying experts.

In one of the carriages, there are a group of women from Makki. These people are the wives of military men. Now they are full equipment, wearing the excellent equipment of the headquarters army.

In the car, under the dim light, Makki’s eyes kept flipping, switching between the pupils of the Human Race and the fish eyes, scanning all around.

Looking at the guards outside, Makki’s eyes were fierce, and he shouted, “These damn Human Races, I really want to kill them all!”

hearing This, all around companions also roar bursts, the sound in the throat is like a weird beast cry, send cold shivers down one’s spine.

“Forget it. Keep calm, this task is very important. What Cromwell left behind is very important. Must get it and send it out smoothly.” Makki’s face returned to normal and he gave the order.


At this time, one after another Floating Vehicle stopped and got down from the inside one after another figure, not only the Viscount Lowe group, the Makki group, and another group .

The members of this team are all one by one burly man, wearing a fully enclosed helmet, and can’t see their true colors.

“hehe…, I did not expect Lady to be in contact with these people…”

Viscount Lowe looked towards Makki, and did not reveal her name, but showed a peaceful smile, as if she An old friend said hello.

“Since everyone’s purpose is the same, they are allies. Why should you care about the origin of these people, sir?” Makki lightly said with a smile.

hearing this, Viscount Lowe didn’t say anything, he just said casually, expressing some dissatisfaction appropriately, this is for others to see.

The identities of these burly men are actually the spies deployed by the Blood Spirit Race in Foca Tower, and they are all elite.

If you let outsiders know that he cooperated with the spies of Sea Beast Regiment and the agents of Blood Spirit Race, it would be a great stain.

So it is necessary to express these dissatisfaction.

In fact, in Viscount Lowe’s heart, even if it is to cooperate with the notorious Flesh and Blood Factory, as long as it is in his interests, there is no problem.

Immediately, the three teams separated, as if they were unfamiliar, and entered the Mechanical Warehouse separately.

Seeing the look of the Mysterious Star Guarding Army accompanying me, I was a little skeptical. Viscount Lowe lowered his voice and said, “If there is a conflict later, you don’t have to be merciful. If there is no conflict, that would be great. Let’s get things and retreat smoothly.”

“Master Lowe, can you elaborate on the content of this operation.”

These Captains of the Mysterious Star Guarding Army , The bald man asked softly, “We need to know at least some actions in order to perform the task better. This is different from protecting you.”

“I understand, I understand…”

Viscount Lowe was nodded again and again, but shook his head, “I’m sorry! The content of this operation is a secret of the royal family. You know too much, and it will not do any good for oneself. You only need to know, wait for a place, if it breaks Conflict, the first thing you have to protect is my safety, as well as robbing those things. As for other content, you don’t need to know. I’m for your own good! Understand…”

Bald guy indifferent expression, but didn’t say anything. He knew Lowe’s personality, and he refused to say it, and he didn’t want to talk about it.

Enter the Mechanical Warehouse and pass the verification of the personnel, and the three teams have entered the Level 2 warehouse area one after another.

Viscount Lowe took the map and came to the edge of the Level 2 warehouse area where there were claw marks on the metal wall.

“Is this this place?” Viscount Lowe murmured, with excitement in his words.

“That’s right. It’s here, this trace is left by that man’s rage after the battle…” Makki whispered.

She said very vaguely. In fact, Sea Beasts knows the origin of the claw marks on the metal wall more clearly than Human Race.

At the beginning, Annihilator Regiment was created and won the battle with Sea Beast Regiment, but it also exposed the experimental items of these mechanical warriors.

Cromwell, who knows the truth, is said to have almost demolished the base at the time in his anger. Finally, the digital experts of Foca Tower teamed up to calm the anger of the continent madman.

In his rage, the continent madman left this claw mark on the metal wall.

This incident was suppressed by the official Foca Tower team, and there was no publicity.

However, Sea Beast Regiment found it clearly, but they did not expect that the location of this claw mark is where Cromwell builds a secret base.

“Sir. Time is running out, let’s get started…” Makki urged.

The third team present was also looked towards Viscount Lowe, exuding a bit of murderous aura, and it seemed that if it could not be opened, it would immediately start.

After all, the value of this thing, the other two teams on the scene, have lost their money. If it is of no use, certain/affirm can’t count it like that.

Viscount Lowe didn’t say anything, and took out another thing, which was the key in Fei Yu’s hand. After it was turned on, it shot out a light and injected it into the metal wall.

A circle of ripples emerged, and the extremely complicated combination lock emerged, causing everyone present to be amazed.

At this time, Makki’s side and Blood Spirit Race’s side are the real certain/affirm, and this sky-high auction item is real.

Such a combination lock is rare in the world…

“Quickly open…” Makki shouted hurriedly.

For a moment, the combination lock was turned on, Viscount Lowe relaxed, and he couldn’t help smiling. When he reached this step, his task was half completed.

The remaining half depends on whether there is anything that your Highness needs in the treasure left by Cromwell.

If there are all the tips of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], or a powerful secret as Cromwell…, the future waiting for him will be limitless.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ……

Makki’s party has flew up and entered the opened secret passage. These Sea Beasts can’t wait.

For Sea Beast Regiment, Cromwell can be described as a terrifying figure for thousands of years. With strength of oneself, Sea Beasts has a taste of shame and defeat.

The things left by such people, no matter what, have great research value.

Looking at the actions of Makki and his party, the experts of Blood Spirit Race frowned at the same time and moved a little killing intent, but they were suppressed again.

This is the Level 2 warehouse area, the site of mechanical organization. It is very unwise for conflicts to break out here.

If you really want to do it, at least you have to wait for the secret base to get the treasure of Cromwell.

Three teams rushed into the passage one after another, but the images of this scene were all transmitted to Lin Chuan through Foca No. 2.

Not far from the Mechanical Warehouse, in a building, the screen in one after another Light Screen is the monitoring of the three teams from all angles.

These three teams rushed into the secret base, searched around, and quickly found the one by one box.

These boxes look very old, but they have one by one combination lock. Although it is not as complicated as the combination lock that enters the door, it is very difficult to unlock.

Looking at these boxes, the three teams such as Viscount Lowe were both pleasantly surprised and annoyed. From the analysis of the combination lock of these boxes, it is Cromwell’s style of designing the combination lock.

However, if you want to unlock the combination lock and open the box, you will not be able to do it for a while.

One of the Blood Spirit Race agents, a burly man from the fourth boundary Peak, tried to open the box with brute force.

As a result, it was blown into flesh and blood, and fragments of the mechanical blueprint floated out of the box, looking at the blueprint left by Cromwell…

“You idiot, stop. “!” Viscount Lowe growled, almost desperately.

The value of these boxes can be described as incalculable. If a box is destroyed in this way, it is a pain like digging meat.

Immediately, the three teams discussed and reached a consensus. After the boxes were opened, they would decide on the distribution of things.

Of course, Blood Spirit Race paid for the destroyed box.

After doing all this, the three teams are still reluctant to leave, and continue to carry out a carpet search, hoping to find more things.

During this period, Makki quietly pressed the button and sent a signal to the outside world.


Looking at the small movements of the three teams in one after another Light Screen, Lin Chuan couldn’t help laughing. Seeing these guys performing on the same stage, Lin Chuan was inexplicably happy sense.

“Viscount Lowe of Mysterious Star Empire, Makki, are these guys in disguise of Sea Beast… and agents of Blood Spirit Race…”

Aside, Fei Yu looked at Light Screen, his complexion is as deep as water, with a killing intent like an ice blade.

As Viscount of Mysterious Star Empire, he cooperates with Sea Beast Regiment and Blood Spirit Race agents. If this goes out, even if Lowe has ten lives, it will not be enough for him to die.

This is a crime worse than treason!

Regarding the treasure left by Cromwell, Fei Yu knows that once the news goes out, it will inevitably lead to competition for influence from all parties.

But didn’t expect, I saw the combination of these three influences…

“Lowe, this person should be blamed!” Fei Yu said softly.

Lin Chuan looked at the woman and said, “What I care about now is the whereabouts of Cromwell’s treasure. Whether that actor can be on stage or not is what I care most about.”

Hearing this, Fei Yu’s complexion tightened, and she was also concerned about the whereabouts of [Blood Spirit Eye].

“Mister Chuan. Do you think this person will appear?” Fei Yu asked.

“I don’t know, the stage is set up. If the actor doesn’t come on stage, there’s no way.”

Lin Chuan shrugged, casually said: “Anyway, this scene It’s just started, let’s watch it slowly.”

Fei Yu nodded, looking at the Light Screen, didn’t say anything.

At the same time–

Viscount Lowe and the others, coming out of the Level 2 warehouse area, as if there was nothing to do, they left the Mechanical Warehouse one after another, got on the car and left in the parking lot.

Just driving out of the Mechanical Warehouse area, there was a bang, and there was a loud noise in the darkness. One after another, the fire star whizzed and smashed the road…

“Find the spies of Western Continent and kill them!?”

“Not only the spies of Western Continent, but also our spy of Eastern Continent, wipe them all here!”


A sirens sounded and echoed over this block. One after another figure appeared, occupying the commanding height of the block, moved towards this train team frantically attacked.

For a time, the bullets roared and fighting broke out…

“Asshole?! Who leaked the news!”

In a Floating Vehicle Viscount Lowe’s face changed suddenly. He didn’t expect such a change. This action was so secretive that it was still noticed by others.

Immediately, he ordered the Mysterious Star Guarding Army, said solemnly: “Do it! Attack the two teams and grab the boxes. These people are agents of the Blood Spirit Race. We can only clean them if we kill them. Charges.”

hearing this, the Mysterious Star Guarding Army present were all discolored. For the other two teams, they felt wrong before.

However, due to the Mysterious Star royal secret order, I had to obey Viscount Lowe’s orders.

But didn’t expect to be an agent of Blood Spirit Race. Such cooperation is a crime of treason.

“Master Lowe, why didn’t you make it clear in advance!?”

The bald guy both eyes breathed fire, and he wanted to smash Lowe’s hypocritical face.

“Don’t you know now? Don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly after it’s done, and the Mysterious Star royal family will not treat you badly.” Viscount Lowe said with a smile.


next moment, an artillery shell struck, and the Floating Vehicle was blasted into the air. Even if it was a special car sound, it still couldn’t bear the impact force. A hole was blasted open.

In the chaos, Viscount Lowe body moved and flew out, holding a medium-sized machine gun in both hands, and shooting frantically at the floating vehicle in front.

“Lowe, you this bastard, what are you going to do?!” Makki’s sharp roar came out from the carriage.

There was a bang…

A car door flew up, Makki flew out, her eyes gleaming in the dark, a pale brilliance, looking extremely Infiltrating.

This scene surprised many people. This situation is reminiscent of Sea Beast.

Sea Beast’s eyes are shining in the dark. It is rumored that the pale brilliance can absorb the souls of creatures. This is why Sea Beasts want to invade the continent.

Of course, this is just a legend, but the eye description of Sea Beast is familiar to the creatures on the continent.


Makki waved her probing hand. She was holding an arc-shaped long blade. When she waved it, a serpent-like light and shadow appeared, moving towards Viscount Lowe swept across Come.

The harsh whistling sound echoed, making the experts present dizzy for a while. When they came back to his senses, Makki’s team had already rushed to the end of the street, and disappeared into the alley.

“Don’t let them run away, they are the spies of Sea Beast Regiment. We have been tracking them for a long time, and we must not let them run away…” Viscount Lowe yelled immediately and stated his position.

However, just as he yelled, behind him, suddenly two figures flew out, like a ghost, two short daggers, like the fangs of a poisonous snake, stab Viscount Lowe swiftly. Vital.


Viscount Lowe was shocked and ignored the others. He threw forward on the damp and cold ground. Two short daggers passed over his head, the cold one. The sharpness, and the strange smell it carried, showed that the two daggers were very poisonous, and the scratches were fatal at all.

“Protect me!?” Viscount Lowe cried, also moved towards an alley.

Behind, the Mysterious Star Guarding Army, headed by a bald man, saw it. They had a bad sense of Viscount Lowe, but they were deliberately slowing down.

However, the bald man still shot and attacked the two sneak attackers, but the shot was not so ruthless.

“Third Captain…”

Two sneak attackers suddenly spoke, stopping the bald man’s offensive.

“It’s you…” The bald man frowned. He recognized the identities of these two people as members of the Mysterious Star Guarding Army.

Immediately, he reacted, shouted angrily, greeted the team members to come up, chasing these two sneak attackers, moved towards another alley.

In the depths of the alley, this group of Mysterious Star Guarding Army stopped. One of the sneak attackers identified himself and said: “Third Captain, we also came under the royal order, this matter You’d better get out now, and leave Lowe alone…”

hearing this, the bald man sank in his heart and immediately understood what was going on. The royal secret order was issued here, but he wanted to kill another. A Viscount Lowe with a royal secret order.

In the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture for many years, the bald man naturally knows what is going on. This is a battle between those high priests.

This time I went to Foca Tower and was involved in this kind of struggle. The bald guy has a headache thinking about it…

As a Mysterious Star Guarding Army, this is the thing that I don’t want to be mingled with. Royal battle.

Immediately, the bald man didn’t say anything, and immediately took the brothers and left quickly from the other direction.

At this time, the sirens sounded loudly on the block, and one after another figure rushed in, chasing the agents of the Blood Spirit Race everywhere, and the block quickly entered a state of combat readiness.


It’s in the middle of the city, where fighting is booming, attracting the attention of the influences of the whole city……

In the corner of the eastern district , In a sewer, a team came quietly and came to a wall.

“Finally, it’s time for the plan to be implemented…”

Leader Vogut muttered to himself, then raised his hand and waved, a group of members behind him came forward and got out of the backpack. Take out the one by one box and place it cautiously in front of the wall.

Open the one by one box, which is filled with azure blood, exuding a weird stench, filling the sewer.

Stained with these blood, Vogut smeared on the wall and quickly painted it into a huge pattern, which looked like a Sea Beast.

Then, these members stepped forward one after another, opening their mouths wide, showing their sharp teeth, grunting in their throats, and making weird roars.

The faces of these members, one by one blue veins flared, and fine scales gradually appeared, and various parts of the body began to change.

The most obvious change is that their ears have become a wing-like shape.

Immediately, this huge pattern gradually glowed, and it actually began to blend into the wall, and then there was a low roar, as if something had been opened.

boom~ boom~ ……

A crack appeared in the middle of this wall. The two sides of moved towards slid open, revealing a metal door.

If Lin Chuan is here, you will be surprised to find that the material of this metal door is exactly the same as the material in Cromwell’s secret base.

“Opened…, really opened…”

Vogut, a group of Sea Beasts were so excited, they stepped forward, fiddled with the metal door, and opened seven keyholes. , After inserting the strangely shaped key, the metal door opened immediately.

Behind the metal door, there is not much space. In fact, there is only a five-meter square with a box inside.

To be precise, it was a coffin, also made of metal of the same material.

In this coffin all around, connected to a tube, there is green blood rolling in it, exactly the same as the blood that opened the wall.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

At this time, the coffin moved, and there was a faint beating sound inside, and then with the sound of pressing the button, the coffin lid slowly Slowly opened.

“Is this weak and familiar aura of the same kind? I am returning to the White Nightmare Sea…” A slight voice sounded.

Afterwards, a thick arm covered with fish scales slowly peeked out of the coffin, a strong fishy smell, like the smell of dead fish, accompanied by a terrifying breath.

“My lord, you have awakened from your deep sleep, so very good!?” Vogut said excitedly.

Suddenly, a long, spiked tongue pops out, passing by Vogut, and piercing into one of the Sea Beast’s within the body, gu lu gu lu sucking, and the latter’s body It quickly shrivelled and became a corpse.

This scene made the Sea Beasts present instantly change their faces, but they were motionless, and they didn’t dare to move.

The ranks of Sea Beasts are very clear. The upper Sea Beast has absolute repression of the lower ones. This is a natural repression and cannot be resisted.

The Sea Beast in the coffin, at the end of the Hundred Years War, was a legendary presence in the Sea Beast Regiment of the White Nightmare Sea…

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