This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 437

With the influence of the Mechanic Association, it is actually possible to hire ten and eight sixth boundary experts to sit in the Foca Tower.

After all, all powerful martial artists are willing to establish a good relationship with the Mechanic Association. High Star-level Heart-Origin Equipment can be customized and maintained, which can save a lot of money.

The premise is that if so many sixth boundary experts can be hired……

The number of fifth boundary experts in this world is still considerable, such as the headquarters army of Foca Tower and fifth There are more than twenty boundary experts.

However, from the fifth boundary to the sixth boundary, it is extremely difficult to cross this hurdle. Innate talent, chance, temperament, and various factors are indispensable.

If there is a talented Martial Way genius, if the cultivation road goes smoothly, he will be confident that he will set foot on the fifth boundary.

The impact on the sixth boundary is less than one percent of the fifth boundary.

The genius in this world who can reach the fifth boundary is one of the few, even more how is the apex of the sixth boundary.

So, the sixth boundary expert is a piece of steamed bun for all major influences. The competition is too fierce. Where can there be that many sixth boundary experts to hire.

Yejad is a headache. If Lieutenant General Phillon encounters an accident, what kind of situation the Foca Tower will fall into is really unimaginable.

Zhuang Chen sighed and dialed a number quickly, and it was quickly connected. An old voice came from the other end of the communicator: “Contact the teacher me so late? You brat is rushing in at Foca Tower. What’s the curse?”

Youya and Yejad grumbled and greeted the old man at the other end of the communicator. This old man is the teacher of Zhuang Chen and the peerless expert of Eastern Continent—Heng Feng.

Sword Grandmaster · Heng Feng, Eastern Continent strongest expert this.

It is also the peerless genius that has the most hope to hit the eighth boundary in hundreds of years…

“teacher, what can I do…, Lieutenant General Phillon is in trouble… …”

Turning on the video communication, facing the manor in the distance, Zhuang Chen eagerly asked: “teacher, do you have any expert friends in Foca Tower? There may be a big trouble here…”


From the video communication, seeing the scene of the manor, Heng Feng raised his brows slightly, a little surprised, but calmly, “The seventh boundary Sea Beast expert has come out, in order to deal with General Phillon, Sea Beast Regiment I’m really willing to pay for it.”

Speech paused, Heng Feng said again: “Sea Beasts has made such a big battle, and Lieutenant General Phillon is impossible. This General has been in the Foca Tower for so many years. If the seventh boundary expert was attacked and killed, he could easily be killed. Phillon would have become a corpse long ago.”

“Let’s wait and see, don’t get involved. Fighting at this level is not yours. It can be mixed.”


Zhuang Chen and the three people are helpless and nodded, and know that the teacher is right, the expert battle above the sixth boundary is not something they can mix. .

At the same time.

In that manor, Lieutenant General Phillon’s sneer suddenly came out: “Two seventh boundaries, five sixth boundaries, you Sea Beast are really willing to deal with this General! You are not afraid of this sneak attack. , You won but never returned?”


In the manor, a group of Sea Beast experts have rushed into it, and the seventh boundary Sea Beast headed by them suddenly roared: “Phillon, You are really here, tonight, you are dead! I will smash your head to smash my compatriots who pay homage to me…”

The harsh voice echoed in the night sky, this seventh boundary Sea Beast’s body swelled rapidly, his hands stretched out, and he suddenly became two tentacles.

On its body, sticky tentacles ejected, terrifying cold air spread, and moved towards all directions spread.

In an instant, the entire manor was frozen, and a ten-meter-high monster with an octopus head appeared, waved its tentacles, and everything passed by was penetrated and turned into Pieces of crushed ice.

In this scene, the people around you are shocked to change color. This is the terrifying feature of the high-end Sea Beast.

Those geniuses in Sea Beast have various terrifying abilities. When the power reaches a high level, this ability will increase by hundreds of times.

This kind of freezing power, even if the cultivation method of the cultivation ice type achieves the great accomplishment, the creatures on the continent will not be able to exert such formidable power unless it is with the help of high-star-level Heart-Origin Equipment. .

For a while, the frost continued to spread, like a cold wave, from the manor, moved towards all around the block.

“Phillon, get out and die!”

This seventh boundary Sea Beast roared frantically, unscrupulously releasing the power of ice within the body.

Suddenly, his body trembled, as if he felt something, moving towards the side and gliding quickly.

A purple sword light still sprang out from within the body, and a large swath of bluish blood sprayed out from the seventh boundary Octopus Monster within the body. He screamed back, full of anger and panic.

This sword came so suddenly, without warning, with the terrifying intuition of the Sea Beast seventh boundary, I didn’t realize it at all.

“hehe……, the seventh boundary Sea Beast, just for this sword to sacrifice the flag……”

A voice in the manor rang, but it echoed all around, unclear Specific orientation.

At this time, the surrounding scene suddenly changed, the cold-suffering manor suddenly began to twist, and then the heat radiated out, bursts of flames gushing out.

In an instant, this manor was plunged into a fire sea, enshrouding this group of Sea Beasts.

“This is an illusion?! Whether it is an illusion or not, give me all the ice!”

Seventh boundary Octopus Monster yelled, waved his tentacles, Power of Ice All were released, but still unable to extinguish the fire.

On the contrary, a group of flames surged in, actually invading the ice shield, roasting the greasy and sticky tentacles to charred pieces…

Suddenly, bursts of mournful scream sounded. , These Sea Beasts wailed again and again. For Sea Beasts, the strength of Raging Flames has always been their nemesis.

And this kind of flame is so strange and powerful that it can’t be extinguished no matter what, it’s too evil.


At this time, a figure in the Sea Beast group suddenly shouted, and its sound pierced the night sky, causing a circle of transparent ripples, full of A strange rhythm.

In an instant, the surrounding space resembled cracked glass, pieces shattered and collapsed, and the scene of all around returned to its original state.

The flame just now dissipated without a trace, and the manor was still frozen, but 1/4 of the invading group of Sea Beasts were already lying on the ground, becoming one after another corpse.

The wounds of these corpses, both accidentally injured by Octopus Monster on the seventh boundary, and traces of one after another split, were killed by their companions and hidden experts at the same time.

“What happened to the illusion just now?!”

The seventh boundary Octopus Monster roared angrily, his strength reached his level, even if it was the impact of Mental Energy, it was impossible to be so weird. Let him talk unconsciously.

This kind of illusion was something he had never encountered before, and never thought that he would encounter such a weird situation on land.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

in midair, suddenly there are petals blooming, like huge flowers blooming in a frozen manor , Especially dazzling in the dark.

next moment, countless petals flew up, and there were countless petal-shaped serrated blades, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and the momentum was astonishing.

Immediately, hundreds of tentacles popped up on the Octopus Monster on the seventh boundary, frantically spewing icy air, forming a tortoise-like ice shield.

ding ding ding~ ……

The serrated blade collided with the ice shield, but it did not fly out, but stuck to it piece by piece.

Following, countless blades burst open, and masses of green gas surging. No matter how strong the ice shield is, it cannot completely shield these gas. These Sea Beast experts are a little inattentive. More or less sucked a little bit.

Next moment, a stern roar sounded. Among them, dozens of Sea Beast experts trembled, their bodies twisted and deformed, and fell into extreme pain.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The bodies of these dozen Sea Beast experts exploded one after another, and their flesh and blood flew all over, splashing the surrounding companions.

“What kind of poison qi is this?!”

At this moment, Sea Beasts, whose number has been drastically reduced by half, are all trembling in fear. The change in a short period of time is beyond Their surprise.

The Human Race expert lurking in this manor’s method is too weird. It seems that every step has restrained them. I haven’t seen Lieutenant General Phillon yet, and I have already suffered heavy losses.

Lieutenant General Phillon, when there is such an expert, terrifying means are so endless…

On the other side.

Somewhere in the manor, Tai Gu, Lowden, and Howya gathered together and looked at this group of Sea Beast experts indifferently, like skilled hunters, quietly waiting for their prey to be hooked.

“seventh boundary Sea Beast…, hehe…, for so many years, the combat habits of these high-level Sea Beasts are still so easy to understand. It is no wonder that Sea Beast Regiment cannot enter the continent… “Lowden sneered.

“If this group of beasts step forward a little bit, I can try [Truth Mask]’s strongest killing move…”

Howya is chattering, he I haven’t used this weapon’s strongest means for many years, of course, because this method is especially effective for Sea Beast.

Tai Gu was very calm, stroking the Redbud Sword in his hand, he didn’t have much joy for the result of the battle just now, for him, the result of this kind of battle is justified.

In the old days, Redbud Regiment and Sea Beast Regiment fought against the enemy’s powerful Sea Beast skills, which were summarized at that time and passed down.

For Tai Gu, fighting with the Seventh Boundary Sea Beast had too much experience in his life and couldn’t stir up many waves in his heart.

If it wasn’t for the strength of this body, he just urged this sword to kill all these Sea Beasts, and there would be room for these guys to clamor.

“Don’t be careless, tonight’s fighting has just begun…” Tai Gu said.


However, for the people around, this series of changes is already jaw-dropping.

In the distance, Zhuang Chen and the three people saw this scene, and they were already speechless. Originally thought there would be tragic fighting, but didn’t expect this to happen.

“Seeing that…, Lieutenant General Phillon can sit in Foca Tower stand tall without falling. It’s not that simple…”

Heng Feng could not help but relax as he witnessed this battle. , But he was also quite shocked, “These experts who shot are amazing! They obviously don’t have the strength of the seventh boundary, but they can constrain this group of powerful Sea Beasts. Is this the hidden power of Lieutenant General Phillon?”

The other side.

Through on-site monitoring, Lin Chuan watched the battle in the manor. He was actually quite surprised. Originally thought that two seventh boundary Sea Beasts would invade, there would be a hard fight over there.

Unexpectedly, in this confrontation, this group of Sea Beasts has fallen into a disadvantage…

It is indeed Redbud Regiment, once the enemy of Sea Beasts, the means to deal with Sea Beast is Expert-level…

“Mister Gu’s strength is amazing…” Fei Yu muttered to himself, also amazed by the situation.

“Tonight’s fighting has just begun, and the awakened Sea Beast expert is coming soon…”

Looking at one of the Light Screen, a group of figures rushing to the Southern Manor, At this time Lin Chuan didn’t know why, the forehead suddenly felt a little pain.

“Strange…, what did you ignore?”

Lin Chuan wrinkled frowned, staring at the Sea Beast expert in the Light Screen. From his body, he Did not feel too threatened.

However, the painful forehead reminds Lin Chuan that there seems to be an unknown danger, which happened in a place he did not know…

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