This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 438

“Mister Chuan, what’s the matter?”

Fei Yu looked towards Lin Chuan, keenly discovered that the young Mechanic seemed to have some abnormalities, and couldn’t help but ask softly.

This plan has been carried out to the present, it can be said that everything is in Lin Chuan’s expectation, whether it uses Cromwell’s secret base as bait, or asking monarch to enter the urn, this group of Sea Beast experts The introduction to the manor went very smoothly.

As a result, Fei Yu’s attitude towards Lin Chuan is very different. This person is not as simple as a genius Mechanic, and needs greater respect.


Lin Chuan shook the head, “Young Lady Fei Yu, get ready, and soon, maybe someone with Cromwell’s treasure will appear. “

Fei Yu’s face is nodded, she is also waiting for this step of the plan.

After rubbing the forehead, Lin Chuan sent a message to Kitty Lan, asking him to pay attention to the situation there.

As for the ability of eyeball patterns, Lin Chuan has always been convinced that if there is such an omen, it must be an unexpected danger.

Of course, in the current situation, to search for this unexpected danger, that is the next policy. The best policy is to solve the matter here first, and then deal with it.


At this moment, in the Light Screen manor, the situation suddenly changed again, and an astonishing force suddenly rushed to open the frozen environment of the manor. , A huge figure ten meters high rushed over.

This is a Sea Beast covered with scales. The scales stand up like a sharp blade. During the forward movement, the scales trembled violently, sending out circles of terrifying sound. Wave, shattered this frozen manor.

Only two buildings in the depths of the manor were unscathed in the Sound Wave offensive…

“found it. Foca Tower headquarters army, now the highest commander Lieutenant General Phillon ……”

“Also, the continent expert who is threatening to our Sea Beast……”

The huge Sea Beast shouted loudly, opened its mouth suddenly, and squirted two Group a Sound Wave ball and blast towards two buildings.


In one of the buildings, a sword chant sounded, and a purple sword light whizzed out, as if to cut the night sky away.

In the darkness, a purple sword light flashed past, smashing two groups of Sound Wave balls into pieces.

The violent sword qi is endless, and still cut it over, the huge Sea Beast dare not hard-wire it, its tall body flashes again and again, it is unexpectedly flexible, and it can dodge the purple sword qi. .


The huge Sea Beast retreated to the center of the manor and stood in front of a group of Sea Beast experts, like a mountain standing tall, exuding an extremely violent imposing manner.

“Regins lord…”

“It’s really an adult, you are awake!”

A group of Sea Beasts Experts, including the two seventh boundary Sea Beasts, all respect the huge figure and salute one after another.

“Don’t say these polite words, you can do this step, you juniors are really good…”

“However, be careful, we are likely to fall into action tonight. Enter the enemy’s trap and kill the highest commander of the army at Foca Tower headquarters. We immediately break through and leave…”

The huge Sea Beast, once one of the three Regiment Commanders of the White Nightmare Sea, Regins speaks slowly , There is deep wisdom in the cold pupil.

The Sea Beast experts present were surprised, but they were convinced of Regins’ judgment. In the Sea Beast army of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, this Regiment Commander has always been a shadow, but he was the army at that time. Think tank.

At the beginning, the decisive battle with Foca Tower, if not for Cromwell’s intervention, the birth of Annihilator Regiment, today’s Foca Tower would have long been in ruins.

The entire Foca Plain is likely to become the back garden of the White Nightmare Sea…

Even after a fiasco, Regins still arranged a series of measures to stabilize the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench battle. After coming down, I have been entangled with Foca Tower ever since.

In the Sea Beast army of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, there is blind trust in Regins’ judgment. The Legendary General of Sea Beast almost never judged a miss.

“In the shortest amount of time, destroy this manor. All continent creatures execute without any mercy…, we join hands…”

Regins said like this, fierce Raising his arms to the ground, moved towards the two buildings in front of him and threw two punches.

These two punches are weird. The scales on his arms tremble crazily, and there is a whistle like wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. When combined with the fist strength, there are two realities. Fist marks, with an extremely violent momentum, all around the space exploded.

On the side, the two seventh boundary Sea Beasts also moved. The seventh boundary Octopus Monster directly took off the two tentacles. After straightening them, they became two sharp ice spears. They raised their hands and threw them out. .

The other seventh boundary Sea Beast sings with his head up, and its singing is full of magical power. A hurricane blows up all around and traps two buildings in it.

The violent sound fist, the ice spear of the tentacle…, attacked in an overwhelming manner, and the air flow over the entire southern area screamed.

This scene, let the Human Race experts around you trembling in fear. This is the terrifying formidable power of the seventh boundary Sea Beasts. In terms of destructive power, Sea Beasts is far more terrifying than continental creatures.

At this moment–

In one of the buildings, one silhouette flashed out of it, and with a wave of the purple sword in his hand, he slashed the hurricane without any terrifying sword force. open.

After that, two swords were cut out in succession, one horizontal and the other vertical…

One sword cuts the violent sound fist…

One sword cuts off the tentacle ice Spear…

Then, the third sword slashed out, the sword light flashed, and it arrived in front of Regins. The latter roared and moved quickly, still a step slower, leaving a trail on his chest. The sword mark, the sharp scale armor was like a piece of paper, all being chopped and splashed out.

In the front, Tai Gu, who looks like a middle age person, stands with a sword, looks around all around, and says indifferently: “What are you wailing here…, two seventh boundary Sea Beasts, one seventh boundary dying Sea Beast , I dared to jump on the territory of continent, thinking that this is the realm of Five Seas, let you come and go freely?”

The calm tone, the faintly discernable sword force, the kind without any gestures?”

Sui, let a group of powerful Sea Beasts be inexplicably shocked…

“Continent’s expert, who is your Excellency?!”

Seventh boundary Octopus Monster screamed, but there was something in the words Unconcealable fear.

Tai Gu took a cold glance at the three seventh boundary Sea Beasts, flicked with his fingers, the purple sword trembled suddenly, and a circle of purple sword qi clearly visible to the naked eye burst out, spreading like waves, spreading the whole The manor is shrouded in it.

For a time, this manor became a cage, giving these Sea Beasts a sense of hard to avoid calamity.

kacha, kacha…

Several sea beasts with strength on the fifth boundary screamed, and their bodies unfathomable mystery were cut apart and scattered on the ground…

“This is…”

Regins rate has retreated. Seventh Boundary Sea Beast’s perception of danger is particularly remarkable. Starting with the purple sword blooming sword qi, the three seventh boundary Sea Beasts present Feeling a great threat.

Such a situation is too rare. In fact, in Regins’ life, he felt such a danger only once.

Before being forced to fall asleep, facing the anger of the continent madman Cromwell…

The swordsmanship of this Human Race expert has the same dangerous feeling as Cromwell. How can this be done? thing? !

Regins was shocked, but he found a reason to comfort oneself. He had just awakened and his strength had declined severely. Therefore, facing a peerless expert in the seventh boundary, he felt such a sense of crisis.

As long as the three seventh boundary Sea Beasts can fight together to deal with this mysterious swordsman, not without an opportunity…

At the same time.

On the tall building in the distance, Zhuang Chen is still playing the video, and the teacher Heng Feng on the other end of the communicator yells: “Come closer, see clearly…”

“teacher…, this is fighting at the seventh boundary level. It’s too dangerous to be so close…” Zhuang Chen muttered speechlessly. Just now, the teacher advised him not to get too close. He changed his attitude so quickly.

“You know a P, this is a sword intent close to the eighth boundary, you can feel a trace of Profound Mystery from it, and it will be used infinitely in the future…” Heng Feng cried, where there is a little bit of humanity in the video The reservedness of the teacher.

Zhuang Chen and the three of them shuddered in fright. They were all in disbelief. Even if Yejad didn’t pay much attention to Martial Way, he knew that Eastern Continent had only a handful of swordsmen on the seventh boundary over the years.

Not to mention that, apart from Heng Feng, there is no second swordsman who can comprehend the eighth boundary sword intent, and there is no one who has the hope of hitting the Peak level of the eighth boundary.

If this were not what Heng Feng said, the three of Zhuang Chen would have determined that this was talking nonsense.

“Go, get closer, and be safe! This is a rare opportunity. There is a little gain, it is a great opportunity…” Heng Feng exclaimed.

Zhuang Chen even nodded, quietly moved towards the place near the manor, and flew away.


On the other side.

Through Light Screen, I witnessed the sword intent released by Tai Gu, and Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes opened, which is quite unbelievable.

In the previous interview with this Mister Gu, she felt that the strength of this mysterious expert is probably not inferior to her true strength.

Now it seems that it is terrifying more than expected……

“Among this continent, there is really a crouching tiger hidden dragon…” Fei Yu murmured.

At this time, Lin Chuan was staring at one of the Light Screens, which was a dark alley. He suddenly discovered that the source of his uneasiness just now was there.

The alley is where Viscount Lowe escaped. There is a secret stronghold. Lowe hasn’t come out since he rushed in.

“That place…, is there something that would turn this guy Lowe over…” Lin Chuan murmured.

Suddenly, in the alley in the picture, three figures suddenly appeared, floating in the air, splitting into two directions.

To be precise, one of the figures, carrying Viscount Lowe, hung in midair and scurried.

“seventh boundary expert……”

Lin Chuan was surprised. From the data transmitted on the screen, he immediately analyzed the strength of the two figures, which was an unexpected seventh boundary. expert.

This is the seventh boundary expert of Mysterious Star Empire! ?

The sense of threat just now, it turned out to be so…

Just, why did Mysterious Star Empire send the seventh boundary expert…

When my thoughts move, Lin Chuan’s consciousness What’s up, looked towards Fei Yu on the side. The latter also changed abruptly, and it seemed that something extremely bad had happened…

At this moment, I saw that the two seventh boundary experts took out one thing in the screen, and after the start, an explosion appeared. The group halo, moved towards all directions spread out.


While the halo exploded, Lin Chuan heard a strange sound, which was a very strange frequency, which actually caused it within the body The agitation of the stone ball ability.

However, this kind of turbulence is nothing to Lin Chuan. He is already very skillful in controlling the stone ball’s ability, and after a little suppression, it calms down.

However, Fei Yu’s lovable body trembled on the side slipped from the chair, half-kneeled on the ground, and covered her shoulders with one hand. There was a hot breath overflowing there, sweat also oozing out, and instantly infiltrating her The clothes, like water drenched, the lithe and graceful curves stand out.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Chuan asked.

He actually asked, knowingly, that he has a good understanding of Fei Yu’s condition. It is the Flame Sword pattern power on his shoulder that has exploded again.

“Mister Chuan, do you have a way to deal with the seventh boundary expert? If not, just go…” Fei Yu gritted his teeth.

Lin Chuan took a look at the Light Screen, one of the seventh boundary experts, suddenly moved towards this side, his destination is very clear, he seems to know the location of Fei Yu.

And another seventh boundary expert, carrying Viscount Lowe, moved towards Lin Chuan’s residence.

The goal over there is Laknia?

Lin Chuan looked cold, coldly snorted, and sent a message to Kitty Lan.

At the same time.

Not far from Lin Chuan’s residence, an old man with a kind face, grey hair and no beard, holding Viscount Lowe in one hand and a compass-like detector in the other, hanging in the air, moved towards a direction Fast forward.

“Lowe, you brat have a lot of ghosts and thoughts. If this time, it’s not because of the failure of Cromwell’s treasure capture operation, about the little girl’s whereabouts, and the subject matter, are you? Are you going to keep concealing the results for your own use?”

The old man coldly smiled, chuckled.

Viscount Lowe hearing this, the face that was facing the cold wind suddenly oozes sweat, and he hurriedly paid said with a smile: “Mister Shen, why do you think so, I also just discovered that woman As for the whereabouts of Hehe, as well as the experimental subject, it was just as soon as the news came out, so I told you two immediately. How dare I take credit for both of you……”


Mister Shen sneered and looked at Viscount Lowe without revealing his thoughts, “Okay. Our two Seniors are not stingy people. If you can subdue the little girl this time, you will be indispensable. With the power of Heart Origin Heritage, our two old bones can’t endure, and then it will be cheaper for you, hehe, that little girl is a rare beauty in the world and has such a high status, hehe……”

Viscount Lowe smiled again and again, but blood was dripping in his heart. If it were not for the failure of the action, he would never expose these two secrets.

Suddenly, the red dot on the compass detector was blurred for a while, but disappeared.

“What’s the matter? This detector is broken…” Mister Shen widened her eyes and shook the detector, and yelled flustered and exasperated.

At this moment——

In the residence of Lin Chuan, Kitty Lan is carrying the right front claw, and the paw has doubled, emitting a faint blue light, covering the little girl , Isolated her breath.

In the Light Screen on the table, an old man and Viscount Lowe appeared, stopping three blocks away, spinning around like a headless fly…

“That bad guy…”

Laknia screamed sharply when he saw Viscount Lowe, his eyes turned red, and Mental Energy suddenly became restless.


Little Blue Cat called out with a paw, and slapped the little girl to the ground, beating her all at once.

“Meow…, you reckless child, are you so impulsive to want to courting death? Watch quietly…”

Kitty Lan barked his teeth and scared Laknia into a shivered, small The girl calmed down, dare not say anything.

In this period of getting along, in the little girl in mind, the mysterious blue Teacher Cat is like a teacher. She follows Kitty Lan’s instructions very much.

Holding the communicator, Kitty Lan sent a message to the owner, indicating that this side is temporarily safe.

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