This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 439


When Kitty Lan’s message came, Lin Chuan took a look and felt relieved.

When Laknia was taken in before, he considered this situation and how to deal with Viscount Lowe’s tracking.

The bracelet of the little girl can block the tracking signal within the body. Lin Chuan has considerable confidence in the mechanical device made by oneself.

However, he has always been cautious, and he also thought of Second Layer insurance, which is Kitty Lan’s breath shield.

After this Little Brat mutation, its breath can be concealed, especially for Mental Energy’s shielding, which is the most effective.

Seeing Little Blue Cat’s reply, Lin Chuan is thankful. Fortunately, he has done Second Layer insurance before. Otherwise, all three aspects must be taken care of, which is really hard to deal with.

Putting the communicator away, Lin Chuan took out a mechanical disk, and after starting it, a barrier was immediately formed, enveloping him and Fei Yu.


In the Light Screen, the seventh boundary expert who was approaching ceaselessly stopped and circled in midair, seemingly wondering why the target was suddenly lost.

“This shielding device is really effective…”

Lin Chuan whispered, this is a shielding device produced by Fire Blade Mechanical Workshop. Teacher Bassi has repeatedly bragged to him that this It is a masterpiece of his life, capable of shielding all traces of himself.

Now it seems that Teacher Bassi is not exaggerating, it is indeed very effective.

However, this mechanical device has a fatal flaw, that is, it cannot move.

Hold Fei Yu up, and where he started, the woman’s skin was hot like a fire, and the sweat that was constantly gushing out exuded a faint fragrance.

“Is the situation so serious…”

Lin Chuan couldn’t help frowning, his eyes swept across Fei Yu’s soaked and exquisite figure, but he didn’t have much appreciation for this woman’s strength. , But can’t control oneself, the severity of its symptoms can be seen.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, our time is tight, can you explain, what is going on?” Lin Chuan asked.

While talking, while taking out one after another potion, Fei Yu was taken orally and externally, which finally relieved her symptoms.

Covering his shoulders, Fei Yu opened his eyes, looked at Lin Chuan weakly, and said, “Mister Chuan, I’m sorry. I concealed a lot of things and put you in danger. However, these internal information is not temporary. I will be able to make it clear if I want to relieve my symptoms, I need to use the secret treasure of Blood Spirit Race-[Blood Spirit Eye].”

“Otherwise, sooner or later, I will be found by that guy. Both you and I are in danger…”

Lin Chuan slightly frowned, and glanced at the Light Screen again, and found that the seventh boundary expert was actually moved towards here, although I can’t figure out the specific location, But it can determine the approximate location of him and Fei Yu.

“It’s really troublesome guy, I’ll take you away first, let’s talk about these inside information on the road…”


Control Mechanical Arm, switch The Fei Yu was filled into a container, and the liquefied Energy Crystal circulated, quickly forming an energy film, which cut off outside exploration.

In the Light Screen, the seventh boundary expert stopped again, apparently missing the target again, and roared to the sky in midair, and its voice spread far away.

“It seems that the isolation device of [Cracked Scale Arm] is really effective.”

Lin Chuan muttered in secret, coldly snorted, and arranged it in the secret room. Then, holding this container, he left the private elevator, entered the underground parking lot, and boarded the Floating Vehicle that was prepared long ago.

The engine starts and the Floating Vehicle leaves the secret passage of the military and moved towards the eastern part of the city.


In the carriage, the surface of the changing container of Mechanical Arm flashed with brilliance, showing a translucent texture, revealing Fei Yu’s face.

Lin Chuan glanced at the woman, concentrated on driving the Floating Vehicle, and said: “Young Lady Fei Yu, since I was involved, I still need to know these internal information before I can formulate countermeasures…”


In the container, Fei Yu felt the burning pain in his shoulder relieved a lot, knowing that he was temporarily away from the danger, and was slightly relaxed.

It’s just that the earphone in the ear has no sound. The isolation of this container is stronger than she thought.

This youngster’s Mechanical Arm seems to be very special…

Fei Yu flashed this thought in his mind, exhaled, and said: “Mister Chuan, these internal issues are very complicated. First of all It’s my identity, it’s quite special…”

Fei Yu is thinking about what to say and not to say…

Lin Chuan shook his head and said. “I don’t care about the identity of Young Lady Fei Yu in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture. I just want to know some simple inside information. Let me ask and you can answer.”

Fei Yu nodded, She was relaxed secretly. She didn’t want to reveal her real identity, but if she didn’t know her clearly, she would not be able to hide it from the youngster, and she didn’t want to make both parties unhappy.

Lin Chuan asked the first question “What is the origin of these two seventh boundary Old Guys?”

“The consecrate of the Mysterious Star royal family, one surnamed Shen, the other surnamed Zheng , They support Seventh Highness of Mysterious Star Empire.” Fei Yu quickly replied.

Lin Chuan continues to ask the second question: “What is the reason for hunting you down?”

“This speaking of which is more complicated, has Mister Chuan heard of [Heart Origin Heritage] Fei Yu replied with a wry smile, preparing to explain this term that few people know.

“I know, it is said that the birth of the original Heart Origin expert was due to [Heart Origin Heritage]. There is another saying that after the death of the original Heart Origin expert, its power within the body condenses and forms [ Heart Origin Heritage], this is a proposition that comes first with the chicken or the egg…”

Lin Chuan answered quickly.

Fei Yu’s red lips slightly opened, and Lin Chuan’s response was far beyond her expectation.

This young Mechanic’s knowledge is so wide that she often amazes her……

Fei Yu said, “Ten years ago, I implanted a piece within the body. [Heart Origin Heritage], however, is incomplete. Not long ago, I discovered that this was a conspiracy. The Mysterious Star royal family was able to control me through this incomplete [Heart Origin Heritage], and then seize this power…”

Lin Chuan brows tightly knit up, the inside story Fei Yu revealed is far more amazing than he thought.

Ten years ago, in an Ancient Vestige, Fei Yu discovered this [Heart Origin Heritage], which is a broken sword, integrated into her within the body. She thought it was a piece of An amazing encounter.

Fei Yu’s Martial Way innate talent is rare in the world. After acquiring this piece of [Heart Origin Heritage], her strength has increased to an astonishing level. In ten years, her The strength will reach the great accomplishment.

However, Fei Yu’s symptoms broke out a few months ago. After many investigations, she realized that this was a conspiracy.

A mysterious influence controls all this behind the scenes, implanting the incomplete [Heart Origin Heritage] in various ways into those talented people within the body, and letting [Heart Origin Heritage] activate, Ability is fully manifested. At that time, it will seize the power of [Heart Origin Heritage].


Lin Chuan raised his brows, and there was a wave of waves in his heart. He thought of the stone ball. Could it be that he had deliberately implanted himself.

Just after thinking about it, Fei Yu’s next words are to dispel his thoughts, the incomplete [Heart Origin Heritage] activation, only when the implanter’s strength reaches a very high level, Symptoms appear.

When this kind of symptom breaks out, this mysterious influence has an instrument that can track the specific location of the implanter.

This is completely different from Lin Chuan’s situation.

“So, these two Old Guys are tracking you in order to seize the power of the incomplete [Heart Origin Heritage] within the body?” Lin Chuan asked the key point.

Fei Yu hesitated for a while, nodded, just about to say something, but Lin Chuan waved and interrupted him.

“Wait a minute…”

After taking out a box, after opening it, Lin Chuan pressed the button.

next moment, the walls all around the passage, and the ground, there was a shock, and it seemed that there was a violent explosion in the distance.

Turn on the Light Screen, and a video is transmitted. The building where the monitoring room was located has been blown into ruins. A figure hangs in the air, and his clothes are blackened, looking really embarrassed.

“This Consecrate Zheng, it seems that we can’t be found for the time being, let’s continue with the topic just now…” Lin Chuan said.

Fei Yu was speechless. Judging from the surveillance screen, the Old Guy surnamed Zheng had just rushed into the surveillance room and caused a big explosion, and his injuries were not minor.

Bombs that can damage the seventh boundary expert, but can also control the explosion range within ten meters of the building. I don’t know what new type of bomb it is.

Such a Mechanic, obviously does not show much strength, but inexplicably makes people feel terrifying…

“Find [Blood Spirit Eye], can you treat your symptoms?” Lin Chuan asked again.

Fei Yu nodded, said an amazing secret, the secret treasure of Blood Spirit Race [Blood Spirit Eye], is actually handed down by the original Heart Origin expert, and originally did not belong to Blood Spirit Race.

It is said that a long time ago, [Blood Spirit Eye] was used to treat the symptoms of disabled [Heart Origin Heritage] after activation, and even the disabled [Heart Origin Heritage] can be taken out.

“Do you want to take out the [Heart Origin Heritage] within the body?” Lin Chuan glanced at Fei Yu.


Fei Yu nodded, “Even though [Blood Spirit Eye] can relieve my symptoms, I will always be controlled by the Mysterious Star Royal Family, the mysterious one Influence has mastered the means to inspire the incomplete [Heart Origin Heritage] power berserk.”

“This thing is within the body, it is a time bomb, as long as it is taken out, everything is easy…”

Speaking of this, Fei Yu’s face is as cold as ice, and she is full of solemnity. The majesty of life and death has been revealed for the first time since the two met.

Lin Chuan’s face moved slightly, and said: “Understood. Let’s find out where the [Blood Spirit Eye] is before we talk…”

hearing this, Fei Yu was surprised, and then happily said: “Mister Chuan, do you know the whereabouts of [Blood Spirit Eye]?”

“I have been guessing, but I’m not sure yet. Now, I can only disturb this one…” Lin Chuan laughed and said.


Late night.

In the eastern part of the city, in a house.

Compared with the melee in the southern part of the city, this house is a fierce scene.

The big bed in the bedroom, being rolled by the waves, the men’s rapid roars and the women’s high-pitched breaths kept ringing…

After a sharp soprano, the bedroom quieted down. Madame Fowler showed her head from the bed, her red face was as drunk as she was drunk, and she was very satisfied.

“My dear, you are really my good husband! No matter where you are, you are my favorite man…”

“You will eat it later, don’t let me Seeing it, I can treat it as if it never happened, know?”


White fingers, bright red nails poked on Fowler’s chest, Madame Fowler eats food Laughing, the couple was tired of being together, and said a few words of love.

For a moment, Madame Fowler was very tired, buried in the arms of her husband, and fell asleep.

“My dear, don’t you go and wash it?” Fowler pushed his wife, and saw that the latter had snorted slightly, then released the embrace and looked at the deep night outside the window, involuntarily sighed .

“These beautiful people are as pleasant as before, but how long have I not experienced the supreme happiness…”

Fowler muttered to himself language.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed and his eyelids blinked uncontrollably, as if he had discovered something.

Getting down from the bed quietly, Fowler quickly finished wearing it, took out a slender sword from the head of the bed, used it as a cane, and walked out on pacing, his graceful posture seemed to be born with.

The hall was very dim, with only two wall lamps flashing and a figure sitting on the sofa.

To be precise, there is a figure sitting with a container on the side.

“Mister Fowler, come here late at night, I hope you don’t take offense…” The figure looked up, looked at Fowler, and nodded calmly.

For a while, Fowler’s figure became stiff. Looking at the young face of this figure, somehow he thought of the portrait of the man in the secret room. The temperament between the two, I don’t know. Why is it always a little like…

Is it because both are Mechanic geniuses…

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