This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 440

Standing at the edge of the hall, Fowler was stunned for a while, and then pressed a button. The hypnotic gas in the bedroom was activated to ensure that Madame Fowler would not wake up.

“Mister Fowler’s insurance measures are really thoughtful.”

Lin Chuan said with emotion that the hypnotic gas in this bedroom is not for the purpose of dealing with danger, but for Can be used by lovers.

“Where…, Mister Chuan, Young Lady Fei are visiting late at night, there must be something important, I don’t want to be known by the fourth…”

Mister Fowler walks with a smile When he came over, his demeanor was as usual, as if his friend came to visit him, he was very happy.

Lin Chuan looked at this man and didn’t hide anything. He quickly explained the chaos in the city and the troubles Fei Yu is now.

“Mister Fowler, Cromwell’s treasure, I need your help…” Lin Chuan said calmly.

After listening to this remark, Fowler’s eyes widened, seemingly shocked, and then said with a bitter smile: “Mister Chuan, such a big thing happened in the city, of course I want to help, but I’m just a Assistant Law Clerk, I can’t help…”

At this time, in the container, Fei Yu looked at Fowler and was also surprised. Listening to Lin Chuan’s meaning, Fowler actually knew those in the secret base The whereabouts of treasure, can it be said that Fowler is the descendant of those treasures?

Lin Chuan looked at Fowler silently, and did not speak. Behind his thick glasses, his eyes seemed to be oppressive, which made the atmosphere in the hall stagnate.

Fowler smiled bitterly, seemingly fidgeting, as if he didn’t know anything about it.

sighed, Lin Chuan said: “Mister Fowler, things are more pressing. I originally wanted to talk about Cromwell’s legacy in a more gentle way. Now, I can only use a direct way… …”

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan took out a mechanical blueprint from the pocket of Mechanic’s robe and threw it in front of Fowler.

This is an obsolete mechanical blueprint. It should have been incomplete. Lin Chuan has filled in the incomplete parts.

Holding this mechanical blueprint, Fowler glanced, his face changed suddenly, and looked up towards Lin Chuan, as if he had seen a ghost.

“How could you…” Fowler stammered.

“Before in the Mechanical Warehouse, those Mechanical Puppet riots, I met Foca No. 2, and from the Annihilator fighters, I learned about the old plan…”

” From those clues, I restored the whole picture of the plan at the time and found a suspicious point. As the Commander of Annihilator Regiment, the Mechanical Puppet was also made by Cromwell himself. After being destroyed by the so-called, I disappeared…”

“Know that, as a masterpiece of Cromwell, Annihilator Regiment’s Commander, also Foca No. 1, is different from other Annihilator fighters. The so-called destruction is just that the core head is destroyed, and its body is not so easy. Destroyed…”

“In that plan, Cromwell’s original intention was to find a method so that his life could continue for a long time. He came up with two ways. One of them is The body of Foca No. 1, and the second one is the method of sleep stolen by the resurgent Regins.”



Lin Chuan presses Induction Goggles to shoot an image, revealing some details of the two schemes created by Cromwell, which he researched within a week.

“Unfortunately, both of these solutions are flawed. Although the body of Foca No. 1 can transplant the brain, it is actually not a creature…”

” As for the second plan, it is very suitable for Sea Beast. For the creatures of continent, especially Human Race, there is a high possibility that they will die in deep sleep…”

“So With Cromwell’s perfectionism, I naturally gave up both options.”

“And you, Mister Fowler, opened Cromwell’s secret base and discovered the body of Foca No. 1, which was then old age. , And you who are not strong enough, you naturally moved your heart and made the choice of transplanting your head. I should have made no mistakes?”


Looking at the picture presented in the video , Fowler looked dumb, turned his head to look at the youngster, his face showed a trace of awe.

Fei Yu on the side was already dumbfounded. After Lin Chuan brought her here, she guessed that Fowler might be a descendant of Cromwell.

But I didn’t expect that Lin Chuan’s restoration of the truth was more twists and turns than imagined.

“It’s really unexpected. I changed my face for so many years and I was discovered like this…”

Fowler muttered to himself, and then complexion changed, and countless currents appeared all over his body, “However, Mister Chuan, you still miscalculated. Have you forgotten that I have the Foca No. 1 body, and that strength is a solid seventh boundary, how can you contend. Besides, Young Lady Fei Yu is still [Heart Origin Heritage] During the violent period of fusion, I am here to kill you, no one will know…”

A violent surge of energy surrounds the Fowler around the body. This is a manifestation of Mechanical Puppet’s energy release. It is completely different from the power of martial artist.

Lin Chuan’s complexion was calm, turned over the palm, and there was an additional device in the palm with a handprint on it, which was the size of his palm.


Fowler sucked in a breath of cold air, the violent energy on his body dissipated immediately, and he exclaimed in amazement: “You even made this destruction device? Annihilator body Have you figured it all out?”

“I have said that, I saw Foca No. 2. I have researched and wanted to repair those soldiers. Unfortunately, the mechanical blueprint on hand is not complete. , Although it is impossible to repair, it is not difficult to make the destroyed device…”

Shaking the destroyed device, Lin Chuan said disapprovingly: “The things in this world are more destroyed than created. It’s a thousand times easier, and it’s nothing unusual for me to make this.”

Fowler was speechless, looking at the destroyed device, he doubted whether it was true, but he didn’t dare to try it. .

As long as Lin Chuan’s palm is pressed down, his body will immediately stop. Its core, also his head, will die within three hours of the body’s stopping operation.

In this situation, he wouldn’t even dare to bet…

Looking at Fowler’s appearance, Lin Chuan said again: “Mister Fowler, those treasures left by Cromwell, Presumably you can use very little. Besides, if you transform yourself into Foca No. 1, Blood Spirit Race’s [Blood Spirit Eye], you can’t use it. Why not lend us a bit, I’m not borrowing it for nothing, you This machine has a big defect. If you give me the original mechanical blueprint, I can rebuild it more perfectly, to be precise, it can be rebuilt more like a creature…”

hearing this, Fowler His eyes lit up all of a sudden, twinkling, that is a feature of mechanical eyes.

Obviously, Lin Chuan’s last sentence really touched Fowler, and the mechanical level displayed by this youngster also convinced Fowler that Lin Chuan’s words were true.

“Mister Chuan, can you really perfect the body of Foca No. 1?” Fowler trembled with excitement.

“Mister Cromwell made the Annihilator body, after all, over the past thousand years, many technologies have now been overcome, it is not difficult to perfect it.” Lin Chuan certain/affirm said.

This is not a big deal, in fact, when studying the body structure of Foca No. 2, Lin Chuan found many things that can be improved.

However, considering that the structure of this organism requires the brain of a creature as its core drive, Lin Chuan did not go further.

I really want to come up with an improvement plan. For him now, it is simply not difficult.

“Okay. Mister Chuan. As long as you can do it, I can lend you those treasures…”

Fowler said this way, his face moved, and he said:” However, I can’t guarantee whether these treasures can be used or the symptoms of Young Lady Fei Yu can be solved.”

“Of course, this is our business…” Lin Chuan nodded.

Immediately, Fowler got up and led Lin Chuan and Fei Yu into the underground garage of his residence, where there was a secret room.

The combination lock that it turns on is very similar to the combination lock of the secret base. If Fowler hadn’t opened it himself, Lin Chuan would have deciphered it by oneself, and it would be impossible to decipher it in a few days.


The door of the secret room opens. After entering, there are many furnishings inside. There are rows of cabinets, tables, chairs, and beds.

Lin Chuan glanced around, and found that the furnishings here are not ordinary expensive, they are all antiques of amazing value.

In the container, Fei Yu also found clues, but had no time to take care of them. She was looking for [Blood Spirit Eye].

“Those treasures are not here, here…”

Walking to the wall deep in the secret room, Fowler knocked on the wall and activated a button.


The wall began to change, showing waves like water ripples, the wall gradually became transparent, and there was actually a secret room inside.

The furnishings of the second secret room have many similarities with Cromwell’s secret base.

The walls and ground here are clean, without a trace of dust, and they seem to be cleaned frequently.

The wall is made of metal, which is a kind of Memory Metal, which can be repaired automatically.

In the center of the secret room, there is a cloud of mist, and there seems to be a lot of things placed inside.

Fowler walked in front, came to the center of the secret room, pointed to the cloud of mist, and said: “Mister Chuan, what you want is here, but how to open this device, forgive me for help.”

Speaking like this, Fowler raised his hand and reached out to the mist, but grabbed an empty space. There seemed to be nothing inside, and the images in the mist seemed to be illusion.

“What’s going on?”

Fei Yu saw this scene in the container and couldn’t help but be surprised: “Mister Fowler, since you brought out those treasures, why I can’t open this device?”

Fowler smiled awkwardly, and then said: “There are many twists and turns in this, and I didn’t expect that after starting this device, it won’t open anymore.”

Looking at Fowler, Lin Chuan was not surprised, and said: “This is nothing strange. If it is Mister Fowler’s original body, it can naturally be opened. However, he transformed himself into Foca No. 1. Later, it does not have the original ability, so it cannot be turned on.”

“This device is turned on? What kind of ability is required? Does it require the bloodline of the descendants of Cromwell?” Fei Yu frowned , I didn’t expect that the treasure needed was right in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t touch it.

Fowler shook his head and sighed: “It’s not this kind of ability. To be honest, there are probably not many people in this world who can turn on this device. I can turn it on, not only because of the descendants of Cromwell. ……”

When Fowler said this, Fei Yu was taken aback for a moment and felt a little strange. From Fowler’s tone, you can hear that his original body is indeed a descendant of Cromwell. The characters, but there is not much respect for them.

Lin Chuan looked at the mist and examined it for a while, then stepped forward, lifted his fingers, and operated the magical power within the body. The eyeball pattern on the forehead appeared, spinning slightly, a A strange force surged, carrying its Materialized Mental Energy and infiltrating into the mist.

next moment, in the mist, he felt a kind of fluctuation, and his Materialized Mental Energy, within the body’s stone ball power, actually produced a kind of harmonious resonance.

“This thing is [Blood Spirit Eye]…”

In Lin Chuan’s mind, this judgment flashed through immediately, as if he could clearly see those things in the mist.

After that, the mist surged, gradually became thinner, and then dissipated, revealing the furnishings inside.

It was a transparent cabinet with a stack of manuscripts, a spar the size of a fist, and a large box.

“This is [Blood Spirit Eye]…”

Lin Chuan looked at the spar, and seemed to see that there was a faintly discernible in the center of the spar. , Echoing with its own strength.

“How did this device open?”

Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes stared wide, she was in the container, isolated from the outside world, she didn’t know what was going on from her eyesight alone. .

Fowler on the side was staggering and almost fell to the ground. He pointed to Lin Chuan and screamed: “How is it possible? I didn’t even tell you how to open it, so you opened the device. , How did you do it? Could it be that you are also a descendant of Cromwell’s Old Guy?”

Lin Chuan glanced at the messy Fowler and said: “Mister Fowler, I don’t want to be your junior , I have no blood relationship with Cromwell. However, there are some entanglements with your original body. The handwritten notes you have left are with me. Otherwise, I would not be so sure that those treasures are with you. “

“You…, you…”

Fowler’s face was horrified, as if he heard the scariest thing in his life, he couldn’t speak a complete sentence.

He was panicked, originally thought that this youngster was just a Mechanical Talent, so he inferred from the clues in the Mechanical Warehouse that he was an Avatar.

Unexpectedly, the copy of the handwritten note left before fell into the hands of this youngster. What does this mean?

Fowler is very clear that this means that Lin Chuan is not as simple as a pure Mechanic, he also has another terrifying ability……

This kind of ability, combined with its Mechanic With Talent’s identity, Fowler couldn’t help thinking of his bastard ancestor-Cromwell.

No, even his ancestors did not possess that kind of natural talent when he was young. This is a secret that only the descendants of Blood Spirit Royal Clan knew…

Is this youngster’s intention really just borrowing [Blood Spirit Eye] as simple as that?

Fowler’s complexion changed. Once his former identity was exposed, the consequences would be unimaginable. If Lin Chuan’s real intention was a series of secrets related to his identity, it would be too dangerous and he could not stay here for long.

“Mister Fowler, you don’t have to panic. Your copy of the letter was only obtained by chance. As for your original identity, don’t worry about exposure. I’m not interested in mingling with those things. My purpose here is, As I said before, borrow [Blood Spirit Eye] to treat Young Lady Fei Yu’s symptoms. It’s that simple…”

“In the current situation, I don’t need to lie. I’m really not interested.”

Lin Chuan said seriously.

Fowler sighed, he doubts Lin Chuan’s words, but, as he said, Lin Chuan does not need to lie in the current situation.

“Well…, Mister Chuan, I will do my best to help you. I hope you don’t break your promise.” Fowler replied helplessly.

Speaking, he walked forward and whispered to Lin Chuan to use the [Blood Spirit Eye] method.

The use of [Blood Spirit Eye] requires many skills.

Of course, the foundation of these skills is to have [Materialized Mental Energy]. Without this prerequisite, this secret treasure is just a valuable antique for the Blood Spirit Race.

“This technique…, this treasure is actually Elf’s secret treasure?”

When Lin Chuan heard these techniques, he tasted some clues and looked at Fowler. This Asked generally.

“Mister Chuan’s insights are really amazing…” Fowler couldn’t help but bitterly laughed.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything more, opened the transparent cabinet, took out the [Blood Spirit Eye], held it in his hand, and immediately felt that the eye in the center seemed to fluctuate, a strange wave The power gushes out, echoing with his own [Materialized Mental Energy].

At the same time, this strange power also resonated with the eyeball patterns. He had an inexplicable feeling, as if he could absorb this power.

This thought flashed in his mind, Lin Chuan put it aside, and controlled the [Blood Spirit Eye] according to the method of use described by Fowler.

With the influx of [Materialized Mental Energy], this spar suddenly lit up, and a pupil-like light cluster appeared in the center, flashing and flashing, as if blinking, full of Kind of evil.

Such a scene, it is no wonder that [Blood Spirit Eye] this kind of treasure, in Western Continent, will be regarded as an unknown treasure and will bring terrifying disasters.

Just stare at this pupil-like light ball, as if your mind will be drawn in, and will be immersed forever…


In the center of the spar, the light ball became brighter and brighter, and there was a sound. Lin Chuan felt something similar to a stream of consciousness coming. He “seeed” some information about [Blood Spirit Eye] How to use it, and how to use this treasure to treat or take out the broken [Heart Origin Heritage].

“The real function of [Blood Spirit Eye] is to do this?” Lin Chuan murmured.

At this moment——

Lin Chuan only felt the forehead hot, and the eyeball patterns continued to emerge, echoing with [Blood Spirit Eye], the latter trembled, and from within A stream of consciousness surged, allowing him to see more information.

“It turns out that this thing has this function…” Lin Chuan muttered to himself in amazement.

Aside, watching Lin Chuan’s movements, Fei Yu is a little nervous. She has a lot of doubts about the current situation, but this is not something she needs to care about. What she cares most about is whether Use [Blood Spirit Eye] to treat her physical symptoms.

kacha ……

At this time, the container was opened, Lin Chuan held the brilliant crystals, walked closer, and said: “Young Lady Fei Yu, about your physical symptoms In addition to the original two treatment plans, I learned about the third treatment plan. In fact, I recommend you to use the third plan…”

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