This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 442

Kang Dang…

In midair, there was a loud noise, and Consecrate Zheng flew back. With a lift of his left hand, there was an extra shield on his wrist, and the light pattern like a tortoise shell flowed and blocked it. Fei Yu’s fist like a hurricane fire sea.

The big hole in the front of the chest kept bleeding, and the amount of bleeding was replaced by a general martial artist, who died on the spot long ago.

However, Consecrate Zheng is still alive and kicking, holding a shield in his left arm, and his right hand constantly pulls out one after another potion. These all are top-notch healing and life-saving potion. You don’t need money to pour into your mouth and wounds. Applying it on top of it barely stopped the surge of blood.

“Wait…, I have something to say…” Consecrate Zheng called.

Fei Yu sneered, without saying a word. His two slender arms waved in succession, seeming to be slow and fast, and he punched out in a semicircular shape, punch after punch, forming a spiral strangling hurricane. Fist position.

In the center of the fist, there seems to be lava about to gush out, that violent fist, and her freehand gesture, form an extremely contradictory scene…

“You …, not only has the strength recovered, it has also improved so much…” Consecrate Zheng couldn’t help being shocked.

As for the strength of this woman, the Mysterious Star Empire royal family is the clearest to explore. Over the years, every breakthrough of this woman has been filed in detail, so that the assessment of her strength can be inconsistent with the facts. Few.

But it didn’t expect. After a short time, the woman’s strength has actually improved again, and the improvement is not small…

For a while, Consecrate Zheng only felt all over his body. In the cold, broken chest, the exposed heart, feeling the unique cold weather of Foca Tower, it is even more cold to my heart.

This woman with the body’s incompleteness [Heart Origin Heritage], can it be said that not only the symptoms are cured, but also it is completely used by herself…

This thought just flashed, and it seems that Consecrate Zheng Seeing the approach of death, this is absolutely unacceptable bad news.

Escape! ?

In an instant, the idea of ​​escape emerged, and Consecrate Zheng ignored the others, screamed, and retreated quickly, reaching the limit.

“I want to escape now, I don’t think it’s too late…”

Fei Yu sneered, the lovable body shook, and its speed was not slow at all, chasing at every step, swinging his fists, There was no interruption in his boxing force.

Consecrate Zheng was horrified at this scene. This woman’s fighting ability was truly terrifying, and she was able to maintain such terrifying punches even in such high-speed movements.

Suddenly, Fei Yu’s eyes moved and his figure froze, from extreme motion to extreme stillness, just in a flash, and when he was still, his lovable body shook slightly, moving towards the left by ten meters. .


In the dark night, a tall Consecrate Shen appeared, holding two daggers, the tips of the swords were sprayed with a faint sword light, and the swords were connected alternately, fiercely cut one. air.

If Fei Yu hadn’t changed direction just now, he had already been chopped up…

“Such a quick response…” Consecrate Shen’s face changed suddenly, but the movements under his hands Without stopping, the two daggers were swung in a row, intertwined into a fine sword net, covering Fei Yu.

At the same time, Consecrate Shen yelled: “Old Zheng, come and join forces and capture her!”

The voice has not fallen–

Not far away Consecrate Zheng never stopped, kept backing away, and quickly disappeared in midair, and actually escaped without a trace.

“The surname is Zheng, you this bastard…” Consecrate Shen’s face is twisted, flustered and exasperated.

He received a message from Consecrate Zheng for help, and immediately rushed to him non-stop, but didn’t expect, the surname Zheng, to survive, even put him like this.

In the earphone, there was a mutter from Consecrate Zheng: “Old Brother Shen, you can’t blame Old Zheng for me! My injury, if you join hands with you, you will be exhausted if you don’t get 20 together. Die, help me block this woman, I will be rewarded by Old Zheng in the future!”

Consecrate Shen Listen, complexion ashen, how can he deal with this woman by himself?

“You Old Guys, half of your feet are almost into the soil, are you still so greedy for life and fear of death…”

Fei Yu sneered, moving his arms, two Only the glove brought a fiery style, as if a flame was lit in the night sky, moving towards Consecrate Shen and swept away.

Consecrate Shen gritted his teeth, raised two daggers to block, he heard a deafening scream, and the gloves collided with the daggers, bursting out a fire star.

The Heart Origin weapons on both sides are all ranks of Six Stars Level. The formidable power of this level of weapons is mobilized in the hands of the seventh boundary expert. It really has the power of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering.

For a while, the entire Foca Tower trembles, and it seems that the entire city is on the verge of collapse.

This scene attracted the attention of countless experts in the city, and the crowd watching the battle nearby was even more shocked.

Especially the elite guards of the city, they are wailing in secret. Not long ago, I received news that the manor where Lieutenant General Phillon is located, there is a confrontation between the seventh boundary expert.

How come two seventh boundary experts appeared in the eastern part of the city? If you continue to toss, Foca Tower will really be destroyed…

The fighting of the seventh boundary expert, if left alone , Destructive power destroys a city, simply happens overnight, this kind of thing is not uncommon in history.


At this time, in midair appeared a hot breath, which continued to spread, forming a zone of kilometers in diameter, confining the aftermath of fighting.

This scene surprised the nearby experts…

In the distance, Lin Chuan’s complexion moved slightly, and turned to look at the top of the next building, where it appeared out of thin air A group of figures.

Fowler was also aware of this. Turning his head and looking around, his face suddenly fluctuated, and he muttered: “What a beautiful woman! What a stunning beauty in the world!”

On the rooftop of the building next door, this Among the group of figures, the leader is a woman wearing a large leather trench coat, and a full set of Heart-Origin Equipment can be seen inside, but it is difficult to conceal her graceful posture.

She has a pair of phoenix eyes, clear and bright in the dark night, grey hair and red lips, that beauty, coupled with the sharp sharpness of the woman, is a kind of dazzling and stunning.

“hehe…, fighting against Consecrate Shen on the seventh boundary. She also wants to protect the lives of the people of Foca Tower. It’s an excessive tendency to clemency!”

“No wonder so many years, always Suppressed by the royal family, this kind of weakness in her character is really unacceptable…”

“If it was me and resolved her symptoms, she would leave and return to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture. Deploy everything to make yourself invincible.”


The grey hair woman lightly said, her voice was low and unspeakable, and she suddenly laughed, “God always It’s fair. Given her such perfect ability, she will naturally give her personality defects. Fortunately, otherwise, the Military Department will have a headache in the future…”

At the same time, she seemed to feel it, looking towards the top of the next building, and vaguely saw a youngster wearing a Mechanic robe, and an elegant and harmless middle age person, she withdrew her gaze without taking seriously.

“It’s almost time…, the plan arranged by Seventh Imperial Prince should begin soon…”

“Tonight’s great show is about to begin… “

The grey hair woman murmured to herself.

At this time, a series of explosions suddenly occurred near this block, and fires burst into the sky. Groups of blood splashed, suspended in the air, turned into one after another blood curtain, moved towards one direction and gathered.

A harsh voice echoed in the night sky: “Tonight, our Blood Spirit Race will wash the Foca Tower with blood. The creatures of Eastern Continent, for the crimes you committed in Western Continent, repent in despair… …”


The floating blood gathered into a river of blood, condensed in the sky, and in an instant, a blood cell with a diameter of 100 meters appeared, thin The blood film was exclaimed and transparent, and there seemed to be one after another figure hanging in the air.

This scene caused people nearby to scream in horror, some people screamed in despair, first the Sea Beast Regiment raid, and the Blood Spirit Race sneak attack, Foca Tower tonight, is it true? Will it fall?

Many people are ashamed, thinking of the various crises that Foca Tower has experienced in the history of Foca Tower, and they seem to be very similar to tonight.

In every crisis, Foca Tower is almost half-destroyed like a catastrophe. Is it another catastrophe tonight?

On the tall buildings in the distance, Fowler’s face was green, and the gnashing teeth whispered: “Blood Spirit Race of shit! This was deliberately misleading…”

Lin Chuan’s complexion is indifferent, how keen he is, he has already identified a group of figures in that blood cell, and among these figures is Consecrate Zheng, who has just escaped.

Besides, he knows a lot about the Battle Skill of Blood Spirit Race. These guys made this blood cell not to release some big tricks, but just to cover people’s eyes.

Is this Mysterious Star Empire, a plan of a certain Highness…

Not only for Fei Yu, but a deeper plan…

Inexplicably, Lin Chuan remembered something. On the night of graduation, the airship blasting in Nanluo City was also pushed to the Blood Spirit Race afterwards. The operation between the two is really the same lineage.

The corners of his mouth moved slightly, and Lin Chuan showed a cold smile…


in midair, the blood cell fell down, all of a sudden The defense set by Fei Yu was blasted away, and the entire night sky seemed to be blasted away.

Such astonishing power, it was all directed at Fei Yu. She changed her face, her figure flashed, and moved towards the other side.


A dazzling blood light poured out, and the block with a radius of one thousand meters turned into ruins in an instant.

Fei Yu flickered and appeared thousands of meters away, watching the tragic situation, his face was angry, but it broke out into laughter caused by anger.

Suddenly, she a light shout, raised her fists together, and moved towards upwards. The blazing flames spread towards the night sky, and a heavy wall of flames quickly formed. In the blink of an eye, Layers of flame curtains have emerged over this block.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

In midair, the blood cells kept exploding, but they were blocked by the cascade of flames, which made it difficult to breakthrough defense.

This is the first time that Fei Yu has unscrupulously displayed the power of the Flame Sword pattern, and its formidable power has also made her a little frightened. The [Heart Origin Heritage], which is completely integrated with her body, has a great effect on her own power. The increase is really great.

“Since this is the case, then try it out and use my original power…”

breathes deeply, Fei Yu’s face is like a cage of frost, but a hint of frost is glowing Red, like a ridge of ice, suddenly ignited a raging flame, revealing a dazzling beauty.

A terrifying breath emerged from her within the body and continued to climb…

Suddenly, a figure appeared and moved towards a nearby building, rushing away from the building. There were screams inside, and the whole floor began to disintegrate…

“If you don’t come to save people, these weak ants will all die…”

Inside the building, there was a gloomy laughter from Consecrate Shen, his figure dashed straight in the building, and quickly moved towards the top of the building.

Seeing this, Fei Yu’s eyes condensed, and she saw Lin Chuan and Fowler at the top of the building.

She flew up and wanted to go to rescue, but was blocked by one after another blood light, making it difficult to approach.

In midair, there was a harsh laughter, seeming to be full of ridicule at Fei Yu’s behavior, mocking her as just one person, and wanting to save everyone in this neighborhood?


On the roof top of the building, Consecrate Shen has already rushed up, seeing Lin Chuan and Fowler, smiling sorrowfully, “A young Mechanic, if he dies here , The turmoil can be even greater…”

body moved, Consecrate Shen was ready to do it, but he suddenly noticed it. He saw the top of another building, the woman with grey hair, and The complexion of a group of expert figures can’t help but change.

“It turned out to be Major General Zhu, and I will meet him at Foca Tower…” Consecrate Shen said with a smile.

“Consecrate Shen, what you did tonight, if it spreads out, it will cause a major earthquake.”

The grey hair woman flew up and brought a group of people, Landing on the balcony, while she spoke lightly, she glanced at Lin Chuan and Fowler, confirming that these two people and some of the important figures of Foca Tower in her memory are not corresponding, so she averted her eyes and stopped paying attention.

Consecrate Shen’s wrinkled face twitched slightly, revealing a hideous gloom, “As long as Major General Zhu doesn’t say, we erase all the people here, who will know? Major General Zhu, you are in Empire, you should not be partial to either side. Because of this, you won’t have trouble with our highness……”

The pupil light of the grey hair woman moved slightly, turned and looked towards somewhere else, saying: “Your behavior like this violates the taboo of the Eastern Continent Alliance. It’s hard for me to assume that I haven’t seen anything.”

“After the event is completed, the benefits of our Highness can be divided into 20%. For Major General Zhu.” Consecrate Shen said with a smile.

“20% is too little, I want 30%…” Major General Zhu said.

“Okay. 30%, no problem!” Consecrate Shen agreed immediately.

The nodded woman with grey hair turned around and turned her back to Lin Chuan and Fowler. It seemed that she had never seen two of them the same.

Consecrate Shen looked over, looked at Lin Chuan and Fowler, and narrowed his eyes, as if he was considering what means to wipe out these two weak guys.

This scene fell in Lin Chuan’s eyes, and he wanted to laugh somehow…

Of course, while being funny, he had inexplicable anger in his heart. This anger was somewhat unfounded. , Perhaps because of these self-proclaimed aloof and remote guys, disregarding life, or because of other factors…

At this time, Tai Gu’s voice came from the earphone, telling Lieutenant General Phillon There was a change on the manor, and another group of experts from unknown origin suddenly appeared. Together with the group of Sea Beasts, they besieged the manor, and the situation was very troublesome.

“It turns out that your real purpose is to take advantage of the Sea Beast’s attack, and with those Sea Beasts, attack and kill Lieutenant General Phillon?”

Lin Chuan suddenly smiled When he got up, the smile was the same as usual, but Fowler on the side was inexplicably frightened. For the first time since he met this youngster, he saw such an emotional smile on Lin Chuan’s face.

“Let me guess, the so-called Seventh Highness side should have been prepared long ago. After attacking and killing Lieutenant General Phillon, support a chess piece and take over his position. In this way, Foca Tower The headquarters army is in his hands.”

“Such a force is outside of the Mysterious Star Empire, but it is a great help for him to seize the throne of the Mysterious Star Empire. That’s really helpful…”

“As for the candidate to replace Lieutenant General Phillon, it should be one of the three Regiment Commanders in the headquarters army. Which one should it be…, then certain/affirm is the Regiment Commander of the Second Army regiment with the Mysterious Star Empire pedigree…”

With these words, the rooftop at the top of the building is silent for some reason. Conserate Shen squinted his eyes and looked at Lin Chuan up and down, seeming to look at the youngster again.

As for Major General Zhu and his party, they turned their heads and looked at Lin Chuan. They were all surprised that this youngster actually knew so much insider.

Suddenly, Major General Zhu’s eyes flashed. She pressed the button on the Induction Goggles to activate the special detection mode.

The vision of the goggles dimmed, scanning Lin Chuan’s body, and suddenly discovered that the youngster’s body was actually blurred, like a wave of water, and his face looked like a flower in the mist. Not really.

This discovery made Major General Zhu heart startled, this young Mechanic has a brilliant disguise.

Immediately, through the special detection mode of the goggles, she suddenly found something out of the corner of her eye.

Beside Lin Chuan, there is a box.

An open box? !

How did this box come from? !

Major General Zhu’s heart is inexplicably tight. She has an extraordinary memory. She clearly remembers Lin Chuan and Fowler’s side, but there is no such big box. What is going on, it seems that people around can’t see it.

Something’s wrong…

In an instant, Major General Zhu felt a chill, his lovable body tightened, and realized that this youngster is by no means as simple as it seems.

“Your Excellency is a member of Foca Tower Mechanic Association…” Major General Zhu asked in a soft tone.

At this time, Consecrate Shen gave a long scream. The whole person was like a ghost-like bullying. Holding a long knife, he slashed towards Lin Chuan and Fowler. The strength of his sword was enveloped. The entire rooftop.

This Old Guy’s perception is not inferior to that of Major General Zhu. He also realized that it was wrong, made a decisive decision and made a lightning attack.


The long knife fell, the blade light flashed, but all fell into the palm of one hand.

This is a huge mechanical palm, which is switched from [Cracked Scale Arm]. The palm is like a liquefied Energy Crystal. It is very soft. It keeps flowing rays of light, but it is tightly gripped. With the Six Stars Level long knife, no matter how Consecrate Shen draws the knife, it is completely motionless.

Lin Chuan looked at Consecrate Shen who was close at hand and looked at this old face, suddenly raised his hand and patted a palm.

Within the body’s [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] broke out, merged with Materialized Mental Energy, and matched the gushing breath of the pendulum pattern, all blended into the [seventh equipment] in the Mechanical robe, and then Penetrating into the arm, a violent palm force burst out like this.


Above this rooftop, the void seems to be shattered by layers, an incomparably mighty breath, like a mountain, crashing down!

In this scene, the faces of a group of women with grey hair suddenly changed. They never thought that this youngster, which looks weak, had such terrifying strength.

Consecrate Shen was almost a sword attack, but the seventh boundary expert’s sneak attack was caught by such a casually. Not only that, but the mechanical arm was used to catch this blade.

Mechanic’s Mechanical Arm is generally not directly used for fighting…

Fowler on the side was even more startled and screaming, but he couldn’t be more clear that Lin Chuan actually Equipped with [seventh equipment].

Before handing the [seventh equipment] to Lin Chuan, Fowler just felt that this young Mechanic was the best custodian, but he never thought that he could directly equip it.

The equipment requirements of the [seventh equipment] are not generally strict. How can this youngster be put on and detonate such terrifying power…

Called, Consecrate Shen flew upside down, his right arm fell down, swaying like a dead snake, his chest exploded, exposing the open chest cavity, his lungs were directly shattered in half, and his beating heart was revealed. .

Such an injury is similar to Consecrate Zheng, and even worse than the latter…

“Who are you?!”

Consecrate Shen continued to speak Roaring, but while roaring, while spraying blood.

In his mouth, the wound on his chest, blood spurted like a column, and his heart was like a rapid loss of blood, chilling for a while.

He didn’t expect anyhow, this seemingly young Little Brat not only took a knife with all his strength, but also caused him fatal injuries with a backhand.

Although this palm is suspected of a sneak attack, it is a real seventh boundary. Peerless palm strength…

What does this mean?

A 20-year-old seventh boundary expert, the meaning of which is the same as the fatal injury on Consecrate Shen’s body, made him horrified.

Not far away, Lin Chuan controlled the Mechanical Arm and placed the Six Stars Level long knife in front of him. The manipulator’s palm slammed into it, and he squeezed the Six Stars Level knife into two halves. .

He looked towards Consecrate Shen, with a hint of mockery on his face, and a hint of indifference, indifferently said: “I only know who I am now? Don’t you think it’s too late? You Mysterious Star Empire royal family, So I mobilized the crowd to Foca Tower. I really thought that the strong dragon could suppress the local tyrant. When Cromwell arrived here, he was also deceived. What do you think oneself is? Do you dare to come here to wreak havoc?”


Consecrate Shen was surprised and angry, what just wanted to say.

However, a rapier struck silently, piercing his body and the beating heart silently.

The energy in the rapier burst out suddenly, piercing its beating heart and bursting open.

Lin Chuan is the body moved, which turns into a vague shadow. Within milliseconds, he arrives in front of Consecrate Shen, and another palm fiercely hits the Old Guy’s still-good right lung. .

The formidable power of this palm not only contains the [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], but also the countless mental spurs transformed by [Materialized Mental Energy]. The physical and spiritual double blows, the violent vigor suddenly It broke out and blasted Consecrate Shen’s back all at once, and the whole person was no longer a human figure.

“Ah…, save me…”

Consecrate Shen’s face turned pale, and he screamed, but before he could finish his words, he was bombarded out. Falling from the roof.

The broken body was in midair. Suddenly, an electromagnetic light blasted. It was Lin Chuan who switched to the Mechanical Arm, and he blasted a shot, directly blasting it into fly ash.

“This day, the typhoon is strong. It will be painful to fall and die. I will give you a ride…”

Lin Chuan said, picking up the storage bag on the ground He started and threw it to Fowler who was holding a bloody rapier in one hand and quickly took it in the other.

Turning around, moved towards the group of Major General Zhu who was about to leave, Lin Chuan slapped another hand, his palm was as strong as a mountain, and the expert in the group was so scared that the expert hurried forward, and simultaneously joined hands to block this. A palm.


The three experts standing in the front row cracked the ground under their feet, their bodies sank, and a mouthful of blood spurted, with internal organs mixed in them. .

This terrifying palm strength scared Major General Zhu’s face and face. This series of changes caused a chill in her back and her scalp numb.

In this blink of an eye, the strength of the seventh boundary, Consecrate Shen, was not only killed, but also turned into ashes. Anyone who was transformed into this way would make his heart beat with fright.

This youngster, as well as the middle age person on the side, is not threatening at all. It is a tiger and a wolf, standing on the side in sheep’s clothing, and suddenly attacked and killed a seventh boundary expert.

This is a peerless expert on the seventh boundary!

Even if in Mysterious Star Empire, Consecrate Shen’s party is not an influence with Major General Zhu, its death will be jaw-dropping.

breathes deeply, Major General Zhu said softly with a smile, “The two gentlemen, how offended you just now, please forgive me! Actually, my name and this surname are also from Mysterious Star Empire, But, it’s not all the way, and we have no malice towards your Excellency.” Lin Chuan turned his head and looked at this stunning beauty Major General coldly. The latter straightened his chest and showed a proud posture. , I can see Fowler both eyes shining.

Lin Chuan was very calm and said, “I am not interested in what your intentions are. Now that you have all come to Foca Tower, but watching Sea Beast attack the city, he chooses to stand by. If this incident spreads, The reputation of your Mysterious Star Empire Military Department…”

Major General Zhu complexion changed, which is exactly what she is worried about. If anyone knows, Mysterious Star Empire Military Department Major General will appear in Foca Tower tonight. , And with a group of experts standing by, the reputation of Mysterious Star Empire Military Department was a huge blow.

The thoughts are flashing, Major General Zhu is thinking about countermeasures, only to find that Lin Chuan presses the Induction Goggles, and a voice comes from inside. It is the conversation between Consecrate Shen and her just now. Their voices are very clear.

Suddenly, the faces of a group of Mysterious Star Empire Military Department experts including Major General Zhu suddenly changed. If this recording were released, the reputation of the Mysterious Star Empire Military Department would be completely destroyed.

“In the future, talk to people secretly, don’t leave irrelevant people to listen, do you really think that we two irrelevant people are lambs slaughtered casually…” Lin Chuan laughed and teased. .

Major General Zhu’s pretty face turned white, and her lovable body was shaking slightly. She did not expect that Lin Chuan would have this hand, and recorded the conversation.

By the way, this person is a Mechanic, not a martial artist. It’s normal to carry a monitoring device with you…

Take a deep breath and hold the Major General Zhu dainty hand tightly. He smiled sweetly and said: “Two gentlemen, we offended just now. I will take my men to fight against Sea Beast and these nasty Blood Spirit Races. After that, I will visit the door personally to apologize. The two gentlemen have I’m willing to accept any treatment.”

Speaking like this, Major General Zhu quietly glanced at Fowler, and secretly gave away the charm of thousands of styles.

She has already seen that she wants to seduce a Mechanic with beauty. The difficulty is not generally high, but the middle age person, which looks normal.

Fowler is slightly nodded, but it doesn’t show the anxious color that any man should have, and his elegant manner is impeccable.

This is the instinct of this guy, even if he covets in his bones, he can deal with it with grace.

Lin Chuan chuckled and mocked: “It sounds good to say, fighting against Sea Beast? Do you guys have the strength of the seventh boundary? Even the strength of the sixth boundary is hard-poured. The foundation is vain, and there is no fight at all.”

Major General Zhu and the others were embarrassed in the presence, and they were also terrified in secret. This youngster was only a face-to-face collision, and they figured out their details. This The insight is amazing.

“Go to the side, solve tonight’s affairs, and then calculate the account with you Mysterious Star Empire…”

Lin Chuan gave a light accusation, but it was I didn’t bother to care about Major General Zhu and the others, and focused on in midair. Facing three experts led by the seventh boundary, Fei Yu was in a melee.

However, the experts of the influence of all parties in Foca Tower have also arrived. Facing many experts, Fei Yu has temporarily fallen into a stalemate.

The body moved, Lin Chuan flies up, floats in the air, moved towards the battle.

Looking at the back of this mysterious Mechanic, Major General Zhu lowered her head, her eyes flashed coldly. She cursed secretly, hoping that the consecrates and experts of the royal family could join forces to kill this bastard youngster. Once she came, she had no worries.

While scurrying, while investigating the situation of the [seventh equipment], the first attempt did not consume much of the energy reserved by the [seventh equipment], which consumed about one percent.

After an estimate, Lin Chuan roughly understands that the remaining energy in the [seventh equipment] can support enough time.

“Since this is the case, then try it, I am in the ideal fighting state until now…”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, the power within the body swelled , While infusing the whole body, it is also injected into the [Cracked Scale Arm].

next moment, this Mechanical Arm began to change, and under the increase of the [seventh equipment], an incredible change took place.

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