This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 443

The Mechanical Arm quickly liquefied and condensed into an arm armor covering Lin Chuan’s left arm.

A muzzle protrudes from the arm armor, with Electromagnetic Energy flickering, which is extremely concealed.

“It’s amazing! The energy of [Seventh equipment] can be completely integrated with [Cracked Scale Arm]…”

Lin Chuan is very surprised, he also thought about it , To create a device to further integrate its own strength with the [Cracked Scale Arm] to enhance battle strength.

For the control of Mechanical Arm, Lin Chuan is very skilled, but it is a mechanical device after all, which is incomparable with the control of Heart-Origin Equipment.

The use of Heart-Origin Equipment can reach a height, just like a part of the body, capable of exerting [Heart Warrior Extreme Strength], which cannot be achieved by [Cracked Scale Arm].

Mechanic’s manipulation of Mechanical Arm is more technically proficient, even if it is Mechanical Battle Skill, unless it is a Mechanical Arm that fits itself very well, it can never be compared with Heart-Origin Equipment.

However, after the [seventh equipment] was activated, this device became a medium, fuse together Lin Chuan’s heart origin power and Mental Energy with [Cracked Scale Arm].

The improvement brought by such changes is, to a certain extent, no less than the huge energy contained in the [seventh equipment].

Especially, when this change is applied to Lin Chuan, it will bring an unforeseen improvement…

“It just happens…, take these guys first and give it a try. My real battle strength right now…”

Lin Chuan whispered, and suddenly his figure shook, [Materialized Mental Energy] covered his body, and he was gone, as if he had disappeared out of thin air .


Somewhere in the dark night sky, an electromagnetic cannon suddenly shot out, and I don’t know where it was launched from, moved towards a group of experts pretending to be Blood Spirit Race Away.

This scene surprised both sides of the war, but the electromagnetic gun came too suddenly, and it was too late to escape.


The flickering electromagnetic light cannon exploded suddenly, and turned into countless electromagnetic current pulses, as if they were growing eyes, precisely wrapped around the group Pretend to be Mysterious Star Empire experts and gather them moved towards one direction.

This change made the experts such as Consecrate Zheng shocked. Even the seventh boundary expert who was present was hit by these electromagnetic current pulses. The body was paralyzed for a moment, and his body was out of control. moved towards The night sky gathers together.


“Get out of the way!”


The seventh boundary expert present, which one is not The experienced Old Fox immediately realized what was wrong, and hurriedly used his whole body strength to get rid of the paralysis of the electromagnetic current pulse.


At this time, Fei Yu’s fist has already reached her. She is a generation of genius, her fighting instinct is born with her, and she has seen countless electromagnetic pulses raging, Predicting this, he immediately blasted a few punches with all his strength.

This scene is like a large electromagnetic net, pulling many enemies, moving towards a gathering, and then sending it to the door for Fei Yu to blow up.

For example, the hurricane erupting from a volcano has fisted across the area, the blood is cracking, and the screams continue…

Except for the seventh boundary expert such as Consecrate Zheng, the rest of the Mysterious Star Empire experts are all fisted. During the explosion, the huge formidable power detonated, and all the experts under the sixth boundary were killed.

Even if it is a sixth boundary expert, half of it is involved in the center of the fist, and the body is cracked, killed or seriously injured…

“Be careful! There is something hidden Enemy!”

Consecrate Zheng yelled, while rushing to heal the potion, he quickly retreated. He had realized something was wrong.

Consecrate Zheng was immediately aware of the death of his old friend, Consecrate Shen, and he was vigilant at that time.

After all, between the two Old Guys, although they are used to plot against each other, they have also done a lot of things together, which is considered a tacit understanding.

Consecrate Shen’s character, Consecrate Zheng couldn’t be more clear. The kind of person who sees something wrong and immediately wipes the soles of his feet, has as many life-saving methods as his conspiracy to harm others.

This guy is dead! ?

Consecrate Zheng knew that there must be a peerless expert on his side, but he did not expect that this hidden mysterious expert was so terrifying that he would damage more than half of them here.

Retreat is the best policy! ?

Consecrate Zheng couldn’t help tossing about the serious injury on his body. He dared to stay wherever he was. He roared, turned and left quickly.

He escaped extremely fast, but unexpectedly a sword light came faster. A thin sword shot silently and pierced the heart of his back.

“hmph ……”

Consecrate Zheng snorted, his whole body fell straight down, sword light rubbed the top of his head, swept over him, and shaved his hair by a large amount. Put.

In this scene, Consecrate Zheng was so scared that he screamed, moved towards the ground, dashing away, where he dared to fly in midair, this is simply a living target.

However, the rapier just flew not far away, and it flew back, like a trace, a circle, from an unimaginable angle, pierced Consecrate Zheng’s Peak, and then pierced him. His brain runs through to his stomach.

Behind him, a figure appeared, it was Lin Chuan, and the whole body [Materialized Mental Energy] was circulating. Under the strong power of operation, it still showed its deeds.

“Mister Zheng, farewell! Your companion is still waiting for you…”

Lin Chuan held the hilt of the sword, suddenly running power, [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art 】, the spirit stab bursts out, poured into the Consecrate Zheng within the body through the sword body, and twisted his body within the body into a mess.

Tear and pull…

With a twist on the sword edge, Consecrate Zheng’s severely injured body suddenly shattered, carrying a blood line, and fell from the air.

Lin Chuan raised his left arm, facing the remains of the body, fired another electromagnetic cannon, blasting it into fly ash.

It’s not that he likes to destroy the corpse and evidence, but that the life force of the seventh boundary expert is too strong, and Lin Chuan can’t guarantee that the Old Guy will survive miraculously, that’s not for Does oneself leave hidden dangers?

In this scene, in the eyes of the people watching the battle in the vicinity, there is a chill and a thick horror…

Is this a seventh boundary expert? !

Being strangled in this way, and the corpses were bombarded into fly ashes, this scene is full of shock for any creature.

“Old Zheng!?”

“This beast?!”


The surviving Mysterious Star Empire great expert Everyone, when witnessing this scene, they are all heartbroken. A seventh boundary expert has fallen. If this is passed back to the Mysterious Star Empire royal family, it will inevitably trigger an earthquake.

Lin Chuan looked at this group of people, his figure flickered, then disappeared again, and when he reappeared, he was already beside Fei Yu.


Fei Yu’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe it, she recognized it, this was Lin Chuan.

However, the terrifying strength displayed by this youngster makes it impossible for her to connect the person in front of her with Mechanic, the genius she remembers.

“These Blood Spirit Race and Sea Beasts dare to attack Foca Tower like this, you and I join forces to kill these chickens together, how about?” Lin Chuan turned sideways slightly, slowly said.

In the night sky, the bloody wind blew by, and his voice spread far along the wind. There is an inexplicable power to stimulate the experts who came to support, like a point sparks falling in The oil pan ignited all at once.

In a flash, a strong fighting intent rises up, and it actually gathers together and condenses into a terrifying coercion.

Coming together? !

Lin Chuan laughed secretly when he saw it. This is the magical effect of [Materialized Mental Energy], which can unconsciously achieve such a fighting intent effect.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

one after another figure flies by, flying towards this group of Mysterious Star Empire experts, their murderous aura of fierce and unafraid of death , It is shocking.

Lin Chuan waved at random, and bombs spun out. Under the control of his Electromagnetic Energy, he swept toward these Mysterious Star Empire experts from the perspective of one by one incomparably tricky.

And his right hand moves, a huge sledgehammer was taken into his hand from a distance, and he threw it out suddenly. In midair, the sledgehammer exploded and contained fragments of Mental Energy. Splash, was able to separate the enemy from us, all moved towards this group of guys disguised as Blood Spirit Race hello.

This series of actions, seemingly disordered and in a mess, actually turned the magical effect of Mental Energy to the extreme.

Seeing this, Fei Yu also moved immediately, swiping both fists in succession, punched out after one punch, and his figure hovered towards the front.

Suddenly, a mighty and unparalleled fist was formed, carrying an extremely violent fierceness, like a mountain of fists, moved towards the front and pushed it across.

“Quick retreat…”

“Quick retreat!”

A group of Mysterious Star Empire experts shouted and moved towards all around. Go, facing such a round of encirclement and suppression, they knew very well in their hearts that once they got caught in, they wouldn’t know how to die.

Lin Chuan looked at the backs of these people and told Fei Yu to let her move towards one direction.

After that, he raised his left arm, and the mechanical arm’s changing armor began to glow. The violent energy surged with a bang. A dazzling electromagnetic light cannon blasted out, but it did not fly out too much. far.

Instead, it hangs in the air at a kilometer in front and rotates continuously to form a huge electromagnetic vortex.

In the distance, the Mysterious Star Empire experts who fled, suddenly felt that their figure was stagnant, and they were actually moved towards uncontrollably and flew back backwards.

Even the seventh boundary expert among them was unable to withstand this suction force. No matter how to use their strength to break free, they could not do it.

“What’s going on?!”

“Who is this person? How can we contain so many experts at the same time……”

“No, it’s not His strength alone…”

Suddenly, a seventh boundary Old Guy reacted. The electromagnetic gun was constantly absorbing all around and supporting the expert’s power, as well as Fei Yu’s monstrous fist, converging Into a terrifying power vortex.

Faced with this kind of suction, even the seventh boundary expert is hard to resist.

After all, the Foca Tower experts who came to support, although there are not a few sixth boundary great experts, but there are many fifth boundary experts, there are more than 100…

It is true that a peerless expert on the seventh boundary has a considerable chance of winning against a hundred fifth boundary experts in terms of battle strength alone.

However, the strength of a hundred fifth boundary experts merged together to form a torrent of power. A meet force with force, can the seventh boundary expert resist it?

As a result, the latter failed completely.

What’s more, in this terrifying power vortex, there are two great experts of seventh boundary battle strength.

“This loss is really amazing…”

Looking at these Mysterious Star Empire experts, like marionettes, one by one is attracted to the electromagnetic vortex, Lin Chuan It is calculating the energy loss of the [seventh equipment]. It is such an offensive that consumes nearly 10% of the energy.

Of course, if this group of guys can be wiped out, it would be very cost-effective…

hong long!

Fei Yu’s fist is already strong. , She runs the fist strength and pours it into the electromagnetic vortex.

Then, a group of terrifying strong light spewed out, and the entire night sky, and even the entire eastern part of the city, was trembling. Along with the loud noise that made people instantly deaf, a terrifying beam of light rose into the sky and penetrated The night sky reflects the sky above the eastern district like daylight.

In the sky, the clouds are pierced, one after another terrifying airflow is visible to the naked eye, moving towards all around spreads, as if to crush the entire sky.

“This…, my god…”

In the distance, Major General Zhu, whose face is constantly changing, has no trace of blood on her pretty face. She is very clear about such terrifying power. Turbulence, let alone the seventh boundary expert, the eighth boundary expert is also impossible to retreat.

At this time, Major General Zhu only felt that the lovable body was cold, and the blood within the body seemed to freeze. She thought of the youngster’s previous words that offended such a terrifying character, and look at his treatment of Consecrate Shen. , How fierce, how should she respond…

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