This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 444

In the clouds of the night sky, huge cavities appeared, and circles of blazing light spread. This scene attracted people from the whole city to look up, trembling in fear…

“Which direction is the east side?! “

“Has the enemy already attacked the eastern zone, go to support!”

“Melee is also happening in the southern zone. It is said that Sea Beast Regiment has invaded to assassinate Lieutenant General Phillon… …”


For a while, all the major influences in the city panicked. Even though there are usually intrigues between the various organizations, when facing foreign enemies, it is if one. prospers, all prosper, if one suffers, all suffer.

If Lieutenant General Phillon is assassinated and the City Hall in the east is hit hard again, the situation facing Foca Tower in this city is likely to be breached by Sea Beast Regiment, then things will be big.

From the melee to the present, in just two hours, so many changes have happened. Some influences were originally prepared to watch, sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, but now they can’t sit still anymore. Now, they have issued orders to send elite troops and generals to support the eastern and southern regions.

At this moment, the major influences also received information from the two sides of the battle. Upon hearing this, they were all stunned.

There are peerless experts on the seventh boundary on both sides to participate in the war, and there are even more suspected experts on the seventh boundary peak in the eastern and southern regions.

seventh boundary Peak? !

This information is false, right? !

The expert on the seventh boundary Peak on the continent is the real famous continent. It is the strategic force of each Kingdom to deter the heroes. Even if such a character is ten or eight years old, it is not necessarily the case. Will shoot once.

After all, this level of expert involves too much, and once it is taken, it will cause turmoil on all sides.

What’s more, even the leaders of various Kingdoms may not be able to invite such Peak experts…

The battlefields in the eastern and southern regions all have experts from the seventh boundary Peak. This information is too fake! ?

However, when the images of the Eastern District were transmitted over, the senior leaders of the influence were stupid. The scene was indeed beyond the scope of manpower.


At this time–

The high-rise buildings in that block of the East District have completely disintegrated, and they can no longer be described as ruins. They all disintegrated, and the scorched ashes rose up from time to time…

The center of the power detonation just now, that place sank dozens of meters, forming a huge deep pit, and the water in the sewer gushes out from time to time , And quickly filled the pit.

Fortunately, fighting has continued for a long time. The people on each floor have left through the escape route as early as immediately. Most of the dead and injured are the elite rescuers…

“[ The seventh equipment] can integrate various energies and turn them into your own use? It’s really a terrifying weapon…”

Lin Chuan secretly marveled, and has a new understanding of this device. Just such a test product [seventh equipment] has such formidable power.

At the beginning, Cromwell was equipped with a complete [seventh equipment]. It is no wonder that it can be equipped with six divine equipment of Nine Stars Level and fuse together the Mechanical Arm and its own power.

With such a divine item, it is possible to continuously activate three Nine Stars Level heavy artillery to sweep the Sea Beast Regiment…

Continent Madman, worthy of Continental Madman!

Lin Chuan gave birth to such a sigh, looked towards the deep pit on the ground, where there are several figures slowly crawling, they are the two seventh boundary experts of Mysterious Star Empire, and several sixth boundary experts.

The blow just now is amazing. The eighth boundary expert may not dare to confront it head-on. However, if you want to escape, it is not impossible for the top experts.

However, even if they were lucky enough to survive, these guys were seriously injured, and it was difficult for them to fight again.


Fei Yu’s body surged. After the previous fierce battle, her breath did not weaken at all, but instead continued to rise and improved again.

Obviously, the thorough integration with [Heart Origin Heritage] has brought her strength into a period of explosive improvement. For her, such fighting is the best catalyst for her to improve her strength.

Slim arms, wearing two gloves like tiger claw, the heart origin power on them continues to condense, like two balls of flames tossing…

Look at Fei Yu Lin Chuan’s fists were about to blast out, but Lin Chuan raised his hand to stop her movement.

“Sir, you…” Fei Yu looked over, somewhat puzzled.

“Sometimes, by doing it yourself, it may not be able to vent your anger. Wouldn’t it be too cheap to let them die?”

Lin Chuan spoke calmly, his tone sank, and his voice was far away It came out, “Intent to sneak attack City Hall, the blood spirit race spy leader who subverted Foca Tower is here. Who of you can sack them is a wonderful achievement!”

tone barely fell, all Around one after another, the figure has swooped out, all hiding in the surroundings to avoid the experts who were affected by the war just now.

Actually, these people have seen these disguised “Blood Spirit Race” for a long time, but there are two great experts Lin Chuan and Fei Yu present. Who dares to come forward? Isn’t this taking food from the mouth of a tiger? ?

Now, when I heard Lin Chuan say this, these experts are one by one exuberant and grateful to this mysterious great expert. Where can they hide again, they all rushed out desperately to snatch this wonderful work. .

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Another round of melee has begun. These great experts of Mysterious Star Empire are being besieged, and they are already seriously injured. Fighting power, chopped into pieces by hungry wolves.

Not only that, but the experts of Foca Tower have been in this city all year round. They know how to share the credit when there are too many monks.

While fighting, they took out the communicator and filmed the fighting scenes, and some directly posted them to the circle of friends or forums, leaving evidence of oneself’s credit!

Poor these disguised “Blood Spirit Races” who are highly respected peerless experts in Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, have actually landed in such a field.

In midair, Fei Yu was dumbfounded, and there was also an inexplicable pleasure. She hated these Old Guys deeply.

If this time, she couldn’t solve the symptoms on her body, and the outcome would be so miserable.

“hmph ……”

Lin Chuan sneered, turned his head and looked towards the distance, on the roof of a tall building, Major General Zhu and others were still there, a group of people seemed to suffer No cold wind, shiver coldly there.

“Do you know those guys?” Lin Chuan slightly nodded.

Fei Yu turned her head and looked, she showed a hint of surprise, and turned to a cold smile: “Major General Zhu of Mysterious Star Empire Military Department, this woman is not simple, she will appear in Foca Tower , I’m afraid I want to take advantage of the messy situation of Lieutenant General Phillon’s assassination. The Military Department influence she belongs to supports Mysterious Star Empire Second Imperial Prince. Why? She offended her husband?”


Lin Chuan complied, “Since Young Lady Fei Yu knows her identity, it will be easy to handle. Don’t worry about finding someone in the future. The situation at Lieutenant General Phillon is very troublesome. , I’m going to support, Young Lady Fei Yu?”

“Then naturally go together. Lieutenant General Phillon is a generation of famous generals, but you can’t fall like this.” Fei Yu nodded.

The two body moved and did not stay, they flew towards the southern area.

At this time–

At the top of the building in the distance, looking at the distant figures of Lin Chuan and Fei Yu, the Major General Zhu lovable body shook, and the body was a little soft, because Excessive shock, cold sweat permeated his body uncontrollably.

Lin Chuan and Fei Yu’s glance before leaving, the substantive oppression force, like two mountain covers, almost made her suffocate and faint on the spot.

As the Military Department Major General, she has personally received those world-famous experts. Rarely have the power of these two people.

The symptoms of this woman have been completely recovered? !

Her strength has improved again…

Apex in the world! ?

Thinking of the past with this woman, Major General Zhu felt a little bit cold all over her body. She used to have difficulty chasing this woman, but now she has reached the point where she can’t even chase her footsteps?

And the young Mechanic, is this the real terrifying character? !

Major General Zhu has seen a great person in his life. In terms of strength, this person is in the highest echelon. However, there are old monsters in that echelon. How can there be such a young man in that echelon.

The strength is second, this young Mechanic showed all kinds of very ruthless methods in a short period of time, as well as the kind of scheming that made Major General Zhu’s scalp numb and fell into the hands of such a person. How can she The dead don’t know.

No way! ?

Such monsters must not be enemies!

With a movement of thought, she looked towards Fowler on the side. This mysterious middle age person has been there all the time, seeming to be watching the battle, but in her opinion, she is watching her.

“This gentleman, I was offended just now, what should I do to make up for the disrespect to the two of you just now.”

Major General Zhu lowered his head, showing his fair complexion. On the neck, the delicate collarbone is faintly discernible under the collar. The combination of the heroic spirit and the delicateness of the soldier is very exciting.

Fowler’s complexion moved, secretly sighed. This is really a beautiful person. There are so many beautiful women in the world that he has always wanted to survive.

He has been here all the time, in fact, he just wants to see such a beautiful woman up close.

“I can’t do this for apologizing, but I can ask for it. When this is over, I will contact the beautiful Young Lady…”

Fowler bowed slightly. Fowler wanted to say something, but suddenly his face changed. Hearing Lin Chuan’s message, he could only fly by helplessly and moved towards the southern district.

Looking at Fowler’s back, Major General Zhu couldn’t hold it anymore, and suddenly sat on the ground, panting for breath. The secretly thought was so dangerous, so dangerous. Fortunately, her posture was low enough, finally There is a turning point.

“Hurry up and ask the Marshal for this matter, and you can’t delay…” Major General Zhu thought like this.


On the other side.

The manor of Lieutenant General Phillon in the southern part of the city, the scene here is not better than the block in the east part.

This beautiful manor has also completely collapsed. The manor with a radius of one thousand meters is half covered by ice, and on the other side is scorched earth and icy debris. There are corpses on the ground, both Sea Beast and Human. Race, and the remains of the suspected Blood Spirit Race.

The only buildings that are safe and sound are the two tall buildings in the middle of the manor, but they are also crooked and slanted, seemingly about to collapse at any time.

In the manor all around, a circle of sword qi surrounds, forming a Sword Territory-like shield, which resists the joint offensive of the world-leading experts on the seventh boundary of the digital.

In the two tall buildings, Lowden and the others are sitting inside, moved towards their mouths are filled with nutrient solution crazily, restoring the lost power.

“shit…, if a few months later, when I wait for my old fogey to break through the sixth boundary, how can I be suppressed by these bastards…” Lowden gritted his teeth, muttering fiercely, showing his face A ruthless aura.

Continuous battles thoroughly aroused Lowden’s bloodliness. With one person, he bombarded and killed three sixth boundary Sea Beasts, but eventually he couldn’t support it and suffered serious injuries.

“You Old Guy, you will talk about these things that haven’t happened, and I will also say such big things…” Howya complexion pale muttered.

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