This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 446

In the middle of the ruins of the manor, a young Mechanic is carrying a three-meter-long heavy sniper rifle, and the ground under his feet is split like a spider web. This is the recoil fired by the Six Stars Level Heavy Sniper Rifle.

In fact, the use of Six Stars Level heavy sniper rifles is not like this at all.

The heavy sniper rifle has reached the rank of Five Stars Level, and its lethality will change qualitatively. Even if it is the sixth boundary expert, they dare not take a shot directly.

Of course, the sixth boundary expert has extraordinary sensing power, and generally will not be hit by the Five Stars Level Heavy Sniper Rifle.

The rank of Heart Origin Heavy Sniper Rifle has reached Five Stars Level, which is not generally called sniping, but Sniping Artillery.

The use of this Heavy Sniper Rifle is equipped with a complete set of shock absorption devices to counteract the terrifying recoil during launch.

This rank’s Heavy Sniper Rifle has great lethality, and its flaws are also extremely obvious, that is, it cannot be used as a conventional weapon.

As for the Six Stars Level Heavy Sniper Rifle, a weapon similar to a heavy artillery, if you want to rely on the fleshy body to offset the terrifying recoil, even the seventh boundary expert cannot bear it.

However, the young Mechanic in front of him did it. Two shots in a row, the second shot exploded the “Blood Spirit Race” old man’s head.

This scene, scary? !

On the side, Fei Yu stood, her body flowing like flames, surrounding the body, like mist, it was difficult to see her face.

However, it can be certain/affirm. This woman is very young, and her vigorous aura is completely different from the seventh boundary Old Guys present.

Apart from this, in the distance, there is a sharp aura, faintly discernable, locked in the presence of Sea Beast, and “Blood Spirit Race” experts, so they have to be distracted and guarded.

As this young Mechanic said, it is now 5 to 5, which seems to be an evenly matched situation.

However, the Sea Beasts and “Blood Spirit Race” experts present were a little panicked. This man and woman, as well as the middle age person holding a purple sword…, the ages of these three seventh boundary experts are also Too young.

Wu Zhiseventh boundary, and so young, has never heard of it before Eastern Continent, this thing is outrageous in any way, it’s really outrageous!

Now the seventh boundary expert of Eastern Continent, ninety-nine percent of them are Old Guy who is fifty years old. Except for the Sea Dragon Commander who just broke through not long ago, there is only the Guardian from Mysterious Star Empire. Department Head, never heard of the seventh boundary under the age of 40.

Such a character, as long as one appears, is enough to make Eastern Continent a sensation.

And these three people in front of me, just like popping out of thin air, how not to make people feel horrified.

There is also the seventh boundary hidden in the dark, which makes people feel uneasy…

Such a young seventh boundary, the future achievements can no longer be unlimited. Described, it feels terrifying even after thinking about it.

As the enemy of such peerless genius, Sea Beasts and “Blood Spirit Race” experts on the scene felt that their heads were blown up. If they had known this, they would definitely not act tonight to assassinate the Lieutenant General Phillon. plan.

Lin Chuan put the Six Stars Level Heavy Sniper Rifle aside, raised his foot, and kicked the headless upper body of the crawling “Blood Spirit Race” old man, looking towards the experts present , Said: “Everyone’s plan tonight has already failed 90%, but what to do with you depends on what Lieutenant General Phillon means.”

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan looked towards Lieutenant General Phillon, the latter was taken aback, took a deep look at this young Mechanic.

Immediately, Lieutenant General Phillon grinned and said with a sneer: “Since you bastards dare to come to Foca Tower, don’t want to go out alive. Of course, this Commander has always been magnanimous. You are now obediently surrender and sign. I’m sorry to let Sea Beast Regiment and Blood Spirit Race pay compensation for the losses. It’s something that can be discussed.”

As soon as I heard this, the experts at the scene knew that there was no room for mediation. From ancient times to the present, I have been with Sea Beast Regiment and Blood Spirit Race. In the war of Beast Regiment, there is no precedent for compensation.

As for the Blood Spirit Race and Eastern Continent, even for those few negotiations, there was never any compensation clause.

“Phillon, when you just broke through to the seventh boundary, you thought you were very proud? You thought you could deal with us. Since you are going to die, you will die together…”

Suddenly, the seventh boundary Octopus Monster laughed wildly, his body swelled up sharply, and then burst open, one after another ink-like blood spurted from within the body, and the terrifying power swept away.

Along with this terrifying power, there is also a strong cold air spreading, wherever it passes, the ruined manor is instantly frozen again.

self-detonation? !

The enemy and us both took a breath. From the fight to the present, the seventh boundary Octopus Monster looked like the violent Sea Beast. I can’t wait to bury the entire Foca Tower.

However, it didn’t expect that at this juncture, the seventh boundary Octopus Monster will actually self-detonation.

This is the self-detonation of the seventh boundary expert, and its formidable power is no less than a strategic weapon.


In an instant, the entire ruins of the manor were swept by ink-like blood and raging freezing air. This area was covered with a layer of black ice, and then cracked and shattered.

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another figure flies up, moved towards all around, facing the self-detonation of the seventh boundary expert, no one wants to be hard Resistance, that is stupid behavior.

“Is this Octopus Monster’s head damaged by ink and blood…”

Lieutenant General Phillon flew back, while flustered and exasperated growled, and at the same time, he also Somewhat lucky.

If the Octopus Monster’s self-detonation distance on the seventh boundary is a little closer, and it breaks out during a melee, it is really dangerous.

Fortunately, this Octopus Monster’s head is not so good, so it’s self-detonation, which gives them enough time to cope.

However, this is the case. The area of ​​10,000 meters has been frozen. The blood of Octopus Monster on the seventh boundary contains both terrifying freezing gas and extremely corrosive. This place is in a short period of time. Inside, it is destined to be a restricted area that no one dares to approach.

Just at this moment——

One after another afterimage flew up and rushed straight to Lin Chuan. The remaining four seventh boundary experts seemed to be well discussed, simultaneously. Shot on Lin Chuan.

Actually, this is not the result of negotiation, but in the hearts of the four seventh boundary experts, this young Mechanic is the most dangerous.

So young, but Mechanic, and possesses the seventh boundary battle strength. How terrifying such a character will be in the future, in the minds of four seventh boundary experts, they all thought of one person-Cromwell! ?

You must know that when Cromwell was so young, I am afraid that there was no such battle strength yet. If this young Mechanic is allowed to grow, will it be possible in the future?

“These guys…”

Lin Chuan was also stunned. He didn’t expect oneself to be targeted. Originally thought, taking advantage of the chaos, these four seventh boundary experts either Escape here, or fight to the death to kill Lieutenant General Phillon.

“Also, just give it a try, [Seventh equipment], [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], and my current method, what kind of upper limit can I use…”

Lin Chuan’s complexion condensed slightly. He checked the energy stored in the [seventh equipment], and there was still 80%. Just started Six Stars Level Heavy Sniper Rifle, which cost nearly 10%.


Take a long breath, within the body heart origin power runs like crazy, after absorbing the power of [Blood Spirit Eye], the constantly changing [Wind Wheel Mist] Suppressing Art】After repeated fighting, at this moment, the cultivation method of the fourth layer is finally perfect.

In this state, Lin Chuan is confident that he will use all the formidable power of the [seventh equipment], and thus display the fighting form he has always conceived.

When the heart origin power is operating, it merges with the other powers of Lin Chuan within the body, quickly resonates with the energy in the [seventh equipment], and then unites with the [Cracked Scale Arm].

At this moment, Lin Chuan has a strange feeling that the fleshy body, [seventh equipment], Heart-Origin Equipment, and [Cracked Scale Arm] form a whole. These foreign objects seem to be His body and mind fuse together.

“This is how Cromwell used this divine item, equipped with a complete set of Nine Stars Level divine equipment, to fight with Sea Beast Regiment at sea…”

Lin Chuan muttered Talk to yourself.


A Sea Beast struck and stretched its neck in midair, transforming from a human form into a giant sea snake, hovering and strangling.

all around, one after another terrifying, the four seventh boundary experts made up their minds and must kill Lin Chuan on the spot.

At this time, Lin Chuan stretched out his hand and waved, and a force field was holding all around. For the first time he had control of such a powerful force, and he was a little uncomfortable.

However, he is not worried about this. The conceived fighting form does not require any level of control of power, but only needs to be able to be presented.

Suddenly, the [Cracked Scale Arm] changed, first it was liquefied and spread, cut into a layer of Energy Crystal protective wall, and Lin Chuan was enveloped in it.

Seeing this scene, the four major experts who came to the attack were all sneaked, and I felt a little rest. Although the young Mechanic was powerful and powerful, it obviously lacked fighting experience.

Faced with the attack of the four major experts, this kind of defense will not last long, and will fall into an absolute disadvantage of being passively beaten in an instant.

However, when one after another Qi strikes, the liquefied [Cracked Scale Arm] suddenly changes, quickly condenses, transforms into a four-sided disk, and spins wildly around the body in Lin Chuan.

On the disk, the violent Electromagnetic Energy flickers. In the high-speed rotation, a spiral electromagnetic storm is formed, generating a pulling force, which not only decomposes and removes the offensives of the four major experts, but also Generate a terrifying suction, which makes their body shape simultaneously stationary.


The huge sea snake screamed, and a dazzling Electromagnetic Energy spewed out, turning into an electromagnetic net, entwining it.

This kind of Electromagnetic Energy is completely different from the heart origin power. After penetrating within the body, this huge sea snake stiffens suddenly and reveals a deadly weak spot. At the same time, these Electromagnetic Energy contains a strange The energy stimulated his head, as if there were countless needles piercing his head crazily, making it impossible to move even a little bit.

Such a situation is extremely deadly in a battle of the same level.

However, this huge sea snake is impossible to move even a little bit. He also watched, this young Mechanic had an extra shot and a sword in his hands.

The gun is a Heart Origin pistol of Four Stars Level, which has limited lethality for the seventh boundary expert.

The sword is a short sword, no more than a foot long, and it looks like it is also Four Stars Level.

However, this spear sword, in the hands of this young Mechanic, suddenly exploded with spear and sword rain. One after another, the ring of the spear flickered, and the sword light rained like rain, like a blooming firework. , In the darkest period of time before dawn, blooming incomparable brilliance.

Splashing flowers, sword rain, crazy mechanical roulette, crazy electromagnetic storm, all of a sudden, four major experts were involved…

At this moment, the experts present are here. In the shock, I suddenly realized that this is a mechanical battle skill.

A top-notch Mechanical Battle Skill? !

This young Mechanic’s move is equivalent to a combination of top-level Battle Skills. Through Battle Skill and Mechanical Arm, this shocking impact force bursts out.

This offensive is like a storm, which makes people feel suffocating…

In fact, the formidable power of this offensive is just like a visual shock. The four major seventh boundary experts are fundamentally Unable to withstand such a intensive attack.

Furthermore, this kind of Electromagnetic Energy is very weird. It seems to contain the impact of Mental Energy, and there is also a strange force that is difficult to resist. No matter how the four experts resist it, the body is covered with large and small injuries.

In this scene, Lieutenant General Phillon, Tai Gu, Fei Yu, etc. who wanted to come forward to support, all of a sudden stopped. This kind of violent offensive is indistinguishable. They feel that they are so close to themselves. May be involved.

In the distance——

Zhuang Chen, the three of them are hiding in one place, and all three of them are looking straight. With one person’s power, they fight the four seventh boundary experts alone, even if It’s a short fight, and such fighting is enough to shake the continent.

What’s more, it is such a young mysterious expert who is confronted with the four peerless experts, and he is also a Mechanic.

“Yejad, does this kind of Mechanic belong to the Mechanic Association?” Youya murmured.

Yejad fiercely glared at him. The Mechanic of such battle strength, the entire Mechanic Association is said to be there. They are the two eighth boundary fighting Machinery Grandmasters who have been missing for a long time. As for now, it is dead or alive. I am afraid that no one except the mechanical guild president is clear.

As for such a young Mechanic, if it were from the Mechanic Association, it would have long been the top of the Mechanic Association.

Fighting faction Mechanic, in the three major schools of Mechanic, although the status is the lowest, but the strength has reached this level, what else can be said, this is the card of Eastern Continent Mechanic.

Yejad shook his head, let alone the Mechanic Association, he had never heard of it, Eastern Continent, the Mechanic organization, has such a strong fighting faction Mechanic.

“It’s amazing! Eastern Continent’s expert pattern needs to be rewritten…”

On the other side of the communicator, Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng is also shocking and inexplicable. Such a mechanical battle skill can be said to be Unheard-of, its formidable power is terrifying and trembling.

Suddenly, the battle situation suddenly changed. Spears and sword rain converged in one place and turned into a spear mark, sword light.

The gun mark flashed past, directly blasting off half of the giant sea snake’s body…

Then, the sword light flashed, and the sea snake’s head was cut off…


“Can’t fight this kid?!”


The remaining three seventh boundary experts for a while Roar, withdrawing and retreating one after another, realized that a fatal mistake had been made. With this young Mechanic close combat, simply bring about one’s own destruction.

Such a terrifying Mechanical Battle Skill is almost invincible in mid-to-close combat.

At this time, Lin Chuan raised his head and [Materialized Mental Energy] started. One of the mechanical disks immediately stopped and turned into a gun barrel, aiming at one of the seventh boundary experts. This is another A disguised “Blood Spirit Race” seventh boundary.

Suddenly, this “Blood Spirit Race” seventh boundary expert’s body was tense, and the whole person seemed to have fallen into an ice cave, and a terrifying danger enveloped the whole body.

Lin Chuan stared at the Old Guy coldly, and the switched barrel flashed Electromagnetic Energy, which was ready to go.

Suddenly, a loud roar rang out, and a huge figure rushed over. It was Regins who was blind.

After the Legendary Sea Beast Regiment Commander was blinded by the poison in the rapier, the venom eroded his head and fainted.

Until now, after repeated fierce fighting, Regins rushed towards Lin Chuan with a keen sense of smell.

“Asshole Human Race, even if I die, I will kill you!”

Regins roared wildly, with two big holes in his face, moved towards this side disease Throwing over, its momentum is extremely shocking.

His head has been eroded by the venom, and he is already delirious. At this moment, there is only a single thought, which is to kill this young Mechanic.

From this young Mechanic, Regins smelled a frightening breath, as if he had seen another Cromwell.

You must know that he was disguised as Human Race at the beginning, but he stayed in the mechanical laboratory of Foca Tower for a long time, and he deeply understood the terrifying of continent madman.

But, in the past, Cromwell was so terrifying at this age? There seems to be no.

This child cannot be kept! ?

Looking at Regins’ madness, Lin Chuan shook his figure, and the four mechanical disks whirled wildly. One after another Electromagnetic Energy circulated, it turned into an electromagnetic figure, just as it looked. No two.

next moment, Lin Chuan’s breath disappeared suddenly, only the electromagnetic figure rushed forward and collided with Regins, making this noble race Sea Beast tender outside and inside. Smoke all over.

At the same time, behind Regins, a figure appeared silently. It was Fowler, holding a rapier, and a sword pierced between Regins’s two strands. The venom jet of the sword body was exposed, following the sword body. In the shaking and frantic agitation, the venom splashed everywhere within the body.

With a scream, Regins fell to the ground, his body was riddled with holes, stinking blood, dying, and seeing that he could not survive.

Fowler stood with a sword, gracefully performed a courtesy, and apologized: “I didn’t want to use this method to kill an expert, but this is the safest method, so… …”


A loud noise came, and Fowler shivered with fright. The body flashed. The body of [Foca No. 1] is extremely fast, like a light smoke, disappearing in front of the experts, so fast The experts are jealous.

On the other side.

Tai Gu and Fei Yu took the shot, and the two joined forces to besie a “Blood Spirit Race” seventh boundary expert with the momentum of thunder.

The strength of these two people, one holds [Redbud Sword], the other has just merged with [Heart Origin Heritage], and they are both fighting geniuses. In terms of battle strength alone, where is the general seventh boundary The expert can be compared, under the joint hands, the seventh boundary Old Guy was disabled in minutes.

At this time——

one after another military floating vehicle, a military airship appeared, moved towards here quickly, and the headquarters troops stationed outside the city were picking up After the news, we immediately mobilized the elite and came to support.

“Commander Phillon, what’s the situation on your side, please give instructions!?”

From the communicator, there was such a voice, Lieutenant General Phillon heard it, he was one of his subordinates Regiment Commander, he coldly smiled: “The situation on my side has stabilized. Come and clean up the mess. Your speed is really slow…” On the other side of the communicator, I heard Lieutenant General Phillon meant it. As for the question, the Regiment Commander was startled in a cold sweat, and quickly promised that he would be there for support soon.

One after another military Floating Vehicle galloped over, and the people on it didn’t get out of the car at all. They moved towards Sea Beasts and the disguised “Blood Spirit Race” experts rushed away. The posture of fierce and unafraid of death, Even great experts are shocked.

This is the elite of the headquarters army. In the fight with Sea Beast Regiment, they have long cultivated sturdy iron and blood, and they have absolute loyalty to their commander Lieutenant General Phillon.

Knowing that the Lieutenant General Phillon was attacked, these elite soldiers have a belief that in order to protect the commander, their lives are nothing.

boom~ boom~ ……

one after another military Floating Vehicle self-detonation, to blow up the invading Sea Beasts, “Blood Spirit Race” experts, howl after another. In the face of suicide attacks, the sixth boundary expert has a headache.

What’s more, there are also seventh boundary experts such as Lieutenant General Phillon glare like a tiger watching his prey on the side, and the remaining two seventh boundary experts, one of which was shot frantically by ten airships and then was shot by Lieutenant. General Phillon punched in the air, pierced through the body alive, and had no power to fight again.

Tai Gu and Fei Yu teamed up to solve a seventh boundary expert.

So far, the battle in the Southern District has come to an end…

Standing on the ruins, Lieutenant General Phillon looked around, looking cold and severe, the thrill of the night, It is more terrifying than the danger he has encountered in his life.

Even before, he knew enough about the plan this time, and he also privately investigated the factors of instability.

It was unexpected that when the real storm broke out, so many variables would be born out of thin air.

This time, if it weren’t for Mister Gu’s extraordinary strength, there were three other strong supporters, let alone him, the entire Foca Tower would be dangerous.

Turning his head, Lieutenant General Phillon looked towards the young Mechanic, who also happened to look at it, slightly nodded, to show respect.

“Is this… the maker of the plan?”

Lieutenant General Phillon was secretly amazed, thinking of Mister Gu’s evaluation of him before, and then he understood this Why do outstanding men admire this youngster so much?

As he turned his eyes, Lieutenant General Phillon looked towards the woman again. The lingering flames all over her body were shocking. According to his feeling, this woman was not very old, definitely not more than 30 years old.

Such youngest two seventh boundary experts……

Think of the Guard Department Head from Mysterious Star Empire. Not long ago, he broke through the seventh boundary in one fell swoop, known as the continental youngest seventh boundary. Sea Dragon Commander……

Is the grand occasion of Eastern Continent young coming ahead of schedule? !

Lieutenant General Phillon’s thoughts fluctuated, and he immediately converged his mind and began to issue orders. After the storm tonight, he wouldn’t do that. Some people and some accounts must be settled.

On the other side.

Lin Chuan and Tai Gu stepped aside and communicated quietly with each other. The battle seemed to be a good one, but the loss was not small.

“The energy in [Redbud Sword] has been consumed too much, and it will take at least three or five years to recharge it in [Redbud Pond] before it can be used again…”

Tai Gu estimated with his head, but it was painful. This divine sword was his great support. With so much energy wasted, the battle strength on his side was drastically reduced.

Not only that, the newly repaired [Void Bone Shadow] is also very lossy, and it will be a second great cultivator.

Lin Chuan was secretly sighed, and his loss was amazing. In the confrontation just now, the energy in the [seventh equipment] was consumed by 70%, and only 10% was left.

In this situation, it is like a rich man holding Jinshan, who has lost most of his wealth at once, and I feel distressed to think about it.

Such loss was unexpected by Lin Chuan. He did not expect that the fighting state in his conception would be uncontrollable afterwards. Facing the siege of the four major experts, he wanted to stop. Can’t do it.

That’s why, he didn’t release his electromagnetic cannon before, it was reluctant.

“The charging of [Seventh equipment] is much more difficult than [Redbud Sword]. According to the information left by Cromwell, there is not a dozen tons of the highest quality energy spar, it seems that it cannot be filled. “Lin Chuan muttered.

Tai Gu didn’t speak, he was shocked, dozens of tons of the highest-quality energy crystals, that is to say, in the fight just now, Lin Chuan suddenly lost dozens of tons of the highest-quality energy crystals. Shi, such fighting is too prodigal.

“Of course, that is the [seventh equipment] equipped by Cromwell. This is a test product and I don’t need that many. However, a few tons of the highest quality energy spar should be required “Lin Chuan said.

“That’s also a sky-high price…”

Tai Gu suffered a pain and couldn’t help but slander. How did Cromwell make such a costly weapon?

At this moment–

Lin Chuan received a message from Kitty Lan. There is a new situation on Little Brat.

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