This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 447


Lin Chuan’s face moved slightly, and the message from Little Blue Cat was just a picture, but it made him think of many things at once.

“Sir, what’s the matter?”

At this time, Fei Yu walked over. The storm on the southern side was settled, and she was going to leave.

If you don’t leave again, Lieutenant General Phillon will probably do everything possible to keep it. The Legendary General’s attitude towards Lin Chuan and Fei Yu is enthusiasm that he has never had before.

In this regard, Fei Yu doesn’t want to stay. Her real identity actually overlaps with Lieutenant General Phillon.

Lin Chuan looked at Fei Yu and said: “Find Lowe’s whereabouts, do you want to go there together?”


Fei Yu complexion turned cold, she was about to leave, she was looking for Lowe to settle accounts.

“Naturally go with your husband.” Fei Yu nodded.

Tai Gu shook his head. He can’t go anymore. [Void Bone Shadow] is over-damaged and can’t be involved in fighting anymore. Otherwise, I don’t know how much time it will take to repair it, so I can only watch it remotely. Up.


There was a light sound, Lieutenant General Phillon suddenly turned his head, and he saw Lin Chuan and Fei Yu disappeared, and Mister Gu waved away.

Seeing this, Lieutenant General Phillon was a little helpless. With such outstanding three characters, he wanted to make good friends, but there were too many things here, and he couldn’t go away for a while.

“I hope things can be handled easier than I thought…”

Lieutenant General Phillon’s complexion was cold and severe, what was exposed in this storm, it is really There are too many, and I don’t know how much influence will be involved if it is really tracked down.

After all, he has been sitting in the position of the top commander of the headquarters army for too long, so long that many people can’t wait any longer and don’t want to watch him go on.


Lieutenant General Phillon exhaled, put aside these thoughts, and suddenly sent orders, “Assemble the headquarters army and gather in the southern district. This Commander wants to take a look. How many people want to watch me die!”


On the other side.

Foca Tower, North District, near the city gate.

Because of the fighting situation in the eastern and southern districts, the entire city has sounded the alarm. The police force at the city gate suddenly increased. If you want to get out of the city, you need to go through layers of screening.

There are many people gathered here, some who want to enter the city, and some who want to leave the city.

Among a group of people, a man and a woman are cuddling together, acting in an intimate manner that looks like a couple. They are queuing, undergoing investigation, and going out of the city.

The woman has a hot body, and when she talks with her partner, her voice has a touching meaning, which makes people can’t help but look at her.

The man is wearing a high hat, his face under the shadow looks expressionless, and he seems to be very dissatisfied with the crowd around him, so he peeks at his partner.

In the distance, on a tall building, Kitty Lan crouched on the roof, watching the couple.


Kitty Lan called out, scratching his chin with his paws, Lowe, and Sea Beast Regiment’s spy Makki, I really thought I could leave the top secret. But didn’t expect, it smelled the breath of two guys a long time ago.

“Teacher Cat, that’s the bastard, I’m going to kill that bastard…”

Aside, Laknia roared in a low voice and saw Viscount Lowe’s figure and her eyes It was red all of a sudden, and I could not wait to rush over and tear this guy to pieces.

She would end up like this, being imprisoned since she was a child, going back and forth in prisons and laboratories, it was all caused by Lowe.

Kitty Lan glanced at the little girl, and saw that the latter was almost insane. During this period, the stable Mental Energy, like a bursting balloon, was about to be poured out again.

Little Blue Cat raised his paw, his left front paw suddenly enlarged, and with a bang, he slapped Laknia to the ground, stunned her all at once.

Then, Little Brat’s giant claw pressed the little girl, who felt inexplicably panic and suddenly woke up.


Kitty Lan looked at Laknia, the meaning is obvious, are you little girl awake?

Laknia is nodded again and again. In front of the mysterious Teacher Cat, she has inexplicable awe. Little Blue Cat even called out, she was involuntarily obedient.


Kitty Lan called out again, very disappointed, this little girl is really difficult to teach! So not calm.

Pointing to the pair of men and women in the distance, Kitty Lan said with his eyes that there is no need to deal with such a guy personally.


Little Blue Cat motioned, gave a “watching” expression, and then opened his mouth, and the cat’s head suddenly became bigger and it was deep. Taking a deep breath, then exhaling sharply, a peculiar breath surged out with the wind.

In this scenario, I look at Laknia unfathomable mystery, and I don’t understand the purpose of Teacher Cat’s move.

However, somehow Makki in the distance suddenly felt a fatal danger. The face of the flower faded immediately, and he screamed on the spot. There was a bit of sweetness in his voice, like an ominous beast in madness. howl.

“This woman is Sea Beast!?”

“This is the spy of Sea Beast Regiment!?”


All around, the males who have been paying attention to Makki, one by one changes color, and you see Makki’s exposed skin, with fine scales appearing like fish scales.

Immediately, the martial artists around were agitated. Someone had already flew up and moved towards Makki and pounced.

The martial artists in the city are very clear that the storm tonight is inseparable from Sea Beast Regiment. I saw a Sea Beast Regiment spy at the city gate. If it can be captured, it will be a great contribution. A bounty is enough to make people crazy.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

one after another martial artists who burst out of anger, rushing in, none of them are someone who is easy to deal with, at least they are all The strength of the fourth boundary, and the tricky tricks, at first glance is an experienced expert.

Among them, there are as many as six fifth boundary experts. Such a siege is difficult even for the sixth boundary expert.

“You stupid, why do you expose your disguise?!”

Viscount Lowe screamed, leaping violently, grabbing the ground, moving towards the city gate .

Tonight’s matter, although I don’t know how the overall plan is going, but the defeat of the Eastern District operation has made Viscount Lowe understand that this operation is bode ill rather than well.

Especially in the Eastern District, he witnessed Fei Yu’s appearance and joined forces with another mysterious Mechanic to slay the disguised “Blood Spirit Race”. The scene scared him to heartbreak.

He knows very well that Fei Yu knows what he is doing. Once he can free his hands, he will definitely be brutally attacked. If he does not leave at this time, he will wait when.

“I can’t die, as long as I return to the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, I will be safe…” Viscount Lowe shouted in his heart.

At this time, there was a burst of gunfire, and a rain of bullets hit him, blocking his way.

Although most of the attention of martial artists around is on Makki, some people with insufficient strength will target Viscount Lowe. This man does not look that strong, maybe it is A breakthrough mouth.

“You trash…”

Viscount Lowe’s face was savage, and he suddenly raised his left arm and opened a light shield to block the roaring bullets.

With a wave of the right hand, an object was thrown out. After it fell on the ground, it exploded immediately. The green smoke was filled with smoke, and the people around just breathed in a little bit of it, and then wailed.

This kind of poison qi bomb is too toxic, even if it is a third boundary expert, it is fatal to breathe a trace.

“hmph hum…”

Lowe sneered, wearing a gas mask on his head, and moved towards an alley.

Not far away, Makki was roaring for a while, not at the besieger, but at Viscount Lowe. This poison qi also poisoned her, which weakened her a lot. .

“You can’t blame me for this. If it weren’t for your exposure, we’d all run away now. If you blame it, blame you on oneself…” Lowe muttered in a low voice.

Makki roar said, “You despicable Human Race……”

breathes deeply, the scales on her body stand up one by one, and there are holes underneath, constantly spraying Gas, the poison qi sucked in within the body is quickly expelled from the body.

After that, her figure quickly became larger, and her scales became denser. Her rounded legs swelled, and she heard a “tear” sound, which actually broke the Protective Suit and grew out of it. Sharp bone spurs.

In the blink of an eye, Makki’s body swelled to more than seven meters, a building as high as a building, and she roar towards the sky, bursts of weird sounds came out, instantly covering an area of ​​a square kilometer.

Weird voices were agitated, and all around martial artists besieged. The actions of martial artists were immediately slow. Some people even showed fascination on their faces, as if they had encountered the most beautiful things in their lives.

This scene caused many people in the distance to suddenly change their faces, and some people exclaimed: “Sea Beast Song!? This is the Sea Beast of the upper lineage, don’t get close…”

However, it is too late for such a reminder. Experts within ten meters of Makki, one by one, looked crazy and began to dance, some began to self-mutilate, and some started to kill each other.

Only those fifth boundary experts who see the wrong situation, resist the bewitching of this weird sound, and retreat quickly to avoid being affected.

Sea Beast Song! ?

Many people face changes suddenly. This is a kind of ability possessed by the upper sea beast. For the creatures of the continent, this kind of sea beast is generally regarded as the devil.

The ship sailing on the Five Seas occasionally heard weird noises and was lost as a result. Then the entire ship killed each other to death. When it returned to the land, it was the body of the entire ship…

Such shipwrecks have occurred from time to time since ancient times. It is this kind of Sea Beast that does the strange thing…

In the fighting with Sea Beast Regiment, the continent’s army has repeatedly This kind of Sea Beast has suffered a lot, and it is listed as one of the most terrifying Sea Beast.

But it didn’t expect, this sea Beast is a Sea Beast of this clan, she would sneak into Foca Tower as a spy…

You know, this kind of Sea Beast is in Five In Seas, it is comparable to the existence of Royal Clan. It rarely appears in Legion, let alone sneaks into land.

In the distance——

Witnessing this scene, Kitty Lan was holding his ears, very annoyed. He originally thought that Makki had exposed his identity and would definitely be beaten to death, but didn’t expect, this Sea Beast changed its body, and its voice was so lethal.

At this time, I saw Makki raising his arm. The huge arm was covered with barbs. The thorns actually began to gather and transformed into a strange hand cannon.

A hand cannon made of fishbone barbs!

This hand cannon is very exquisite, as if it is worn on her arm, and its muzzle starts to become clear with her voice. The crystal rays of light flicker, which is daunting. The breath came out.


Kitty Lan stared at the jewel-like cat’s eyes, and he called out. With his instinct, he instinctively felt the danger, and wanted to remind the people there.

However, with such a distance, it is too late to warn. Besides, in this case, who can understand what a cat is saying.


A loud noise exploded in the distance, a circle of light spread, and a beam of strange energy rushed out, forming a fan-shaped blow in front of Makki area.

The white light arc is like an Electromagnetic Energy Wave, raging in this area, all around the air quickly heats up, generating extremely high temperatures, and dissolving all the people in the fan-shaped area.

A layer of ground was melted away in an instant, and the burnt smoke drifted away, with the smell of burnt flesh…

“Quickly retreat!? Was met force with this monster Force, long-range fire suppression!?”

The surrounding people roared, and the nearby crowd retreated quickly. A sniper rifle and even a light turret were lifted up, and a rain of bullets poured over in an instant.

When he saw this, Makki snorted. The barbs on his body continued to increase and quickly gathered to form a layer of fishbone-like walls to block all these attacks.

“With my honorable status, lurking on the land, can I rely on it at all?”

“You Human Race dogs, all die for me……”



Makki roared wildly, raising his left arm again, and the hand cannon bloomed again, spewing out a beam of energy.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

This time, instead of one shot, five shots in a row, covering all the area in front of him.

In an instant, the area within several hundred meters in front was completely emptied, and a gap was blasted out, leading directly to the city gate.


A figure sprang out, and it was Viscount Lowe. He saw the opportunity, rushed out at a very fast speed, and escaped from the gap in the city gate. It disappeared in an instant.

“This shameless man…”

Makki murmured, but did not pay attention. At this moment, her heart was full of violent emotions. She wanted all the continent creatures in front of her. Obliterate, leave here again with a high profile.

“You creatures of the continent, die in despair…”


Kitty Lan jumped up suddenly and rushed into Laknia’s arms. In the little girl’s incomprehensible gaze, Little Brat gave her a “don’t talk, just look” look.

At this time, a pair of men and women suddenly appeared, like a standing here, watching the battlefield at the city gate.


Laknia opened her eyes wide, looked at Lin Chuan’s figure, muttered timidly, and immediately remembered Teacher Cat’s instructions and stopped saying anything.

“This little girl…”

When Fei Yu saw Laknia, she was a little surprised. From this little girl, she could feel a powerful Mental Energy.

“This is the little Butler who is in charge of my daily life, and the child taken in by Mister Gu…” Lin Chuan casually explained.

Fei Yu was slightly nodded, and did not say much, that is, the girls taken in by characters like Lin Chuan and Mister Gu, it is normal for them to be special.

Looking at Makki in the distance, Fei Yu brows frowned, this kind of Sea Beast has since heard of it. It is not uncommon for Royal Clan of Sea Beast in Five Seas.

However, the method Makki used at this time surprised her. There is no such weapon in the known Sea Beast data.

On the side, Lin Chuan was a little startled. The sound of Sea Beast like Makki can confuse creatures, which is similar to the mermaid mentioned by Earth.

It’s just that Sea Beast like Makki does not have a beautiful singing voice, but a sound wave similar to Mental Attack.

Moreover, the appearance of this Sea Beast is too far from the legendary mermaid. Perhaps its human form is more in line with it.

“Has this weapon of Sea Beast ever appeared on the battlefield?” Lin Chuan asked.

Fei Yu had a solemn expression and said: “No. There has never been such a weapon, maybe it was developed secretly by Sea Beast…”

Fighting with Sea Beast Regiment In the long years, the latter’s means of warfare relied on its own abilities, special armors, and special cold weapons-like weapons. As for firearms, Sea Beasts seldom used them.

Of course, this is not the fact that Sea Beast Regiment’s weapons are underdeveloped. On the contrary, Sea Beasts’ weapons have great formidable power, and their armor also has superior defensive power.

The armor and weapons made by Sea Beasts are integrated with a material produced by Five Seas, which can be compatible with their own innate talents. The formidable power that erupts during combat is no less inferior to Heart-Origin. Equipment.

This is why, in the dark ages, the battle between continent creatures and Sea Beast Regiment has been at a disadvantage. It was not until the development of Heart-Origin Equipment and the emergence of heart origin power that the situation was gradually reversed.

Now, the hand cannon equipped by Makki and the fishbone defense wall make Fei Yu suddenly vigilant.

If Sea Beasts develops this weapon and can mass produce it, the battle between continent and Five Seas will change dramatically…

“This Sea Beast must be captured alive!” Fei Yu said flatly.

“Yes…, I really want to be captured…” Lin Chuan nodded.

Fei Yu is also nodded, and said her guess, “If this weapon produces energy, it will be catastrophic to the battle of the continent. We must figure out the structure of this weapon , Is energy production…”

At this time, Fei Yu found that Lin Chuan gave her a strange look, seeming to disagree with her statement.

“What’s wrong? Mister Chuan, do you think this kind of weapon is not that threatening?”

Fei Yu whispered, she thought this youngster was a genius Mechanic, maybe In his opinion, this weapon is not that threatening.

“That’s not…”

Lin Chuan shook the head, “The structure of this hand cannon is very similar to a mechanical blueprint left by Cromwell. I was Think, these Sea Beasts sneaked into Foca Tower just to assassinate the Lieutenant General Phillon?”

“They spent so much time awakening the Sea Beast Regins before, is it just because Regins is Legendary Sea Beast, It’s you who are willing to spend such a high price to go deep into the enemy’s base camp and awaken the Old Guy from a thousand years ago. This Old Guy may not form any battle strength, or will it be a corpse directly after awakening?”

“Instead of you, would you be willing to pay such a big price?”

“As far as I know, the price of waking up Regins is the blood of the upper Sea Beast and a large amount of deep sea Energy Crystal, this is not a point…”

hearing this, Fei Yu couldn’t help but froze. Tonight’s things happened too much, she just recovered, and she didn’t think so much.

Now that Lin Chuan mentioned this, she immediately reacted.

“Regardless of the weapon that Sea Beast holds, or the weapon itself, I think it has great value. This Sea Beast redeem it…”

Lin Chuan muttered. He secretly wondered whether he could use the captive Makki to fiercely blackmail a sum from Sea Beast Regiment.

Of course, the dead Sea Beast Regins is also valuable and perhaps a bargaining chip.

After all, although he has gained something from the battle tonight, he has a great loss. He needs a wave of blood, especially the energy lost in the [seventh equipment], which makes him feel distressed the most.

“Catch this Sea Beast first, and Viscount Lowe…”

Lin Chuan muttered like this, raised his hand from the pocket in Mechanic’s robe and took out a handful bow.

This is a thin bow, folded, and after unfolding, it is nearly three meters long.

As for the arrow of this bow, it is very slender, with only the thickness of the chopsticks, which is telescopic. After being stretched, it is four meters long.

This kind of bow and arrow was not developed by Lin Chuan. He did not have that great creativity in the development of this cold weapon.

This is the unique bow and arrow of Redbud Regiment, specially made for Sea Beast.

“This kind of bow and arrow…”

Fei Yu pupil light is slightly condensed, she recognizes some of the origin of this kind of bow and arrow.

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