This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 448

“Dark Age’s bow?! Is this an imitation…” Fei Yu muttered to himself.

On Martial Way, she has a wide range of knowledge, and she can be called a Martial Way expert, and she recognizes it. This is the bow and arrow style owned by some powerful families in Dark Age.

Dark Age, it was an era of change, and the promotion of Heart-Origin Equipment impacted the ancient power system.

It’s not that the ancient power system is not strong. In fact, even in the years when the original Heart Origin Expert was born, there are still Peak Experts in the ancient power system.

It’s just that when the Heart Origin expert is equipped with Heart-Origin Equipment, the overall improvement in strength is unmatched by those ancient power systems.

Furthermore, the ancient power system pays too much attention to the importance of bloodline, inheritance, and race. In such a power system, there are always a few experts that emerge in each generation.

This is precisely the Achilles heel of the ancient power system, and it will gradually be replaced by the Heart-Origin Equipment era.

As for the weapons in the ancient power system, they are not inferior to Heart-Origin Equipment, and even more prominent in some functions, but the manufacturing process is too complicated for mass production.

Moreover, it is extremely talented to use.

The weakness of the inability to mass production, in the war with Sea Beast Regiment, really cannot accept.

This alone is doomed to the decline of the ancient power system…

The bow in the hands of Lin Chuan does not have the structure of Heart-Origin Equipment, but it is There are countless delicate lines on the surface of the body.

Look carefully, these lines are actually made of Energy Crystal, embedded in the arch, like a whole, exuding a terrifying sharpness.

With the bowstring fastened, Lin Chuan aimed at Makki in the distance. The use of this bow actually requires the strength of the fifth boundary peak.

However, it doesn’t take much effort to open the bowstring by [Cracked Scale Arm].

In the distance, just as Makki yelled up to the sky and was about to start the hand cannon again, Lin Chuan buckled the Mechanical Arm of the bowstring and suddenly released.

As soon as the slender arrow moved, it turned into a vague arrow, which disappeared…


A scream came out from the darkness, its sound was like a lion roar, the arrow suddenly burned in the lasing shot, pulling out a long flame line.

The rage of this arrow, let alone other people, even Lin Chuan oneself was shocked.

He had used this bow before, but he did not have this arrow. Tai Gu said that this kind of arrow is not easy to manufacture and has very little stock.

So, he used other special arrow instead, but didn’t expect, this kind of arrow’s momentum is so terrifying.

In the darkness, a giant arrow of flame shot hurriedly, pierced the wall of fish bones at once, and shot straight into Makki’s left arm.

The armor-like barbs on his body, like paper, were suddenly penetrated, piercing his shoulder through a large hole, and black smoke floated from it, suddenly The wound was burnt, and the blood from the shot was evaporated.

“Ah…, this is…”

Makki screamed, clutching his wound, like crazy, the pain caused by this arrow is far more than it looks. To be serious.

Not only that, she also recognized this arrow, a long-range weapon that caused great damage to Sea Beast Royal Clan in ancient times.

Immediately, Makki roar uttered, never daring to stay anymore, flew up, and moved towards the city gate.

At this time, Lin Chuan looked towards Fei Yu, made a please gesture, and politely asked her to do it.

Fei Yu has already chased it out. She is wary of the weapons Makki is holding, so she can’t let the Sea Beast leave.

Lin Chuan turned his head and looked at the timid Laknia. The little girl looked at him with more awe than before, and was shocked.

“Let’s go, hunt down that Lowe. If you have any grudges with that person, you can vent fiercely…” Lin Chuan said softly.


Laknia whispered, her eyes widened, she didn’t expect Mr. would say so.

Actually, she had thought about asking her husband to act, but out of awe of Lin Chuan, she didn’t dare to say so.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Chuan raised his hand, lifted the little girl, ran [Materialized Mental Energy], and instantly disappeared on the roof, the whole person was like a ghost, Drifting lightly, out of the city gate, moved towards the outskirts of Foca Tower.


huhuhu ……

Outskirts of Foca Tower, there are muddy areas everywhere. It is humid all the year round, but now it’s rainy season, and the road conditions on the outskirts are very bad .

Not only that, the wild here is very dangerous, in addition to the ominous beasts that haunt, there are also crises lurking everywhere…

Lowe ran in the dark, his feet full It was muddy, and his body was also covered with moss and mud, as if he was rolling in the swamp, and he looked very embarrassed.

Since taking the title, Lowe hasn’t known how long he has been so embarrassed. He usually pays great attention to appearance, his attire, behavior etiquette, and even the manner in which he speaks are extremely harsh.

In this regard, he even found the most famous teacher in Great Mysterious Star Prefecture and taught the kind of etiquette teacher of the Imperial Prince. He has studied assiduously for several years.

Today, he is, in every respect, a standard nobleman. This is the identity he has dreamed of since he was very young.

But, the escape this time, the etiquette of the nobles on him, have long been thrown into the deepest part of Five Seas, all life matters, go to his noble etiquette.

Escape! ?

Run away…

Viscount Lowe panted heavily, scurling in the wilderness, he calculated the distance, at least to maintain this speed, and move forward two times. It takes only hours to completely leave the area of ​​Foca Tower, and then it is safe.

“Is this direction right? Right, nothing wrong…”

In the dark, Lowe can still discern the direction clearly. After all, he is from the Special Troops of the Military Department and accepts After the most rigorous training.

Especially when it comes to identifying directions, he has received advice from experts from the Military Department, which can be said to be true.

In my mind, a face flashed inexplicably. The Military Department expert who once pointed him was called the future star, and he was half the teacher when he was in Special Troops.

Every time he uses this method of discerning direction, Lowe will think of this person, and there is a distorted feeling of pain and happiness in his heart.

This half of his teacher, the future star, the guy who has been unable to catch up, he personally pushed it into the abyss of ten thousand zhang…

“This bastard “?!”

Lowe shook his head abruptly, expelling this face from his mind, gnashing one’s teeth said, “Do you think I was planted this time? Huh…, as long as I return to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, everything will return to its normal track. A loser like you can only be underground, looking up at me miserably…”

Suddenly, Lowe slipped on his feet and his body was not affected. Controlled the fall, no matter how he maintained his balance, he fell forward and took a mouthful of mud.

I don’t know when the mist floated around, the temperature dropped suddenly, and a wave of waves came from far away…

“What’s going on?! Here is…”


Viscount Lowe suddenly got up and looked around. Through the dense fog, he could still see the distance, the faintly discernible white sea.

He is not far from the coastline of the White Nightmare Sea…

Is this impossible? !

Immediately, Lowe shook his head and blinked vigorously, trying to see if he had hallucinations.

On this journey, he distinguished the direction very clearly. It was clearly the direction to Foca Plain and why he came to the coastline of White Nightmare Sea.

Besides, how long is this, less than an hour before and after, with his speed, it is impossible to come to such a far place.

“This is not right!?”

Viscount Lowe was immediately alert and on the alert, realizing that he had stepped into a trap similar to an illusion.

He is not surprised about this. Tonight’s Foca Tower is a gathering of experts. There are experts who are good at Mental Energy. What’s weird about this.

“I don’t know who it is, I am Viscount Lowe from Mysterious Star Empire. If you are a creature of continent, please come out and talk. If you want money or other things, you can discuss…”

Viscount Lowe looked around all around, vigilant, and shouted deliberately.

However, the answer to him was a roar. This is the roar of Sea Beast. With this roar, a fierce breath swept across.

For Lowe who used to fight on the front line, this kind of breath is too familiar. This is the unique breath when Sea Beasts are dispatched in the middle of the night. If you experience it once, it is hard to forget.

hearing this, Lowe not only did not panic, but relaxed, took out a shell-like seal, and said: “It turns out that it is a friend from Sea Beast, that is oneself person, this is your Sea Beast Royal Clan The seal……”

Holding this seal, Lowe is still making gestures. This is a strange etiquette that is unique to Sea Beast Royal Clan.

Suddenly, the ferocious breath of all around faded away like a tide. When Lowe saw it, he couldn’t help but relax. Fortunately, he deliberately learned this etiquette when working with Makki, plus this shell seal. The average Sea Beast dare not do anything to him.

As for the internal situation of the Sea Beast, Lowe knows better than others, and the hierarchy between Sea Beasts is much stricter than that on land.

Sea Beast Royal Clan, even those Sea Beast experts, must give enough respect.

Such a situation is rare on land, even if it is the Royal Clan of the Empire, if there is no real power, those top experts will not pay much attention to it.

Taking a sigh of relief, Lowe was waiting to say something. Suddenly, a feeling of horror struck him. Before he could react, he was hit hard and fiercely fell to the ground.

kacha ……

Skeleton’s cracking sound was heard from the body, and with this heavy blow, a small half of the bones on Major General Lowe’s body were smashed to pieces.

“This is…, it’s you…”

Lowe screamed and looked towards the surroundings in horror. He didn’t know who the attacker was.

However, this attack method is too familiar. It can be described as engraved on one’s bones and heart.

On the floating train, he was shot down silently, and then he was admitted to the hospital…

Lowe was too profound for that attack. Hit hard and react immediately.


All around, the fog became thicker, a slight laughter sounded, faintly discernable, and it passed into Lowe’s ears, making him wide in horror. eye.

He is also very familiar with this voice. Isn’t this the little girl who ran away?

The little monster that made him sleep and eat?

Has the person who attacked him become entangled with this little monster?


In my mind, a series of thoughts flashed, Lowe’s heart was full of horror, he slapped and wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but it was an invisible remake , Smashed half of his bones to pieces. Amid the screams, he lay on the ground and wailed like a dead dog, no matter how difficult it was to move.

In the distance, Lin Chuan took Laknia and stood there quietly, watching Lowe struggling on the ground.

Beside Lowe, Kitty Lan was squatting. The latter carried the huge right front claw and patted Lowe one by one, like a fly.

No matter how Kitty Lan slapped, Lowe didn’t see it before, lying on the ground, begging for mercy with various words.

There is actually no fog around. What Lowe sees is a spiritual illusion arranged by Lin Chuan.

Through the increase of the [seventh equipment], his Mental Energy spread out, which can easily affect the fifth boundary expert.

Lowe’s strength was still far from the fifth boundary, and he was fleeing in panic, so he was easily affected.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Kitty Lan smashed 70% of Lowe’s bones in a few consecutive shots. Except for the skull, the spine is still intact, the limbs, and ribs. There were cracks, and the slightest movement made it painful.


Little Blue Cat came back and slipped into Lin Chuan’s pocket. It was a little tired of filming. I used a sentence learned on TV to hit this To plant garbage is to dirty its claws.

Lin Chuan looked towards the little girl, and said: “Go out.”

Laknia looked at this young Mechanic, but did not come forward, she rehearsed in her mind Countless times, if one day, Lowe this bastard falls into her hands, how to torture this bastard!

But, at this moment, she didn’t know how to make a move, using her Mental Energy to wring this bastard’s head into a paste?

For such a bastard, this kind of end, the little girl thinks it shouldn’t be like this…

Looking at Laknia’s expression, Lin Chuan patted her head and said:” Don’t kill him, such a guy, let him die so easily, it’s too cheap for him. After venting your breath, leave the rest to me, go…”

“Well… …”

Laknia nodded, looked at Mr. Awed, then at Mister Cat with a cat’s head exposed, bowed and walked forward.

Looking at the little girl’s back, Lin Chuan was secretly nodded. After tonight, Laknia’s heart knot should be relieved a lot.

“The inherently powerful Mental Energy, such an innate talent, if left unused, it would be a pity. After tonight, maybe she will be able to learn the content on the [Blood Spirit Ceremony]…” Lin Chuan murmured.

At this time, Lowe’s screams were heard not far away. Under the pressure of the little girl’s Mental Energy, his body was completely distorted and bent into a strange arc.

Seeing this, Lin Chuan face changed. It seems that his expectations are still too ideal.

Kitty Lan has already rushed out, slapped the little girl with one paw, and brought her back.


Little Blue Cat was very angry, and pointed to Laknia. How could it be taught normally? This little girl couldn’t hold back her temper.

Lin Chuan shook the head, without saying anything, sent Fei Yu a position.

Soon, when Fei Yu arrived, she saw Lowe’s madness and she was speechless.

“Young Lady Fei Yu, still have to be careful, don’t accidentally kill, then we will lose a lot…” Lin Chuan warned seriously.

Fei Yu: “…”

The appearance of Lowe, even if he recovers, is very miserable.

At this time, there was a light on the horizon, and dawn came…

Looking at the distance, the outline of the city of Foca Tower, Lin Chuan sighed, this trip to Foca Tower, indeed Meet the expectations.

It’s just that too many things are involved, and I don’t know what surprising secrets will be revealed after these things are sorted out.


The next day.

After a night of chaos, the headquarters of Foca Tower gathered and surrounded all the strongholds of influence in the city.

After that, a series of news broke out. The turmoil that occurred last night not only involved the Sea Beast invasion, but also involved many influences plotting to assassinate Lieutenant General Phillon…

These shocking news , Suddenly shook the upper floors of Foca Tower, and many people were shocked, knowing that it was Lieutenant General Phillon who was going to settle accounts.

However, for these revelations, the number of influences involved is indisputable because the evidence is conclusive.

When the Sea Beast invaded, several influencers caught the wind and immediately formulated an emergency plan, conspiring to fuel the flames, causing Lieutenant General Phillon to die.

After all, the commander-in-chief of the army at Foca Tower headquarters, Lieutenant General Phillon, has occupied this position for too long.

Originally, many people wanted to wait for the Lieutenant General Phillon to retreat and make other arrangements, but didn’t expect to wait for the news that it would hit the seventh boundary.

For the army fighting the Sea Beast Regiment, this is great news, but for many influences and organizations, this is bad news.

Since Sea Beast Regiment did whatever it takes to assassinate Lieutenant General Phillon, why cannot promote it…

This kind of thinking eventually led to the chaos of last night.

Of course, there are many other factors that have not been revealed.

While cleaning the interior of the city, Lieutenant General Phillon also through the Foca Tower official, severely condemned the Blood Spirit Race, angrily accused the actions of last night, and asked the Blood Spirit Race royal family to give an explanation.

In this regard, the Blood Spirit Race who received the news looked dumbfounded. Although they did not deal with Eastern Continent, they sent so many seventh boundary experts to assassinate the Lieutenant General Phillon. This is considered a success. There is no good thing, isn’t this a mentally retarded plan?

Therefore, it has always been the public enemy of Eastern Continent. Regarding the Royal Family of Blood Spirit Race, which has never responded to many accusations, this time it issued a solemn statement saying that this matter has nothing to do with Blood Spirit Race. Please ask Foca Tower. Check properly.

Faced with the statement of the Royal Family of Blood Spirit Race, Foca Tower snort disdainfully, and a report pointed out that the reason why Blood Spirit Race denied it this time was because the failure of the operation was too shameful.

After all, so many seventh boundary experts attacked and were wiped out in Foca Tower. This is simply a shame, and no influence will have the face to admit.

This report is accompanied by photos taken by experts who came to support during the end of the Eastern District fighting. Although they were coded, it is clear from various analyses. Those guys in the photo are the experts of Blood Spirit Race.

In this regard, Blood Spirit Race officially issued a stern protest, claiming that “this is slander, our Blood Spirit Race requires strict investigation…”…

Immediately, there was a scolding war. In this way, the gap was formed, and the popularity on various forums continued to soar, and the spearhead began to point directly at the origin of the identity of these “Blood Spirit Race” experts.

Soon, the news began to spread and spread to the various countries of Eastern Continent. Some people jumped up and frightened their faces deathly pale when they heard the news.

“No, the real identities of these people must not be exposed!”

“What to do? The identities of these people are exposed, and this Highness is over. Must block the news…”

“Contact me Lieutenant General Phillon, hurry! Hurry up…”

At the same time, in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture palace, in a great hall, a gentle and handsome man looks The ferocious roared angrily, but didn’t dare to say anything, and shattered everything that could be seen in front of him.



Lieutenant General Phillon was in the office, and took a piece of paper from Mister Gu. On it was Mister Gu’s side. Compensation proposed.

Glanced at the paper, Lieutenant General Phillon almost held his breath, but did not spit it out. He looked up at Mister Gu, secretly thought, the compensation was too severe, it was simply It is digging into the other’s heart.

“This is just the compensation from my side. If this person is unwilling, these disguised’Blood Spirit Race’ identity will be spread out immediately…”

Tai Gu Slightly nodded, looking at Lieutenant General Phillon said with a smile: “Of course, Lieutenant General Phillon can ask for more compensation. After all, our losses last night were very large.”

Lieutenant General Phillon Phillon glanced at the contents of the paper, stroked his chin, and grinned. Putting it that way is indeed correct, since it is choking the other person’s throat, then he can’t take it less.

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