This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 449


Harpoon was kicked awake from his deep sleep. He opened his eyes and saw the big face of Old Man Whitemane in his eyes.

“Father, what are you doing? Did you treat the wounded like this?”

Harpoon yelled. He was not lazy and slept until the afternoon. In fact, he Only two hours have passed since I slept.

In the storm last night, Harpoon was not idle. The people with the North Area Chambre of Commerce had been rescued in the Eastern District until they came back at noon and fell asleep.

“Sleep with a hammer?! Get me up quickly…”

Whitemane slapped Harpoon and grinned. He still has a lot of superficial wounds on him, dad. Do you treat your own son like this?

“Sleep, you know how to sleep, do you know how loud things are outside now…” Whitemane pointed to oneself’s son, and kept screaming.

“No matter how big things are, it’s my business. Besides, after this storm, the North Area Chambre of Commerce is not so good…”

Harpoon rubbed his head. Muttering dissatisfaction, he glared at Whitemane. Sea Beast Regiment’s plan to assassinate Lieutenant General Phillon failed. Now the headquarters of the army has reached an unprecedented level in Foca Tower.

With the relationship between Dad and Lieutenant General Phillon, the future prospects of North Area Chambre of Commerce can be imagined to be smooth sailing.

But, what is it about Harpoon? My dad is still in his prime, and he can sit for at least several decades as the president of North Area Chambre of Commerce. He doesn’t want to take over this early. Affairs.

“Father, you won’t prepare now and train me to inherit the North Area Chambre of Commerce, will your Senior be so cruel?”

“I’m still a child. ……”

Harpoon’s eyes widened, and suddenly he wailed. He thought of Whitemane’s intentions.

“Child, you ball, is there a big bull like you…”

Whitemane cursed, drew a check, and smashed it on Harpoon’s face, “Get up and clean it up. Buy some special products from Foca Tower and send them to Mister Gu. I mean, do you understand?”

Receiving this check, Harpoon’s dizzy head gradually turned around, but he Still a little confused.

“Daddy, why did you want me to go over? Isn’t your past better? Your relationship with Lord Lowden, coupled with your status as the president of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, made the past more appropriate. “Harpoon turned his head, whispered.

Take out a special cigar, Whitemane clicked it, took a sip, a cloud of smoke sprayed on Harpoon’s face, and pointed at oneself’s son, nodded, satisfied, “you brat is not bad, In the past few years, I have learned through experience at the Mechanical Warehouse, and I also know that I think for the sake of my father. However, you are still a little tender. The relationship between this is not as simple as you think.”

“Then what I didn’t expect…” Harpoon stared, and asked in a daze.

Whitemane took another cigar, squinted his eyes, looked at oneself’s son, and sighed: “Last night, the fighting in the Eastern and Southern Districts, do you know the specifics?”


Harpoon wrinkled frowned, scratched his waist with his hoofs, began to use his brains, and said all the inside information he knew.

As for the storm last night, Harpoon is a person who knows most of the inside story. After all, the plan made by Mister Gu and Lieutenant General Phillon is Harpoon equivalent to a participant.

Last night’s battle, the accidents that occurred, such as the so-called “Blood Spirit Race” expert intrusion, were unplanned variables…

Removing the invading Sea Beast expert, those In addition to “Blood Spirit Race”, Harpoon has also heard of other little influences in the city.

Not only that, he even vaguely knew that the origins of the so-called “Blood Spirit Race” were probably related to the Mysterious Star Empire.

“How about? Daddy, your son, I can still…”

Harpoon laughed, quite proud. He is very confident. If he knows the inside story, he Definitely one of the true insiders.


Whitemane spit out a smoke ring, sprayed it on his son’s face, and said with a sneer: “Is this what you know? Boy, you better Dad, I imagined it would be much tenderer!”

“Father, then what do you think I need to know…” Harpoon yelled in dissatisfaction.

In his opinion, he almost knows the inside story of this storm. As for some omissions, it doesn’t matter whether he knows or not.

After all, as a result of this turmoil, Lieutenant General Phillon was safe and sound, and smoothly entered the seventh boundary. The North Area Chambre of Commerce suffered little loss, and the future has a bright future. These are enough.

As the son of the president of the North Area Chambre of Commerce, Harpoon felt that he would be ambitious if he didn’t become a dude and eat, drink and make merry all day long.

You must know that from now on, he will be in Foca Tower with Lieutenant General Phillon and Daddy’s cover above it, which is also the second generation with extremely strong foundation.

Whitemane shook the head and said: “Did you watch those videos from the media and forums?”

“Uh…what video, what do I watch that… “

Harpoon is a little dazed. He has never had the habit of eating melons. Besides, he hasn’t closed his eyes overnight. He has been rescuing and evacuating people in the Eastern District, so there is no time to see these.

Mumbling like this, Harpoon opened a video on the forum and watched it for a while. His bull-eyed eyes widened suddenly, and he pointed at the figure of a man and a woman in the video, with his mouth wide open, but he couldn’t make it out for a long time. Speak aloud.

At the bottom of this video, the number of posts has reached a “explosive” state. Countless people left a message below, one after another shocked news, and many people speculated that this man and a woman Identity.

The fighting Machinery Grandmaster of the seventh boundary battle strength, bombarded the mysterious woman of the powerful enemy with flame fists, and shook the peerless swordsman of the Sea Beast expert with purple sword qi…, there is a forum about these peerless experts. The enthusiasm for discussion even surpassed the turmoil itself.

The fighting of the seventh boundary expert was originally the focus of worldwide attention. What’s more, the three seventh boundary experts that appeared in the storm last night not only have mysterious origins, but also look very young.

Especially the Fighting Machinery Grandmaster, the woman who is shaking her fists, from all aspects of the video analysis, she is too young, it looks like she is less than 30 years old…

Of course, there are many people who speculate that these two peerless experts just look young, but the real age is already old monster.


Looking at the bottom of the video, the number of posts is constantly increasing, Harpoon’s head is a little confused, and the hair on his forehead is erected, straight and straight……


“These two experts are not…, not…”

Harpoon was speechless, but couldn’t say a complete sentence for a long time.

Different from other people, he was born with innate talent, and he immediately saw that this fighting Machinery Grandmaster is Mister Chuan, and the stunning woman with Yanquan is Young Lady Fei. Yu.

Those two are actually peerless experts on the seventh boundary? !


“My Heavens! This is impossible, Mister Chuan, Young Lady Fei Yu is so big…”

Harpoon finally turned his mind completely He got up, and then felt a huge shock, which made him scream.


Whitemane slapped his son over, slapped his son to the ground, and hummed: “You know it, what are you doing? There are not enough people who don’t know? Think about it, these two Do you want others to know your identity?”

Harpoon kept nodded, and was convinced by his father’s judgment. He is indeed a father, and Jiang is still hot.

“Waaaaaa…, father, do you think this is possible? Mister Chuan’s age, only…”

Half of talking, seeing father Whitemane stare at him, Harpoon is annoyed With a smile, the cow hooves gestured, “Mister Chuan seems to be only 20 years old…”

“It doesn’t look like it is, it’s what it is.” Whitemane corrects.

When I saw this video, Whitemane was speechless for a long time, and immediately investigated the identities of Lin Chuan and Fei Yu in secret.

About the origin of Fei Yu, Whitemane has investigated, among which certain/affirm is tricky.

The origin of Lin Chuan cannot be faked. The news from White Dwarf Kingdom is that this is a Mechanic Talent. The innate talent on the Academy Faction and Artisan Faction is obvious to all.

As for the fighting faction, there has never been a record…

What does it mean that there has never been a record?

It may have never been involved, or it may have been deliberately hidden…

No matter what, Whitemane understood one thing, this man and woman is really amazing.

“The identities of these two people, Phillon is not quite clear, I am not going to say it. As for you, as a personal person, I have a good relationship with Mister Chuan and Young Lady Fei Yu. This is your chance.”

Whitemane said with emotion on his face, smoking a cigar.

“This is often the case in this world. If I didn’t meet Uncle Lowden, I wouldn’t be able to sit on the chair of North Area Chambre of Commerce. Later, when I think of it, that’s the oldest one in my life. As for you, maybe it’s the biggest chance in your life right now. Whether you can grasp it or not, it’s up to you to be oneself…”

Listening to what the old man said, Harpoon was taken aback. After a while, he put away the check, freshened it up, re-dressed the wound, and walked out.

“Hey…this kid, he’s really grown up…” Whitemane laughed.


In the evening.

When Harpoon rushed to Lin Chuan’s residence with a cart of specialty products, he saw Fei Yu and Tai Gu who had been there for a long time.

Of course, Lin Chuan is also there, but in the laboratory, he has not come out.

“You are here. It just so happens that you can’t come anymore, I’m still going to find you.” Tai Gu said.

“Mister Gu, do you have any orders?” Harpoon said respectfully.

Speaking like this, he greeted Fei Yu again and took out the prepared Foca Tower specialties.

It is clear that the two in front of you, as well as the one in the laboratory, are three peerless experts, and Harpoon’s attitude has become more respectful.

“Everyone is a friend, don’t be so cautious. I just want you to help me if I have something.” Fei Yu lightly said with a smile.

The more I say this, Harpoon feels the pressure.

Tai Gu points to the table and motions to Harpoon to look at oneself. The latter sees that there are on the table. A stack of maps is the city structure of Foca Tower, and there are all versions.

“What use are these city maps?” Harpoon asked wonderingly.

If you want to talk about the familiarity of Foca Tower, just ask him directly. He grew up here since he was a child. In addition, he always likes to run around in the city. For the corners of Foca Tower large and small, It couldn’t be clearer.

“A hidden laboratory built by Regins!” Tai Gu said.

Harpoon was shivering and was very frightened. He knew who Regins was. He was a high-ranked Sea Beast who woke up from sleep in the Sea Beast expert who invaded last night. It is said to be a thousand years ago. old monster.


Harpoon was a little worried. He just came to give a gift. He had a familiar face before 3 Plane, but didn’t expect it. Involved in the dispute of the seventh boundary expert.

If there were some accidents, ten lives would not be enough to die…

However, thinking of the old man, Harpoon was still nodded and agreed.

“Wait for Mister Chuan to come out…”

Fei Yu looked towards the laboratory, her expression was a bit complicated. After a day, Lin Chuan’s changes made her unable to adapt.

Similarly, she has changed a lot, completely integrated with a [Heart Origin Heritage], her strength has changed so much, even she is oneself very surprised.

Furthermore, the strength she demonstrated was only part of it. She did not exert all of her strength in the battle last night.

Of course, she also has a feeling that Mister Gu and Lin Chuan have not exerted true strength either, and both have reservations about each other.

“It’s a good thing to be friends with such a character.”

Fei Yu muttered in his heart, the earphone rang out from his friends again, and the lady in the white coat screamed wildly. I kept asking about the storm last night and what the inside story was.

In this regard, Fei Yu pretended not to hear. Regarding the events of last night, there was a lot involved. She was still sorting out some things, such as Lin Chuan’s strength…


There is also the laboratory built by Sea Beast Regins in Foca Tower. What is inside?

As for these secrets, when Lin Chuan comes out of the laboratory, there should be an answer.


At the same time.

In the laboratory, there is an object placed on the workbench, which is the hand cannon on Makki’s body before.

Tzzzzzzz ……

The mechanical device is testing this hand cannon. Various instruments are used, but the material of this hand cannon can not be analyzed.

In the laboratory, in addition to Lin Chuan, Fowler also assisted and acted as an assistant.

The research on this hand cannon is top secret. Lin Chuan can’t find other assistants, but Fowler can come.

As a descendant of Cromwell, Fowler spent a period of time in the secret base and is quite familiar with the use of mechanical devices.

Furthermore, he has a wide range of knowledge and knows many secrets of Eastern and Western Continents. It is quite suitable for him to be an assistant.

“Strange…, is this material produced in the depths of Five Seas? It can blend perfectly with the body of Sea Beast, but it cannot be used by us…”

Looking at On the screen, Lin Chuan couldn’t help frowning with the data that kept popping up. The research and analysis of this handgun was more troublesome than he expected.

The material of this hand cannon is exactly the same as a part of the organization of Makki within the body. This is obviously a body modification, but it is different from mechanical modification.

This organization is biologically active, and it blends perfectly with Sea Beast’s body…

“Mister Chuan. According to the Regins information I found, he was lurking. The purpose of the Foca Tower is to steal part of Cromwell’s research data and conduct some kind of secret experiment.”

“The research data he stole is exactly the content of the Annihilation Warrior project. What is his secret experiment, it should be this thing……”

Fowler speaks in a gentle tone, even if he is wearing a research robe, his behavior has a sense of elegance.

Lin Chuan nodded agrees, slightly frowned thought, after analyzing this hand cannon, he was actually quite shocked. Sea Beasts actually started this kind of research a thousand years ago. This is not good news. .

Of course, if Sea Beasts’ research results are only of this kind of hand cannon level, it would be nothing.

The material of this hand cannon is peculiar. After being integrated with Sea Beast Royal Clan like Makki, it can greatly increase its strength, but it has an obvious flaw.

That is this kind of fusion, which cannot be mass-produced.

Through Mental Manipulation, Lin Chuan learned from Makki that Regins had built a secret laboratory somewhere in Foca Tower. The technology Sea Beasts has acquired today is from that secret laboratory. of.

This time Sea Beast invaded Foca Tower, their plan is actually divided into three parts, one is to attack Lieutenant General Phillon, and the other is to wake up Regins.

And the most important part of this plan is to find the secret laboratory and take out the research results in it.

This is why, Sea Beasts will dispatch that many seventh boundary experts. If it weren’t for the eighth boundary expert, if it were too conspicuous, it would be spotted immediately. I am afraid that all eighth boundary experts will be dispatched.

In order to make this plan foolproof, Sea Beast Regiment even dispatched Sea Beast Royal Clan like Makki to stay in Foca Tower for several years. Everything was for the laboratory, but Lin Chuan didn’t expect it. destroyed.

“Wait to find this laboratory, let’s talk…”

Lin Chuan temporarily gave up studying the structure of this hand cannon. It’s not that he has no clue, it takes too much time. .

Since there is ready information to find, there is no need to spend this time…

At this time, Fowler said, said with a smile: “Mister Chuan. You agreed before My business…”

“I speak, what Mister Fowler asks, if I can do it, I will try my best to meet it. Is it to perfect the [Foca No. 1] body? I am Some eyebrows…”

Lin Chuan glanced at Fowler. He was a little strange about the latter’s reaction. Since he agreed, he didn’t plan to regret it.

For Fowler’s true identity, Lin Chuan doesn’t really feel bad…

“Actually, my request is indeed related to the perfection of [Foca No. 1]. Relationship…”

Fowler said this way, getting closer, and whispering oneself’s request.

hearing this, Lin Chuan’s complexion changed abruptly, his complexion was cold, he stared at Fowler, his teeth were ground, and it smelled of gnashing teeth.

“You…, you are known in the world, the only descendant of Cromwell, you…”

Raise your hand, point to Fowler, Lin Chuan is very impulsive , Beat this guy fiercely.

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