This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 450

“You have the body of [Foca No. 1], which is equivalent to starting a second life, which can make up for all the previous regrets. This is your goal now…”

Lin Chuan stared Looking at Fowler, his face twitched slightly, he seldom scolded someone with such harsh words and stern looks.

Whether it is treating friends or soulmate, Lin Chuan’s behavior has always been gentle.

As for when treating the enemy, he doesn’t cross his eyebrows, he usually plays black hands behind his back…

Only Fowler makes Lin Chuan feel impulsive and want to Make a fist, fiercely hammer this guy’s head, want to see [Foca No. 1]’s body core, what is the brain structure of the old Wen Lingdun, and whether there is a problem with a certain part of the brain circuit.

breathes deeply, Lin Chuan said: “The handwriting you left before mentioned the entire process of development of escaping from White Arrow Port. You regret what you did in your life, if you can do it again. , You will never slack off again. You will definitely work hard in cultivation and impact force to measure Peak.”

Speech paused, looking at Fowler, Lin Chuan asked: “The content on the handbook was written by you. Huh?”

Fowler “hehe” laughed, and said angrily: “Yes. I wrote the script. I was surprised before, how Mister Chuan was so familiar with me before, it turned out to be After reading the handbook, it seems that you have investigated the White Arrow Port clearly.”

Lin Chuan snorted, of course he investigated clearly. After he obtained the stone ball ability, he was there to be able to survive. After a wonderful experience in life, the first stage.

Regarding the content of the handbook, Lin Chuan’s previous brain filled up the picture, which is a peerless genius who, when he was old, regretted the previous slack and left White Arrow Port with a hint of hope. , Embarking on the search for the treasure of the ancestor Cromwell, yearning to be able to set things right, regain strength, and control the secret of a past life…

However, listening to Fowler’s request is not trying to perfect [Foca No . 1】The body has a possible way to reach the peak power……

Neither do you want to make a difference, or other more valuable desires……

Fowler’s The wish is that the body of [Foca No. 1] does not have the feeling of beings. I want Lin Chuan to transform the body so that he can have the feelings of beings. In this way, when he is with a woman, it is no longer a woman’s unilateralism. Happiness, and he is just a toolman who works hard and wants women to live happily.

Looking at Fowler, Lin Chuan really feels hate iron for not becoming steel. If Cromwell is alive and hears such a wish from future generations, he might be mad at him.

For such a wish, Lin Chuan can only say-this is Wen Lingdun! ?

However, Lin Chuan refuses this. He is Mechanic, a genius Mechanic. Will he rack his brains to carry out this transformation concept to satisfy the “wish” of a Mechanical Puppet?

Of course it is impossible!

Lin Chuan firmly disagrees. When he thought of the future generations, the record about oneself, after the Foca Tower storm, he made a one for Fowler, the former Wen Lingdun, the only known descendant of Cromwell The transformation of the body gave it the physical sense of life. Since then, when working with women, it has achieved a happy harmony between the two sides…

This is still a relatively normal version.

If it is another weird version, the later generations of Mechanical Puppet have neurotactility. The initial reason is that Fowler, the only known descendant of Cromwell, once re-experienced the transformation of the body of men’s feelings, and brought it to future generations. Such an epoch-making invention…

There are other versions, probably, why Wen Lingdun became a Mechanical Puppet and revived the peachy incident in Eastern and Western Continents, triggering countless high-level scandals , Its source was the Mechanic “Mister Chuan”!

The taint of the genius Mechanical’s life is to transform Fowler and liberate a Mechanical Puppet’s sex demon. This is a historic scandal!

Or a more exaggerated version-surprise! The origin of the invention of the mechanical neurotactile system is…

It may also be a worse version. The genius Mechanic Lin Chuan will perform such a disgusting mechanical transformation for the SE ghost Fowler, and his sexual orientation is extremely suspicious. ……


For a time, Lin Chuan’s thought of one by one flashed in his mind. It was the evaluation of later generations, and there was no one version, but he felt that he could accept it. of.

Furthermore, in the records of later generations, if he and Fowler are involved in this way, Lin Chuan feels inexplicably ashamed, which is absolutely intolerable.

He doesn’t want to play such a role in a peachy story…

Moreover, this kind of neuro-tactile transformation is not that simple. The direction of the world’s science and technology tree is Partially fighting, the branch research in this area is far from reaching this step.

For Fowler’s desire to study this aspect, Lin Chuan can only use two words to describe it-Dan Pain!

“Sorry! Mister Fowler…”

Lin Chuan’s face was stern, and he was about to sternly refuse, but unexpectedly, Fowler knelt to the ground all of a sudden.

“Mister Chuan, don’t refuse me, do you know how painful I have been for so long?”

“As a man, I have enjoyed After having such a wonderful life, I was forced to transform myself into [Foca No. 1], my life completely lost its color.”

“Those beautiful women are still so fascinating, they His voice and smile always touch people’s hearts, but I still can’t get real harmony with them. You don’t know how terrifying my life is for so many years……”

Listen to Fowler With a crying complaint, Lin Chuan listened with an expression of “(°ー°〃)”, and the more he listened, the more helpless he became.

How do you describe Fowler’s life over the years after becoming [Foca No. 1]?

It is a natural love. After losing the feeling of a man, he still can’t control oneself, constantly entangled with women, but can’t get the real happiness of a man. That is a kind of physical and mental suffering.

So, he desperately wants [Foca No. 1]’s body core, which is his brain, to feel the joy of being a man.

As for Fowler’s regrets and regrets when he left White Arrow Port, those are secondary emotions. How can they be compared with the first emotion in his life and the happiness between women? What?

On the side, Kitty Lan was lying in the corner, combing her hair with her paws, staring at the cat’s eyes, dumbfounded, Little Brat’s head turned a bit, thinking with its fairly high IQ head One question, over the years, it has been hundreds of years, Fowler, this guy is a Mechanical Puppet, and has no nerve touch, but has had relations with dozens of women before and after, but he has no feelings, this What is it in the picture?

Is this a natural stud-horse?

This kind of thinking behavior is really incomprehensible…

Little Blue Cat fell into deep thought and began to compare Fowler’s behavior with some of the animals he knew, and found that it could not be found To any argument to support.

The great doubts caused Kitty Lan to sigh secretly, a little weak, the owner often said that it has a big lack of understanding of other creatures’ concepts, which seems to be the case, and it has to learn There are still many places…

“In these years, my life is actually like a walking corpse, Mister Chuan, you have pity on me. If this continues, the core of my body will die like this…” Fowler cried, as if experiencing the ultimate grief of life.

Let’s die like this, so as not to make people ill-informed…

Lin Chuan secretly slandered, and said, “Mister Fowler, I count, but this is really helpless.” The transformation you need is beyond the scope of my ability. You also know Mechanical Domain well, and you should know the difficulty of this transformation.”

Lin Chuan felt that he was looking for this reason for rejection. very perfect.

He predicted that, now that everything is aside, he will concentrate on researching this technology. It hasn’t been three or five years. I’m afraid it will be difficult to get a clue.

This is also no way. Regardless of Eastern and Western Continents, there is too little research information for this field. He is starting now, which is equivalent to starting from scratch, where it will be easy.

But, let him put everything aside, is it possible to specialize in this technology?

Of course it is impossible…

Lin Chuan promised to meet Fowler’s requirements within his ability.

This desire is clearly beyond his scope of ability.

“Mister Fowler, if it is to improve the body and improve the performance, I can do it. Why don’t you think about it, [Foca No. 1] This body is a rare model. It’s not a glorious life…”

Lin Chuan is so persuaded.

Fowler got up and said with a sneer: “For me, this kind of life is not glorious at all. Think about my grandfather Cromwell, is his life glorious? It should be after the dark ages. The most Legendary life, so what? It’s nothing more than making countless future generations admire him, nothing more than becoming a monument to Mechanical Domain, the legendary that is unsurpassed on the Martial Way, but what about it?”

With his head held high, Fowler said in an elegant and firm tone: “For me, the joy of life is to spend a wonderful time with those beautiful females. The people in later generations treat me My opinion, it’s my business? Whether they hate me or scold me, it’s not as good as my day, and it’s more real. This is everyone’s own ambitions! You said I’m right, Mister Chuan…”

You are right, I am speechless! ?

For this LSP so firm and full of pious remarks, Lin Chuan feels that if this guy is not a descendant of Cromwell, there will be no great evil in his life except for those countless love affairs. He wanted to destroy the core of [Foca No. 1] immediately.

sighed, Lin Chuan said seriously: “Mister Fowler, you should understand that I did not deliberately shirk. I have a lot of things at hand, so I can concentrate on researching this technology, which is currently impossible for you. You It will take at least ten or eight years, or even longer, before I can proceed with the research.”

These words can be regarded as Lin Chuan’s compromise. For those who are not enemies, he made promises. , It is still very important.

“No, Mister Chuan, it doesn’t take that long, I have already prepared something…”

Fowler took out a chip, inserted it into the Light Screen, and opened the chip Content.

Lin Chuan glanced, just at the beginning, then can’t help being emotional, “This is…?!”

“Yes. This is a legacy of Elf In the literature, there are techniques on mental touch. Although it is not perfect, I believe that with Mister Chuan’s talents, I can quickly find the clue…” Fowler said with a faint smile.

Lin Chuan didn’t speak, he took the Light Screen and scanned the contents, his complexion kept changing.

The content in this chip is really shocking. This is the top secret information of some skills left by Elf.

“This is what I got before. In terms of collection in this area, I am more generous than my ancestor Cromwell…” Fowler said proudly with his chin held high.

This thief still has the face to say that oneself…

Lin Chuan cursed secretly, but it was sighed. He had to admit that based on the content of this chip, he could imagine Fowler before. , How many good things have been stolen.

Thinking of the boxes of things in the Fowler’s secret room, Lin Chuan was inexplicably moved. This is a thief who once stolen Eastern and Western Continents, and I don’t know how many good things are still on hand.

Looking at Lin Chuan’s expression, Fowler said again: “Mister Chuan, if you can fulfill my wish, my collections, those you value, you can take them. As long as…”

“Okay, don’t say it. I will try my best.”

Lin Chuan waved his hand, and the balance in his heart shook slightly, and he was overwhelmed by the content of this chip.

As Fowler said, those criticisms of later generations are what matters to him, and the benefits of getting it are the most tangible.

After scanning the content of this chip roughly and greedily, Lin Chuan solemnly gave a promise that if it is fast, half a month to one month, the transformation will be completed.

“Mister Chuan, you are such a genius!” Fowler widened his eyes and praised Lin Chuan’s genius with all kinds of non-repeated words.

For this, Lin Chuan feels inexplicably ashamed, his genius is used here, it is really not for outsiders.

“This matter must be kept secret! If there is news, Mister Fowler and I will probably be enemies.” Lin Chuan said indifferently.

“Relax. Mister Chuan, this is us…”

Fowler said so, looked at Kitty Lan again, and added: “And this Mister Little Blue Cat The common secret of Fowler!”

Kitty Lan also learned from the master, nodded, for Fowler to respect it so much, it is inexplicable and very useful.

Lin Chuan sighed secretly, not wanting to discuss more about this matter. After chatting with Fowler a few words, he prepared to leave and went to find the secret laboratory built by Regins.

“Mister Chuan, I can also help in this regard…”

Even with Lin Chuan’s promise, he is still not at ease. In order to make the transformation as soon as possible, Fowler enthusiastically recommends himself .

In terms of architecture, Fowler was originally a craftsman. Coupled with the long stay in Foca Tower, there are few people who understand the structure of the city.

Lin Chuan nodded, without Fowler’s recommendation, he wanted to use the latter’s knowledge in architecture.

When he walked out of the laboratory, Lin Chuan suddenly remembered something and asked Fowler about the origin of Kitty Lan and where did the wooden ball get it.

Before, he wanted to ask, but after all, he was a little hesitant, and he did not ask for a long time.

Now, since Fowler has already talked about many things, Lin Chuan has only asked this question.

However, Fowler is frowned, showing a dazed color. The impression of that wooden ball only rests on the concept of the super-large “camphor pill”.

As for the origin of the wooden ball, he really doesn’t remember. After all, there are too many treasures in his life. Then a wooden ball, only seeing that it is a little special, stayed.

The only thing that impresses is the source of the wooden ball. Fowler used to visit Western Continent’s [Thunder Fortress], where he walked a number of treasures and sealed the wooden ball of Kitty Lan. , Also there.

Hearing this news, Lin Chuan’s focus is on [Thunder Fortress].

“You dare to visit the treasure house of [Thunder Fortress]…” Lin Chuan was speechless.

[Thunder Fortress], that is a Sacred Land in Western Continent, and it is a Holy Land by Western Continent martial artist.

In terms of military force alone, [Thunder Fortress] is in no way inferior to [Sacred Temple Hall].

In terms of long inheritance and prestige, [Thunder Fortress] far surpasses [Sacred Temple Hall], where there are many Western Continent experts, many of which are Peak experts.

It is said that in today’s [Thunder Fortress], there are already three eighth boundary experts known to live in seclusion there.

This does not include the eighth boundary Peak that lived in seclusion there a hundred years ago, I don’t know if it is alive…

Such Peak battle strength is enough to compare to a big Empire, and [Thunder Fortress] has always been neutral. There is a pure Martial Way, which is the place that countless martial artists yearn for.

As for the treasure house of [Thunder Fortress], there are not a few thieves who dare to get involved…

Fowler not only passed a number of treasures from there, but also left unharmed. This sounds outrageous.

“The one who invited me over was the daughter of the master of [Thunder Fortress]. I stayed there for three days, but I was exhausted. Those treasures are gifts…”

Fowler said like this, showing that it is a man who knows how to smile.

Lin Chuan didn’t know what to say for a while, it turned out…

Kitty Lan was even more embarrassed. It turned out to be Fowler who betrayed his body, and then brought him from [Thunder Fortress] from.

Little Blue Cat flicked its claws, revealing sharp claws. It bared its teeth. Some of them couldn’t accept this fact.

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