This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 451

When Lin Chuan and Fowler came out of the laboratory, it was nightfall. Looking at the smiling faces of the two, Fei Yu thought there was something important in the laboratory.

“I have no clue about the technology of that hand cannon weapon for the time being, but I have other special discoveries…”

Lin Chuan said so, but he didn’t want to disclose the details. , He didn’t want to tell other people to transform Fowler’s body.

Of course, the origin of Fowler is also a secret, and naturally it will not be revealed.

“The secret base of Regins, we found some clues while researching…” Fowler said with a smile.

hearing this, everyone in the hall showed surprises. It was still being discussed just now. The area where the secret base is located is probably that part of the city.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chuan and Fowler already have eyebrows…

Lin Chuan took a look at Fowler. The latter didn’t say anything about the clue just now, obviously because of the body. Only by being able to transform and show good to Lin Chuan, is the ability to be displayed like this.

Fowler came to the table, pointed to the construction map of the city, pointed to the junction of the eastern and northern districts, and drew a few circles.

“I used to work here. These areas are suspicious. The secret base is probably located here…” Fowler certain/affirm said.

He can conclude that it is naturally not only because of his position there, but also some information obtained from the body of [Foca No. 1].

In the past, Regins’ identity as a spy was exposed, and the Annihilator Regiment members were responsible for hunting down him.

At that time, the scale of the chase almost turned the entire Foca Tower upside down. Fowler had long been suspicious of the junction of the eastern and northern districts.

“Then set off…” Lin Chuan said.

Immediately, the entire group went out one after another, each driving a Floating Vehicle, moved towards the destination set off.

In more than three areas circled by Fowler, Lin Chuan divided his head into action.

On the Floating Vehicle, Kitty Lan lay on the seat, drooping his head, and sulking there.

Lin Chuan took a look, knew what Little Brat was thinking, and said: “Why? Know the general origin of oneself, why you are not happy, since you are from [Thunder Fortress], that origin is extraordinary. It is the same as before. I guess it is probably a noble creature, not much different.”

Little Blue Cat always has a lot of fantasies about its origins, because of its special features, it once fantasized about a oneself race. , Is a noble species comparable to Dragon Race.

Lin Chuan understands all such speculations. This Little Brat is still a baby, and naturally it is easy to dream.

In fact, I don’t talk about Kitty Lan. When Lin Chuan just crossed over, he also imagined what kind of super innate talent oneself has. The parents have extraordinary backgrounds, and the younger sister is a hidden peerless genius…

This kind of fantasy has nothing to do with species, but any wise creature will inevitably have such an imagination.

For Little Brat, what it cannot accept is the fact that it was brought out by Fowler’s stud-horse [Thunder Fortress], and it was taken as a gift in a batch of gifts and carried out together. of.

Doesn’t this mean that in the treasure house of [Thunder Fortress], the wooden ball on which it is located is also a big camphor wood ball used as an insecticide?

This fact was a big blow to Kitty Lan, and it shattered all its previous illusions.


Kitty Lan skimmed his head, just ignore it, let it look quiet.

Lin Chuan shook the head, while driving a Floating Vehicle, he thought about it: “Actually, you have to think this way, since even the people in [Thunder Fortress] haven’t found any storage of your wooden ball. Special. It means that the origin of your Little Brat is more extraordinary than expected. Perhaps, you are the noble species left over before Dark Age? The species of that era, but there are more extraordinary species than Dragon Race…”

Kitty Lan suddenly raised his head, his eyes sparkling, and a suddenly cheerful expression on his small face. The master was right! This is indeed possible…

“A noble species of ancient years? Meow…, it sounds very loud…”

Little Blue Cat squinted and started again It’s unprovoked speculation.

Lin Chuan laughed secretly, but also wondering what kind of species this Little Brat came from.

I heard Fowler said that the wooden ball that sealed Kitty Lan came from [Thunder Fortress], and people there don’t pay much attention to the wooden ball.

This made Lin Chuan a little surprised. Originally thought that this wooden ball would be stored in Fowler’s old house, and it was deliberately left. Who knows that the real inside story is such a thing.

As for the origin of Kitty Lan, it seems that we still have to go to [Thunder Fortress] to investigate clearly before we can have any clues.

While thinking–

Lin Chuan suddenly moved in his heart, turned his head and looked towards the car window, Floating Vehicle passed a street in the East District, not far from City Hall.

In that direction, Lin Chuan forehead’s eyeball pattern appeared, spinning slightly, and a figure appeared in his mind.

That is the back of a woman, wearing a windbreaker, walking with slender legs, walking gracefully, moving towards City Hall.

The forehead is slightly painful, and Lin Chuan can’t help frowning. This feeling of danger is not strong, but the way the eyeball pattern is abruptly warns is unprecedented.

Immediately, Lin Chuan realized that he was also equipped with the [seventh equipment] to increase his own ability, and this would happen.

“After this ability is further improved, is there an almost foreboding image…” Lin Chuan murmured.

This kind of ability is really very useful, but once the power of the [seventh equipment] is exhausted, it will be difficult for him to have such a foreboding ability in a short time.

“It’s a pity…, the charging of the [seventh equipment] is a big problem…”

Lin Chuan shook the head, secretly thinking, he asked Mysterious Star Empire The Imperial Prince lion of the royal family opened his mouth, how much benefit could he get.

Thinking about this, Lin Chuan has notified Harpoon, Fowler and the others of what he has just discovered, so that they can contact and pay close attention to the movement in the City Hall.

“What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with this goal?”

In earphone, an inquiry from Tai Gu came. As soon as Lin Chuan notified, he called City In the image over Hall, no trace of the woman was found.

“I didn’t find it in the surveillance, that’s right…”

Lin Chuan has been able to conclude that the figure of the woman I just saw is a threat to him.

However, the top priority now is to find Regins’ secret laboratory. The information in it is the most important thing at the moment.

In the middle of the night——

In the junction area of ​​the Eastern District and the North District, Lin Chuan and the others have searched the one by one area several times. It is not that there is no discovery, but discovery There are too many suspicious things.

The junction of the East District and the North District is the old city of Foca Tower. The thousand-year-old buildings here can be seen everywhere. Any building is worth exploring.

Lin Chuan, Tai Gu, Fei Yu, Fowler, and Harpoon…, the entire group was divided into five waves, searched everywhere, until late at night, there was an amazing discovery from Fowler and Harpoon.

“Here, come here…”

At the junction of the eastern and northern urban areas, where there is the intersection of four streets, there is a huge building, like a small town, Standing on this piece of land.

The predecessor of this building has a rather extraordinary past. It is the site of City Hall a long time ago. Its history can be traced back to the Hundred Years War.

After the Hundred Years’ War, City Hall was also moved to the eastern city area due to the development of the eastern city area to boost the popularity of the eastern city area.

This move, because of the prosperity of the eastern city, later became the great achievement of that Magistrate.

Nowadays, this place has long since become a dilapidated building. It is said that City Hall has plans to reopen it in the past few years.

The Floating Vehicle drove into a street and stopped in front of a building. Lin Chuan got off the car and looked around. He was also familiar with the city’s architecture. This was the center of the former City Hall. .

Fowler and Harpoon stood in front of the door of a small building, moving towards Lin Chuan and so on, beckoning, while talking in a low voice, laughing from time to time, with a sense of sympathy.

This place was discovered by Fowler and Harpoon at the same time. The two methods used to search for clues were actually very similar, which made Fowler take a high look at the little white bull.

With such knowledge in architecture, this little white bull is very innate talent. If Fowler is free, he can teach Harpoon a few hands and some lost knowledge about architecture.

“Is there anything abnormal here?”

Tai Gu walked over, followed by Lowden and Howya, looking at all around, there was nothing special.

Fowler laughed. On one wall of this building, he lifted his palm and patted it, and layers of debris peeled off, exposing the inner wall.

This wall is very flat and clean. If it weren’t for the stone chips from the outside, no one would have thought that this wall is a wall in a dangerous building.

If you are not an architectural expert like Fowler, you have a profound knowledge of building craftsmanship, and you really can’t find this special feature.

As for Harpoon, he would find this place because he often played here when he was very young. After he came here and found it, he found an anomaly.

“For so many years, this building has hardly tilted, look at other buildings…”

Harpoon pointed to other buildings. In the eyes of ordinary people, perhaps these buildings It’s no different.

However, in the eyes of Lin Chuan and others, it is obvious that the slope of this building is quite different from other buildings.

Lin Chuan, Fei Yu, etc. are very fortunate. If there were no Fowler and Harpoon, the locals who were born and raised in Foca Tower would have keen insight and familiarity with the urban layout, and would like to discover the anomalies here. The odds are really too small.

“Leave it to me to open the door…” Fowler certain/affirm promised.

The others were a little surprised. Why did Fowler say certain/affirm? Only Lin Chuan knew that this guy was once a thief who was famous for the continent, and he was able to stop his door. I’m afraid there are not many.

Now that I think about it, Lin Chuan also understands why Wen Lingdun was so interested in architecture at the beginning, probably not because of his own interest, but for other purposes, such as theft, such as theft of incense. Yu…, in short, they are all similar activities.

When my thoughts turned, there was a kacha sound from this wall. Don’t turn on any switch.

Then, a hole was exposed, not on the wall, but on the ground not far away, in the dark passageway, there was a squeaky sound that made people feel a little scalp. Tingling.

“It seems that even if this is not Regins’ secret laboratory, it cannot be separated from Sea Beast Regiment…”

Lowden moved his nose and smelled a weird damp smell. This is the breath of Sea Beast.

“Follow me…”

Fowler said, and rushed in. This positive attitude is completely different from the previous fight.

Everyone didn’t stop, they rushed in one after another. Not long after they moved forward, there was a burst of weird roar inside, one after another fist sized things flooding like a tide.

“Be careful! This is White Nightmare Sea Spider…”

As soon as Fowler’s reminder sounded, a flame lit up, illuminating a scene that made the scalp numb.

In the passage ahead, there are countless dark green insects crawling. These insects are similar to spiders, but are covered with dense tentacles, and their mouthparts are thin needles.

White Nightmare Sea Spider! ?

This is a kind of poison insect in White Nightmare Sea. Its toxicity can instantly poison to death fourth boundary expert, which is not the most terrifying.

The most terrifying thing is that the size of these [White Nightmare Sea Spider] is several times larger than the average.

The average [White Nightmare Sea Spider], which can have half a palm-size, is already a giant spider, and its toxicity is more severe.

These fist sized White Nightmare Sea Spiders can poison to death the fifth boundary expert?

Moreover, the number is also terrifying. If you have a intensive phobia, you will faint on the spot.

In fact, little white bull Harpoon has a mild intensive phobia. Upon seeing this scene, the urn screamed in fright.

At this time, countless [White Nightmare Sea Spiders] spit out venom simultaneously, almost filling the passage, and the moved towards here rushed over.


Fei Yu makes a fist, and the flames on the fist are more shining, condensing into a wall of flames, moved towards the front and pushes it horizontally.

zi zi ……

When the wall of flame comes into contact with the dark green venom, it immediately ignites one after another dark green poisonous smoke, but it cannot penetrate the wall of flame and continues to be evaporated by the flame.

Fei Yu’s Yanquan has great restraint against this venom.

However, because the place is too closed, the vaporized venom cannot evaporate completely, and there is still one after another dark green poison qi pouring over.


Lowden took a breath, and a gust of wind blew up. These poison qis poured over and wrapped these White Nightmare Sea Spiders. Then, countless wind blades were intertwined, Cut all these poison insects into pieces.


Tai Gu pulls out [Redbud Sword], sighs lightly with his fingers, one after another dense sword glow intertwined, actually carrying a cold chill, bringing the sea The venom of the spider within the body freezes.

For a time, the distance of several hundred meters in the front passage became a dark green ice-covered scene, and no venom was volatilized.

“It’s a peerless expert!”

Lin Chuan sighed softly. If you change to another team, you will only face thousands of [White Nightmare Sea Spiders]. There is a strategic withdrawal.

In such a sealed passage, even if these sea spiders can be eliminated, it will inevitably cause casualties…

However, there are peerless experts such as Fei Yu, Lowden, and Tai Gu, fighting. The experience is very rich, it is easy to resolve such difficulties.

On the side, Fei Yu hearing this, glanced at Lin Chuan. This man is proficient in Mechanical Battle Skill, and he is also a peerless expert. He is the strongest link in the entire group, but it seems like a weakling. Similarly, hiding in the middle of the team, is this habitual hiding?

For the woman’s gaze, Lin Chuan knows what she is thinking, but he is helpless. The energy of the [seventh equipment] is not much, so he wants to save a little.

Aside from the [seventh equipment], he is indeed a weakling in the entire group!

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