This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 452


Harpoon opened his mouth wide and wanted to spit out all the little things he ate in the evening. The smell of [White Nightmare Sea Spider] is too unpleasant, plus these densely packed seas. The spider’s corpse, the little white bull couldn’t help it anymore, and the contents of his stomach were about to burst out of his mouth.

On the side, Fowler’s body flashed, rushing over like a ghost, and pressed twice on Harpoon, an electric current rushed through his body, and his life stopped the little white bull’s desire to vomit.

“I…, om…, you…”

Harpoon stared at Fowler with his eyes wide open, both uncomfortable and angry.

He feels as if he is drunk and wants to vomit and sober up, but he has been filled with a large bottle of sober medicine. The alcohol is gone, and the semi-digested food in his stomach is I can’t spit it out.

Don’t mention this feeling too uncomfortable, enough to make you feel uncomfortable for a night…

Fowler is laughed, don’t thank me, and said: “In this kind of place, Don’t leave too many traces, otherwise, it’s easy to cause unnecessary troubles. Such troubles may be for a group of us, or for you alone…”

Harpoon blinked Eyes, nodded, indicate that they have been taught.

Looking at Fowler’s skillful guidance and avoiding the one by one mechanism in the passage, everyone present was surprised. Even Lowden and Howya had been thieves for a period of time when they were young, but none Such a rich and superb experience.

Only Lin Chuan understands that if you talk about the skills in this area, all the people present may not be as good as Fowler alone.

“In a way, this guy is quite accomplished…” Lin Chuan sighed secretly.

After the entire group walked through this passage, Lin Chuan was not idle, and collected some [White Nightmare Sea Spider] venom. Such sea spiders can grow to such a huge size, and their venom is quite large. value.

Along the way, passing through one after another metal door, one of the passage walls has a one by one hole, and inside it is the shell of the [White Nightmare Sea Spider].

Such a scene makes the scalp numb. This is obviously the place where sea spiders are cultivated.

However, what is even more thought-provoking is that such a place can be built underneath the former site of City Hall.

“It seems that at the beginning, the Sea Beast that infiltrated the Foca Tower, but not only Regins, but also other disguised Sea Beasts, became the top of the City Hall.” Fei Yu pupil light coldly said softly.

hearing this, Fowler and Harpoon are a bit embarrassed. If this news spreads out, it will really be a big scandal in Foca Tower.

Lin Chuan doesn’t care much about the past, he cares more about the structure of this place.

The structure here, as well as the construction materials, have a completely different style from the continental laboratory.

Of course, there are many similarities.

From this, it is inferred that Regins had learned a lot in the mechanical laboratory of Foca Tower, and this is what makes people feel terrifying.

Be aware that for a long time, the development of Sea Beasts in Mechanical Domain has been stagnant.

This is not how low the wisdom of Sea Beasts is. The main reason is that the focus of research is not here.

Thousands of years ago, Sea Beast Regiment led by Regins infiltrated Foca Tower and learned so much mechanical knowledge secretly from the mechanical laboratory. What this represents is both alarming and making People are uneasy.

“The technology of the hand cannon that Makki is equipped with is researched by Regins…” Lin Chuan frowned and muttered in a low voice.

Fei Yu and the others are also very solemn. The structure of these passages shows the level of the builder in the Mechanical Domain. This was built by Sea Beast a thousand years ago. What secrets are stored in it? The research data is really disturbing.

The entire group traveled for a while, and did not encounter any danger, but encountered two forks.

In front of the passage, two passages were separated. One of the passages had pitted walls, which seemed to have been eaten.

The wall of the other passage is very flat, and there seems to be wind coming out of it.

“Which way to choose?”

Everyone looked towards Fowler. After this journey, the performance of the latter has been convincing.

However, this time Fowler hesitated, and his eyes flickered with rays of light. He was investigating, but found nothing.

“Mister Chuan. Sorry, it would be better for you to choose here.” Fowler whispered.

Fowler is very helpless. If it is the original body, with natural Mental Energy, it is enough to distinguish the right path.

However, now his body is [Foca No. 1]. Although this Mechanical Puppet body has all the conveniences, it also lacks the original abilities.

So, it is more appropriate to choose which way to go and Lin Chuan to choose.

The powerful Mental Energy often has great convenience in choosing a path.

Lin Chuan frowned. [Materialized Mental Energy]’s perception made him feel that these two roads are not safe.

However, this is also normal. Think about it from another perspective. If you switch to him to build a laboratory, every path will set up various mechanisms. Until it is lifted, it will naturally be dangerous.

Now we have to weigh which way is more suitable for them to move forward…

“This one…”

For a moment, Lin Chuan chooses The one on the right side of the channel, the wall is flat and smooth.

Immediately, the entire group entered it, guarded it, and walked for a long time without encountering any danger.

However, everyone quickly felt that something was wrong. They seemed to have been walking for a long time, but they never came to the end.

“This is not right…, this channel is obviously straight, why it seems to be in place…” Harpoon whispered.

The other comrades also discovered this problem. Immediately, Fowler proposed to return from the original road, but after walking for a while, the entrance to the original road was far away, but it was still impossible to approach.

“Is this a labyrinth passage?”

Howya frowned. He has profound knowledge of Illusion Technique and labyrinth, and he immediately thought of this aspect.

However, Howya quickly rejected this idea. There is no trace of the Illusion Technique, nor does it seem to have Mental Energy left.

Lin Chuan is also certain/affirm about this. If there is really Illusion Technique, or the layout of the maze, or Mental Energy, he should be the first to notice it.

Fowler’s face is also ugly. He saw some clues. These are some unique induction structures set by Sea Beast when building the passage. If non-Sea Beast creatures enter, it will be touched.

These construction knowledge are some secrets that Fowler heard when he asked the dwarf craftsman for advice.

“This is [Deep Sea Bewildering Path].”

Tai Gu is the opening, telling the origin of this passage, “It belongs to the building of Sea Beast Advanced skills should be the skills that Sea Beast Royal Clan can possess. It’s weird…”

About [Deep Sea Bewildering Path], there are records in history. In the depths of Five Seas, some The mysterious seabed building disappeared after the investigators entered.

Many experts speculated that Sea Beast was hidden in those buildings, and the investigators were killed there, but this is not the case.

“[Deep Sea Bewildering Path] is a fortification used for defense after the Sea Beast Royal Clan was built. Even if it is a normal Sea Beast, you will get lost when you enter it. And Sea Beast Royal Clan…”

In the Lin Chuan earphone, Tai Gu’s whisper came. In the dark ages, the latter led the Redbud Regiment to enter a seabed building and encountered it there. [Deep Sea Bewildering Path].

However, I was able to come out at that time with the help of Elf. For Tai Gu, he still had no clue for such a place.

“You don’t mean to say for nothing…”

Lin Chuan is speechless, but he understands what Tai Gu means and wants him to use Elf’s skills.

About Elf’s skills, he knows some from Tai Gu, but he hasn’t really practiced it, so let’s play it directly now. Is this really good?

breathes deeply, Lin Chuan raised his hand and urged the Mental Energy within the body to operate in a special way.


His fingers lit up, and there was a soft light flickering at his fingertips, and then he flew out, hovering in front of him, spinning slightly, as if to guide Everyone moves forward.

“Elf’s skill?!”

Fei Yu opened his eyes wide and looked at Lin Chuan’s gaze, which was incredible.

The rest of the companions were also dumbfounded. Except for Harpoon, everyone was experienced and knowledgeable and recognized what Lin Chuan was using.

“Mister Chuan, it turns out that you…”

Fowler looked surprised, bowed deeply, and performed an elegant and ancient etiquette.

This is an ancient race. When meeting Elf, it is bound to be a general etiquette.

The same goes for Lowden and Howya. They have performed similar etiquette. The descendants of Redbud are also very familiar with this etiquette.

Lin Chuan is also very helpless, but since he has displayed this skill, it is troublesome to explain, so he can only pretend that he has a relationship with Elf.

The soft ball of light floated forward, and everyone followed. This time was unexpectedly smooth and soon came to the end of the passage.

Out of the passage, looking back, the entire group is sucked in a breath of cold air. Looking back from the exit, this passage is clearly spiral.

And, under everyone’s gaze, this channel seems to be slowly changing.

“If there is no Elf Light guide, or Sea Beast Royal Clan itself, if you enter here, wouldn’t you be lost in it forever?” Harpoon sucked in cold air and muttered.

It seems to be responding to the words of the little white bull. In the slowly moving passage, many skeletons are faintly visible, scattered around, but disappeared with the ups and downs of the ground.

Seeing this scene, Harpoon dared not look anymore, turned around and followed the team.

Out of this passage, there is a domed hall in front of everyone. The lines on the walls and the ground are very strange, some are like scales, and some are spikes.

These lines are not pure decoration, but seem to be some kind of symbol, which represents the room leading to it.

Yes, the all around of this dome hall connects one by one rooms, no less than a hundred, layer by layer, like beasts’ nests.


Fei Yu raised his hand and stamped it on a table, leaving a fist mark.

Then, under the gaze of everyone, this fist mark slowly recovered, leaving no trace.

“This material is the same as Makki’s hand cannon…” Fei Yu said.

Lin Chuan has already picked up the testing equipment to check the situation here, the furnishings here, and the ground and walls are more than the same as the hand cannon.

The kind of special material contained therein has a higher content.

This discovery made everyone reveal the grave expression. The special materials contained in the construction here have such a high content. Doesn’t that mean that the hand cannon is actually nothing in this laboratory? .

“Let’s look around and see what is found here…”

“Don’t distract, the structure here is very strange. If one is not careful and falls into it, That would be troublesome…”

The entire group discussed it like this, and entered the one by one room to search, but the result was disappointing.

The rooms here are it’s empty, and nothing is left, and from the signs, most of the rooms are originally it’s empty.

It is inferred from this that not long after this laboratory was built, Regins as the builder had an accident and it was abandoned.

This kind of inference is unintentionally good news, indicating that Regins’ research has not been carried out very deeply.

However, it also disappointed everyone. Originally thought, many secrets related to Sea Beast can be found here.

The entire group searched layer by layer and searched very carefully. Although there were no major discoveries, they also found some clues related to the construction of this laboratory.

“Human Race has been here…”

Fowler pointed to an item, which was a teacup with rust on it, but it was very certain/affirm. Used by a Human Race.

Because the previous owner of this teacup is a big family of Foca Tower. It was originally a set. Because the patterns on it are made by famous artists, it is very valuable for collection.

The previous owner of this teacup disappeared inexplicably thousands of years ago, and this teacup was missing with him.

“The rest of the teacup is in the City Hall today, but this one is missing.”

“From the position of the teacup, it shows that this person is Sitting here, this is not a prisoner’s treatment…”

Fowler looked around all around and spoke to the furnishings of this room, revealing many clues .

Afterwards, he came to a conclusion that not only Sea Beast participated in the construction of this laboratory, but also the creatures of the continent got involved.

“There is another interesting thing. The rise of this family was also at that time…”

Fowler is very familiar with the history of Foca Tower, and he is already familiar with it. I am very interested in the knowledge of this aspect, not to mention that his ancestors are also involved.

Everyone’s complexion slightly changed. It seems that thousands of years ago, Sea Beast Regiment’s penetration of Foca Tower was much deeper than they expected.

Thousands of years ago, what happened now…

At this time, Lin Chuan inexplicably thought of the figure of the woman he saw when passing City Hall tonight, a kind of inexplicable Omen, link these things together.

When the entire group’s thoughts were ups and downs, Tai Gu suddenly noticed something. When he raised his hand, [Redbud Sword] came out of the sheath, suspended in front of him, shaking slightly.

“There is a breath in it, which resonates with my sword…” Tai Gu muttered softly, revealing a startled expression.

Lin Chuan was also surprised and resonated with [Redbud Sword], the previous owner of this divine sword, but…

“Is this reaction…”


Tai Gu was a little surprised, body flashed, and he had already rushed out of this room.

The rest of the people followed, but they found Tai Gu’s trail, seeming to follow the [Redbud Sword].

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another figure shook, moved towards the top floor of this hall.

Behind the team, Fowler was carrying Harpoon and marching fast.

For a while, the entire group came to the top floor of the hall, but did not go to any room.

【Redbud Sword】hangs in the air and stops in front of a metal wall. The sword body is buzzing and pursing purple sword light.

“There should be a daoist sect…”

Tai Gu looked towards Fowler, the latter had already stepped forward and quickly found the switch. After pressing, the front metal wall began to vibrate , The brush slides away.

The entire group entered one after another and entered a place similar to a laboratory. This is the destination of their trip!

After that, on the innermost wall of the laboratory, everyone saw an amazing sight.

There is a deep hole on that wall, and the reaction that resonates with [Redbud Sword] came from that hole.


“There is something wrong in the hole!”

Fei Yu and Tai Gu simultaneously reminded them, both watching closely That hole, the tone has never been solemn.


Lin Chuan still maintains a good habit. After detecting it with a detector, the data obtained makes him browse frowned.

The energy response in the detector is extremely strong and threatening.

However, this is not what he cares most about. What he cares about is the energy response in the hole, there are actually three strands.

The data displayed in the Light Screen, at the edge of the hole, the residual energy fluctuations are amazing enough.

As for the hole, there are two energy responses, one is very strong, and it echoes with [Redbud Sword].

The other is faintly discernable. If the detector is not very advanced, it may not be able to detect it.

“It’s true…, something is wrong…”

Lin Chuan rubbed the forehead to relieve the pain of the forehead, and signaled Harpoon to lean back. There is danger in it.

“There will be accidents, don’t run around, behind me.” Fowler whispered.

Harpoon was nodded again and again, and the little white bull looked grateful, thinking that Mister Fowler was really amiable.

Fowler is smiling. The reason why he saw Harpoon differently is that on the one hand, he has considerable innate talent for architecture, and on the other hand, it is also because of Harpoon’s identity, which is the North Area Chambre of Commerce. Since the president’s son is going to stay in Foca Tower, it is correct to take care of it.

At this time, Fei Yu and Tai Gu are standing at the forefront, both as if they are facing great enemies.

What is amazing in that hole is still unknown, but this hole in the wall alone is enough to make one’s heart vigilant.

Be aware that the material of this place has that special composition, even if it is destroyed, it will be restored automatically.

However, the hole in the wall was obviously left a long time ago. After such a long time, there is still no recovery.

Not only that, there are still amazing energy fluctuations remaining on the edge of the hole.

It can be seen from this that the expert who broke through the wall of the laboratory, to what extent the strength is, it is a terrifying boundary.

“Is it an eighth boundary expert that broke through the wall?”

Fei Yu measured it, and according to her strength, even if she used her full strength, it would be difficult to make such a big blow. Of a hole.

Not to mention, to keep this hole like this until now, with this hand alone, there are probably not many things that can be done in the world today.

Tai Gu nodded, certain/affirm said: “It is indeed an eighth boundary expert, the heart origin power is condensed but not scattered, and will remain for thousands of years. This is Cromwell’s hand…”

Hearing this, except for Lin Chuan, everyone present was a little surprised, didn’t expect Mister Gu to have such a certain/affirm judgment.

Lin Chuan’s complexion moved slightly, he had actually noticed that the remaining power fluctuations on the edge of the hole had the same origin as [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art].

It’s just that the remaining fluctuations on the edge of the hole far exceed his current [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] fourth layer in terms of strength.

Lin Chuan is also using perception when the detector is performing data analysis to silently feel this power fluctuation, which is mutually confirmed with his cultivation [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art].

Such a sentimental experience is really rare for Lin Chuan.

In my mind, one after another clear comprehension rises, and Lin Chuan instantly enters a mysterious state.

This is not as simple as sudden enlightenment. At this moment, everything seems to have disappeared all around. Lin Chuan seems to see the 5th layer behind [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] from that power fluctuation. The running track.

On his body, the pendulum pattern on his chest appeared, and the forehead eyeball pattern slowly turned, constantly rubbing these moving tracks.

This change caused shocked glances from the surrounding companions. Except for Harpoon, who was not experienced and knowledgeable. The changes that occurred in Lin Chuan can be guessed. .

“This…, the current youngster is really…”

Lowden’s throat rolls, and there is some urge to scold his mother. This Mister Chuan is so young and so strong. Now At this time, unfathomable mystery can still enter the sudden enlightenment, which simply makes him feel that there is no way for him to survive.

Immediately, Lin Chuan woke up, immediately converged within the body’s ability, and got out of this state.

“It didn’t take much time…”

Lin Chuan looked at the time. This sudden enlightenment state is often only a moment. In fact, it has been a long time. He is very experienced in this area. .

“Mister Chuan, you don’t actually need to do this. If you really need it, we will wake you up.” Fowler said in a low voice, very regretful.

The sudden enlightenment state, even for geniuses, is like winning a lottery. It’s really a pity that you wake up like this.

“It’s okay. I interrupted this state for experimentation. It’s not one or two times anymore.” Lin Chuan shook the head, so that the companions don’t care.

Everyone was silent, Lin Chuan explained that their mood became more complicated.

Suddenly, a heart-pounding breath came out from the hole with a bang. The surrounding scene changed and the laboratory no longer existed.


Harpoon screamed, and the little white bull stared at the hole, staring at the hole, and stretched out a giant metal hand. Slowly probed out.

The metal giant hand is very huge, squeezed out from the hole, the surface of the giant hand is covered with traces, it seems to have experienced countless fighting, and one of the fingers is broken.


The giant metal hand sticks out, and the intact four fingers are simultaneously disconnected, from which one after another mechanical eye is stretched out, constantly flashing brilliance, covering the entire group, It seems to be analyzing intruder information.

“Continent’s invaders…, break in here and wipe them all out!”

With a sound of kacha, a face appeared in the huge metal palm, like a fish, The fish’s eyes kept beating with dim light, and the breath exuding became more and more amazing.

This scene made everyone simultaneously step back, fully guarded.

The energy fluctuations emitted by the giant metal hands alone make the entire group a great enemy, not to mention how difficult it will be to deal with the body of the giant metal hands.

At this moment, Lin Chuan brows slightly wrinkle, touched the forehead, pondered then said: “This big guy looks a bit wrong…”


Under the Mechanic robe, the [Cracked Scale Arm] protruded, constantly switching forms, and turned into a pure Energy Crystal column, from which a fiery bright light jetted out, immediately causing all around to oscillate.


This strange space was on the verge of collapse, and then under everyone’s amazed gaze, one after another crack appeared in the space, like It’s about to collapse.

Space crash? !

Of course everyone knows that this is impossible, and the power released by the ninth boundary expert rumored may not be able to cause turbulence in space.

Then, the only explanation is that this is an illusion.


This strange space is like broken glass, all shattered, all around is restored to the furnishings of the laboratory.

The only difference is that a tentacled protruded from the hole.

A tiny tentacles, like the rhizome of a tree, are just fleshy.


When everyone looked at, the tentacle had already retracted, and a sound came from there, like a whisper, which made people think faint.

Of course, Lin Chuan was a little dizzy, and the reactions of other companions were completely different.

Fei Yu is frowning on dashing eyebrows, running power, resisting such whispers.

Lowden and Howya are frozen, and the two Old Guys are stretched, trying their best to resist.

Harpoon’s performance is very unbearable. Both eyes are straight and ox mouth is straight drooling. It seems to have seen something wonderful…

The most normal ones are Tai Gu and Fowler, They are not living creatures and have not received the slightest influence.

“Is the Sea Beast Royal Clan like Makki of the same clan?”

Lin Chuan frowned, and immediately thought of Makki, the female Sea Beast sent out during the fighting that night That voice is very similar to this whisper.

However, the level of this whisper is obviously much higher, and it is unstoppable when it is silent.

Lin Chuan has many ways to deal with this sound wave attack that integrates Mental Energy. Among them, the most effective is [Materialized Mental Energy] to counterattack.

[Materialized Mental Energy] The condensed mental thorn has a higher level of certain/affirm than this kind of whisper. Once it is used, the effect is the most significant.

However, Lin Chuan didn’t want to show too much of his hole cards in front of everyone. He pondered a little and chose a way to deal with it.

With both arms raised, Lin Chuan has a solemn face and a series of syllables in his mouth. This kind of pronunciation is very peculiar, but when gathered together, there is a melodious rhythm.

In an instant, he began to glow around the body, and the power of the body within was transformed into a soft light, which then formed a kind of music that reverberated in the laboratory.

Immediately, the whispering disappeared, and even a slight roar came out, like a wounded beast…

The rest of the companions gathered one after another and came to Lin Chuan. This This kind of luminous music has a kind of cohesion, making people involuntarily close.

“This song…, I haven’t heard it for too long…” Tai Gu murmured, with nostalgia.

In the hole, there was also a slight scream: “[Elf Song], there is still Elf’s Royal Clan in this world…”

This voice It was sharp, falling on the ear, and there was a tingling sensation of poking the eardrum.

Lin Chuan and the others were not surprised, but relaxed. The things in this hole seemed to come out.

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