This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 453


In the hole in the metal wall, a cloud of light gushes out. This time is not an illusion, but a real thing.

This kind of haze is very peculiar, full of a kind of dreamy color, which makes people feel comfortable and comfortable.

Everyone on the scene has activated their defenses, and they are very vigilant about the emergence of this kind of haze.

However, Tai Gu raised his hand to stop everyone’s defensive actions.

“It’s okay. This mist is not dangerous…”

Tai Gu said this, but quietly told Lin Chuan what the true face of this mist was.

“This is a kind of treasure that will only be produced in Elf’s territory. The construction of [Redbud Pond] uses similar materials. I never thought there would be such a high purity treasure here…”


Listening to Tai Gu’s explanation, Lin Chuan was surprised in secret. He had personally experienced the magic of [Redbud Pond].

The thing in the metal hole is actually a treasure produced in Elf Territory. The question is why it fell here…

At this time–

The haze enveloped the entire laboratory, and from the hole, a vague figure came out, which looked very similar to Human Race.

“Unexpectedly, after so many years, Human Race has found here, are you descendants of Cromwell…” The figure spoke, and the voice slowly sounded.

The faces of all the people at the scene condensed, and the figure mentioned Cromwell as soon as he spoke. It was really surprising. Is there any connection between the two?

For a while, the entire group did not dare to act rashly. If this figure is related to Cromwell, then what is it, it needs to be treated with care.

Lin Chuan frowned, staring at this figure, looking thoughtful, and suddenly manipulated the [Cracked Scale Arm] to switch to an Energy Crystal column, in which sparkling electromagnetic waves spewed out and spread out suddenly, like Like a spider web, it covers the entire laboratory.

Immediately, the haze reacted with the electromagnetic wave, and it was actually fuse together, one after another, the electromagnetic wave condensed into a lance, pierced that silhouette, pierced it, and made a zi zi sound.


That silhouette screamed, and the figure began to blur and swell, and suddenly expanded several times. Its voice was very similar to Makki, and the place was shaking constantly. .

“This is… the Mechanical Arm that Cromwell had always wanted in his early years, but he didn’t expect his descendants to get it. It seems that you are really a descendant of Cromwell…” The figure roared, cursing in a low voice Then, the words did not hide, full of jealousy and hatred for Cromwell.

Lin Chuan’s face was indifferent, and he did not refute, his head was slightly nodded with a very small frequency, as if he heard the words of this figure, it seemed to be a subconsciously reaction.

“Do you think that if Tutor Cromwell is gone, no one can deal with you? We are here to complete what Tutor Cromwell did not complete before his death…”

In one step, the [Cracked Scale Arm] switch, turned into a four-sided crystal disk, hovering around the body, the breath of Lin Chuan’s body continued to rise, and once again rose to the seventh boundary level.

He stared at this figure and spoke word by word, full of a sense of ceremony.

On the side, the other companions also have solemn faces. They are all smart people. Lin Chuan understands that he is doing a show with this move. Naturally, he has to cooperate well and do the show well.

Especially Fowler, even put on a posture. It was a Battle Skill created by Cromwell. It has never been publicized. In fact, he will put it in this posture.

“hmph hmph hmph ……”

The figure sneered, trembled, shrank quickly, and returned to its normal shape.

At the same time, those electromagnetic lances dissipated, and it was actually difficult to stay within the body.

This situation made Lin Chuan’s heart moved. The impact of originally thought Electromagnetic Energy was effective, but the effect was very small. The figure looked like an entity, but it was a little different.

The figure looked around, with the superiority of a high-ranking race, and said: “At the beginning, Cromwell could not help me in this state, so I had no choice but to leave. Later, his powerful subordinates, and His students have also been here one after another. They were all experts at the time, and they were all injured and left.”

“You descendants of Cromwell, no matter how talented you are, you are not at the seventh boundary level, really. How can you get me?”

“Once that thing is activated, it is very dangerous. If you are not careful, you are in danger of falling.”

“You are sure, really Do you want to try…”

The figure spoke slowly, with a threat in his words.

hearing this, everyone is expressionless, they are all looking towards Lin Chuan, it seems that he is looking forward to Lin Chuan.

In fact, the entire group can only figure out one or two of these things the figure said. Even Fowler is still in the mist.

However, at this time, you must not expose the weak spot, otherwise, it will be more dangerous.

As for how to fool around with this figure, everyone believes Lin Chuan. The latter’s current performance is like the entire process of development that really knows the matter.

Lin Chuan wrinkled slightly, staring at the figure, and suddenly said with a smile: “Don’t think it’s such a long time interval. As the descendants of Tutor Cromwell, we will not be clear about the situation here. “

“Your threats like this are actually the energy of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]. You haven’t controlled it yet, have you?”

“Thousands of years ago, you started Tutor Cromwell stole this [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] and merged with it.”

“Now that a thousand years have passed, your control of divine stone seems to have not improved! The last words left by Tutor Cromwell really overestimate you…”

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan laughed, full of sarcasm.

On the side, seeing Lin Chuan mockingly laughed, everyone was also very cooperative, showing disdain, contempt, and even contempt one after another.

On the surface, the entire group is very playful, but in the dark it is whispering. What are Lin Chuan and this figure talking about, and what is [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]? How never heard of it.

“Shut up!?”

The figure roared, like a cat stepped on its tail, suddenly exploded, “I haven’t been able to control [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], it’s not because of the bastard Cromwell that gave the divine stone a heavy blow and traumatized the originally perfect Divine Stone Body. If the Divine Stone Body was intact, I would have taken control of this powerful body a long time ago. Get a new life, it is expected to hit the Sea Beast King level, damn Cromwell……”

It turned out to be like this……

Lin Chuan suddenly felt that his thoughts were teleported, and through his previous mastery All sorts of clues, roughly restored part of the situation.

In addition, Tai Gu mentioned [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], which allowed him to grasp more information, so he thrilled the figure by tapping on the side and finally got the answer he wanted to know.

About this figure, this laboratory, what happened here, etc., Lin Chuan has a rough outline in his mind. Thousands of years ago, in the mechanical laboratory of Foca Tower, what happened? What a shocking thing, he already had an idea in his mind.

Immediately, Lin Chuan raised his mouth slightly and smiled colder, “Do you still have a face to say? [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] The Divine Stone Body made of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] was originally developed by Tutor Cromwell. You Steal it away, and blame others in turn. Huh… Sea Beast is Sea Beast, a group of uncivilized sea wild beasts, sooner or later it will be finished!”

“You inferior Human Race, Shut up! You, like Cromwell, are a quibble, shameless thing…”

The figure was crazy roar, swearing, “The manufacturing method of the Divine Stone Body was provided by me. This is the unspread secret of our Sea Beast Royal Clan. Cromwell knew it for a long time, but never said that he wanted to complete the Divine Stone Body and then wiped me out. Do you think I don’t know his bad thoughts?”

“hmph hmph…, this is just a tricky contest. He thought he could kill me as long as he shot. But unexpectedly, I was prepared for a long time, built a laboratory here, and took the Divine Stone Body. Coming here and fusing his many years of research to nothing.”

“This result, I won! Cromwell was too arrogant to cause such a failure…”

” p>

“You descendants of Cromwell, too. You are too confident and too arrogant.”

“Even if you know the performance of the Divine Stone Body and how to deal with the damaged Divine Stone Body, What can you do? Do you think that I was lurking here for hundreds of years and was wasted?”



Accompanying With this figure of roar, the light mist spurted up, and it actually began to condense, forming a square Light Wall Space.

In this space, the haze becomes viscous, and being in it gives people an inexplicable sense of comfort, and the operation of power within the body speeds up a lot.

Such a venue is the Practice Field of the year for something even in dreams, where the cultivation speed is several times higher than the outside world.

However, the faces of everyone are a bit ugly. In this Light Wall Space, their own strength is also greatly limited, and they can only exert the strength of the fifth boundary.

This is not only the heart origin power, but also all aspects of power, including Battle Skill.

Moreover, the Heart-Origin Equipment and mechanical equipment on the body are also invalid…


Ahead, that silhouette gradually solidified, a naked The physical man appeared and stepped forward.

As he progressed, fine scales appeared on his body, wrapping his body like armor.

Seeing this man, Lowden and the others all showed a startled expression, simultaneously exclaiming impossible, how could Human Race have the full scale armor of Sea Beast.

Be aware that between the continent creatures and the Sea Beast, there are examples of offspring reproduction. Such things are not uncommon. Some are accidents, and some are on land. Some creatures in Five Seas have ulterior motives… …

These offspring that reproduce are actually reproductively isolated, and the survival rate is extremely low.

Even if they survive, they are either pure land creatures or pure Sea Beasts, and there are very few mixed-breeds.

Even if there are rare hybrids, they can only inherit Sea Beast, or a small part of the innate talent of land creatures, showing a bias.

As a Human Race, but with the complete scales of the upper Sea Beast, this kind of thing has never happened in history. It is no wonder Lowden and others are shocked…

This kind of reproduction method is mastered by Sea Beasts, then the land is dangerous…

Lin Chuan frowned. From the naked eye and the sense of himself, this man is a real body.

However, in the eyeball pattern of the forehead, a vague shadow is seen standing in front of it.

This feeling of reality and fiction is full of contradictions, and it makes people extremely jealous.

Taking a look at Tai Gu, Lin Chuan was hinting that more information about [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] should be disclosed to him.

In this regard, Tai Gu said he was helpless. He knew that this kind of divine stone was still heard from Elf. He didn’t have any interest in it. He only knew that it was a kind of divine object produced by Elf Territory.

This guy was simply a brash man before…

Lin Chuan was helpless, at this moment, the man had rushed over, punched out, and blasted Fowler directly into the air. Going out, fell to the ground, the latter twitched continuously, and stopped moving.

“hmph…, it seems that you are really descendants of Cromwell…”

The man glanced at Fowler and smiled triumphantly, seeming to understand the Annihilator. “Then it’s very good! It’s so happy to get rid of the descendants of Cromwell today.”

Open your arms, a mist of light rises from the man, spreading to the surroundings, let this Light Wall Space is more solid.

“At the time, Cromwell thought he had penetrated the Divine Stone Body, making the strongest ability [Equality of Myriad Things] gradually invalid…”

“After a hundred years, he The competent subordinates and students came here to test how long this ability will disappear…”

“I have long understood that during this period, you Cromwell’s grand disciple will come. Hundreds of years ago, the Divine Stone Body was downgraded to retain the ability of [Equality of Myriad Things]. Although it is not so powerful, it is more than enough to suppress the expert below the eighth boundary.”

“I didn’t expect. You inferior creatures don’t even have an eighth boundary expert. I really thought [Equality of Myriad Things] failed. Can you smoothly remove the broken Divine Stone Body?”

“Tell you, this impossible, although the ability of this [Equality of Myriad Things] has been weakened, but in this force field, I, with the scales of Sea Beast Royal Clan, are invincible in the fifth boundary. Existing. You all die for me……”

hearing this, everyone present simultaneously changed in color, and finally understood what was going on with this Light Wall Space, but they were all unhappy.

The Heart-Origin Equipment on the body is invalid. With the Fleshy body alone, fighting with the Sea Beast Royal Clan of full equipment, in the fighting on the same territory, it is basically an act of courting death.


The man growled low, and flew over, his mouth widened, showing sharp and dense teeth.

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