This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 454


A sharp howling sound sounded. When the man leaped forward, he also issued one after another Sound Wave, which interfered with the actions of Lin Chuan and the others.

Faced with such an offensive, Lowden and Howya complexion slightly changed, but did not choose to avoid them. Instead, they wore two armguards and went straight up to meet force with force.

The two Old Guys have extremely rich experience in fighting, and they are also very clear about the balance of the battle. This Light Wall Space of [Equality of Myriad Things], even if the power of both parties is limited, will suppress the strength on the fifth boundary. Can not use foreign object.

However, the Heart-Origin Equipment equipped on the body can still be used as an ordinary weapon, coupled with their own fighting experience, under the joint hands of the two, how can they weigh the breathtaking Sea Beast.

Bang Bang…

Two loud noises exploded, and the man’s teeth were biting on the armguards, but his teeth were not cracked, even still in the armguards. There were two rows of teeth marks on it.

At the same time, the Sea Beast slammed both fists in succession, and the fists covered with scales blasted out alternately, hitting Lowden and Howya’s Heart Origin Protective Suit, blasting them upside down.

Two Old Guys spurt a mouthful of blood and have a terrified look on their faces. This Sea Beast’s fists are as hard as wearing a pair of Heart Origin gloves and can activate the formidable power in them.

“Be careful! This Sea Beast body is not inferior to the seventh boundary expert…” Lowden yelled.

At this moment——

This man has already swooped over again, the target is Lowden, the right hand sticks out, his nails suddenly stretched out, like five sharp swords .

Such a method, such a treacherous fighting ability, made everyone present look discolored…

Seeing, five long nails were about to pierce Lowden. Suddenly, Fei Yu rushed from the side, swinging his fists in succession, and flames throbbed from his fists, like two balls of flames smashing over.


There was a muffled sound, and the man collided with Fei Yu, and both sides retreated rapidly.

Under Fei Yu’s sleeves, there are several claw marks on the Heart Origin Protective Suit. The benefits of Sea Beast’s nails are comparable to Heart-Origin Equipment.

On the other hand, the man’s scale armor covered his chest had two charred fist marks, but he did not penetrate the scale armor defense. Not only that, as the scale armor wriggled, the damaged scales A is actually slowly recovering.

The entire group’s complexion changed continuously, Fei Yu’s flame fist power, even the seventh boundary expert did not dare to insist on it. Unexpectedly, it would not be able to break the defense of this scale armor.

No wonder this Sea Beast has no fear. In this Light Wall Space, everyone’s weapons are ineffective, but this Sea Beast has scale defense and a terrifying body, which is fundamentally dominant.

The man looked around, his icy pupils showed sarcasm, and the superiority of the higher species became more prominent.

Put up his fingers, the man smiled, “By the way, I will tell you a terrifying news. In this Light Wall Space, unless I completely defeat me. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to want to leave. Moreover, your loss of power will recover much more slowly than outside. This is the terrifying ability of [Equality of Myriad Things]!”

Speaking like this, this Sea Beast is also sighed and shook the head, “What a pity! If the Divine Stone Body is not destroyed, you can see the complete [Equality of Myriad Things], which is terrifying ability that even the ninth boundary expert can suppress. Cromwell’s despicable Human Race is all to blame. , My originally successful plan was destroyed like this…”

hearing this, everyone’s faces became more and more ugly, this kind of terrifying ability unheard-of, if it were taken out by this Sea Beast and Sea Beast Regiment is perfect, and it is likely to be a devastating blow to land warfare.

Lin Chuan slightly frowned, turned his head and looked towards Tai Gu, motioned with his eyes, and asked if he could fight.

In this case, if [Void Bone Shadow] can play the formidable power, combined with the sharpness of [Redbud Sword], it should be a threat to the Sea Beast.

【Redbud Sword】, belongs to the divine item before Dark Age, should not be affected by 【Equality of Myriad Things】.

Tai Gu is calm, but with Smartbrain, whispering in Lin Chuan’s ear: “Don’t count on me. In this place, [Void Bone Shadow] is the most suppressed. Don’t forget. , This body is a mechanical device. As for [Redbud Sword], you can use…”

Lin Chuan was speechless. He hadn’t touched this sword. Tai Gu usually regarded it as a treasure.

Now let it be used by him, so the behavior of grinding the gun in battle is different from courting death.

What’s more, he is not good at Sword Skill…

Turning his head around and looking at these companions, Lin Chuan quickly weighed it in his heart, and shook his head helplessly, “I will come Solve him…”


The man looked over, squinted, his face beating killing intent, “Without Mechanical Arm, he cannot use Mechanical Battle Skill , Your strength can only play up to 30%. You want to deal with me…”

“Speaking of which, you are the progeny of Cromwell’s lineage, such an excellent fighting Mechanic Talent, such a fall Here, I don’t know if it is a huge loss to the Mechanic organization.”

Lin Chuan was silent for a moment, the patched Mechanic robe, that part is Kitty Lan’s hidden pocket.

After that, he nodded, “You are right, Mechanical Arm can’t exert formidable power, my strength is indeed reduced sharply. But…”

Suddenly, Lin Chuan Shot, punched out.


The fist was swept up in the air, and a blast came out, hitting the man directly.

The speed of this fist is extremely fast, a bit faster than Fei Yu’s speed, but it is not the most terrifying.

The real terrifying thing is the potential of this fist, which is like a giant wave of thousand layers, bursting suddenly, with a burst of air.

The man at first was still laughing, seeing this fist, his discoloration immediately changed, his instinctive arms crossed his chest.

Next moment, a loud noise burst, the man flew out, the scales on his arms were cracked, revealing the jade stone-like skin under the scales.

On the opposite side, Lin Chuan stood, clenched his fist slightly, and a substantial heart origin power surged on it.

The pendulum pattern on his chest rotates slowly, injecting the previously stored energy into his within the body, making Lin Chuan’s breath continue to rise.

Seeing this scene, everyone present was dumbfounded. What’s the matter with this fist?

The strength of this fist strength is simply appalling. Although it does not exceed the fifth boundary level in terms of the strength of the heart origin power, the strength of the fist definitely prevents the fifth boundary expert from scratching its edge.

“Mister Chuan, this won’t be his strongest blow!”

Harpoon was stunned, surprised and delighted, but also worried, if it was Lin Chuan’s strongest One blow, but it didn’t hit the Sea Beast hard, which was not a good thing.


The man stood still and stared at Lin Chuan. He could perceive that within the body of the youngster clan, there was an amazing force operating .

Shaking his fist, Lin Chuan moved his wrist and raised his long sleeves. “Since I have achieved my strength, I rarely close combat with opponents. There is no way today. I also verify it. I am now His fighting ability…”

On the side, a group of companions were amazed. They all thought Lin Chuan meant to fight with opponents and win with Mechanical Battle Skill.

Only Tai Gu understands that Lin Chuan means that since this kid’s prowess, he will take risks and fight opponents in close hands, which is only a handful.

After all, with this kid’s method, unless it is such an emergency, the opponent would have been killed by plot against a long time ago, and there is no chance of rushing to make trouble.

breathes deeply, Lin Chuan’s mood changes rapidly. He is cautious by nature and doesn’t like being in a dangerous place.

However, at this first boundary, terrified and over-cautious will only make the odds of winning smaller.

At this time, there is only one battle to defeat the opponent to have the last laugh…

“Then, fight…”



Lin Chuan took a step forward, his feet slammed into force, and the whole person shot out like an arrow from the string, and his body continued to rotate in midair.


In its around the body, one after another substantial heart origin power hovered out, forming a spiral of blades, attacking with his body.

This is the method of meet force with force!

In the eyes of the man and the people around him, one by one was shocked. It was not the Battle Skill that Lin Chuan displayed, but the imposing manner of this young Mechanic.

At the beginning of preparing for fighting, Lin Chuan’s imposing manner suddenly changed, and the surging fighting intent, like a wave of anger, emerged continuously from him.

Such a fighting intent would appear on Lin Chuan, which is simply incredible.

Even Fei Yu, who has experienced hundreds of large and small fighting, can hardly have such a fighting intent……

“The power of decision?!”

Next moment, Lin Chuan has already hit, and the strength of the blade spiral, as his arms burst open suddenly, simultaneously blasting on the man.


The Sea Beast roared, facing such an offensive, it also provoked a fighting intent, arms raised together, covered with layers of scales, forming a side The scaly shield slammed straight into it.

This man firmly believes that he has the Divine Stone Body, coupled with Sea Beast Royal Clan’s natural scale defense, Human Race is basically impossible to break through his defense without the help of external force.


A loud and deafening noise came out, and the violent vigor and fighting intent burst out, that formidable power, that sound was so powerful that it was shocking.

In an instant, the two figures colliding with each other broke apart at the touch of a touch, and a figure flew out backwards, but it was the Sea Beast.

The fragments of the scale armor splashed, and the man’s arms were a bit twisted, and it seemed that he broke in this collision.

Lin Chuan landed, kicked his feet, followed his body like a shadow, chasing straight, swinging his arms, palms and fists like a waterfall, and madly attacked.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The dull crash sound is endless. The man is in the air, like a sandbag, unable to fall down. Lin Chuan is so delicate The Battle Skill attacked, and it became impossible to move even a little bit.

The eyelids of everyone present were all experts. After counting them, Lin Chuan made a hundred blows in a short period of time.

The formidable power of each blow is not inferior to the previous one, like a torrential river, its power is not attenuated…


and It was punched out. The man was blasted out like a sandbag, hitting the edge of the Light Wall Space, sliding straight down, and his body was constantly twitching. It was impossible to move for a while, and there was no sound. He seemed to be lost. awareness.

For a while, all around fell silent, and everyone present was a little straightened. The battle strength displayed by Lin Chuan was really too shocking.

This kind of battle strength is really unreasonable to put on such a Mechanic!

Not only that, but with the eyesight of Fei Yu, Lowden, and Howya, I didn’t really understand what kind of cultivation method is that can have such a strong heart origin power at the fifth boundary level, and the explosion is so amazing. formidable power.

Lin Chuan stopped, sighed, looked at the man who was beaten up, frowning: “This kind of offensive can’t remove the ability of [Equality of Myriad Things]? So it seems, Is it necessary to completely defeat him… This is a bit troublesome…”

In the collision just now, Lin Chuan has roughly grasped the strength of this man. In terms of strength, there is indeed only a fifth boundary. level.

However, because of its Sea Beast Royal Clan’s scale defense and the so-called Divine Stone Body, it is really difficult to kill it.

Besides, Lin Chuan also has scruples and dare not use all means.

After all, the man said earlier that Cromwell did not completely destroy the Divine Stone Body, but was worried that the entire Foca Tower would be affected after the destruction.

Now, this Divine Stone Body is obviously damaged. If one is not good and causes serious consequences, then the matter is really big…

“Hu… …”

Lin Chuan exhales slowly, the pendulum pattern on his chest is still continuously conveying power, he opened the mouth and said: “If you continue to fight like this, there will be no results. The fight just now , You should understand that if you fight outside, you will also be considered as losing. Not equal to me Let’s discuss it, you can lift this [Equality of Myriad Things] ability, and we will leave here and block it here.”

“How about my proposal?”

“You don’t have to worry about my untrustworthiness. I guarantee with the reputation of Tutor Cromwell, I will definitely do what I say…”

hearing This, all the companions present simultaneously looked towards Lin Chuan. They seemed to be shocked by the proposal of this kind. One by one had a twitching face and seemed to be unable to accept this proposal.

Tai Gu sullenly, staring at Lin Chuan, but yelling in secret, shameless! Too shameless! This kid obviously has the upper hand, and he still plays this method, it’s too shameless…

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