This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 455

“This impossible…”

“I have the Divine Stone Body and Sea Beast Royal Clan innate talent, how could I be suppressed…”

The man Sitting on the ground, both eyes are apathetic and can hardly accept such a blow.

In the collision just now, he used his full strength and was completely at a disadvantage. This was a huge blow to his incomparable confidence.

You must know that the firmness of this body is unmatched even by the seventh boundary expert.

Together with Sea Beast Royal Clan’s scaly armor defense, under the same fifth boundary, this man believes that he can be invincible.

What’s more, this is still in the ability of [Equality of Myriad Things], his power can be recovered continuously, and the opponent’s recovery speed is far less than that of his own.

At first, he was equal to the advantage, but was completely suppressed by this youngster.

This is not the most terrifying place. The most terrifying thing is that this youngster is a Mechanical and he is good at Mechanical Battle Skill.

Unable to use Mechanical Battle Skill, unable to activate Mechanical Arm, and unable to play the formidable power of Heart-Origin Equipment…, under such a disadvantage, this youngster actually has such terrifying battle strength.

“Is this the genius that has emerged from Human Race on land now…”

The man’s eyes trembled, and an extremely violent gaze flashed.


Lin Chuan stands and keeps a distance from this man. Although he has the advantage, he also knows that it is difficult to damage this man’s body. .

This Divine Stone Body, as Tai Gu said, is indestructible and is the most precious divine object in the old Elf Territory.

The casting of [Redbud Sword] is integrated into [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] to have such sharpness.

Even on the outside, Lin Chuan is able to exert all his power, but he can’t destroy the [Redbud Sword]. Besides, here, it is impossible to destroy the Divine Stone Body.

It is impossible to completely obliterate this man. How can this [Equality of Myriad Things] be lifted? This is a big question mark.

Since the initiative is not in oneself’s hands, some other means are the most appropriate way.

“Your Excellency, what do you think of my proposal?”

Lin Chuan’s words are gentle, like chatting with a friend, which contains a kind of magic for people to listen to, “Actually, I I am also very interested in the structure of the Divine Stone Body. If you wish, I can help and try to repair this Divine Stone Body.”

“After all, from the standpoint of Mechanic, this The technology contained in the Divine Stone Body is worth studying.”

“My proposal, what do you think…”

Listening to Lin Chuan’s talk, a group of companions looked dumbfounded. , Does not seem to agree with its proposal.

Actually, everyone is trying to manage facial expressions so that they won’t be stretched out, and they will suddenly be exposed.

Furthermore, following Lin Chuan’s words, a group of companions actually listened involuntarily, feeling that he was saying these words sincerely.

“Shut up?!”

Suddenly, the man looked up, his eyes constantly changing, like fish eyes for a while, and Human Race’s angry gaze for a while, he pointed at Lin Chuan roared.

“Back then, I succumbed to Cromwell, but today, do I have to surrender to Cromwell’s grand disciple again? Boy, want me to succumb, this is impossible…”

“Since my power can’t defeat you, then I can only use the power that I don’t want to use the least…”

“At the beginning, Cromwell’s subordinate and his proud student were all defeated by this power. Next.”

“I really didn’t expect, today, facing a kid like you, I have to use this kind of power!?”



This Sea Beast suddenly stood up, roaring angrily, but all the scales on his body faded, and his body shrank quickly, reaching the height of a normal Human Race.

However, he within the body produced a terrifying pressure, spreading to all around, making everyone discolored.

This pressure is very special. Its breath does not exceed the fifth boundary, but it makes everyone present feel a great suppression.

This kind of feeling, like a superior person, looking down at them from a height, his own situation has become passive.


This Sea Beast breathes deeply, and then slowly exhales, a gust of wind swept away, and the pressure around him quickly rose.

next moment, the man opened his eyes, his eyes changed completely, completely different from before.

If I said before, I could tell from the man’s eyes that this was not a Human Race, but a disguised Sea Beast.

Now, the man’s eyes are full of wisdom and he has a great thirst for knowledge in the world…

This is the gaze thirst for knowledge…


“This is…”


Lowden, Howya body trembled, retreat quickly, full of attention Be alert, and at the same time, remind other companions to be careful.

Fei Yu took a step forward with a solemn expression. She noticed that the man’s battle strength seemed to have soared to a new height in a short period of time.

“Mister Chuan, let’s join hands…” Fei Yu whispered.

Lin Chuan frowned, staring at the man silently, looking thoughtful.

Lin Chuan looks almost the same, and Tai Gu, this Smartbrain is surprised, his face is as shocked as he has seen a ghost.

“This breath is…, g…”

Tai Gu muttered to himself, then woke up and swallowed half of the grunt back.

Then, with Smartbrain’s electronic sound, Lin Chuan was told via earphone, “This is the breath of Cromwell?! In this Divine Stone Body, there is likely to be the power injected by Cromwell, and the [Void Bone Shadow] The principle is very similar.”

Lin Chuan remained calm, and knew it secretly.

He has a video recorded by Cromwell oneself in his hand. This man’s demeanor and behavior are too similar to the continent madman.

In addition, Cromwell has stayed in Mechanical Honeycomb for so long, and he is familiar with the structure of [Void Bone Shadow]. The Annihilator uses related technologies in some aspects.

It is normal to use the technology of [Void Bone Shadow] in Divine Stone Body.

“This is the power left by Cromwell. I really don’t want to use the power of the inferior Human Race, but in order to destroy you, sometimes I don’t need to care about the means…”

The man coldly said, both of his hands protruded forward. In an instant, two palms shook violently, and two completely different forces emerged, entangled and collided between the palms.

In the next instant, these two forces burst apart, as if a wave of anger rushed towards everyone present.

Immediately, this space exploded, and everyone resisted, but they couldn’t resist, and flew out simultaneously.

Lowden and Howya even vomited blood. Under this blow, the two suffered serious internal injuries.

“What kind of power is this?”

“What is this Battle Skill……”

The two Old Guys are shocked at each other. This man will be two completely The power of different completely detonated, and an impact force erupted, far exceeding the fifth boundary.

With the sturdiness of the Divine Stone Body, it is indeed able to withstand these two forces, but being able to control it like this is not just as simple as bearing the force, but forms a system, which is a kind of terrifying Battle Skill.

Such a battle skill, unheard-of, if it spreads out, it will be a battle skill of cream of the crop on the continent.

After all, fuse two diametrically opposed powers together and control them freely. The formidable power of this fighter is terrifying when you think about it.

Fei Yu’s lovable body swayed continuously, constantly dissolving the power that invaded within the body. What shocked her was that with the cultivation method of her own cultivation and the newly merged [Flame Sword] Heart Origin Heritage, Also got hurt.

To do this purely with Battle Skill is really shocking.

Lin Chuan also shook his body, and seemed to have received a lot of shock, but in fact there was nothing at all, he just pretended to be.

The reason for this is not to show the enemy’s weakness, but to find a gap and think about the man’s offensive just now.

“Is this the Battle Skill created by the operation of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art]?”

Lin Chuan is shocked by this aspect, and his cultivation is the same It’s [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], but he has never heard of the Battle Skill that matches this cultivation method, and he hasn’t thought about it.

After all, usually relying only on its own various means, there is no opponent in the same level, and cultivation fighting Machinery Grandmaster’s top Mechanical Battle Skill, Lin Chuan would never consider such a Battle Skill.

However, now that Lin Chuan feels it personally, a series of deductions flashed in Lin Chuan’s mind, and he quickly grasped the meaning of this blow.

Immediately, Lin Chuan’s complexion was solemn, his expression dignified, and he seemed to have a trace of jealousy, and said: “Your Excellency, why are you? Your loss of strength like this will only aggravate the damage to the Divine Stone Body. Everyone sits down and talks about what is good for each other, why should you be so persistent?”

“Shut up! Your inferior race…”

The man He roared: “You Cromwell lineage, you look down on our Sea Beast from the bottom of your heart, and are extremely hostile to our Sea Beast. A genius like you, and let you leave like this, for us Sea Beast, it is not letting go. A big enemy?”

“Today, you must die here, let you try it, your great Tutor Cromwell a thousand years ago, stay in the reserve power in the Divine Stone Body.”

“If Cromwell knew that his reserve of power killed his talented junior, then his expression must be very exciting…”


The man rushed towards him with a wild laugh, and two diametrically opposed forces rushed out of him within the body, surrounded and intertwined around the body, forming an offensive and defensive force field.

The strength of these two forces does not exceed the fifth boundary level, but when they interact together, it is not as simple as 1+1 equals 2, but far exceeds them.

pēng pēng pēng ……

Everyone on the scene yelled and joined hands against the enemy, but they were forced to retreat steadily. With the combined efforts of Fei Yu, Lowden and the others, it was impossible Confrontation.

“It’s useless. Your resistance like this will only intensify the loss of power, and you will die even more miserable…” The man said with a smile.

On the side, Lin Chuan breathes deeply, his expression is extremely solemn, his fists were swung in succession, and the force of his fists suddenly burst into thin air.

This kind of punch is actually stronger than the previous blow, and it is a few points stronger, and it has restrained the man’s offensive.

Two figures are intertwined, fist-to-fist, palm-to-palm, they are all play with force with force…

Only, this time the situation It was extremely stalemate, Lin Chuan, the man was separated by a meter, his arms kept waving, it seemed evenly matched, but as the fighting continued, Lin Chuan’s breath gradually weakened.

“It’s amazing! So young, able to have such a strong heart origin power, and at the same time, is a genius fighting faction Mechanic, if a Human Race like you goes out, in another ten or twenty years, Not to mention the second Cromwell, at least it is also the strongest expert of his lineage.”

“In Cromwell’s era, the strongest expert among his subordinates and the strongest students he taught were far behind. You, what a pity, what a pity, you are destined to die here today…”

Looking at Lin Chuan, he was gradually embarrassed, the man laughed, full of pride, even if he used Cromwell’s leftovers Strength, being able to torture its descendants, is also extremely pleasant.


It was punched out again, and countless vigor spread, madly splashing in all directions, forcing everyone who wanted to step forward to rescue them and retreat.

Lin Chuan also backed back again and again, his sleeves ripped apart, his complexion a little pale, showing exhaustion.

The man sneered, did not stop the offensive, and quickly bullied him.

With a wave of the right hand, a burst of energy shoots out like a sword. This is the entanglement of two diametrically opposed forces, which is different from the previous offensive.

These two diametrically opposed forces are actually fused with each other, but they repel each other internally, exuding unusually unstable fluctuations.

This blow was like wrapping a bomb that was about to explode under a layer of skin and slammed it over.

Perceiving the terrifying of this blow, everyone present turned pale with fright and spoke to remind Lin Chuan to be careful.

Not far away, Fei Yu is breathes deeply, with a hint of red on his face, solid flames in his palms, and quickly condenses into a Flame Sword.

For Lin Chuan’s previous help, she was very grateful. Seeing this youngster in danger, she couldn’t sit back and watch.

“Don’t make a move…”

As Fei Yu was preparing to make a move, a whisper came from her ear, she couldn’t help being surprised, the subconsciously looked towards the side, this is Tai Gu Reminding her.


At this moment, Lin Chuan stood still, raised his right arm, and slapped it with a palm.

next moment, a sword light flashed out, also containing two diametrically opposed powers.

The two Qi Jins, like the hands of one person, crashed together in the field.

There was a bang, as if two high-explosive bombs detonated. This Light Wall Space on the verge of collapse showed signs of cracks in many places.

In the field, a figure flew upside down, like a cannonball, against the ground, sliding all the way to the wall, banging it up, and making a loud noise.

Lin Chuan stands with his hands down, entwining two diametrically opposed forces between his palms, forming a force field exactly the same as that of the man.

“You…, this impossible…”

The man stared at the youngster, his eyes were incredible, “The Battle Skill created by Cromwell, even his closest No one has learned it, nor has it been passed down. Why did you use it? Where did you learn it…”

Lin Chuan was silent and refused to answer this question.

Of course he just learned it.

The profound meaning of this Battle Skill is actually based on the [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], divided into two diametrically opposed forces.

[Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] cultivation is the fourth layer, based on its own heart origin power and Mental Energy, Mental Energy is unpredictable and can be transformed into a power opposite to the heart origin power.

As long as you master this cultivation method, the rest is the control of your own strength…

In this regard, Lin Chuan is confident with the support of stone ball ability, Even Cromwell, on the fifth boundary level, should be inferior to him.

At this moment–

The man’s complexion changed suddenly, as if he understood something, he shouted: “You…, practice Cromwell’s [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] That’s it!”

“This is impossible, even if the cultivation method is Cromwell oneself, it is most likely that you can’t create it once again, so why can you practice it……”

hearing this , A group of companions widened their eyes, one by one was dumbfounded, and the look towards Lin Chuan seemed to be the first time I knew this person.

In this world, someone has practiced [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art]! ?

Since Cromwell disappeared, this cultivation method has long been a dead end except for the first layer formula.

Except for the little white bull Harpoon, everyone has a deep understanding of the Martial Way, and they all agree with a statement, the formula behind [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], even if it is perfect, it is difficult for someone to practice it. to make.

For the continent’s Hundred Years’ War, anyone who knows some secrets will probably know that Cromwell’s pioneering work cannot be replicated in many ways.

As the man said, even if Cromwell is alive, it is difficult to practice this cultivation method once again.

Is it true that in this world, someone has practiced [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art]?

This is the youngster in front of me…

Thinking of Lin Chuan’s Mechanic identity, everyone understood for a while, maybe the former is really a descendant of Cromwell.

Lin Chuan stared at the man silently, was silent for a while, then suddenly laughed, “You said so, but reminded. I already understand how to crack the domain of [Equality of Myriad Things] The launch of this ability is driven by the power injected by Cromwell, right?”

“The power injected by Cromwell is naturally [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art]. To crack it, you only need to break this domain. Reverse, it should be fine…”

As he said this, Lin Chuan within the body’s power was all running, his body began to glow, and there was a whistling whistling sound.

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