This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 456

“You want to lift the domain of [Equality of Myriad Things] by your own abilities, this is impossible!?”

The man roared, he no longer has the superiority of until now, and his words are full of flustered and exasperated.

His face was constantly twitching, like a twisted mask, switching between the human face and the animal face, staring at Lin Chuan ferociously.

If it weren’t for two fights, both would fall into an absolute disadvantage, this man would have been unable to resist, and would rush forward to tear the youngster to pieces.

Since a thousand years ago, his only time fiasco was in the hands of Cromwell.

No matter before or after, no one can suppress him until today…

On this youngster, he feels the same pressure as Cromwell, and this youngster acts It’s deeper, and it makes him more jealous.

The man grinned, gloomily said: “Even if you are successful in cultivation [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], can you be better than Cromwell in this cultivation method? Let me tell you, remove the conditions of [Equality of Myriad Things] Domain.”

“This ability is indeed controlled by the power injected by Cromwell. I control this Divine Stone Body to activate this One ability.”

“If you want to override my authority to cancel the domain of [Equality of Myriad Things], in fact, it only needs to meet one condition.”

“That is, The accomplishments on [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] can surpass Cromwell’s own cultivation, do you think you can do it…”

Speaking of which, the man raised his head and laughed wildly, full of Fortunately, even if it is to borrow Cromwell’s power, as long as it can be defeated and can insult the opponent, that’s enough.

This man really wants to see how desperate this youngster, who is not surprised, will show after losing the hope of breaking through here. Thinking of that scene, this man felt incomparable in advance. Delightful.

“Tell you one more truth, this is not my body, this is a split Divine Stone Body. Even if the energy is exhausted, my body will survive, this [Equality of Myriad Things】The force field will not disappear. As for you, you will be trapped here forever…”

When the man said so, the eyelids of everyone present turned out to be the Sea Beast! ?

Lin Chuan listened calmly, with a smile on his face, and nodded: “Many thanks, you told me this information. I was worried just now that oneself’s judgment was wrong.”

Speaking like this, his voice within the body became louder and louder, roaring like a raging wave, and the brilliance on his body became brighter and brighter, and moved towards, converging behind him, gradually forming the outline of a Heart Origin Wheel.

Heart Origin Wheel! ?

The experts present, whether it is the enemy or the enemy, are very curious. This youngster innate talent is so amazing. How big is the Heart Origin Wheel and what is it like?


A wheel leaps up like a big sun, circling behind Lin Chuan. The diameter of the wheel is actually the height of the force field space. Can’t tolerate it.

In this scene, Harpoon screamed with fright. The little white bull was really frightened. He had never heard of it before. The talented Heart Origin Wheel can reach this point.


Lin Chuan’s complexion moved and manipulated the power of within the body, and the Heart Origin Wheel behind him instantly became blurred and faintly discernable, as if it were transparent, making it difficult to see the truth. .

This change is extremely fast, so that everyone present did not see clearly what exactly is the wheel line on the Heart Origin Wheel.

That’s the case, both the enemy and me were dumbfounded…

next moment, a breath rushes out from Lin Chuan within the body, the frequency of this power fluctuation, unexpectedly It is very similar to the man.

Not only that, Lin Chuan’s power fluctuated and quickly formed suppression, resonating with the power of the man within the body.

Immediately, Lin Chuan’s complexion moved, and a scene appeared in his mind. In the man’s heart, a group of three-color energy bodies hovered, like a beautiful vortex of three colors.

In the center of this power vortex is a bright Energy Crystal ball. The power aura contained in it is precisely the fluctuation of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art].

“so that’s how it is, is this the power core of the Divine Stone Body…, these three-color energy bodies, one is the power of Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light, the other is Mental Energy, and the third is This Sea Beast’s power…”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, with a clear understanding.

The core of this Divine Stone Body is to use [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] as the foundation to control the three energies.

As the man said, as long as you have more attainments in [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] than Cromwell, you will be able to control this energy core by turning away from the object.

Of course, this so-called accomplishment is the first three layers of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art].

Previously, this Divine Stone Body was damaged. In order to continue strength control, this man demoted the core of strength.

In this way, Lin Chuan has made it a lot easier. After all, his [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] has only been perfected to the fourth layer.

Raising his right arm and holding his palm in the air, Lin Chuan tried to reverse the energy core.

Immediately, the man’s strength within the body fluctuated instantly, and suddenly declined, all around the Light Wall Space on the verge of collapse, showing the traces of one after another collapse.

“This…, this impossible!?”

The man let out a stern howl, like a desperate ominous beast, trying to control the energy core of the heart, but No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get rid of Lin Chuan’s control.

The structure of this Divine Stone Body is indeed very similar to living creatures in many aspects, and in many respects it is far beyond the reach of living creatures.

But, on the other hand, the prototype of this Divine Stone Body is Mechanical Puppet.

The power of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] is like the controller and power source of Divine Stone Body.

Lin Chuan has a more complete [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], naturally, he is superior to this man in terms of authority.

“Your Excellency, you are so careless. Even if your body is still in the hole, it is too risky to bring out the energy core.”

“However, you can’t be blamed for this. If you don’t bring out the energy core, you can’t exert your strength here.”

Lin Chuan spoke slowly, but his face was still calm, without much contempt. “Your Excellency, the suggestion I just made is still valid. If you want, you can cancel the ability of [Equality of Myriad Things] by yourself.”

“The technology contained in this Divine Stone Body is better than I expected If you want to be high, why don’t we cooperate on this, you, as the Sea Beast Royal Clan, die like this, don’t you think it’s not worth it?”


While forcing control of the energy core , Lin Chuan followed the lead, his words were full of sincerity, and he couldn’t hear a hint of falsehood.

Even Tai Gu, who has known Lin Chuan for a long time, cannot tell that the youngster is lying.


Suddenly, the man’s face was twisted, showing a crazy look, “Stop talking nonsense! Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking, you think Through me, I can learn more about the information of Divine Stone Body, so as to master the ancient Elf skill, the top secret technology of our Sea Beast Royal Clan…”

Lin Chuan did not deny it, nodded, and said calmly: “I This is indeed considered, but is my suggestion not beneficial to both of us? Why don’t you think about it? I can put aside the hatred of the land creatures and Sea Beast and cooperate with you. This is to gain a higher level. Knowledge.”

“As for your Excellency, isn’t your purpose to use Divine Stone Body to carry out a higher level of life transformation?”

“I guess, Sea Beast Although Royal Clan is powerful, it should have limitations in many aspects, such as a further leap in the level of strength. Therefore, you only want to use this method to break through the shackles of your own strength, right?”

“In those legends Sea Beast belongs to the Sea Beast King level. For you Sea Beast Royal Clan, it is difficult to achieve it through the cultivation of terrestrial creatures. It depends more on your own innate talent and certain substances in Five Seas. …”

“These speculations should be correct, right?”


Listening to Lin Chuan’s talk, the man However, his complexion was constantly changing, from madness to dignity, and later, it was full of fear and fear.

The speculation mentioned by Lin Chuan is the top secret of Sea Beast Royal Clan. Even the upper Sea Beasts don’t know much about it, so this youngster has analyzed so much from the structure of the Divine Stone Body. information.

If the technology of Divine Stone Body is mastered by this youngster, and he develops stronger technology from this, wouldn’t it be…

Thinking of this, the man’s face calmed down. Staring at Lin Chuan, he said: “You are right. The secrets you inferred, I will never allow you to take them out today…”

Suddenly, the man’s heart, which The core of energy is part of Sea Beast, becoming extremely violent.

“He wants to self-detonation?!”

“Quickly stop him!”


Lowden and the others Scream.

Lin Chuan was also complexion changed, he was worried about this, so he was involved with this sea like that.

The terrifying rays of light rushed out from the man within the body, and the shining space was splendid, while his body became crystal clear, showing a translucent texture, allowing you to clearly see the inside的结构。 The structure.

Except for the Energy Crystal in the heart, other parts of this body are like flowing metal slurry, and there are tubes like blood vessels that connect the body all around.

As the power becomes more and more violent, the body appears to be split…

“Is this trouble?!”

Lin Chuan was secretly angry, If this energy core explodes, everyone in the center will bear the brunt, and its formidable power will be unpredictable.

If this Divine Stone Body is destroyed, the core technology crystallization representing the three major genres will also be destroyed. Such a loss can be too great…

Try to run [Wind] Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], Lin Chuan found that the control of the energy core is rapidly weakening.

This man is equivalent to launching the Divine Stone Body’s self-destructing program, and other control methods have begun to fail…


Mechanic In the robe, Kitty Lan has blown up her hair. Compared to Lin Chuan, it is the one most afraid of death.

Feeling this explosive power, Little Blue Cat was terrified. It regretted it. Why did it follow the owner? Originally thought it was a good adventure.

But it was didn’t expect, just like this, followed the master, and took it oneself in.

No! ?

This kitty doesn’t want to die…

Kitty Lan wailed, and suddenly felt a suction. It subconsciously lifted its paw and pressed it on Lin Chuan’s chest.

On the chest, the pendulum pattern flashed, a pointer appeared, and it began to turn counterclockwise.

Suddenly, Little Blue Cat felt the power within the body and was pulled out and injected into the owner’s body.

Lin Chuan also felt a peculiar power emerge within the body. This was not heart origin power, nor Mental Energy, but a violent life energy injected into his right arm.

next moment, his right palm swelled suddenly, and suddenly swelled several times, and a suffocating wave of waves poured out of his palm.

After that, Lin Chuan’s right arm, which was not under his control, slammed it openly and slapped it with a palm.


There was a loud noise, Light Wall Space all split up and in pieces, and a big hole appeared on the ground of this laboratory.

The pit is shaped like a big palm, and in the center lies a body full of cracks, which is the man.

“The force field of [Equality of Myriad Things] was broken?!”

“How was this broken?”

“This Sea Beast Are you still alive…”

Everyone’s eyes widened, they looked at the man in the big pit, then looked at Lin Chuan, to be precise, was looking at The latter keeps shrinking palms.

A group of comrades began to wonder if Lin Chuan was a creature on land. How could the breath that broke out just now smell of ominous beast…

“What’s the matter? !”

Lin Chuan was also shocked, and touched Little Brat under his robe. The latter squirmed, seemingly tired, and soon calmed down.

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