This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 458

Early morning.

The sky east of Foca Tower is a rare light. This is the morning when the morning sun has rarely been seen since the beginning of winter.

In winter on this plain, most of the time is rainy and rainy, and there are only a handful of days to see the sun in the past few months.

At this time, Lin Chuan was sitting in the lobby of the residence, enjoying the breakfast prepared by the little girl.

After a hard night, I can taste the steaming breakfast as soon as I come back. Lin Chuan is very satisfied with it.

“Your craftsmanship is good, you have made progress…”

Holding a handkerchief to wipe the corners of his mouth, Lin Chuan applauded.

“Thank you Mr. for the compliment.”

The little girl was a little surprised. It is rare to hear the compliment from her husband.

However, what she really cares about is not these, but not seeing Teacher Cat.

Finally, the little girl couldn’t help but mustered up the courage to ask where Kitty Lan was.

“It did a great job last night, now it’s resting, and it should wake up in the afternoon.”

Lin Chuan responded, not being nodded, the little girl’s temperament is much brighter than before. , At least willing to speak actively.

Such a change is a good start for little girls.

When Laknia is more cheerful, she will gradually become more adept at controlling her Mental Energy.

At that time, I was able to cultivation Mental Energy secret skill and really began to embark on the road of expertise.

Of course, it depends on the little girl’s intention and whether she is willing to embark on that path.

I looked up and looked at Fowler across the table. The plate in front of the latter did not move, even the knife and fork had not been picked up.

“Mister Fowler, did Laknia do it earlier and it didn’t suit her appetite? You can’t do this, it’s too damaging to her enthusiasm.” Lin Chuan said.

“Mister Chuan. We are here now, don’t you kid me, do you think I can taste the food?” Fowler said with a bitter face.

Lin Chuan shook the head, did not say anything, stood up, moved towards the laboratory and walked.

Behind him, Fowler immediately followed and followed with a flattering expression, looking a little impatient.

Lin Chuan curled his lips, ignored Fowler, and walked straight into the laboratory.

He still has many things to do. The first thing to do is to check the status of Kitty Lan.

From the Mechanic robe, take out Little Brat, the latter curled up into a ball, seeming to be out of strength, his head drooping, and meowing wu wu.

“What’s wrong with Little Brat? Was injured in the fighting?”

Fowler startled, hurriedly stepped forward, with a look of concern.

This guy is also a cat slave. From the time he saw Little Blue Cat, even if he knew that Little Brat was extraordinary, he still couldn’t hide his love.

Lin Chuan did not speak, put Kitty Lan on the mechanical instrument, and checked its condition.

ding ding ding~ ……

Looking at the value that appeared in the Light Screen, Lin Chuan finished watching it silently, slapped it suddenly, and slapped it on the tail of Little Blue Cat.

“Don’t pretend…” Lin Chuan scolded.

With a meow, Kitty Lan jumped up from the test bench and rushed into the corner with a look of fear, and his little head swayed vigorously.

Is this day finally here…

This kitty still can’t escape, to become the fate of a Little White Mouse!

The eyes of the jewel-like cats were shining with tears. Kitty Lan took out a Mechanical Little White Mouse with his paws out, but he did not know where to grab a Mechanical Little White Mouse, gently stroking it, with her little ears drooping, there Weeping, seems to be mourning the same fate as Little White Mouse.

Looking at this look, Fowler was distressed, and asked again and again whether this Little Brat was hurt by Lin Chuan.

“Okay, stop acting, I just care about your condition. Come here!”

Lin Chuan curled his lips, he didn’t know what Little Brat was thinking about, the one in the previous fighting The outbreak, it is estimated that Kitty Lan was very scared, worried about being Dissection, and becoming a research specimen.

Under Lin Chuan’s “threat”, Little Blue Cat came over obediently and accepted the remaining series of checks.

“Are there any abnormalities?”

Lin Chuan frowned, Little Brat’s body data, there was nothing abnormal about it before.

In contrast, his right metacarpal bones and some fractures were caused by the violent Strength of Fleshly Body.

putting it that way, in the fight with Divine Stone Body, the violent Strength of Fleshly Body he suddenly obtained was the power of the stone ball absorbing Kitty Lan’s power, not the latter’s initiative to give it.

This is what Lin Chuan wants to be sure.

In other words, this is another ability of the pendulum pattern.

Of course, the display of this ability should only be learned from Kitty Lan.

Because, this Little Brat can come to the world, it is the result of the power of stone ball hatching.

To figure this out, Lin Chuan relaxes. As for testing this kind of ability, I don’t have this idea for the time being.

For him, or for Kitty Lan, this kind of ability is quite dangerous, and that kind of violent power is a great burden on his current body.

As for Little Blue Cat, it’s even harder to say. The result of Little Brat’s body test is normal, but it still needs to be observed for a period of time.

“It’s okay. Don’t be suspicious…”

After checking, Lin Chuan rubbed Kitty Lan’s head, comforting and complimenting: “Thanks to you last night, Otherwise, it will be very troublesome.”


Kitty Lan opened his small eyes, both surprised and terrified. The owner suddenly praised it so, is it fraudulent?

“Go on the side…”

Lin Chuan chuckled and threw Kitty Lan aside.

After that, he checked his condition, except for some bone fractures in the right palm, everything else was considered normal.

Of course, his own heart origin power has been improved again. [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] After completing the fourth layer, even if he doesn’t cultivate, the improvement of his strength is somewhat scary.

Although this is a normal phenomenon, Lin Chuan still wants to suppress it. [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art]’s fifth layer formula still needs time to deduct. In addition, it must be settled.

This is not to say that the heart origin power has increased too fast and needs precipitation.

In addition to the heart origin power, other aspects need to be improved, such as the [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], its own Heart-Origin Equipment, and the improvement of [Cracked Scale Arm].

Of course, the most important point is the [seventh equipment].

Remove this [seventh equipment] from the body, and watch this magical thing change again and become a ball again, Lin Chuan was a little surprised.

Compared with Divine Stone Body, he is even more amazed by this research result of Cromwell.

If the technology of the [seventh equipment] can continue to develop and mature and can be mass-produced, it will surely open the door to a new era.

However, this is just to think about it, let alone the structure of the [seventh equipment], Lin Chuan is now having a headache for its recharging.

Checked the residual energy of [seventh equipment], only 10% remained.

Lin Chuan sighed, reluctantly shook his head: “The [seventh equipment] technology still needs to be improved! This consumes an amazing amount of energy, every time it is consumed, it is an amazing expense to replenish it. “

“This is just a preliminary product, and I don’t know the [seventh equipment] that Cromwell is equipped with. How much energy crystal of the highest quality is required for full charging.”

This In general, Lin Chuan looked towards Fowler, who should have some understanding of these.

“I know this…”

Fowler hurriedly bowed, smiling more and more flattering, “Cromwell’s old bastard [seventh equipment], fully charged once, probably equivalent to At that time, Mysterious Star Empire’s taxes for three years.”

Three years of taxes? !

Lin Chuan’s eyelids twitched wildly, staring straight at Fowler, wondering if the latter was talking about it.

See nodded of Fowler certain/affirm, and give some data, Lin Chuan sighed, compared with the [seventh equipment] charge, what Kitty Lan’s development, [Cracked Scale Arm] upgrade, then It’s nothing, this is the real Gold Swallowing Beast!

Be aware that thousands of years ago, during the Hundred Years’ War, Mysterious Star Empire’s tax revenue was not lower than it is now, but higher than it is now.

After all, that was the age of war, and there have been wars for years, and Mysterious Star Empire is the core country of the Eastern Continent war alliance, and it is to take the lead.

Under the pressure of war like that, the wealth that Empire consumes every day is amazing. In the face of such a loss, how to replenish it and raise taxes is naturally a way.

The taxation of Mysterious Star Empire today is far lower than that of a thousand years ago, coupled with the current inflation…

Lin Chuan gave a rough mental calculation, sighed, ” From the Royal Prince of Mysterious Star Empire, the compensation demanded seems to be a little bit less, and should be more important.”

Hearing this, Fowler staggered and almost fell. Is the compensation demanded less?

When I saw the compensation list, Fowler almost thought that Lin Chuan simply didn’t want to let go of the Imperial Prince. It was purely disgusting to get this compensation list, so there was less demand, and it was simply smashing the bones. .

Seeing some disapproval on Fowler’s face, Lin Chuan took a look, shook the head, he could see it during the time he met this guy.

Fowler’s nature is romantic, he likes elegance, and his temperament is soft. This is natural, and it is as different as heaven and earth from his ancestor Cromwell.

It’s no wonder that this guy was wanted by Western Continent hundreds of years ago and would run around. In the White Arrow Port, he has been hidden for so long, and his strength has never been raised to the fifth boundary.

To put it bluntly, Fowler has no intention of power. What he thinks all day, except for women, is treasure with extremely high artistic value.

Thinking this way, Lin Chuan took out the container, and after opening it, there was a ball of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] inside.

Suddenly, Fowler’s eyes lit up. It was not the eyes shining, but the mechanical eye scanning, full of desire for this divine stone.

Holding the mechanical instrument, Lin Chuan re-examined the divine stone, and said: “Mister Fowler is interested in [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]. Don’t worry, since it’s everyone Naturally those who see it get a share. I will give you the share you deserve.”

“No, no, no…” Fowler shook his head and waved his hand.

“What? Mister Fowler is not interested, so forget it.” Lin Chuan said again.

Immediately, Fowler rushed up, fell to the ground, hugged Lin Chuan’s legs, and shouted: “Mister Chuan, you are a wise man, should you understand what I want!? You promised Pass me, fulfill my wish and transform my body.”

Seeing this scene, Kitty Lan was in a daze. It was a little dazed. What’s wrong?

What happened? How come Fowler always likes to lie on the ground and talk with his master’s leg.

Little Blue Cat tilted his head and didn’t know much about this aspect. It was the first time I saw someone with such a habit of speaking.

No, I don’t understand at all…

Lin Chuan forehead jumped, raised his leg to kick Fowler away, but found that oneself had miscalculated.

Now he does not have the [seventh equipment], and his true strength is only on the fifth boundary. Compared with the [Foca No. 1] body whose strength is close to the seventh boundary, there is a hard power gap.

“Mister Fowler. Get up and talk…” Lin Chuan said helplessly.

“No…, Mister Chuan, do you know the pain I have suffered for so long? Originally, even if you could complete the transformation of the body, install a realistic nerve device, and get the six senses similar to living things, It’s just illusory, and it’s produced by Holographic Truth Simulating. It’s not true at all…, it’s oneself cheating oneself…”

Fowler howled, no longer the usual elegance.

He stared at the [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], his eyes glowing constantly, as if he saw the hope of rebirth.

“However, the structure of the Divine Stone Body gave me the hope of being reborn. Just a little material, give me a look at this…”

Fowler pointed to his mouth, Intoxicated, he said, “It’s a wonderful thing to be able to really feel the fragrance of a beautiful woman’s lips! Of course, there is also…”

Pointing to the nose again, the romantic seed said: “Woman Fragrance is also indispensable… and here…”

Pointing to his hands again, Fowler closed his eyes, and his body couldn’t help shaking. “The sense of touch is also vital! Of course! , The most important thing is…”

Fowler paused, showing a pious and reverent look, and pointed between his legs, “Here also needs to be remodeled!”


Lin Chuan can’t bear it, leg raised, kicking this guy who just wants to make waves all day long, Fowler’s last sentence is the focus of his wish.

“Extremely impossible?!”

Lin Chuan’s face was cold and full of killings, “remodeling [Foca No. 1]’s body and colonizing it with neuro-like devices, that’s nothing. Would you let me modify that thing myself, or use [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]? If your ancestor Cromwell knew about this, he would jump out of the ground and hammer you to death!”

Pointing to Fowler’s nose, Lin Chuan was quite annoyed. This guy’s life is a living holding the card of Tianhu, which has become a sloppy negative teaching material.

Lin Chuan wondered, if he travels to the beginning of this World, just like Fowler, he doesn’t know how high he can go now.

However, look at this guy, after a lifetime of wandering, he was chased to Foca Tower and replaced with [Foca No. 1], which is equivalent to reopening a period of life, but still thinking about the waves .

Is this guy not profligate then will die?

hearing this, Fowler sat slumped on the ground and shouted: “Don’t mention Cromwell that Old Guy, I don’t want to be his offspring. That guy is the real bastard. He eats up and eats buttocks. Human super bastard…”

While yelling, Fowler opened the chatterbox and said everything Cromwell had done in the Western Continent Blood Spirit Race one after another.

Cromwell not only deceived the [Blood Spirit Eye] from the Blood Spirit Queen, but also slept with the sisters and even the elders of the Blood Spirit Queen…

Everything this guy did , If it’s just romantic and lustful, it can only be said that men can’t control the lower body.

However, everything Cromwell did was to create the back layers of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], which is what makes Blood Spirit Queen unbearable.

This secret has been concealed for a long time, and it was only after the great accomplishment of Cromwell that Blood Spirit Queen came to know it.

As a result, the Blood Spirit Queen was finally devastated, thinking that before Cromwell passed away inexplicably, she had visited a digital soulmate in her life, but had not visited her. Only then did she understand that she had been cheated by Cromwell. Up.

“hmph…, Cromwell has that many women in his life, but only the Blood Spirit Queen has his heirs. Perhaps this is retribution!”

“Mister Chuan, you It can be considered as a descendant of Cromwell, so he promised me this request as compensation for his children!”

Fowler wailed.


Originally, Lin Chuan was still dumbfounded when he heard these secrets, so steep that he heard the last sentence, he immediately hummed: “Isn’t I a descendant of Cromwell, you will Isn’t it clear? Don’t use this method with me, I don’t have to talk about it.”

“Mister Chuan, you…”

Fowler suddenly got up with a pair of mechanical eyes Flickering crazily, seeming to be in confusion, and then calm down again.

He stretched out his hand, kacha, his arm broke open, revealing the internal machinery inside.

In the broken arm, there was a small container. Fowler took out a thumb-sized metal tube from it. After opening it, he took out a document and handed it to Lin Chuan.

“Mister Chuan. Please look at this thing…” Fowler said.

Lin Chuan took the document, which was a document made of leather. He glanced at it and snatched the metal pipe over immediately, put the document in, and put it away next to him.

Immediately, Lin Chuan frowned, “Are you sure that there is a felon in the City Hall prison, an important figure of that Legendary Legion?”

“I’m sure. That guy can I have lived in prison until now, and I have operated it alone…” Fowler certain/affirm nodded.

Lin Chuan breathes deeply, his complexion changed, trying to squeeze out a soft expression, “Mister Fowler’s wish is not insatiable.”

“Of course, of course, Mister Chuan… …” Fowler nodded and said again and again.

Lin Chuan sighed secretly. Although this guy is acting a little absurdly, he has to admit that Fowler has lived long enough, his eyesight is vicious enough, and there are so many good things in his hands…

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