This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 459

A week later.

Foca Tower, City Hall Prison.

As one of the four major prisons in the city, the prisoners in City Hall Prison are very special.

The special thing is that the prisoners who can enter this prison have some identities before they go to prison.

Yes, criminals who can be detained here are not detained according to the region or the severity of the crime. The only criterion is identity.

Those murderous criminals are generally detained in the southern area of ​​Foca Tower, which is close to the Black Market, where Black Market Managers are responsible for assisting in supervision, as well as the elite of the headquarters army.

The general criminal is detained in the North Area, and is deterred by the North Area Chambre of Commerce. Even if the general criminal escapes, it will not be able to overcome the storm.

As for the fourth prison, it is the place where Western Continent criminals are held…

This week, the situation around the City Hall prison has changed. It can be described as twists and turns.

The robbery took place in six of the seven days, and the major influences sent people over to see the felons who assassinated the Lieutenant General Phillon during the storm that night.

However, both the prison robbers and the messengers sent by major influences were blocked by the headquarters army.

Although there are many complaints from the Foca Tower executives, some people still have complaints, saying that after Lieutenant General Phillon has entered the seventh boundary, it is preparing to take control and exclude dissidents.

In response, Lieutenant General Phillon only responded with one sentence: “Which one of you has objections, don’t say it behind your back, talk to this Commander. I will give you a satisfactory answer!”

So the discordant voices in the city disappeared immediately, and many people, even if they complained, did not dare to stroke the Lieutenant General Phillon’s beard face to face.

This legendary general led this battle, and his reputation in Eastern Continent has reached a new level. Numerous experts in Foca Tower regard him as an idol, and he has established an unbreakable prestige in the headquarters of the army.

At this kind of time, there is no doubt that there is no dispute with Lieutenant General Phillon on the surface.

With the authority of Lieutenant General Phillon, the strength of its seventh boundary, and the lofty prestige, even if the messenger of a country is driven out of Foca Tower, no one will object.

What’s more, after the storm that night, Lieutenant General Phillon had no other actions except cleaning the spies of the headquarters army, taking over the control of City Hall prison, and cleaning more than 30 officials of City Hall. Now…

When these actions are normal, certain/affirm will cause huge waves, which were opposed by all parties before.

However, after the storm that night, the wind direction completely changed, and such a move was undoubtedly very gentle.

Yes, it’s really gentle…

The storm that night exposed too many problems inside Foca Tower. The location of Lieutenant General Phillon’s retreat was a The secret, apart from telling Magicstrate, few people know.

Why is Sea Beasts so determined? Lieutenant General Phillon is in the manor in the southern part of the city. A line of powerful Sea Beasts drove straight forward, and the purpose was too clear.

In this situation, if there is no high-level spy inside Foca Tower, no one will believe it.

This is only one aspect, and the great turmoil in the eastern district, which almost shaken the foundation of Foca Tower.

If the Eastern District is destroyed, the power of the entire city will be weakened by at least 30%, and Lieutenant General Phillon will be assassinated, and the headquarters of the army will have no leader. In a short time, the power of Foca Tower will be weakened by more than half out of thin air.

This kind of power is empty, and the major influences in the city are caught off guard. Sea Beast Regiment has been prepared for a long time…

Many people who are interested in thinking about the storm that night, think about it They are all in a cold sweat. If the final result of the Eastern and Southern Districts is the opposite of what happened later, I am afraid that the city has now fallen.

Therefore, looking at the actions of the Lieutenant General Phillon this week, the influence of the major influences was unbearable, but they were all acquiesced. Even the Legendary Lieutenant General was a little bit too much, and they were all within the expected range. Inside.

However, Lieutenant General Phillon has no other actions, except for the control of the City Hall prison, and does not allow any other influence to interfere.

Originally, the major influences had not paid attention to the City Hall Prison. However, after receiving some secret news, they learned of the repeat offenders in the storm, and it is likely that there are big tricks.

Immediately, all the influences in the city wanted to smell the fishy cats. They moved by smelling the wind, but they were unable to enter the City Hall prison.

Many people even promised heavy remuneration to let the guards in the prison secretly let them go, but they were all refused.


On this day a week later, Lieutenant General Phillon didn’t let go and could visit the prison.

For a time, the major influences sent people to come, and many people poured into the City Hall Prison with various purposes.

At the gate of Prison Sect, a Floating Vehicle stopped, and a woman with outstanding appearance, accompanied by City Hall officials, entered the City Hall Prison.

“Lady Yu, please…”

This official walked in front and led the woman into the jail in what he considered to be the most gentleman.

From the corner of his eyes, occasionally I saw Lady Yu’s towering chest K, her waist that couldn’t help but her grip, and the slender legs under the long skirt. This official couldn’t help but secretly swallowed saliva.

Such rich beauty is unmatched by the women of Foca Tower. The city is located in the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, behind the deserted Foca Plain.

This kind of water and soil can’t raise such hydrated beauty…

The famous beauties in this city are all outsiders, and there are not many native beauties.

The official position of this official in City Hall is not high. For those beauties, he can only look far away and it is difficult to connect close.

Not to mention that as today, as a guide, I took Lady Yu to the City Hall prison to visit friends in Mysterious Star Empire.

Thinking of this, the official had to thank his boss. If it weren’t for the boss to be on a business trip, the job of this guide would not fall to him.

It is said that Lady Yu is a native of Great Mysterious Star Prefecture in Mysterious Star Empire, which is the Empire imperial capital, and is also the three major cities where Mysterious Star Empire is rich in beauties.

“Mister Lu Jin, it’s not easy to visit the City Hall prison!”

Lady Yu’s eyes are circling, all of the small actions of this official Lu Jin can be seen in her eyes, Softly said: “Lieutenant General Phillon is really awe-inspiring in Foca Tower. You know, in Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, the censorship is not so strict.”

Hearing the name of Lieutenant General Phillon, Lu Jin has a body shape. Shaking and whispering: “Lady Yu, you can’t talk nonsense about this. In Foca Tower, you should not say anything about Commander Phillon behind your back.”


Lady Yu’s pupil light shimmered slightly, and she smiled. She was very elegant, but when she laughed, the lovable body trembled uncontrollably, making her chest towering and trembling slightly.

This scene, Lu Jin’s eyes are straight, and he forgot to say anything for a while…

“Then…, Mister Lu Jin, I don’t know how to wait, my visit Time, can it be a little longer…”

Lady Yu looked at the time, “If the time is long enough, it will be night when I come out. I happen to invite Mister Lu Jin to dinner, which is a thank you.”

When Lu Jin heard that, the pores of the whole body were relaxed, nodded without thinking, “Don’t worry, this is on my body.”

The two walked and talked, as if they knew each other. Long-time friends, unimpeded all the way, entered the depths of the prison.

As Lu Jin promised by patting his chest, his official position is still very important in the prison. The prison guards were very polite and led the two to a cell.

When entering the cell, a laugh sounded, “Lu Jin, why are you here?”

On the other side, Fowler took a young Mechanic and walked under the leadership of the prison guards. Come here.

Lu Jin was taken aback. When he saw Fowler clearly, the complexion changed, and he quickly squeezed out a smile, “Mister Fowler, what a coincidence…”

Lady Yu looked towards Fowler , Pupil light lit up slightly, and I couldn’t help but admire him. What a handsome gentleman, his manners, smiles, and manners of walking are all impeccable.

I’m used to seeing the nobles of the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, and I have seen many more romantic characters, but there are few such outstanding men.

“Mister Lu Jin, this is…” Lady Yu said softly with a smile.

hearing this, Lu Jin’s face suddenly turned into a pig liver color, and he was crying secretly. How could he meet Fowler this troublesome guy here.

He doesn’t hate Fowler. On the contrary, he admires and admires him very much. Whether it’s dealing with people, workability, or knowledge, he is very famous in City Hall. It is also very appreciated, it can be described as have boundless prospects.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that this person is so good and so capable. He doesn’t have much ambition to drill into the camp. On the contrary, this makes the seniors more important.

In normal times, Lu Jin would be happy to have a chat with Fowler. Talking with Fowler is always very pleasant, like a spring breeze.

However, when he was picking up girls, it was very tragic to meet Fowler. Up and down City Hall, I don’t know how many women wanted to climb into this man’s bed.

At this time, under Lu Jin’s painful gaze, Fowler is still extending the hand, holding it gently with Lady Yu, and briefly introducing oneself.

“It turns out that it is Mister Fowler, at this age, is Law Clerk’s assistant? That is young and promising…”

“I wonder if Mister Fowler is free tonight, I Please have dinner with Mister Lu Jin.”

Lady Yu pupil light flashed, making no secret of her interest in Fowler, holding the man’s hand, gently tightening and tightening.

This move was obvious. Lu Jin looked bleak and felt that the food in his hand was about to fly.

However, Fowler was taken aback, looked at Lu Jin, and drew his hand without a trace, slightly nodded: “No tonight, wait for the next time I have time. I wish a beautiful Lady tonight, and Lu Jin had a good meal.”

Speaking, Fowler waved his hand in salute. This is Eastern Continent’s general etiquette. He came here with inexplicable elegance. Then, Fowler nodded, smiling with the young man. Mechanic left and walked to another cell.

Lady Yu sighed softly, “City Hall Law Clerk assistant, Mister Lu Jin, this Mister Fowler, should be very good in City Hall…”

Lu Jin helplessly nodded “Yes. Mister Fowler is highly valued by Magistrate and Commander Phillon. However, he does not have so much ambition for official career. He usually prefers to spend time with his family and his wife. Otherwise, the previous Law Clerk should It’s him.”

Such a man still loves his wife so deeply…

Lady Yu looked blurred, looking at Fowler’s back, and became even more interested.

Lu Jin’s face was crying, deeply regretting that he hadn’t watched the days before he came, but happened to meet Fowler.

At this time, the door of the cell opened, Lady Yu walked in and closed the door of the cell, her pupil light changed and she felt a sharp chill.


She pressed the watch on her hand, and the watch shone slightly, and circles of invisible fluctuations spread, and the place was instantly isolated from the outside world.

From the monitoring of the cell, there is nothing abnormal. In the monitoring screen, Lady Yu swayed slightly, sitting on a chair, and questioning the prisoner in the cell with concern.

However, at the moment in the cell, Viscount Lowe heard the noise and tried to open his eyes. When he saw Lady Yu clearly, he suddenly showed a conflicted expression of both horror and surprise.

“Help me…, get out…”

Viscount Lowe spoke in a low voice, his vocal cords were damaged, and his voice sounded like a broken gong.

Lady Yu did not speak. She stepped forward and checked Viscount Lowe’s condition. Her complexion changed continuously. She didn’t expect Viscount Lowe to be injured so badly.

The current Viscount Lowe, where did it look like a little bit before, the legs are twisted and deformed, the arms are wrapped like two wooden sticks, and the face is even more swollen, looking like a pig’s head.

The whole body is up and down, and simply seems to be a different person. From the point of view of the wound, although Foca Tower has been treated, the treatment is not considered attentively. It is just given to the Foundation’s treatment measures. .

This is also normal. It is related to the storm that night, even if Viscount Lowe is not convicted, but as long as he is a member of Mysterious Star Empire and is an envoy on behalf of the Empire family, how does this matter? They can’t be cleaned.

After all, when Viscount Lowe was on a mission, a group of royal consecrates from Mysterious Star Empire came to assassinate the Lieutenant General Phillon, and the turmoil shocked the entire Eastern Continent.

Faced with these, even if you don’t do anything, as long as you hang on your head as the messenger of Mysterious Star Empire, Lieutenant General Phillon will unload it directly, pack it into a box, and send it to Mysterious Star. In front of the Emperor, the latter would not say anything, but would apologize instead.

“Even the head was hit hard. Does the other party have an expert who specializes in Mental Energy? This Foca Tower is really a crouching tiger hidden dragon……”

Looking at Viscount Lowe , Lady Yu laughed lightly, “‘Ice Wolf’, it seems that you are planted this time, should I pay a price to fish you out? You answer me first, if your sanity is still sober… …”

The words were paused. She pressed her finger on her red lips and licked her fingertips lightly with her tongue. “If your only useful brain is not useful, it is of no value. .”

I tried my best to open my eyes, staring at Lady Yu, Viscount Lowe hoarsely said: “My mind…, I am very clear…, I was only affected by the impact of Mental Energy, this is an escape That little beast did it. It’s not from Foca Tower. What happened that night, I should be the only one who knows about it now. The others, those Sea Beasts, and the experts sent by Seventh Highness, even if they are not dead. Almost…”

“Only I…, not a real intruder, but I know… what happened that night…”

Speaking of later, Viscount Lowe’s words became smoother and smoother, he said hoarsely: “Do you know what happened that night? There are more than five seventh boundary experts on the Foca Tower side, and one of them may even be close to the eighth boundary… You want to know. The specific inside story? Then save me…”

“What?! More than five seventh boundary? There is also a monster close to the eighth boundary……”

Lady Yu’s face changed suddenly, and pupil light stared at Viscount Lowe, “Are you sure? Didn’t you lie to me?”

“I’m very sure. There is also news from Cromwell’s laboratory that you have always cared about. As long as you fish me out, heal me, and after returning to the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, protect me, I will tell you exactly…”

Viscount Lowe gritted his teeth and gave his request one after another said it.

Lady Yu laughed, but her smile became colder and colder, “You have so many requests! Ice Wolf, you are really like a greedy wolf, wanting too much, beyond yourself The talents will end up like this.”

hearing this, Viscount Lowe’s complexion was distorted, and he snarled, “I walked to this step by oneself, so why do you say that I don’t have the talent? A guy called Future General, just because the soldiers have a good fighting ability, should they be better than me? Just because they are heroic, you women like it…”

” In the world, who can live longer is the real strength. Those who die, they are weakling!?”


pupil light staring scorchingly Lowe, Lady Yu’s eyes were cold, she suddenly laughed, and the flowers trembled.

“What you said is right, we are jackals of the same tribe, so why do you have to laugh at fifty steps and a hundred steps…”

“hehe…, OK, I will fish you out. I will also meet your requirements.”

“However, after I fish you out, you have to tell me the situation in the laboratory to prove that you are indeed valuable. Otherwise, My method, you should be very clear…”

Lady Yu said softly, but like a beautiful snake, heaving long letters, sending cold shivers down one’s spine.

“Don’t worry. Leader Yu. Not only the laboratory, I will tell you a very amazing secret…” Viscount Lowe said hoarsely.


On the other side.

In an empty cell, Fowler and Lin Chuan were sitting in it. They just sat dry and did not speak.

However, the conversation between Lowe and Lady Yu was clear and fell in the ears of the two.

Lady Yu is too confident about her isolation device, thinking she can hide from Foca Tower’s monitoring.

But I don’t know. As early as when Viscount Lowe was in a coma, Lin Chuan deployed Mental Energy there. Unless it was a Mental Energy expert of the same level, it was as if there was an invisible inside. A bug cannot be blocked.

“Leader Yu. There are so many leaders of influence in Great Mysterious Star Prefecture…” Lin Chuan said indifferently.

Fowler shook his head and said regretfully: “What a beautiful woman! But she is a dangerous beauty snake, not an ordinary beauty snake, it’s a python kind, but unfortunately, I can’t communicate with it in depth. ……”

Lin Chuan hearing this, can’t help but curl his lips and glanced at this L-cart. Since two days ago, he helped him complete the body transformation. Fowler’s whole person is like a shedding body, exchanging bones. Every time, there is a radiant face.

Such a transformation surprised Lin Chuan. In essence, Fowler is just a Mechanical Puppet. After a little foundation transformation of the Divine Stone Body, why there is such a transformation.

Or, this kind of transformation comes from the core of the body, and Fowler has kept his mind until now?

This question is worth exploring. It relieved Lin Chuan’s irritability because of the transformation.

Get up, Lin Chuan said: “Mister Fowler. Let’s go, Lowe’s side, I’ll talk later. Let’s meet the prisoner…”

“Of course, of course …, Mister Chuan, please come with me.”

Fowler got up and led Lin Chuan out of this empty cell.

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