This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 460

The deepest part of City Hall prison.

There is a secret door here to isolate the cell from the outside, and there is no heaven and earth inside.

Led by Fowler, Lin Chuan entered here smoothly, looked around all around, and found that the area behind the hidden door is not so much a cell as a holiday house.

Looking in from the cell door, the cell area here is not generally spacious, and the furnishings inside have reached the standard of a Star-level hotel.

The only restriction should be the inability to get out.

Lin Chuan is not very surprised about this. Such cells are found in many prisons.

After all, some criminals in this world are always special. Even if they commit crimes, they still have amazing energy and require special treatment.

Such criminals, some have prominent identities, some have powerful authority, and some wealth can rival a country…Of course, some are deliberately staying in prison to seek asylum…

“Mister Chuan, here…”

Fowler came to a cell, opened it, and walked in with Lin Chuan.

On the big bed in the cell, there was a burly figure half lying down. Hearing the sound of opening the door, he just raised his head and saw that it was Fowler. Then he closed his eyes again, snored slightly, and continued. Nap.

“Sir. Sit here, let him sleep, he will wake up soon.”

Fowler greeted Lin Chuan and sat down, obviously familiar with this place, and opened the cabinet , Take out a drink to entertain Lin Chuan.

Drinking high-end beverages, Lin Chuan glanced at the person on the bed. To be precise, this was not a Human Race.

The burly figure of this figure far exceeds the Human Race and is close to three meters.

The big bed was made-to-order, and it was five meters long to fit this figure.

The figure’s exposed arms have thick and long hair, the head is also full of hair, and its legs are unusually developed.

As for his feet, they are a pair of horseshoes.

This is a Centaur Race! ?

Mysterious Star Empire Northern Land, the inhabited Centaur Race!

Lin Chuan looked at this Centaur Race and looked at his right thigh. It was full of scars. One after another scar was like a huge centipede, some of which even flickered with electromagnetic waves from time to time.

Lin Chuan thought secretly: “This injury is really strange…”

For a long time——

This Centaur/troops stretched out and got out of bed Sitting up, squinting, looking at Fowler, grinning said with a smile: “Mister Fowler, why are you here? I heard that heaven-shaking, earth-shattering happened outside, and it won’t affect you, you are Come and say goodbye to me.”

The accent of this Centaur/troops is very unique and belongs to the unique accent of Mysterious Star Empire Northern Land.

“Of course not, Mister Bayen, I’m fine. Although this storm has affected me, it’s a blessing in disguise for me.” Fowler smiled and shook his head, actually using Northern Land Talk to him in his dialect.

“Oh. Really? Congratulations then. “Bayen laughed.

The two exchanged a few words, both in the dialect of Northern Land. I have to admit that Fowler was in White Arrow Port and said that oneself came from the nobles of Northern Land. It was really difficult. Some people suspect that this accent, coupled with his Blood Spirit Race aristocratic background, has no weak spot at all.

From the conversation, it can be seen that Bayen has a very bold and talkative personality.

Of course, this is the characteristic of Centaur Race. This race is born like this. It is not only bold and hospitable, but also a natural warrior, brave and good at fighting.

Mysterious Star Empire, Centaur Regiment of Northern Land, that But it is one of the Legion famous for the continent.

During the Hundred Years’ War, King of the Northern Land won the support of Centaur Regiment to form an invincible Legion sweeping the battlefield of the continent.

That Eastern and Western Continents of the time, of course, there are the sayings of the Eastern Land Tenth Army and the Western Land Seventh Regiment, but if you really want to recommend the top three, Centaur Regiment can definitely be included, and the Temple Guarding Knight Regiment of the Western Continent Sacred Temple Hall, Dragon Knight Regiment tied for the top three.

Of course, that was a century of continent. Time has passed. Today’s Centaur Regiment is no longer the grand occasion of the year.

However, in Mysterious Star Empire , Centaur Regiment is still the Empire First Army regiment. This is an undisputed fact.

Lin Chuan even knows a secret. The Mysterious Star Emperor who initiated the Eastern and Western Continents peace talks has passed away, and the territory of Empire is covered. Panic, many influences fell to King of the Northern Land.

The Mysterious Star Empir at the time e. Under the Mysterious Star Emperor, there is the Northern King with King of the Northern Land and the invincible Centaur Regiment, which is not something that the Imperial Princes can control.

In addition, in terms of blood lineage, the King of the North is also a member of the Mysterious Star royal family, sitting on the invincible Legion and dominating the Mysterious Star, which is nothing at all.

If it weren’t for later, the royal family used various means to make a public announcement, saying that Cromwell had accepted an Imperial Prince as a student, and the king of the north might have already swept eastward and directly took the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture and seized the throne.

This method temporarily deterred the Northern King, and then coupled with the royal family’s various tenderness measures, it stabilized the north…

Lin Chuan’s thoughts fluctuated, by Mysterious Star Empire Northern Land I think of Centaur Regiment and Northern King lineage again…

“Is this your nephew?”

Bayen turned his head and glanced at Lin Chuan. , As if just noticed this youngster.

Fowler trembled, and quickly said: “No, this sir, I invited you to check Bayen for your injuries.”

“Check my injuries? He…”

Bayen frowned, made no secret of his contempt, and said, “Fowler, you should know that I have been injured for so many years. I have hired a number of Machinery Grandmaster and a number of big doctors, and they are helpless. . Such a young Mechanic, looking at his age, I’m afraid it’s not Mechanic.”

“Which Machinery Grandmaster sent this apprentice, please collect data on my injuries…”

Listening to Bayen’s unceremonious words, Fowler shook his head repeatedly, saying that it was not the case, and assured that this gentleman was unusual and certain/affirm could relieve the symptoms of Bayen’s injury.

“Okay…, since you brought Fowler, just check it, who let me be taken care of by you that many.”

Bayen didn’t say anything. Lifting up the shorts and completely exposing the right thigh, it immediately seemed that these scars were even more hideous.

One after another centipede-like scar, spreading from the knee to the thigh, pulsating gently, making the scalp numb.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything, and was silent from beginning to end. He took out the mechanical equipment and checked Bayen’s scars first.

di di di ……

The detection data displayed on the Light Screen appeared, Lin Chuan glanced, his brows moved slightly, and nodded in secret. The frequency of power fluctuations remaining in the scar, sure enough It is very similar to the [seventh equipment].

It’s just that the energy remaining in Bayen’s scars is much more violent than the energy contained in the [seventh equipment], just like a wild horse running away.

For a moment, Lin Chuan finished the examination, and Fowler asked softly how Bayen’s symptoms were.

“Young man, how about my injury? My scars are itchy every day. Can you relieve it?” Bayen squinted and grinned, said with a smile.

Lin Chuan didn’t speak, looking down at the Light Screen data, and recording something from time to time. After working for a while, he looked up and looked at Bayen.

“Do you think the scars are itchy? What is the point of saying this irony? In your current condition, it should be so painful that it is very difficult to walk…”

“You Centaur Race The endurance of you is really amazing. In the information I checked you before, there was no mention of your wound pain. This pain should have lasted for more than ten years…”

“From the day you were injured ……”

Lin Chuan slowly said.

Bayen’s eyes widened and he looked straight at Lin Chuan, with disbelief on his face.

In these years in prison, every time he checked, he didn’t tell the real symptoms, because he felt that if he could check out his true condition, he would be able to treat his wounds.

However, over the years, whether it is the Machinery Grandmaster, the big doctors, or the famous Heart Origin Priest, they have not been able to check it out. This makes Bayen very disappointed and does not want to mention his injuries. Real symptoms.

Even if he tells his scars, everyday all hurts into the bone marrow, so what? It can’t be cured. These all are in vain…

Now, such a young Mechanic in front of me is just After a little inspection, he could tell exactly the symptoms of his scars, and Bayen stared at him, feeling incredible.

Turning his head, Bayen looked towards Fowler, the latter smiled and nodded and said nothing.

“You young man, how did you see it, someone told you in advance…” Bayen stared, or for questioning.

Lin Chuan cast a glance and said, “This is what the data from the check tells me. Not only do I know that your scars are so painful now, but I also know that if this continues, you probably won’t survive this year…”

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan looked at the time, and then corrected: “Wrong. To be precise, it is not more than ten months to live.”

Speaking like this, Passing the Light Screen, there is Bayen’s mannequin on it, which shows the residual energy from the scar on the thigh, which has begun to erode the spine on his back.

Pointing to the mannequin, Lin Chuan said: “This residual energy frequency is very irritable. Once it invades your spine, it will be like a torch thrown into a pan. The pain in your body should be It’s a hundred times more painful than it is now…”

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan remembered something, took the Light Screen, and entered something.

“The body of the Centaur Race is really strong. If you replace it with a normal Human Race, the residual energy from this kind of scar will erode, and you will probably not live for ten months. Mister Bayen can live for more than ten years, which is really amazing. …” Lin Chuan raised his head, looked at Bayen, and said seriously.

Bayen bared his teeth, grinds his teeth, and growled: “Don’t look at me with the kind of eyes that you look at the test subject. What are you saying is true? When the time comes, will the pain increase a hundredfold? “

“This is a preliminary estimate…” Lin Chuan nodded.

After listening to this Centaur Race, his body trembled uncontrollably, and his hand was covering the scar on his right leg, and the muscles there trembled involuntarily.

The intense mood swings made him unable to bear the pain anymore, but for a moment, Bayen was in a cold sweat from the pain.

“It’s nothing to die…, to die a hundred times more painful than it is now, it’s too painful…, not equal to me now…” Bayen muttered to himself, his face twitching uncontrollably.

At this time, Fowler asked Lin Chuan softly if there is a cure.

“If Mister Bayen is willing to cooperate, I’m probably a little sure, I can treat this injury, and at the worst, it can relieve the pain.” Lin Chuan nodded, said.

Hearing this, Bayen immediately came back to his senses, looking straight at Lin Chuan, revealing a look of shock, “Can you really heal this injury and ease my pain?”


“Of course…, but not free, Mister Bayen, you are a good research object…”

“The tenacious innate talent of Centaur Race, I have always wanted to research and make A device that can improve the tolerance of other races, if you are willing to cooperate…”

Lin Chuan was interrupted by Bayen when he said halfway, the latter repeatedly nodded, saying that there is no problem, as long as Lin Chuan can relieve the pain of his scars.

“Okay. Let’s start…”

Lin Chuan nodded, took out a piece of mechanical equipment and placed it on the table.

“This begins? So soon…” Bayen was stunned for a moment.

Lin Chuan did not speak, and let Bayen lie down on the bed. He took out a long needle tube and inserted it into a scar on Centaur/troops’ right thigh.


Bayen’s eyes widened, but because of his superb endurance, he almost bounced off the bed with pain.


Bayen stared at Lin Chuan, and just wanted to start cursing, but the latter glanced at him. For some reason, he was choked in his heart. It was a sentence. Unable to speak.

He did not notice that the residual energy in the wound, through this long needle tube, flows into the [seventh equipment] under Lin Chuan’s robe…

The sharp pain in the thigh, I don’t know when it will begin to relieve a little bit. When Bayen wakes up, he finds that the pain in the right thigh seems to be relieved a lot.

This is not the key. The key point is that a scar on the thigh is obviously reduced. It is like a centipede that has been smoked, wrapped around the thigh softly.

At the table, Lin Chuan sat there, recorded something on the Light Screen, and started to pack the mechanical instruments.

“The first treatment, almost like this…” Lin Chuan said to Fowler as he packed his things.

“Okay. Sir, when is the next treatment?” Fowler asked.

“Um…, when I have time…” Lin Chuan pretended to ponder for a while, and said vaguely.

“Uh…, sir, can you give me a letter. Mister Bayen, and I are very good friends.” Fowler lowered his voice and pleaded.

“When I have time…”

Bayen was immediately dumbfounded, but he knew that Mechanic’s time was always full, even the average Mechanic, all day long Soak in the laboratory.

What’s more, this young Mechanic has such excellent technology, I am afraid that it will be until next month when it is free, so how can it work?

Immediately, Bayen turned over, rolled off the bed, and apologized on his knees.

“Dear Mr. Mechanic, I was too negligent just now, please don’t take it to your heart!”

“I implore, Mr. Mechanic, treat my injury, I Bayen will be rewarded “

“I am the descendant of Mysterious Star Empire, Northern Land Centaur Regiment Leader lineage. My family is very rich and can pay enough monetary reward……”

Lin Chuan Low Turning his head, he still packed up the mechanical equipment, without any intention of staying, “I am here this time, and it was repeatedly invited by Mister Fowler. Of course, I don’t think Mister Bayen had any negligence before, but my schedule is indeed very full. , Let me make time to treat you specifically, I am afraid it will be difficult to do.”

“Besides, your injury, after this treatment, is enough to relieve for a period of time, I come once a month , Ten months or so, it should be cured…”

Ten…, ten months…

Bayen was suddenly anxious, so how could he be patient? This is the weakness of living beings.

It is true that Centaur Race has tenacious innate talent and can endure such pain for more than ten years. However, once it is relieved and knows that there is hope for a cure, let it wait another ten months, and it immediately feels like A lifetime is so long.

What’s more, if there is an accident during this period and the injury on his body worsens, or if Mr. Mechanic has something to do, he is not in Foca Tower, wouldn’t it be a big problem?

At this time, Fowler looked towards Bayen, winked, and pointed to the mechanical instrument on the table.

The latter was a little dazed, and then reacted all of a sudden, yes! This youngster is Mechanic, how can he impress with money reward?

Bayen’s thoughts turned sharply, he suddenly lifted his shirt, turned around, pointed to his back, and said, “Sir, look at this? My injury is actually related to this thing. I think you It will definitely be of interest…”

In the center of Bayen’s broad back, there is a strange pattern, like a dagger, in which blood vessels seem to be wriggling.

On the tip of the dagger, there is a one after another crack, which seems to be damaged…

“Uh…, this is…”

Lin Chuan frowned, but he was surprised in secret. The purpose of his and Fowler’s coming was this mark on Bayen’s body.

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