This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 461

Centaur Race is very large. Bayen is nearly three meters tall and his body is very standard. If it is reduced a little, and the body is thinner, it will be a standard long-legged uncle in the Human Race.

Of course, the word handsome has nothing to do with Bayen. The first sight of this Centaur Race is majesty.

Now, on the exposed back, the muscles swell like a horned dragon, and the pieces are like rocks.

In the center of the back, the long dagger-like pattern is like a dagger stuck in it.

Lin Chuan’s brow brows slightly, and he suppresses the idea of ​​[Materialized Mental Energy] probing, so as not to cause Bayen’s detection.

Fowler warned before that before he was injured, Bayen was very strong, and he was the sixth boundary expert more than ten years ago.

After the injury, the strength has declined to the fifth boundary Fourth Stage, but the insight of the sixth boundary expert is still there.

Take out the mechanical instrument, Lin Chuan checked Bayen’s body again, and looked at the data displayed on the Light Screen, he made no secret of surprise.

“Strange symptoms, the examination results show that the strength contained in the scars on your thighs is difficult to remove because of the traction of something on your back…”

In Light Screen, Bayen’s mannequin does not have anything on the upper back, but there is one after another virtual thread, which is sent out from there, and is connected with the scar on the right thigh.

This kind of energy trend is very concealed. If Bayen didn’t take the initiative to reveal it, it would be difficult to analyze such symptoms from the inspection data.

“However, it is precisely because of this traction that these residual violent energy have not spread within the body, and you can live to this day…”

Lin Chuan clicking one’s tongue in wonder, very surprised.

Seeing this, Bayen smiled and looked at the relaxed Fowler. His nodded, thankful, finally aroused the interest of this Mechanic, thanks to Mister Fowler’s reminder!

Just as the Centaur Race was muttering in his heart, Lin Chuan was looking up the information. Suddenly raised his head, his expression was keenly interested, “Is this symptom related to Centaur Race’s ineffective Legendary Equipment?”

When Bayen heard it, he was shocked and looked at the youngster with a shocked expression on his face.

About the Legendary Equipment of Centaur Race, this is quite a secret thing, this young Mechanic actually knows.

“It’s nothing strange…”

Lin Chuan used his fingers to support the lower edge of the frame. “After the Hundred Years’ War, Centaur Race secretly invited that many Machinery Grandmaster, Although not much is known to the outside world, it is not a secret in the Mechanic circle.”

Bayen was dumbfounded and murmured: “Is that so? Those damn Old Guys, they lied to me before. , This is the top secret about racial prosperity, so I must not say it. It turns out that it’s not a secret long ago…”

“Actually, it’s not just the Mechanic circle, I also heard about it early on . It’s just that they are all used as post-dinner talks, and they don’t care much…” Fowler said.

Lin Chuan and Fowler looked at each other without a trace, and immediately looked away.

At this point, the two did not lie to Bayen. The news about the failure of Centaur Race’s strongest equipment has long been a secret.

After all, after the Hundred Years’ War, Centaur Race secretly invited the Machinery Grandmaster of Eastern and Western Continents in order to restore the effectiveness of its strongest equipment. It was said that it was a secret invitation, but there was no way to hide it.

It’s just that, through Bayen’s injury and the dagger pattern behind it, I contacted the Legendary Equipment of Centaur Race. There is actually a little loophole.

However, Bayen is simply a layman in Mechanical Domain. No matter what Lin Chuan says, this Centaur/troops will believe it, not only believe it, but also believe it.

ding ding ding~ ……

Looking at the data on the Light Screen, Lin Chuan casually said: “Tell me about the specifics. I am interested in Centaur Race’s Legendary Equipment. Not big, the technology contained in that thing is mainly the skill of ancient times. It is difficult to fit with the current mechanical technology, but, Mister Bayen, your situation makes me very interested.”

Bayen Sitting on the ground, clutching the injury of his right thigh, fell into the memory, and did not speak for a while.

He is not thinking about which Centaur Race secrets should not be revealed, but about the process of his injury, Bayen himself is also very confused.

This was an accident, but it ruined many of the elite of Centaur Race, and this secret was not even passed back to Centaur Race, it has been hidden in Bayen’s heart.

“About thirteen years ago…”

Bayen paused for a while and began to talk about this unbearable past, when he was high-spirited and Vigorous, the most outstanding fighter of the previous generation of Centaur Race, is one of the two genius sons of Centaur Race patriarch.

In the Northern Land of Mysterious Star Empire, Bayen and his big brother Weller are also known as the twin stars of Centaur Race.

At that time, many people believed that the two geniuses of Centaur Race would definitely lead this race to a peak.

Different from the big brother Weller, Bayen is a natural warrior, advocating the Martial Way. Thirteen years ago, when he was just 30 years old, he had reached the sixth boundary.

The sixth boundary expert of the Centaur Race, with the innate talent of this race, is born with a sturdy body, and its battle strength is as strong as one can imagine.

On that day, an elder in the clan secretly approached him and invited Bayen to participate in an experiment concerning the restoration of Centaur Race Legendary Equipment.

Then Elder informed that this experiment has been carried out for hundreds of years and finally yielded results.

However, there is a lack of Centaur Race fighters who can wear Legendary Equipment, that is, Centaur Race fighters with a rock dagger pattern on their backs.


Hearing this, Lin Chuan was a little curious, and asked: “Does Centaur Race wear Legendary Equipment. Do we need such harsh conditions? As far as I know, Centaur Regiment At the peak period, there were as many as a thousand Centaur Race fighters wearing this equipment.”

Of course, the so-called Centaur Regiment in history refers to these thousand Centaur/troops fighters. , Wearing Legendary Equipment, has a battle strength of one block and one hundred.

What I said here is one-stop-hundred-hundred, which is a battle of the same tier, with one-to-one battle strength of the same tier.

This kind of fighting force is outrageous to listen to, but it is a fact.

According to the records in the mechanical literature, if the fighters wearing Centaur Race Legendary Equipment are pulled out one-on-one, they will fight on the same level, that is, one against two and three enemy fighters.

However, if a thousand people form an army, you can exert dozens of times the battle strength……

Energy Connection? !

This is what Lin Chuan saw from top-secret documents. It mentioned that the manufacture of this legendary equipment used a lost skill of ancient times, [Energy Connection].

One of the key technologies of [Seventh equipment] is the [Energy Connection], which perfectly brings together wearer, mechanical arm, heart origin power, and Mental Energy.

Such technology is really exciting, and it is also one of the purposes of Lin Chuan’s trip.

However, he actually has questions. He has a deep understanding of the structure of Centaur Race Legendary Equipment. The [Energy Connection] skills used in it are actually relatively superficial.

And the [Energy Connection] skill contained in the [seventh equipment] is extremely profound, and the difference between the two, equivalent to Mechanic, and Maintenance Man.

The thoughts in his mind turned, Lin Chuan asked his question one after another, and Bayen was stunned to hear him, ten questions, it would be nice to be able to answer one question.

“You haven’t asked this gentleman’s name yet?” Bayen sat on the ground, bowed slightly, respectful.

Although he is a layman for Mechanical Domain, he can also hear that when it comes to Legendary Equipment, this youngster is not only as simple as healing his injuries, but also better in mechanical aspects than those of Centaur Race The so-called Machinery Grandmaster feels great.

Looking at Lin Chuan’s age again, Bayen scorned the younger generation that still remained in his heart, and stepped on it.

Such a Mechanic, even if he is not injured, he must be sincere.

“My name is Lin Chuan.” Lin Chuan responded.

Today, he no longer needs to keep his identity secret.

As long as you don’t let people associate him with several other identities, there is nothing to worry about.

“Mister Chuan…”

Bayen’s polite address, the tone was paused, and said: “The next thing I want to say is about the top secret of our Centaur Race, I hope Mister Chuan , And Fowler, can keep it secret.”

Lin Chuan nodded.

Fowler laughed and said nothing.

Seeing the expressions of the two people, they were a bit disapproving. They seemed to think that the secrets Bayen said were actually not secrets outside. For this, the majestic Centaur/troops was quite dissatisfied.

“You may not know that the legendary equipment referred to by the outside world is not the same as our Centaur Race’s strongest equipment. The Centaur Race’s strongest equipment, since ancient times, has one and only one set , That’s [Earth King Equipment]!”

“Centaur Race does not have the Regiment Commander of [Earth King Equipment], those Legendary Equipment cannot be activated. That’s why, after the Hundred Years’ War, Centaur Regiment’s battle strength plummets.”

“In the last ages, what we Centaur Race has always wanted to repair is actually the [Earth King Equipment]!”

Bayen sighed and moved Centaur The big secret of Race was revealed. Looking at Lin Chuan and Fowler’s surprised expressions, they suddenly felt refreshed.

“In other words, if you want to wear [Earth King Equipment], you need a Centaur Race with a rock dagger pattern, and such Centaur Race people have always been descendants of patriarch lineage…” Lin Chuan pondered then said.

“Mister Chuan is right.” Bayen even nodded.

Thirteen years ago, he accepted the request of the elder of the clan, concealed his father, and the big brother, went to a secret base, participated in the [Earth King Equipment] repair experiment.

If this experiment is successful and he wears [Earth King Equipment], the invincible Centaur Regiment will return, and Northern Land’s Centaur Race will rise again and board Peak.

If it fails, in Bayen’s view, there is nothing to do, as it is to contribute to Centaur Race.

However, he did not expect that in the last test, the [Earth King Equipment] on his body was out of control, and the violent force swept the entire base, and everyone was buried there.

Bayen was eroded by violent energy. In the following years, it was muddleheaded, like a lunatic, hurting people everywhere.

After that, when he broke into Foca Tower, he was personally captured by Lieutenant General Phillon and locked up in City Hall Prison.


Speaking of which, Bayen is spreading his hands. This is his experience. It involves the top secret of Centaur Race and has never informed Fowler.

The reason for staying here for so long is that Bayen’s injury is half-waste, and the other is guilt. Many of the people who died in the secret base are his relatives.

“[Rock Dagger Pattern]……”

Lin Chuan pondered, his thoughts turned, didn’t expect this trip, he would have such a gain.

In this way, the mechanical blueprint that Fowler gave him is a technology developed by Cromwell from [Earth King Equipment].

Before, as a deal, Lin Chuan originally thought that the blueprint given to him by Fowler was part of the construction diagram of Centaur Race Legendary Equipment, and wanted to get some clues from Bayen.

But didn’t expect, from the mouth of this Centaur/troops, I knew the existence of [Earth King Equipment].

In this way, many things make sense. At the Foca Tower, the research on the Divine Stone Body was stalled for a while.

Elf Race’s skills, Cromwell’s research, and Sea Beast’s splitting technology are not enough for the Divine Stone Body to be created.

During this period, Cromwell had been out for several months. No one knew where he went. However, when he returned to Foca Tower, the research of Divine Stone Body made breakthrough progress.

As for the document in Fowler’s hands, it was not found in Cromwell’s laboratory, but in Bayen when he was crazy.

The prison guards did not know the value of the document, but Fowler saw at a glance that the mechanical composition was drawn by Cromwell, and it was inferred from time that it was the time Cromwell was out.

Sometimes things in this world are just such coincidences…

Lin Chuan can’t help but sigh. Thousands of years ago, those secret major events in Foca Tower, many of the details were originally It should have been annihilated in River of Time a long time ago, but because of a small splash, it happened to reveal the truth of the past.

Divine Stone Body, and even the later development of [Seventh Equipment], in addition to the technology of the third party, actually involved the crystallization of the technology of the fourth party.

Thoughts fluctuated, but Lin Chuan was not idle with his hands, typing quickly on the virtual keyboard, re-simulating Bayen’s human body model.

Looking at the mannequin, Lin Chuan pretended to ponder for a while, and then re-drawn a set of treatment plan.

After that, he took out the long needle again and inserted it into a hideous scar. In Bayen’s painful and distorted face, he quickly pulled away the energy remnants from the scar.


Bayen was breathing heavily, sweating like rain, and his muscles were trembling unconsciously because of pain. He hoarsely asked, “Mister Chuan, you How long do you think it will take you to heal the injury.”

Lin Chuan said: “At this rate, about half a month, the pain in your body can be relieved. However, if you want to heal the injury, then It’s hard to say, and I can’t guarantee it.”

“However, just like an ordinary person, you don’t feel pain at ordinary times. That’s fine, and your body will recover a lot.”



Bayen’s eyes lit up, ecstatic, “Mister Chuan, can I really live a normal life?!”

Lin Chuan certain /affirm nodded: “Not only will you be able to live a normal life, but your strength will gradually improve a lot. Even if you do not reach the Peak period, it should be no problem to recover to more than 70%.”

“No No, it doesn’t matter if my strength recovers, it’s actually nothing. I can finally do what men should do! This is the most important thing!” Bayen’s eyes lit up and his throat started to swallowed saliva.

Lin Chuan: “…”

Fowler stepped forward, patted Bayen’s shoulder, and said, “Bayen, congratulations! This is the greatest joy!”

“Yeah! Fowler, this is really the biggest happy event! You don’t know how painful I have been for more than ten years! Every time I have a thought, I feel a little bit of pain. No more, that’s really torment!” Water mist appeared in Bayen’s eyes.

“I understand, Bayen…” Fowler said sincerely, empathetic.

Looking at a half-Mechanical Puppet, a majestic Centaur/troops almost crying, Lin Chuan was speechless, these two guys empathize with this kind of thing, it’s really outrageous.

Too lazy to take care of these two guys, Lin Chuan packed up his things, then got up and walked out of the cell first.

Looking at Young Mechanic’s back and disappearing at the door, Bayen patted Fowler on the shoulder and said, “Many thanks, brother! This time I really thank you for your help. I invited such a genius Mechanic to come over. Who is this man! Is this the new genius of the Eastern Continent Mechanic organization?”


Fowler pretended to be worried, he wanted to say something, and then stopped. He lowered his voice and said: “The identity of this Mister Chuan is very secret, don’t tell it to you!”


Hearing this, Bayen immediately nodded. In the past, listening to Fowler’s whisper.

After listening for a while, a startled expression appeared on Bayen’s face, and he lost his voice: “Is this a genius Mechanic cultivated by the ancient influence? No wonder… the organization with the Redbud badge, Redbud…”

After repeating a few words in his mouth, Bayen’s eyes widened suddenly, and he whispered: “Redbud Regiment?! This influence still exists, really didn’t expect! How long has this been…”

Seeing Bayen’s reaction, it was Fowler’s turn to be surprised. Regarding Lin Chuan’s origins, he only knew part of it. He didn’t expect Bayen to know the Redbud Organization.

“Foca Tower’s turmoil this time, had it not been for this organization to send a number of seventh boundary experts, the consequences would be worrying! Bayen, do you know the Redbud Organization?” Fowler asked softly.

“Of course…, of course I know, how could I not know…, Redbud Regiment! Dark Age, the invincible army that has run rampant on the continent for an era…”

Bayen was nodded again and again, and felt that it was the invincible Legion in Dark Age, and the Dragon Race at that time, the Wrathful Regiment of the dwarf king, and the three major Legions.

The existence of the three major Legions crossed over to a certain extent, but they played the role of the mainstay in the Dark Age Early Stage.

It is these three Legions that built the barrier of Dark Age Early-Stage and withstood the Sea Beast Regiment that was fully attacked from Five Seas.

After that, Heart Origin Expert, Heart-Origin Equipment, Eastern Continent’s Centaur Regiment, Lion Heart King’s Iron Horse, and Sacred Temple Hall’s Knight Regiment were gradually established…

” Redbud Regiment has always been listed as the top three Legion in the Centaur Race books for thousands of years! Unexpectedly, this influence is still alive…”

Bayen sighed and spoke to Lin. Chuan’s attitude became more respectful.

Fowler stared, opened his mouth, and was also shocked. He just asked casually, and he was involved in such a secret unexpectedly.

“Mister Fowler. Anyway, many thanks to you!” Bayen said sincerely.

“We are all old friends. This is nothing. When you recover, I will be the host and take you to the Foca Tower to have fun.”

Fowler said like this , The two took a look, and both showed smiles that men understand.

Getting out of the cell, Lin Chuan has been waiting outside, and seeing Fowler walking briskly and walking over happily, he couldn’t help hooking the head.

“Look, Mister Chuan and Bayen’s reactions indicate my wish, which is not excessive at all! You are too young to understand the feelings of those of us. The nature of living creatures cannot be obliterated. That…” Fowler walked over, and first washed himself.

“It’s OK.”

Lin Chuan pouted, changed the subject, and discussed Bayen’s situation with Fowler.

The harvest at this time is much more than expected. The purpose of this trip was to obtain the specific structure diagram of Legendary equipment from Bayen, so as to develop further [Energy Connection] skill.

But didn’t expect, from Bayen, I learned the secret of [Earth King Equipment].

If you can further obtain the structure diagram of [Earth King Equipment], it is not difficult to restore all the technologies of [Energy Connection].

“Mister Chuan, if you can study all the techniques of [the seventh equipment], when the time comes, can you completely transform my whole body again.” Fowler lowered his voice and said flatly.

Lin Chuan rubbed the forehead, “Didn’t you say that a week ago, as long as you use [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] to transform those positions, there will be no regrets?”

“It’s one thing to have no regrets! To go further is another thing! But all creatures have the desire to pursue higher…, I naturally want to be a man again and completely…”

Fowler was talking, thinking of these days, having a happy life, he couldn’t help showing intoxication, feeling the enthusiasm, fiery heat, and so on of those beauties again… This is the life a man should live. ……

Lin Chuan snorted, said: “If you can find more [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], it’s no problem.”

“Of course… , Of course…, all this is not in a hurry, I will look for it slowly…” Fowler said with a smile.

Speaking like this, Lin Chuan complexion slightly changed, showing a weird color, while walking, running the Mental Energy mark, monitoring the conversation between the Lady Yu and Viscount Lowe in another cell.

The content of these two people’s conversations, from the very beginning of each other’s ridicule, exchange of terms, to the inside story of the Mysterious Star Empire royal family, and then to the private transaction between the two people……

” Lady Yu, this woman does not seem to be as simple as serving the Mysterious Star Empire royal family…”

Lin Chuan is slightly frowned. From her conversation with Viscount Lowe, we can see how powerful this woman is.

Whether it is speaking or imposing manner, it is above Lowe. Not only that, this woman has talked for so long and has never revealed any information about herself. Of course, this is not the discovery of Lin Chuan’s surveillance , But be careful.

Lin Chuan looked towards Fowler and said: “If this Lady Yu comes into contact with you, you will find a chance to explore her bottom.”

The beautiful snake…

Fowler was taken aback for a moment, and then shook his head firmly. He was principled!

There will never be any dealings with such a dangerous woman. If one is not careful, maybe there is not even a bit of scum left.

Lin Chuan squinted. This guy was so serious and he didn’t know who it was. He went to [Thunder Fortress] to sell himself and brought out the wooden ball from Kitty Lan by the way.

“I…, wasn’t that forced to help…” Fowler said with a smile.

Walking out of the special cell area, I happened to see Lady Yu coming from another direction. Strangely, Lu Jin did not accompany her before.

“Mister Fowler, what a coincidence!”

Lady Yu saw Fowler, suddenly the pupil light shone, her waist swayed, and she walked slowly, but in reality Very quickly, came to the front.

Fowler is very polite and asks why Lady Yu is alone.

“Mister Lu Jin seems to be in a hurry, and was called back by a newsletter. I originally said, let him be a guide, take me to Foca Tower and enjoy the scenery here…”

while speaking, under Lady Yu’s windbreaker, the towering upper body swayed slightly, making waves visible to the naked eye, making Fowler some of his eyes straight.

Actually, not only Fowler, but the men around him are about to stick out.

“Then…, let me help Lady Yu and contact Mister Lu Jin.” Fowler hesitated for a moment, said.

Lady Yu groaned: “Mister Fowler, is this how your Foca Tower officials treat guests? How can I be considered an expatriate from Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, you should at least receive it. “

Fowler’s enchanting amorous feelings spread as his eyes flowed, making Fowler rippling with it, and nodded agreed.

“Then…, Mister Fowler, I will go back first…” Lin Chuan saluted slightly, seeming to greet Fowler with his entourage, but he was actually reminding the latter not to fall in the sewer.

Fowler waved his hand, then showed an elegant smile, and took Lady Yu, the two walked slowly.

Lin Chuan shook his head secretly, this profligate thing in this respect, the so-called principle is really no principle.

I got out of the prison first, and there was a Floating Vehicle parked on the street. Lin Chuan got in the car, and Tai Gu and Fei Yu were waiting for him inside.

“The compensation from the Sea Beast side will arrive today, Mister Chuan, this time I have taken your light…” Fei Yu lightly said with a smile.

Her face can’t hide the joy, whoever gets such a huge income will be happy.

For Fei Yu, this trip to Foca Tower was an unexpectedly rich harvest. Not only the physical symptoms were resolved, but also the strength was greatly improved. In the previous storm, fiercely hit The enemy in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture.

Now, I have received a huge amount of compensation. This is a good thing in one fell swoop, and everyone hopes to have more.

Lin Chuan glanced at Fei Yu and said: “It just so happens, I have something to ask Young Lady Fei Yu…”

Fei Yu was taken aback, this young Mechanic will ask her, This is a bit novel.

Lin Chuan turned his head and looked towards out of the car window. Fei Yu and Tai Gu followed along. They happened to see Prison Sect, the supervisor of City Hall, and Fowler and Lady Yu came out.

In this short period of time, Lady Yu has already taken Fowler, her plump boss pressed on the latter’s arm, looking very intimate.

“This Lady Yu is here to visit Lowe, Young Lady Fei Yu, do you have any impression?” Lin Chuan said.

At this time, Fei Yu’s complexion was suddenly cold, staring at Lady Yu.

“It’s more than acquaintance. In Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, this woman is not so powerful…” Fei Yu said indifferently.

Lin Chuan and Tai Gu looked at each other. If they weren’t ordinary women, in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, isn’t Fei Yu the same?

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