This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 462

Lady Yu! ?

In Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, there are many well-informed people and many intelligence merchants, but there are very few people who really know that Lady Yu has energy.

Fei Yu only learned about the energy of this mysterious woman in the past six months. His previous impression was that she was just a lucky woman who married a Marquis and a Duke.

I said it was lucky, because Lady Yu had a very ordinary background, the daughter of a down-and-out nobleman, but she was photographed by a Marquis in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture and became her third wife.

After three years of marriage, the elderly Marquis died. It is said that he walked peacefully and left a large legacy to Lady Yu.

Then she remarried again, married to the son of a felony Duke, and met Lady Yu in exile, and the two became husband and wife.

After that, the son of Duke was rehabilitated and returned to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture to inherit the position of Duke.

Seven years ago, this was a talked-about thing, and then five years later, Lady Yu’s second husband also died, because the old illness in the exile relapsed and the condition Deteriorating and passing away.

With the title of Duke’s widow, Lady Yu went deep into the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, but not many people noticed it.

Until half a year ago, because of an accident, Fei Yu knew how amazing the energy contained in Lady Yu is in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture.

“It seems that Young Lady Fei Yu has a very tense relationship with this Lady Yu…”

Lin Chuan laughed, and did not ask what the accident was. Inferred from time, It should be inseparable from the Flame Sword pattern on Fei Yu.

Looking at Fei Yu, Lin Chuan thought of another possible identity for this woman, someone who could take part in sniping her, naturally not simple……

“This woman has a close relationship with the royal family Not only did he maintain a good relationship with the Seventh Imperial Prince, but also with other Imperial Princes in the royal family, but he was also very close to the digital seniors of the Imperial Knight Regiment…”

Fei Yu pupil light flickered, and there was a faintness in his eyes. The killing intent, obviously, the entanglement between her and Lady Yu is not as simple as unpleasant.

After a moment of silence, Fei Yu looked towards Lin Chuan and asked: “Mister Chuan asked about this woman, is there anything wrong?”

Looking out the car window, Fowler, Lady Yu’s Floating Vehicle disappeared at the end of the street. Lin Chuan groaned for a while and said: “This woman came to Foca Tower not only to take Lowe away, but also to kill those Sea Beasts who were in custody.”

hearing this, Fei Yu and Tai Gu can’t help but stay for a while, which is different from what the two expected.

If Lady Yu came here to take away Lowe and those imprisoned royal consecrates, this is the past.

However, the idea of ​​Sea Beast was actually hit, which makes people feel a little confused.

“I also think it’s weird…”

Lin Chuan laughed, he was also surprised when he heard the conversation between Lady Yu and Lowe.

From the conversation between the two, Lady Yu wanted to take away those Sea Beasts, regardless of life or death. This is not to set off the diagnosis of Foca Tower and Sea Beast Regiment. This woman simply wants these Sea Beast.

Moreover, from Lowe’s attitude, the energy this woman possesses should be more amazing than Fei Yu knows.

Thinking about this, Lin Chuan sighed: “I thought that this storm would be over, but I didn’t expect some twists and turns…”

“This kind of storm, Where can it be so easy to calm down, the riots in the city can be suppressed so quickly. It’s not Lieutenant General Phillon, and I’m busy…”

Tai Gu said in an angry voice. Compared with Lin Chuan, he It is the busiest one, who is also meeting with Lieutenant General Phillon and acting as a spokesperson of the Redbud Organization to cope with the influence of various parties.

This is not the most tiring. After all, he is a Smartbrain, so there is no such thing as tiredness.

The most upsetting thing for Tai Gu is that [Void Bone Shadow] still needs a lot of repairs, but it has been delayed.

If this Avatar is damaged too much and cannot play the battle strength afterwards, that would be bad.

“I’m very tired too…”

Lin Chuan curled his lips, thinking about what he did this week, it was also very distressing.

There are so many bad things. Lin Chuan really doesn’t want to deal with these fights. There are still that many things to do and that many researches are going on.

Now, there is another research object of Bayen, and Lin Chuan has long wanted to give up, regardless of right or wrong of the outside world.

However, whether it is these Sea Beast captives, or the Sea Beast corpse, or the Lowe in custody, these guys represent huge indemnities. Lin Chuan impossible sits and watches, which makes him very annoyed. .

Looking at the unhappy appearance of the two, Fei Yu’s mouth turned slightly, and a smile appeared unconsciously. With these two get involved, it feels much easier to handle things no matter what.

“Mister Chuan, do you have any plans?” Fei Yu asked.

Lin Chuan raised his eyes and glanced at the wise woman, said ill-humoredly: “Young Lady Fei Yu, that woman is your enemy, you shouldn’t do more about this, plan It’s up to you to make it.”

“This is Foca Tower. I am weak here. Where can I do it. It’s Mister Chuan. Come on.”

Fei Yu kicked the ball over and promised to come to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture. Lin Chuan will help if there is any trouble.

Hey…this kind of empty check…

Furthermore, in recent years, he will not go to the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture…

Lin Chuan’s heart Muttered, thought for a moment, and said: “When Fowler has news, make a plan, go back and take a rest. I haven’t slept for five days, and I’m a little sleepy…”

“About Divine There is no need to rush to the Stone Body research. Don’t rely on young, you are strong, just overdraft like this, you need to relax moderately.” Tai Gu persuaded.

“Yeah…Mister Chuan, Divine Stone Body, this kind of technology, didn’t you say that it has been researched, and there is not enough [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] to build it?” Fei Yu is also persuading Lin Chuan rests more.

After all, for top experts, there is no sleep for days and nights, although there is no major event, but Lin Chuan’s situation is different. Mechanic’s experiment consumes not only physical strength, but more Brain power, this is a great overdraft.

Lin Chuan didn’t speak, and didn’t want to say that the experiment done this week was actually transforming Fowler’s body.

He has warned Fowler fiercely about this matter. If it leaks out, he will be the first one to settle accounts with this profligate thing.

With a turn of his thoughts, he thought of Bayen’s Centaur Race, the ability of the [Rock Dagger Pattern] really surprised him.

【Earth King Equipment 】……

Did Cromwell only obtain the skills of 【Energy Connection】from this weapon?

The skills contained in this magic weapon are far from being as simple as [Energy Connection].

However, the mature skills of [Energy Connection] alone made Lin Chuan’s heart fascinated. According to Bayen’s description, the energy injected by [Earth King Equipment] is far less than [Seventh equipment]. huge.

The reason why [seventh equipment] requires so much energy is not that the formidable power is stronger, but that too much energy is lost in the process of [Energy Connection].

After all, this [seventh equipment] in Lin Chuan’s hands is just Cromwell’s first experimental product, and it is not perfect in many aspects.

From some information, it is inferred that the [seventh equipment] that Cromwell was equipped with during the decisive battle with Sea Beast Regiment should be a fairly mature work.

If you can thoroughly grasp the technical core of [Energy Connection], the structure of [Seventh equipment] can be further improved, and the energy required for filling will be greatly reduced, and the formidable power that can be used can even be Go further.

At that time, for Lin Chuan, it is equivalent to a strategic weapon, and it has become a part of conventional strength. Such improvement is equivalent to a qualitative change.

“There is also the fifth layer deduction of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], the upgrade of [Cracked Scale Arm]…”

Lin Chuan thought about it, but got a headache again and took it out One [Sea Giant Potion], drink it all, sober your mind.

The corners of Fei Yu’s mouth curled slightly, with a slight chuckle. When this person was involved in mechanical research, he was a Mechanic through and through, and he didn’t have the depth of dealing with the enemy.

On the street, the Floating Vehicle was speeding, and soon arrived at Lin Chuan’s residence, got out of the car, went upstairs into the bedroom, Lin Chuan fell asleep and fell asleep.


In the lobby, Kitty Lan called out, looked at the half-covered door, jumped over, took a look at the probe, and saw that Lin Chuan didn’t react at all .

Little Brat licked his paw, raised his paw, sucked the door of the room, and closed it quietly.

Behind her, the little girl was wearing a black and white tutu, holding a dinner plate, and asked with her eyes whether she would like to prepare dinner for her husband.

Little Blue Cat waved its paw to indicate that it is not necessary. It knows that the owner must be exhausted. If it is in peacetime, with the owner’s prudent temper, it will definitely lock the door.

Stepping into the hall, Kitty Lan turned off the TV to avoid disturbing the owner.

Immediately, it became a bit boring, and it was really boring during the period of staying in Foca Tower.

Compared with Pearl Where Three Seas Meet -Dava Golden City, the climate of this city is incomparable. All days are not cloudy or rainy, and the climate in winter is still so cold…

When I think of being here, I still encounter the great danger of only time in the two years of birth, Kitty Lan is even more unwelcome to this city.


Little Blue Cat is yawning. Since I don’t watch the show, what interesting things can I do?

Play with Little Whites?

Kitty Lan shook his head and looked at the little girl. For the identity of Teacher Cat, it must maintain a certain mysterious and majesty. Playing with Little Whites is too demeaning.

With drooping ears, Little Blue Cat sighed in his heart. It would be good if it were in Dava Golden City. It is winter and it is still warm there. Lying on the sofa, there will be a beautiful Young Lady soon. Feeding, such a pleasant day, how wonderful it is!

“Teacher Cat, is there any problem…”

The little girl asked in a low voice, seeming to feel Kitty Lan’s distress.

Meow…, by the way, I can teach this little girl…

Kitty Lan’s ears pricked up, and suddenly remembered the master’s order, when I have time, appropriate Guide this little girl.

This week, the little girl has changed a lot, mainly because of the stability of Mental Energy. She was a bit irritable from time to time before.

Nowadays, it has changed from a waterfall-like frequency to a relatively rapid river flowing. Such a change is self-consciously aware of Kitty Lan’s keenness for Mental Energy.

Sitting on the sofa, Little Brat held his head up and looked at the little girl. Suddenly he had an idea, play chess!

Playing chess is also a good way to calm your emotions, and it is also an auxiliary means to exercise Mental Energy and control Mental Energy!

Kitty Lan suddenly remembered that the owner had discussed with Tai Gu, if it was not too time-consuming to play chess, the owner would be happy to try.

For Little Brat, it doesn’t care whether it takes time, it just wants to find some fun and quiet fun while the owner is asleep.

Meow…, wonderful!

Immediately, Kitty Lan instructed the little girl to prepare a chess board. It would teach Laknia to play chess.

“Stop talking, the master is sleeping, don’t disturb!”

“Play chess, if you don’t understand, type and ask!”



Light Screen beside the table, Kitty Lan input like this, patched Light Screen, with a serious face.

Little Brat’s two claws are flying, typing on the Light Screen quickly, talking about the benefits of playing chess for the little girl.

“I understand! I will study hard, Teacher Cat!”

The little girl kept nodded and said that she must study chess seriously. She knew that Teacher Cat was for her Great.

Kitty Lan :(¬◡¬)✧


In the evening, Lin Chuan woke up from a deep sleep and looked at the time, but it was not yet Six p.m.

However, the sky outside the window is pitch black. In winter in Foca Tower, the sky is dark very early.

“Finally fell asleep a good sleep……”

Lin Chuan stretched his body and listened. In the hall, Kitty Lan and the little girl are there, two Little Brat’s The breath is very stable, nothing is wrong.

Sitting on the bed, Lin Chuan was stunned for a moment. This is a rare thing. Since his strength has been achieved, his thoughts have been very clear. Coupled with the advancement of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], both energy and brainpower are extremely abundant.

The reason for the shock is that the eyeball pattern on the forehead, the pendulum pattern on the chest is faintly discernible, one after another pure power gushes out from it, spreading to the limbs.

“This is…, the accumulation of previous fighting…”

Lin Chuan closed his eyes, feeling the body washed away by one after another energy flow, and the pores all over his body opened up. .

Heart origin power and Mental Energy circulate within the body. While strengthening the body, it also repairs the minor damage suffered within the body during the previous fighting.

breathes deeply, Lin Chuan depresses the power of the cycle a little, and takes out a bottle of potion, including Healing Potion, potion for tempering body, and potion for assisting heart origin power.

Drink these potions with a single brain, Lin Chuan doesn’t care about whether there will be conflicts between medicine efficacy and the pendulum pattern abilities, so there is no need to worry about it.


The power within the body burst into thin air, surging everywhere in the body, quickly filling Lin Chuan’s body.

In an instant, Lin Chuan didn’t deliberately operate his power, and the scene within the body appeared in his mind, every blood vessel, every organ…, just like holography, one after in his mind another emerges, and can detect where there is damage, where there is a dark disease…

This situation is no longer an ordinary introspection, but a new boundary induced by oneself.


The heart beats violently, and every time it beats, there is a large amount of blood rushing to the whole body, and the power of the potion carried in it is quickly brought into play.

This kind of efficiency is several times higher than before.

However, this is not what surprised Lin Chuan. He found that the blood flow within the body, under the control of the eyeball pattern, was actually slowed down deliberately in certain parts.

For example, in the right hand palm, blood fills up in this area, and the entire palm surface begins to engorge and swell, which looks very oozing.

In the palm of the right hand, it seems that blood is about to spurt out from the pores. In fact, blood droplets do leak out, but drops of black bruises.

This is a week ago, when I was fighting with the Divine Stone Body’s Sea Beast, I suffered from the strange force of Kitty Lan within the body and left some internal injuries in the palm of the right hand.

Now, it is self-healing, just like in the palm of the hand, the metabolism speeds up rapidly, which promotes the healing speed of the injury.

Not only that, heart origin power and body enhancement are just one aspect. Lin Chuan’s Mental Energy is also changing.

Raising his palm and squeezing it violently, an illusory sword quickly solidified, and in the blink of an eye, a substantial Mental Energy sword was formed.

While holding this sword in your hand, there is a sense of contradiction. It is both heavy and light as if nothing…

thoughts move, this Mental Energy sword keeps changing , Making subtle adjustments, and soon a simple and simple long sword is completely condensed.

With a movement of the wrist, the long sword stabs out silently, but between the stabs, three afterimages are left behind.

This is not a Sword Skill, it is purely when the sword is swung, and there will be an afterimage of the additional three swords.

Lin Chuan swung his sword and slashed towards the corner of the table. The long sword fell, and the corner of the table was cut into four pieces…

This scene made Lin Chuan a bit speechless. One sword and four shadows is a brilliant Sword Skill, but it is an attribute of this Mental Energy sword.

So far, Lin Chuan also understands that after the fierce battle not long ago, his strength has improved a lot.

“Mental Energy’s enhancement, this level is enough, now the enhancement of itself is mainly in the Fleshy body…”

Lin Chuan muttered, Breathes deeply, running [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], taking this opportunity to continuously circulate the blood within the body, impacting every part of the body.

For a time, in his body, because of the speed of blood flow, one after another heat was generated, and a violent blood qi was surging.

The blood in blood vessels continuously washes the body, increasing Lin Chuan’s fleshy body strength at an astonishing speed.

The reason for putting the focus on the tempering of Fleshy body is that Lin Chuan feels a considerable burden after wearing the [seventh equipment].

This kind of weapon is powerful, but the burden on the body is also enormous.

Heart-Origin Equipment in this world consumes the wearer’s heart origin power when it is activated.

And [Seventh equipment], as a medium, can bear the pressure of the heart origin power operation, which is why Cromwell can wear a set of Nine Stars Level Heart-Origin Equipment and is invincible.

However, many things in this world are conserved.

While bearing the operating pressure of heart origin power, the [seventh equipment] stress on wearer fleshy body is much higher than that of Heart-Origin Equipment.

Therefore, with Lin Chuan’s current strength, he wants to put on a Five Stars Level suit, and then put on the [seventh equipment], to play a super battle strength, heart origin power, fleshy body, Mental Energy must reach a very high level in all three aspects.

This is why, when Cromwell was alive, his own strength was able to stand at the apex of continent.

hua la la ……

At this time, the blood flow within the body is like a turbulent stream, constantly surging, and Lin Chuan’s body surface is covered A layer of dark brown bruises.

Lin Chuan felt unprecedentedly relaxed, as if the body was completely purified from the inside out, and every pore was breathing comfortably.

huhuhu ……

This situation lasted for an hour before the pendulum pattern slowly disappeared. Lin Chuan opened his eyes, quite a little bit unfinished.

This kind of cultivation state, he knows that it is very rare, it is martial artists yearn for something even in dreams.

“Unfortunately…, this kind of cultivation is only encountered occasionally. If this happens every day, I am afraid that my strength will soon break through to the sixth boundary…”

Lin Chuan thought so much, and immediately burst into laughter. Not to mention the deduction of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], it will take quite a while.

Furthermore, the accumulation during the breakthrough sixth boundary is far from enough. When the strength reaches this stage, the cultivation speed will really slow down. If there are no unexpected encounters, I am afraid that there will be no one or two years. It’s hard to reach the sixth boundary.

As for his own situation, Lin Chuan can now clearly understand that his current body is like three big tanks. Although the heart origin power, fleshy body, and Mental Energy are all strong, they are far from big. The cylinder is full.

The next improvement is not only to fill the big tank, but even in the process, but also to polish the material of the big tank, which needs to be accumulated over a long period of time.

Sitting on the bed, Lin Chuan slowly reduced his strength. When the heartbeat was normal, he jumped up, washed in the bathroom, opened the door and walked out.

Now he is too hungry. He has to have a good meal…

However, in the hall, Lin Chuan saw Kitty Lan squatting on the round table in the corner, facing him There is a chess board, and the little girl is playing chess.

The little girl’s face was pasted with a piece of paper, and she counted it down. She had already counted almost twenty discs. The little face was crumpled and she seemed to be crying.


Kitty Lan called out, revealing the sternness of being a teacher, and seemed to warn the little girl to have a sense of peace and to be indifferent to winning or losing.

“Teacher Cat, I won’t be off today…” The little girl cried sadly.

Little Blue Cat shook his head, seeming to sigh, this student is really not too good.

Seeing Lin Chuan standing by the door, Kitty Lan jumped up and jumped onto the owner’s shoulder, yelling in favor.

“Meow… Master, you are awake! This kitty feels like you are practicing. Congratulations, Master has improved again…” Kitty Lan kept calling and patted Ma P.

Anyway, only Lin Chuan can understand the specific meaning of its call, and the little girl can’t figure out the meaning.


Lin Chuan shook the head. When Little Blue Cat was obsessed with chess, he pestered him, but because Lin Chuan was too busy, he would Little Brat threw it to Tai Gu, and let Lightbrain condensed into a light and shadow to accompany it.

Little Brat’s chess skills, Lin Chuan is not quite clear, to what level, but certain/affirm is quite good, where a novice Laknia can contend, this is simply bullying and cute.


At this time, the doorbell rang, it was Fowler.

Opening the door, Fowler walked in. This guy walks with wind and has an expression on his face. Because it has been transformed with [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], it is more rich, and I use one word to describe it. , Is like a spring breeze!

“Mister Chuan, this time, I have important information…”

“You have something to eat here! I have been working for the whole afternoon and I am really hungry… …”

Fowler waved his hand, made twelve kinds of meeting salutes in succession, greeted Lin Chuan, and yelled like this.

Lin Chuan has a black line on his face, hello…, are you a Mechanical Puppet, will you be hungry? Do you have to perform even this kind of thing…

“Mister Chuan, you are absolutely satisfied with my information. I have sacrificed a lot this time.” Fowler looked over, asking for credit. Said seriously.

“Laknia, prepare dinner, be richer.”

Lin Chuan waved his hand, helplessly said.

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