This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 463

The long dining table is filled with all kinds of food, the aroma is diffused, and people’s saliva is secreted crazily.

The preparation time of this dinner was not long. During this period, under the guidance of Kitty Lan, the little girl learned all kinds of housework very quickly, especially in cooking, and she had considerable innate talent.

Of course, the little girl did less than one-tenth of the preparation of this dinner. Even if she has innate talent in cooking, it is impossible to learn so much in less than a month. Dishes.

These are all ordered in advance, not to satisfy Lin Chuan’s appetite, but to satisfy Little Blue Cat.

With Laknia serving, Little Blue Cat became a Master Cat completely, so let the little girl prepare this and learn that, saying that it’s for her good, but in fact it is all to satisfy its playfulness and gluttony .

In this regard, the little girl did not complain, and became a cat slave conscientiously, mostly serving the cat lord.

During this period, Kitty Lan’s body shape was fattened by the naked eye, which is a good thing for the little girl.

On the other hand, Laknia’s complexion has also improved, with amber eyes, a kind of agility, her little face flushed, and finally she has the vitality that a little girl should have.

“Many thanks to you, beautiful Little Brat, this dinner is delicious…oh, no, this is the happiest dinner I have ever eaten in my life. It is all your credit… …”

At the table, Fowler praised the little girl while enjoying the dinner, and he did not stingy with his exquisite words.

Laknia lowered his head and maintained his etiquette, but did not respond to Fowler’s praise.

Fowler couldn’t help shaking his head. This little girl is too young to understand his charm!

Of course, he is not interested in little girls, just like to praise beautiful women habitually.

Furthermore, Fowler also knows that even if this little girl grows up, she won’t have any interest in him, because Laknia’s Mental Energy is very strong, and this is a Little Brat with a very innate talent.

People with such innate talent have an extraordinary intuition and can vaguely perceive that the essence of Fowler is not a living being.

On the opposite side, Lin Chuan’s plate in front of him was full of food. He ate at a bite, not fast, but he didn’t stop eating from start to finish.

Actually, Fowler didn’t talk about eating dinner, Lin Chuan also had to eat. During the cultivation just now, he urgently needed food.

Looking at Fowler, watching this guy use elegant aristocratic etiquette to eat slowly, Lin Chuan shook his head secretly.

It is true that the body reformation in the past week has given Fowler the sense of taste, smell, and touch. However, this kind of meal is actually superfluous, and eating it does not transform energy.

Furthermore, when the time comes, he has to clean up the container within the body. This meaningless act makes Lin Chuan speechless.

In Fowler’s words, this is a sense of ceremony. Only in this way can he truly experience the feeling of “alive”.

“Mister Fowler, tell me about the information you have heard…”

Lin Chuan ate almost, took a napkin, wiped the corners of his mouth, and warned: “You With regard to the things that Lady Yu did in the afternoon, you don’t have to go into details, just talk about the results.”

Fowler laughed twice, nodded, with a complacent look on his face, and said: “This She is a powerful woman, really difficult to deal with, whether it is on the bed or under the bed……”

As he said, seeing Lin Chuan’s face is a bit wrong, Fowler forced a smile and said:” Mister Chuan, there are some things that are unavoidable. Let Little Brat avoid it.”

Lin Chuan nodded, and without waiting for him to signal, Laknia had turned around and went to the kitchen.

Looking at the little girl’s back, Fowler is looking thoughtful. He found that Laknia’s mental state is much more stable than half a month ago. I don’t know what method Mister Chuan used in a short time. Inside, the mental disorder of the little girl was effectively treated.

Slightly startled God, Fowler continued: “This woman’s tone is not one drop of water can leak out, and she is extremely proficient in the words to confuse men, even if she is stupefied by me, she has not leaked it. Too much information. But, hehe…”

Said this, this profligate thing’s complexion appeared triumphant, and she raised her head: “Compared with me, whether this Lady Yu is on the bed or under the bed, That’s not enough, we are not a rival of the weight level at all…”

“The point!?”

Lin Chuan knocked on the table to stop this guy from bragging about himself The trend of love affairs, “What information did you find…”


Fowler stopped angrily and poke a piece of tender beef with a fork, slowly said: “When beings are on the bed and exhausted, they are always prone to show some weak spots. This woman has strong self-control, but she can’t help showing some tiny weak spots. She… is not a real human. Race ……”

hearing this, Lin Chuan was surprised, mixed with other races?

Blood Spirit Race?

The first thing Lin Chuan thinks of is the Blood Spirit Race. Fowler was once a blood spirit noble, and it is easiest to find the weak spot of this clan.

“No, no, it’s not…”

Fowler shook his head and didn’t sell anything, and said straightly: “I found out that Lady Yu has Sea Beast blood. She is me. Speaking of which, the first case of a perfect hybrid between Human Race and Sea Beast!”

Lin Chuan was a little startled, really surprised, the perfect hybrid between Human Race and Sea Beast? Is this possible…

“Are you sure? This woman and Makki are not in the same situation?” Lin Chuan questioned like this.

Before, the batch of Sea Beast that sneaked into Foca Tower, headed by Makki, were all genuine Sea Beast.

After this period of research, it was discovered that Makki’s batch of Sea Beast should be called a new type of Sea Beast. This is a batch of deformed Sea Beast specially cultivated by Sea Beast Regiment for the continent.

The bloodlines of these Sea Beasts are very complicated. The main bloodlines are the Merman Race in Five Seas, the deformed Sea Beast, and the unique Sea Beast of the White Nightmare Sea-White Nightmare Sea Beast.

Yes, White Nightmare Sea Beast is the Sea Beast Royal Clan of White Nightmare Sea.

This batch of Sea Beast, more or less, has the bloodline of White Nightmare Sea Beast, among which Makki is the most pure.

This research result allowed the researchers of Foca Tower to relax. If this batch of Sea Beast is a hybrid of human and Sea Beast, it can be perfectly hidden and exist as a Human Race, it would be terrible. Up.

If there is no reproductive isolation between Sea Beast and other races, there will really be a perfect hybrid with both abilities. It will have a great impact on Eastern and Western Continents. What serious consequences will it cause? It is unpredictable.

Now, Fowler says that Lady Yu is a perfect hybrid between Human Race and Sea Beast. This news is really amazing.

“I’m pretty sure, Mister Chuan, you have to know that you have given my hands the sense of touch, and this flexible, able to feel a woman’s sweet tongue, but can detect many unknown secrets …” Fowler closed his eyes and began to praise Lin Chuan and himself.

Lin Chuan’s face was dark, and he raised his hand to stop Fowler’s eloquent praise. He didn’t want to listen to a Mechanical Puppet and a Human Race Sea Beast. This was too heavy.

After asking a few more questions, Lin Chuan’s face was a bit solemn. I believe Fowler’s judgment that Lady Yu is indeed a perfect hybrid between Human Race and Sea Beast.

If it is not Fowler’s body, it is [Foca No. 1], which stores various Sea Beast data…

If Fowler’s body has not been modified, according to him To have the extremely keen six senses…

I couldn’t be on the bed, and when I noticed the love of men and women, the breath of Sea Beast leaked by Lady Yu…

“A perfect hybrid of Human Race and Sea Beast, get great fortune in Great Mysterious Star Prefecture…”

“In terms of means, it can make Fei Yu feel jealous…”


“She wants to shoot those Sea Beast captives again…”

Lin Chuan was slightly frowned, and all kinds of possibilities flashed in his mind, and this thing suddenly became a little weird.

For a moment, Lin Chuan made a decision and looked towards Fowler, “It is indeed thanks to Mister Fowler to get such important information. It’s really hard work.”

“Where… , Where…, actually I don’t work hard. To be honest, it’s the first time in my life that I have a perfect hybrid with Human Race Sea Beast. Lady Yu, this is a wonderful person…” Fowler laughed, very brilliant.

Lin Chuan shook his head, too lazy to take care of this guy, dialed the communication, this matter needs to be arranged in detail, can not be careless.


Late night.

In the east area of ​​Foca Tower, in a luxury hotel room, Lady Yu woke up from a deep sleep and opened her eyes. She pretended to glance at all around inadvertently, looking like she just woke up from a deep sleep. Has a lazy beauty.

In fact, there was a layer of eyelids under her eyelids, and she blinked quickly, seeing the situation in the room under her eyes.

In the room, there was no one. On the bedside cupboard, there was a note on it. The handwriting on it was very elegant. She couldn’t help but think of the man who had been upset in the afternoon.

On the table, there are meals placed in a heat-preserving container, which Fowler prepared for her.

“What a fascinating man, if you can, leave this time and take him away…”

Lady Yu pressed her finger on her red lips , Looking thoughtful, her every move has a sultry charm, which makes it easy for males to be impulsive.

Immediately, she shook the head, “No. This man cannot be taken away. Although his position in Foca Tower is not high, he is highly regarded by the above. If he is taken away like this, it will be very It’s easy to be noticed by someone with a heart.”

So muttering to herself, Lady Yu sighed, “Excellent men are always in demand. What a pity, such an elegant, funny, and strong man, if he can It’s a pity that you can stay with me for at least ten years. I won’t be a useless person…”

Muttering softly, she walked off the bed, put on a tulle at will, and walked to In front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, her wonderful lovable body was reflected in the mirror. Her slender and round legs were full of elasticity and stood up without a gap between the legs.

The towering upper body, the waist that can be held by one hand, the skin that can be broken by blowing…

Every part of her body is so beautiful, and No wonder in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, that many men can secretly bow down under her skirt.

“Such a perfect Human Race body, sometimes, I can’t help but get drunk…”

Lady Yu laughed, her smile gradually widened, and the corners of her mouth moved towards her ears It split, and suddenly, she came over in shock and immediately returned to the original state.

Went to the living room, opened the box, and fumbled for a while inside. With a blast of kacha, a compartment was opened, and a disc instrument rose, constantly flashing light.

ding ding ding~ ……

The brilliance shines, and the whole room is shrouded in it, isolated from the outside world.

Lady Yu cheerful stood, looking in front of her, several lights and shadows gradually condensed…

“gu lu…”

One of them was condensed This is a middle-aged man. Seeing Lady Yu’s appearance, I can’t help but swallowed saliva.

“Lady Yu, this is the telecommunication meeting you initiated, do you have to dress like this…”

This middle-aged man took a look at his side. The light and shadow of the Tao are condensing, and there is a jealous look on his face.

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